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on 10 November 2012
I have had this for two weeks now. firstly it no longer works, the first problem was the fact that it didnt come with any of the apps that it said it would and didnt even have app market. it takes half an hour to read a memory card and 15mins to turn on. the battery off charge lasts less than an hour, only 20% of apps i have downloaded actually work. it freezes and needs restarting at least twice a day. you have to push hard on the screen to use. due to not being able to use official markets apps, downloaded apps from other sources clog up the devise with junk adverts and notifications. doesnt play youtube of any streaming service. the microphone never worked. This morning i plugged the charger in and the charger slot sunk and is now lost within the device. i have given one star but i think its too much
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on 5 July 2012
I keep seeing this and similar advertised with 3G Capability.
It hasn't! At least not in the UK. Even if you get a supposedly compatible dongle it doesn't work. Wireless is fine though
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on 29 December 2012
Rating for the ePad - Android 2.2 Tablet with 7 Inch Touchscreen - ABSOULUTELY RUBBISH We bought this ePad as a Christamas present for our 9 year old son. The ePad has only ever worked correctly on the day we recieved it and tested it out, we also tested it xmas eve to make sure still OK and it was. My son excitedly unwraped the ePad on Christams morning and began to enjoy what should have been an enjoyable time. BUT the power button has broken and has been making strange noises, we manage to switch it on using a pin to hold the button out but nothing is happening just keeps freezing. As we purchased this at end Sept to but away for xmas we are now unable to get a refund and now have a very unhappy son as can't afford to replace this at the moment :-(
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on 7 June 2012
This product was brought for travel around the world and it lives up to it's name. The delivery was great as I chose standard delivery and the product arrived in one day! Sure it is no Ipad but the screen size is good enough and the applications are parallel to the Ipad and it even has a few more than the ipad like microsoft office and adobe flash player 10. The negatives are that the screen can get scratched and marked very easily so you need a protective case and you need to press on the screen fairly firm as the screen has not a very good response. But overall quite good but not for replacing an Ipad. Just for use when an Ipad is not needed.

A good case is: New 7" Inch Black Leather Look Case + USB Keyboard With Free Stylus & Stand Feature For Protection Of Your 7" Tablet PC ePad/aPad Device
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on 15 June 2012
The delivery was very good and the product does what it says on the
box Iam very satisfied with my purchase and would recomend to anyone.
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on 11 March 2013
Firstly I was charged £13 tax to have this item delivered even though it clearly stated NO CHARGE. I then contacted Henny trade to reimburse me for said amount... I was told I would get my payment when I removed the negative feedback I had posted, eventually after Henny trade trying to avoid the issue I was reimbursed for the tax payment... HOWEVER.. 3 months after my purchase my 7 year old has been burned by the unsafe charger which blew just as he walked passed it... Please do not buy from these people, especially for kids! AND NO HENNY TRADE I WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES REMOVE THIS!!
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on 20 January 2012
I received a confirmation e-mail this morning to say that the Tablet had been despatched the day after I had placed the order and that I would receive it in a few days, to my amazement half an hour later there was a knock at the door and it was the postman with parcel in hand. Unbelievable service. I have never used a Tablet before but am getting used to it very quickly. No problems setting it up and everything seems straightforward. Lighter than I thought it would be, clear screen. It didn't come with any instructions, I don't know if this is normal, but just plugged it in and it is self operating. Very good value for money.
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on 4 July 2012
I ordered this tablet expecting it to be very slow and have a unusable resistive screen, but as soon as i turned it on i was in for a suprise, the tablet is faster than you expect i ran angry birds and also played paper toss afterwards and experienced no noticeable lag, although it is advertised with multitouch, the one i received doesn't support this feature not that i need it i have a smartphone for that, speaking of the screen it is very smooth and quite responsive you just have to press a bit harder after all its not an Ipad, On the first night i already had surface scratches on the screen despite treating the tablet extremely carefully, also the screen began to show little marks where it was peeling, there are also air bubbles around the edges of the tablet, so build quality isn't great, battery life wasn't good due to the charger cutting out at 85% instead of 100% but now i get about 3 hours heavy use out of it, by the way the one i ordered has a 1ghz processor and 4gb flash memory apparantely which was different from what was advertised not that i'm complaining, so you won't know how fast the one you buy is until you open the box.

This tablet runs Youtube videos very smoothly indeed over my wifi connection, my version also came with official Google play store (android market), the overall this is a good tablet let down by poor build quality which is a shame because it was getting 5 stars before the air bubbles and scratches, if you buy one be extremely careful with it thats what i recommend.

Update - 19/07/12 Got a refund on the tablet above and thought i'd just been unlucky so ordered another tablet exactly the same as this and after six days of use the entire screen has got huge air bubbles in it once again making the screen difficult to use and rough this is unacceptable after 6 days will be returning this item for a refund and spending more money on a better built tablet also this tablet i ordered was slower than the last one i had suprisingly.

Conclusion- stay well clear of this tablet and spend a bit more money, you may think oohhh a tablet for £50 thats a steal, theres a very good reason for that the build quality is shocking not recommended at all.
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on 10 November 2012
This item is complete rubbish, not only is it "partly" translated from chinese but it says it supports the 3g network via a 3g dongle now every single dongle i have ever seen/used have been a usb connection so i dont see how this is possible as this tablet has no usb port.
I bought along with the tablet the protective case with keyboard + protective screen covers as recomended but the keyboard has to be connected via its usb cable, which is again impossible.
I now have an extremely disappointed daughter, not happy with this product one bit!!!
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on 25 March 2013
This product didn't come with any instructions so for a 44-year-old like myself it is like trying to negotiate the amazon rainforest blindfolded.
It is confusing and annoying to use. It seems to want to decide my actions for me, telling me I want to email people when in fact all I want to do is go on YouTube and watch videos of cats doing the Harlem Shake. (I don't know if such videos exist as it has never let me find out.)
The touchscreen is very unresponsive. It didn't come with a stylus or any accessories whatsoever so I use the end of a biro. Sometimes I have to hit it so hard for it to register that I think the biro will go straight through it and come out the other side.
This product would be good for a family with young children as it has been thrown and shouted at many times and has shown no evidence of breaking (no matter how much I have willed it to). It has also had Kroenenberg lager spilt on it and survived.
It has had a few minor problems right from the beginning. For example, sometimes it freezes on a website for hours on end, and all of the swear words under the sun won't resiscitate it. Another minor (yet slightly worrying) issue is that, because it uses a transformer when charging (to work in our English electricity sockets) it always makes a buzzing noise. The transformer has also been known to flash when taken out of the socket. You can't print from it, either.
It is also quite bulky, so much so that if it was to be somehow catipulted towards someones head, it would surely decapitate them.
At this point I would try to add some more positive comments but I'm struggling to think of any. I suppose it could be quite useful as a heavy-duty frisbee, or for avoiding people you don't want to talk to on the train by looking busy as you use it. They'd probably just laugh at you though, and then get out their iPad.
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