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on 4 May 2014
Not quite sure why. Mac seemed to start up OK (and the RAM tested OK) but usually froze before getting to login screen. Suggest getting direct from Crucial to ensure compatibility. Possibly the Mac doesn't like dual voltage RAM - 1.35V is what the computer needs. I returned it for a full refund - full marks to Amazon for that at least.
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on 13 June 2017
So far, very pleased. Here are some tips if you're considering buying new SODIMM RAM.

This RAM set was to breathe a new lease of life into an Acer E5-511 laptop that only had 4GB of (very poor, according to benchmarks) performance. To my surprise, the exact same Kingston RAM is available on amazon which I verified by serial number. Kingston acr16d3ls1kfg/4G Apple DDR3 1600MHz 4GB SODIMM Laptop RAM. If you've got this yourself, you should be fine.
Using dmidecode info or otherwise, QUADRUPLE check that your replacement RAM modules are suitable to the previous. Check the power requirements, the number of pins, dual/single ranked (how many black rectangles you can see).

* This ram and it's precedent were '12800 204 pin SODIMM'.

* The processor of this laptop only allows a max RAM speed of 1333MHz, so buying anything rated higher than 1600MHz is pointless without the facility to overclock it to run at lower latencies along with the speed cap.
Please, check your processor limitations so as not to waste money on flashier speeds that are unattainable.

* According to my processor's manual (search online), it will allow a maximum of 8GB total split between 1 or 2 channels, with both SYMMETRICALLY dual or single ranked to specific requirements. (Bit meh, but 8GB is fine for its purpose).

*The original RAM is DDR3L like this crucial set, meaning it will happily operate at 1.5v (the standard if there is no way to configure it in the BIOS to use otherwise) or 1.35v. Some DDR3 runs at 1.65v which will be a problem, but the spec for DDR3 says 'must work at 1.5v'. Buying DDR3L means you're good to go at normal or less power.

*There is much less risk buying 2 new modules as part of a kit than introducing 1 new one to the 1 existing and hoping for the best. If both have different power requirements, the higher operating voltage will be used for both.

*In general, dual channel (having 2 sticks of ram) is better for performance than one stick (single channel) by improving bandwidth. (2 x 4GB > 1 x 8GB). And as for rank, dual rank is simply cheaper to manufacture than single rank - functionally, there is only a slight chance of having to run at slower speeds with dual rank (but this is irrelevant in my case, being locked to 1333MHz max). It just so happened to be that a set of single rank was cheaper at the time.

SODIMM RAM is deceptively small. I panicked a little when I saw it (cautious), but it's precisely as big as it needs to be.
For a 204 pin module, there is a string of pins approx 4.25cm in length, then a 1mm gap followed by 2.4cm of pins (measured edge to edge of bottom).

Remember also that if you're still on a 32bit operating system (!) that the OS will only be able to use 4GB max, and you'll need to upgrade your OS/kernel.

I do wish my processor wasn't so limited and the BIOS not so impeding as to stop me from altering voltages as you can very simply on a desktop, but such is life. 4GB of high latency RAM upgraded to 8GB (~7.7GB usable) dependable Crucial. Looking forward to seeing how it lasts. I paid £47 Jun 2017 "used - like new" in original packaging which isn't too shabby.
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on 23 October 2016
I purchased the Crucial 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR3L 1600 MT/s (PC3L-12800) ram for my 2012 Mid Macbook Pro 13.3. I have noticed a noticeable difference in performance from the pre-installed stock 4GB ram. With the pre-installed 4GB Ram the Macbook pro took around 1 minute 20 seconds to boot up and now with the upgraded 16GB ram it takes roughly 55 seconds. Web browsing experience is much more snappy. Pages open instantly and scrolling through content is seamless. In theory those using demanding editing software multi-tasking should be more than adequate with 16GB ram. I use my Mac for web browsing and media consumption so do not really put the Mac under real stress. One thing to note is on the Apple website it says the max ram you can configure is 8GB for this model, however rest assured this Crucial ram kit works faultlessly without any issues. The installation of the ram itself is simple. I went on Youtube to watch how it's done and it is very easy. You have to fiddle with the second ram slot a little but apart from that anyone can upgrade the ram on the Mid 2012 Macbook Pro. To conclude, I highly recommend anyone who is considering upgrading their ram, especially those who have 4GB ram. It makes your Mac more snappier and also brings it up to modern standard. I managed to get the Crucial ram kit for £57.98 with postage and packaging included and is worth every penny. Next thing on my to-do list is to upgrade my hard drive to a SSD which will make my Mac a beast and wont need to buy another laptop for years.
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on 8 February 2018
Love this upgrade! Previously had 8gb RAM but as someone who has an infinite number of tabs, windows, documents and apps open at the same time it wasn't sustainable - upgrading to 16gb was necessary. Previously, I had to deal with constant crashes and freezing but it seems that's a thing of the past because it now runs fast and efficiently. I recommend this if you're experiencing the same issue and have the same macbook model (see image) as mine.
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on 6 June 2016
I purchased two of these RAM sticks from Amazon Warehouse for my HP Elitebook 840 G1. According to Crucial's own website this RAM is compatible for the intended laptop and I can confirm they do work perfectly and at full speed. The memory units were also in good condition and there were no faults when running Memory Test from the BIOS screen.

The only thing that might scare you a little is that the silver holding clips did not sit perfectly on the grooves like the stock RAM provided by HP itself but the RAM is still secure, doesn't move about and connects fully. My system recognised the RAM with no problems at all, I plugged it in and turned on the laptop and that was it.

Just a note to those who are new at this, RAM doesn't have drivers so all you have to do is plug it in and that should be it if nothing went wrong. There is no software to install.

I'll try to add a picture of the clip later and if someone else made it sit better, please let me know :)

Edit: As you can see in the picture (sorry for bad quality, it's the best focus I could get on) the silver clips don't sit in the grooves perfectly and the ridge by the connectors has a gap too. I applied moderate force and did not try to force it into the grooves as I was afraid of damaging it.
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on 24 September 2017
NOTE: I already upgraded my CPU from the stock i3 to an i5 processor*, so my computer is now about as upgraded as it can be. Upgrading a CPU is possible with this model laptop as the CPU isn't soldered to the Mother Board. The reason I upped the ram is I was running out of ram regularly with heavy video editing projects (originally had 8GB of ram).

I use Ubuntu Linux (16.04 64bit) and do not know how this ram would function on this computer if it were running Windows as I do not use Windows (and very happy that I don't)... although, I would guess that this ram would work fine.

This is a very easy upgrade for most laptops... just check your specific model on the Crucial website to be sure you are ordering the correct ram modules for your specific model computer to avoid the hassle of getting incompatible ram modules ;)

So far I have had no problems with these ram units, and everything worked perfectly when I booted up after installing them! I am using them in a Toshiba Satellite c855-s5355 Laptop running Ubuntu 16.04 and my System Monitor shows 15.6 GB of usable RAM out of the 16 GB installed (8GBx2)... I am a happy camper!

*fyi... I installed the Intel Core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz (2 cores/4 threads) which worked perfectly in my computer. However, I do not know if Windows 8 or 10 would have hiccuped with this upgrade... again, I use Linux, so it just worked in my case :)
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on 16 September 2017
Purchased in order to upgrade the RAM on my 3 year old Sony Vaio laptop, which was used for my Computer Science course at university. Initially I was skeptical on purchasing the 16GB kit, on further research this was the maximum memory that could be purchased for my laptop, so do check that beforehand. Use the Crucial System Scanner Tool (website) to check this out.

After reading numerous reputable sources, I was left with the impression that memory should be purchased in pairs (as was the case here) what this means is, the memory that is currently installed on your laptop may be wasted, in my case 4GB of RAM. You can mix and match RAM brands, but its not advisable, there are the chancers in life that will disagree here.

Most of you will be wondering, how it performs in terms of everyday applications. In other words is it worth upgrading from 4GB DDR3 to 16GB DDR3, in its simplest form I would say yes,certainly. YouTube loads much faster in terms of viewing HD 1080P content, I can have my banking tabs open, Skype and Microsoft Word all without any delays/lags. Previously with 4GB of RAM, there would be delays and my laptop would often struggle.

For little over £100 its much cheaper than purchasing a new laptop, a good buy in my eyes.
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on 5 November 2016
As a software developer wanting to upgrade an existing Dell Latitude E5440 (2015) from 8 GB to 16 GB, I have looked around for a while to find this at an unbeatable price back in August (£49.81) - definitely worth the investment. A very useful tip I found over the years is to buy your memory upgrades as soon as you can if you find you need it, cause as tehnology moves on products like RAM are harder to find and they tend to go up in price as they get scarce.

A tip for Windows users is to check your existing RAM module specs for compatibility with Piriform Speccy, without having to open up your computer.
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on 5 June 2014
The description did NOT state that it was only suitable for a laptop computer and not a desktop computer.(Too short)
Thankfully amazon let me return the modules and refunded my money.
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on 5 April 2014
Having read several NUC reviews, memory white papers and reviewed the Intel NUC support site for memory compatibility I realised 16GB NUC memory purchase was the complicated part and i decided on the Crucial (Micron) 16GB 1600MT/s CL11 [CT2KIT102464BF160B] and I can confirm that this works for me...


My NUC is UK model (you get a G plug) of Intel Core i5 4250U NUC Barebone with MB D54250WY and BIOSVersion :: INTEL - 19, released 2014.03.03.

If you need / want 16GB of memory for your NUC then you might want to be aware of a few things first:
1. It turns out that memory compatibility with NUC has many considerations especially on 16GB requirements
2. I urge you to look at the intel nuc support site for latest information on bios updates / compatible ram etc
3. you need low voltage ram you must get DDR3L1.35v (note the L on the end and check you really are getting 1.35v compatible chips); the crucial chips appear to support 1.35 and 1.5v (i can't confirm 1,5 as my nuc operates 1.35v)
4. when you use 16GB (2*8GB) you are running the nuc at maximum performance as both memory slots are populated full bandwidth is utilised and this calls for memory and timings that work in harmony with the chipset of the nuc
5. it is possible to go higher than 1600MT/s; and there are review sites claiming success with G.Skill memory however this is not yet endorsed by Intel and I can only say that I stuck at 1600MT/s as the gains reported seem marginal 3-4% in most cases and for me I don't need this on a system I purchased more for the balance of power requirement Vs performance.

i won't go into detail here there are plenty of review sites for NUC and other sites that describe how memory functions however for my usage it is important to get memory that works and will prolong the life of all devices as I intend to have a system up for media duties amongst other things (won't be off vary often) so for me I don't want to push the MTBF down (point 5. re:overclocking memory).

I hope people looking at NUC find this useful; at this time i didn't see too many people reviewing memory compatible with a haswell nuc.
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