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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 25 March 2012
The Product Description for both DVD's is pretty spot on,as you can see its the usual mix of laughs and mad action weve all come to expect from they Top Gear trio.The India Special provides most of the laughs,as the boys pratt about on a train with some home made signs,and attempt to host a garden party.The Supercars Across Italy,as you would expect,provides most of the action,especially when they get to Imola and Jeremy thrashes the jaw dropping Aventador to the absolute limit.Strangely however it isnt quite the same as what was transmitted not too long ago,when they arrived at Imola,Jeremys commentry named the famous drivers who have hit the walls around the track,he still does on this version,but now its a different lot of drivers and the footage used is different.

The DVDs comes in a slip cover,as is the norm for the Top Gear releases,and it lists the running time as 170 minutes.As with some of the previous editions this is completely wrong,it is 129 minutes,87 minutes for the India Special,and 42 for the Supercars.I can only presume that the BBC has included the running time of the Special Features,either that or the cutbacks have forced them to sell their calculators,and they cant count above 10 because they run out of fingers.Still a brilliant edition to your Top Gear DVD collection however,one any petrol head should love.
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VINE VOICEon 3 June 2012
After enjoying so many of the Top Gear team's classic Great Adventures all over the world...I wondered how long they could keep up the momentum before the enjoyment finally fizzled out. With the release of Boxset number 5, it seems now that it finally has. It pains me to say that, but I can't deny it here. This is definitely the weakest release in the Great Adventures series, and the mediocre efforts of Jeremy, Richard and James are painfully clear.

Like the previous two boxsets, the format is one actual special with the other adventure being from the main series itself. After numerous (unforgettable!) trips to the United States, Botswana, Vietnam, Albania, Romania, Bolivia and of course, The North Pole (BEST ONE EVER!), the lads decided to go to India for their Christmas outing back in 2011.

Their mission? To prove that Great Britain is still a great nation of tradesmen, by going over to India to promote their goods on behalf of our country (defying David Cameron's direct orders!). Taking the cars they deem `Best of British', Jezza, Hamster & Captain Slow embark on their latest crusade with a trouser press that cooks naan-bread, an out-of-control lawnmower and a train-based advertising campaign that can only go badly wrong.

So what's the problem? While the India Special does have its moments, too much of it feels staged and forced. There's no real sense of adventure or discovery, no edge-of-your-seat drama or gut-wrenching dangers in the programme. What made previous Great Adventures so special was that aside from outstanding hilarities and antics from Clarkson, Hammond & May, there were genuine trials and tribulations throughout their adventures, enlightening experiences and when all was said and done, you felt like the team had accomplished a major achievement to be forever proud of.

For the India Special, it's mostly just Jeremy, Richard, and James just mucking about with the assignment and their cars. And although (as I said earlier) some of it is good laughs - particularly the banners on the train, playing pranks on each other, delivering lunches via car in a race against the train etc - but TOO MUCH of it feels lacklustre and redundant, particularly the ho-hum party scene in India. And at ninety-minutes, it runs for far too long. Given that this is the original broadcast with no new footage (like previous releases that received director's cut treatment), there's still not a lot to commend this `Great Adventure' after giving it a second chance.

The audio commentary with James May and crew is a great special feature though. It's always engaging to hear Captain Slow's narrative during the events, and the assortment of deleted scenes on hand are always fun to watch, but it's adequate compensation from what is essentially a most disappointing special indeed.

The Superstars Across Italy on the other the stronger of the two Great Adventures here. It's much shorter at forty-two minutes, and it packs more quality in the reduced time. The lads put to the test three gorgeous supercars in the Lamborghini Aventador, the Noble M600 and the McLaren MP4-12c, through boyish misbehaviour, childish racing, being pulled over by police, suffering breakdowns and lazy mechanics and ultimately facing the haunted Imola Grand Prix circuit (where Ayrton Senna met his fateful end). Oh, and there's the appearance of the Stig's Italian Cousin! (Who is sharply well-dressed and popular with the ladies, I must add!)

As the synopsis says, there's excellent footage of Italy's beautiful scenery, great history and hilarious exchanges between the guys. And it all feels like typical, natural quality. There's a fine selection of special features also, such as an extra portion of the Italian Stig's laps round the Imola Race Track, additional footage of the Top Gear team's speed trials round the Nardiò Ring and many several juicy deleted scenes to sink your teeth into. It's not quite Top Gear at its best, but it's still much better than the India Special.

In fact, if not for the Supercars Across Italy adventure, then this boxset would be nothing. As it stands, it's an adequate release for fans. The disappointment in the India Special is made up for by some great extras and the Supercars adventure, but it still breaks the trend of a series of Box Sets which have been renowned for being essential. For Top Gear fans (and collectors of these Great Adventures), I would label this `For Completists Only'.
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on 5 February 2015
Despite its criticisms Top Gear is still highly rated throughout the world, and this DVD will show why. It's so witty and humorous, beautifully shot and some interesting characters throughout the gangsta else. Amazing cars, tremendous action and a break from the norm.
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on 8 February 2015
I love Top Gear, very funny especially when they go on their grat adventures. The party Clarkson, Hammond & May hosted to promote Britain was hilarious.
I was very pleased with my order. I placed my order on a thursday (5th Feb) & it arrived on saturday (07th Feb). It was the first time I have ordered anything from Amazon, I will definitely use Amazon again.
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on 11 June 2012
Normally, I love all these Great Adventures (especially the definitive trip to the North Pole!) but this expedition to India just feels like a total letdown. It outstays its welcome at ninety minutes, and just simply pales in comparison to previous Great Adventures.

On the other hand, the extended Supercars of Italy challenge from the main series is fun to watch, with the lads typically creating mischief and encountering the Stig's Italian cousin.

For Special Features, there's a nice assortment of deleted scenes and an alternate commentary on the India Special featuring James May (which is enlightening). Overall, I'd say take it or leave it.
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on 26 January 2014
The India special is not the best, in fact it's the worst thing I believe TOP GEAR have ever made. It goes on to long with a few good bits. However the DVD is salvaged by the super cars across Italy which is brilliant. It's entertaining and makes up for the India special which is probably why they have been put together.
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on 5 February 2013
Top Gear the great adventures 5, we have a two dvds in a box like the other Top Gear dvds. We have the Indian Special and The Supercars Across Italy.

Indian Special;
This was a Christmas special of Top Gear, first broadcast on 28 December 2011. This episode was a mission to promote Britain to the Indian public. The opening sequence of the show shows the Top Gear team in Downing Street opening a letter by Prime Minister David Cameron refusing their request to go to India on an official trade mission. Cameron appears for a separately filmed one-line cameo, telling them to - "Stay away from India!" Despite this, they decide to go anyway: Clarkson chose to drive in a Jaguar XJS, May in a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and Hammond in a Mini Cooper.
-Mumbai - In Mumbai, they aimed to beat the efficiency of the dabbawala by using a car instead of a train.
-Jaipur - They host a motorsport challenge with local people and drive to Delhi.
-Delhi - The mission was to host a trade fair.
Afterwards, they drive into the Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh past Shimla towards the border with China at Shipki La to test their vehicles on the high terrain and played a game of cricket with local people.
I liked this, but I wouldnt say it was my favourite, Its not as funny as others but it wasnt as good as some others.

The Supercars Across Italy;
This was from Series 18, Episode 1 of Top Gear first broadcast on 29 January 2012. Challenge: A road trip through Lecce in Italy, attempting to find which mid-engined supercar is better than a Ferrari 458 Italia. Hammond chose a Noble M600, May a McLaren MP4-12C and Clarkson a Lamborghini Aventador. The team begin by trying to find out how fast they dare to go and the fuel consumption at such a speed by performing top speed runs at the Nardo Ring. The trio then head to Rome to find a restaurant at the central of the city. Finally, the trio had to take part in the time trial challenge, in which that all must set their fastest time around the Imola Grand Prix track. Adding to their challenge, The Stig's "Italian cousin" had set a fast time in a Ferrari 458 that they must beat.

This is good for the series and I really enjoyed this one.
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on 1 April 2012
well well well top gear you either love it or hate it, i love it, and this new set is hilarious, specially the India special. top gear always makes me laugh, the whole banter and situations they get themselves into. if you love top gear you will love this
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on 13 August 2013
I love top gear, so I love these great adventures, there really is not a lot to say really as top gear is like Marmite. those that love top gear will love the adventures. I would liked to have seen some out-takes included in the special features, but that's a personal thing.
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on 28 May 2012
The India special caused all sorts of international comments. I have been to many parts of India and the portrayal of India in this programme is not inaccurate (sorry!).

Take off your politically correct hat and have a laugh.
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