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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
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on 2 March 2012
So after Mortal Kombat's long awaited return last year, this year sees the release of the Komplete version. The game is the same but with the addition of extra downloadable content which had to be purchased separately if you bought the game last year.

This includes four new characters (Skarlet, Rain, Kenshi, and Freddy Krueger), 15 skins and three original fatalities (for Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Reptile).

The new characters are good, they don't just look different, they feel different and add a different gameplay element. They all have their own unique moves and fatalaties, unlike some of the older games where the new characters were clearly just based on existing characters but with a different look.

The game itself is identical to the release last year, but for those of you who want a recap here you go:

So Mortal Kombat is back on your console, meaner than ever. The story starts at the end of Mortal Kombat Armageddon which was released on the PS2, before a back in time trip to save the day. The story mode has 16 chapters with an interesting storyline in classic Mortal Kombat style, fighting your way to the top before the ultimate battle.

There are different modes to play such as Arcade Ladder mode (knockout rounds where you fight your way to the top before you get to fight Shao Kahn) which keeps the game fresh once you get stuck in Story Mode and want a break fighting someone else. There are also multiplayer modes which is always great fun, and you can either play against each other or with each other against the computer.

The gameplay is brilliant, it really is a step back in time to the classic days of 2D platform games. The characters have some great combos and you'll still be able to find your favourite character and learn all their moves.

Overall it's a great game, especially if you like the traditional Mortal Kombat game style. If you didn't buy Mortal Kombat last year then buy this version, but if you already own it then the extra content probably isn't worth it.
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on 26 March 2015
A five ***** rating for this game, in spite of my elderly gaming persona grumbles....

Interesting - Midway, the developers who brought us Mortal Kombat in the first place, recently went bust and their properties were acquired by Warner Brothers (the folks who own DC Comics amongst other things) hence Mortal Kombat vs. DC Comics.

So no Mortal Kombat vs Marvel. Bah. Anyway, MK 2011 - the best next Gen mortal Kombat game so far if like me, you discount the PS2 Mortal Kombat games; Deadly Alliance and MK Deception? I'm a little leary of the imminent MK game, MK X, as it, like the PS2 versions, features a multitude of naff looking additions to the roster. Do we really need MORE silly looking Tekken and Virtua Fighter knockoffs in Mortal Kombat games? The whole comic book appeal of MK for me was the Earth being invaded scenario and only a plucky bunch of human fighters - arrogant action movie star, female Special Forces agent and asiatic martial arts trained monks fending off the invading humanoid fighters in mortal combat being able to avert disaster for humanity, etc. Luckily for me, this version is a return to the game's roots and plays like a pumped up remaster of Mortal Kombat 3.

My favourites are all here; Rayden, Nightwolf, Stryker, Lui Kang, ALL of the Ninjas - Rain, Noob Saibot, sub-Zero, Reptile and of course, SKORPION! Surely one of gaming's greatest ever characters. The lady fighters are all present and correct - my favourite is Jade ;-) And all of the allies, traitors, rogue agents, turncoats, quislings and murdering scumbags are included, from Cyrax to Kano.

My main problems are purely subjective. The basic fighting moves look awful. Gone is the digitised video footage of old where martial arts dudes would string their best looking offensive high kicks and punches together to make something far fetched look believable and exciting, now you get these odd looking 3D models of your favourite fighters that look like bad imitations of the digital doubles you see in current super hero movies that have taken the place of stuntmen/women in costumes against green screens. I'm also unimpressed by the poor costume designs WB/Netherealm have foisted on almost all of these characters - hopelessly over-elaborate, fussy looking and impractical outfits that may make the most of the console's processing power but when you come to the Kharakter Select screen, you're faced with an indistinguishable blob of indecipherable 'thumbnail' images of each character who in the past were identifiable in the blink of an eye thanks to the solid single colours their costumes were - blue for Sub Zero, green for Reptile and so on.

Thankfully, the classic special moves are all here. Not keen on Stryker's Uzi being replaced with a pistol but I suppose I can live with that...

As this is the Komplete Edition I'm reviewing, it states in the front of the box, "Includes 4 additional characters and fifteen skins" so my favourite Jade and various Sub Zero costumes are on the disc (in the Krypt section of course. You have to earn them now instead of just pressing Select at the character screen. Huh). I've missed out on this whole DLC (downloadable content) scam being a latecomer so waiting nine months or so for cash-ins/rip offs like Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is the thing to do now. Not sure how admirable a child murderer like Freddy Kreuger is but he fits in well with the likes of Kano as a guest star.

All in all, and before Mortal Kombat 10 comes out soon, Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition is excellent. It's pretty deep gameplay-wise and a lot more accessible than Soul Calibur IV or Tekken 97, etc, in my estimation.

Recommended by me, the Grandpa Simpson of gaming!
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on 6 April 2012
This is the first fighting game I have ever purchased, although I have played a few. Great graphics, a solid story and some awesome x-rays! Definitely worth it. Don't think about getting the game, just buy it. You also get 4 DLCs and Kratos who has some pretty badass moves. An absolute blast of a fighting game, GET YOUR COPY NOW!!!
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on 5 September 2014
I am old enough to remember the controversy caused by the first Mortal Kombat game. The trauma of seeing a badly digitised sprite was supposed to cause my generation to become violent criminals! Such hysteria seems laughable now and it's an interesting reflection of modern society that the most violent Mortal Kombat ever did not provoke the slightest peep out of the press. It's safe to say the 'moral guardians' of society well and truly lost the argument.

For those who don't know, MK1 was terrible, MK2 and 3 were brilliant and then every subsequent MK was awful. I had therefore written off a series that I once considered to be my favourite in all of videogames. Then MK9 came along...

The first thing that grabbed me was ho they absolutely nailed the 'feel' of the game (something badly missing from recent instalments.) Intuitive controls, easy to pull off combos and really satisfying sound effects all combined to create a game which feels every bit as good as the acclaimed Street Fighter 4, but was arguably more user friendly.

The visuals are patchy: outstanding in places and ropey in others. The Sindel character model is particularly rough and made me feel she should have been left out of the game. Also, I wasn't keen on the hand drawn images on the character select screen.

Where MK9 excels against other games in its genre is in its sheer range of content. I doubt there has ever been a fighting game which better catered for the single player, with a huge and challenging story mode and tons of unlockables and bonus games. You could lose your life in this. The multiplayer mode offers everything you could expect it to.

Characters wise it offers all of your favourites like Sub Zero, Scorpion and Liu Kang, and there are great introductions, like Freddy Krueger. (Yes, you read that right!)

I must say I was unimpressed by the finishing moves which were graphic but unimaginative and samey. However, they are in my mind an unimportant element of the game so I wasn't too bothered.

Overall, this collection represents outstanding value for money, being one of the most enjoyable fighting games of the last console generation and the most generous in terms of content. Roll on MK10!
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on 24 April 2012
The most brutal fighting franchise is back and better than ever, this game sticks to the rootd of theclassic MK games and does an amazing job. It is the only fighting game to have a proper story mode which introduces you to all the characters and is really enjoyable, the gameplay is solid and introduces new moves such as the x rays. Online mode is also present so you can take the fight online. It is one of the best fighting games out there and definately worth apurchase especially at £20.
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on 26 January 2013
mortal kombat is one brilliant fighting game with hours and hours of content, you will find this game hard to get bored. its the greatest mortal kombat to date and i urge you not to miss it
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on 17 December 2012
I really enjoyed this game - even though I'm not usually a fan of such games. Great story mode allows you to play almost all characters (story itself isn't particularly deep, more like watching a cheesy movie, but the story is still better than the MK movie from years ago!). Challenges are fun and the game is more than likely to keep you entertained for many weeks, if not months. And the real fun starts when you play against a friend sitting next to you!

This is the Komplete version, so it includes all DLC that have been released so far (mostly additional characters to play with).
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on 21 June 2013
This is a very good fighting game. There are lots of characters to choose from (each with their very own fighting styles and finishing moves) allowing you to create endless enjoyable / various fights.

The skills / unique attacks of each fighter can be mastered fairly quickly but there are one or two combination moves which are quite difficult to perform as you have to time them perfectly.

It has multiple game modes such as story mode and challenge tower (which gives you 300 various challenges to complete). It presents extreme violence and gore, as well as showing you the internal damage of your opponents (when using the x-ray vision special / unique attack).

The only problem I have with this game is that, like all fighting games, it can become quite repetitive if played for too long (just my personal preference though).
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on 17 September 2014
It is the future, Shao Kahn stands at the top of the temple stairs in outworld, closing in on his ultimate victory and the merger of earth realm. A weakened Raiden stands in his way, but his efforts can do nothing to change the tide of the battle. Moving back to the present day, Raiden has a vision that the destructive future will happen. The tournament of Mortal Kombat begins, leaving it unto Raiden to change the future and seek out the warrior who will bring about the end of Shao Kahn.

The story mode takes us through the personal tales of many characters, which brings forward their very own battles and how they form part of the overall narrative arc. It’s all simply a way of getting players comfortable with the fighting system and acquiring a mild taste of each character’s supreme combat ability.

Mortal Kombat’s return to 2D goodness is both glorious and a testament to the series’ strong roots. Unreal technology is at the heart of the visuals, producing incredibly slick graphics and environmental detail. The character models are thick in design, displaying a collection of retro costumes and shiny metallic designs for the cyborg warriors. The newest addition to the fighter roster is the inclusion of ultimate God slayer, Kratos.

The arena designs are stunning, a small minority have been taken from previous games, but they have been recreated to exacting detail. The art direction reflects the vision of the designers, producing distinct differences between the realms of earth and outworld. The gore and damage modelling are deliciously gruesome. Netherrealms wants the blood to pour from every cut and sadistically severed limb. The soundtrack is a mix of remixed tracks from past games. Voice acting is good and never overly dramatic to help sell the story. Sound design is meaty and full of impact. Every broken bone, kick to the face, or slash of the torso produces great audio effects.

Occasionally, lip-syncing just wouldn’t match up at all, which became both a surprise and a slight criticism of the overall presentation.

The combat mechanics are tight, responsive and intuitive. The tutorial modes are excellent ways of welcoming newcomers. The fighting experience has evolved and there are a handful of new abilities that can be of great advantage during fights. The X-bar system will become a very powerful tool, as to how you manage super attacks. The X-bar is split into three sections, using a super attack will use one bar. To fill the bar, players must perform combos and use special moves in order to be granted super attack usage. For example, one of Scorpion’s special move is throwing his trusty spear, using a super attack will allow him to throw two spears of fire instead. Super attacks deal a lot more damage, but they can be easily blocked or averted just like any other attack. Mastering every character’s fighting technique takes time and a lot of practice, whenever you’re struggling then you can consult the moves list and help bulk up your fighting strategy. Every single character has some form of projectile attack, which is a fantastic way of keeping a healthy distance and trying to out-think your opponent.

The bar has another trick up its sleeve; when it fills up to maximum level then you can initiate an X-ray attack (providing you make contact with your opponent). The screen will turn black and the opponent’s body will become transparent in specific areas so we can see their tasty innards. The X-ray move is an extremely brutal attack that deals a lot of damage e.g. Liu Kang delivering a fierce uppercut to break his opponent’s jaw and sending them into the air, followed up by a violent kick to the jaw again The effect is stunning in motion and incredibly satisfying when watching bones break and blood gushing from deep wounds. The X-ray attacks can easily change the tide of any fight; they require timing and patience to utilise to full effect. When victory isn’t enough, then this can only mean one thing, a fatality can only bring true pleasure.

Mortal Kombat will keep players engaged and interested for a long time. Tag matches and ladder modes are great ways of practicing against the enemy Al. and improving upon existent skills. The challenge tower will be a true test of all you have learnt, which is comprised of 300 challenges. The challenges range from tests of might/sight/luck, handicapped fights, shooting mini-games and objective based matches. Players will have to earn ‘koins’ by winning fights, challenges and proving their worth when battling online. Collecting koins can help unlock new fatalities, concept art and costumes.

I can’t hide the fact that the character count comes up a little too short, emphasising the case of many familiar faces and not enough new ones. The challenge tower does become repetitive by its mid-stage and doesn’t offer much variety thereon after.

Mortal Kombat's story doesn’t have much substance, but it does a good job of introducing players to the realms and associated characters. Graphically the game oozes presentation values and gloriously gory design. The gameplay is top notch and very addictive. The character count is lacking, but it kept me coming back for more.
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on 11 March 2014
if there's one thing about netherrealm studio, they pack out their games with content and fan/retro content.

retro costumes, retro music, retro game modes and even fan characters ( all back from the arcade MK1-3) combine with new content make this a superb package. (all season pass content and retro costumes included)

the only thing i think hurts the game, its made as a tournament fighter (slow paced) where they should have stuck to its fast pace arcade roots.
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