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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

on 22 May 2017
I got this along with GAIBS4, and IKSSE. They're all fantastic records. Get this record yo
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on 29 November 2007
Coheed & Cambria are, in every sense of the word, artists. They write stories, write music about the stories and then write comics about the music. At least, that is the approximate order. In fact it may just be a grand coagulation of pure, unabashed creativity. I'm a little bit ashamed to say that I'm very slow getting to know them, at time of writing it is 2007 and this album was released in 2002. I am, however, unturning the albums in the correct order, as so to put them in context.

I don't give many albums five stars. They have to be consistent, exceptional works of art which do not sag anywhere or lose themselves in their own sound.

Real opener "Time Consumer" instantly hit home for personal reasons (my name is Matthew). There is a lot of energy in the song. "Devil in Jersey City" is a poppy yet completely unique song which grabs attention right from the silly voices at the open. "Everything Evil" is possibly the best track, with looping, bloopy guitars and as it progresses into a more hardcore sound you lose yourself in what it creates. I really like the ending loop "Clau-dio-oh, Clau-dio-oh" because it throws a spanner in the works at the last minute. "33" is a plodding, machine like number which is probably the most different to anything else on the album. It's fairly simple, with a basic rhythm repeated throughout, but is executed to perfection. The last two tracks are "Neverender" and "God Send Conspirator". The first is another controlled frenzy of ingenious intertwined guitars with stop-start sections. The second is another great track in which we are smugly told "this town's not big enough for the two of us". We and the band know, we're onto something special.

The vocals are absolutely first class, Claudio simply has a beautiful voice free of any falsness or cringe-inducing whining. It's good that while so many completely false acts (most of them out of North America, let's be honest) are badged as "emotional music" while they are flat and lacking in any sort of innovation or rapport with their audience, the real emotion and beauty lies with bands like this who are actually passionate about what they do rather than about what they wear. I was warned about Claudio's apparent ridiculous opuses of self-importance, I heard speak of pointlessly intricate and ultimately selfish guitar solos which are lost on the audience. I was wary, and I found no sign or evidence of this. What we actually have is a series of songs which are all brilliantly written, constructed and performed. Every song hits you like a blow from a hammer, one after another we are bombarded by signatures of genuine greatness. They may not be wholly original - (there are obvious influences from the likes of Rush, post hardcore and some of the structures remind me slightly of some of Sunny Day Real Estate's output, which isn't a bad thing), but this shouldn't, and doesn't, matter.

I should also mention that depending on which version you get, you are subjected to some great b-sides, the best of which is the absolutely beautiful IRO-Bot, which is split into several parts and appears to tell the story of a bad robot who is going to be deativated. It's sad but beauiful.
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on 26 July 2011
Coheed And Cambria's debut studio album The Second Stage Turbine Blade was released back in 2002. On this; their first ever album, the band's music wasn't as developed or progressive as it would eventually become, and the vocals haven't developed as fully as they are on the band's later efforts but it is no less of a strong record.

If you have only heard the band's later work, it may take a good few listens to adjust to the style and especially to get used to the production, which isn't as polished as the later albums, but you'll be well rewarded should you choose to preserve and allow the album to grow on you.

The Second Stage Turbine Blade is a great record, the songs are all enjoyable and the lyrics right from the off are as inventive and interesting as they ever became. If you watch the version of this album performed live on the Neverender DVD you'll soon come to appreciate just what a good album this is and how well it still stands up today even despite its production and Claudio's vocals.

Highlight moments include the opener `Time Consumer,' and `Delirium Trigger,' which foresees the direction the band would take on their next album and `33,' which is a fun almost pop punky song that sounds utterly unlike anything else the band would ever release.

To conclude; Coheed And Cambria fan should never overlook or write off this album just due to its age or lack of hit singles. Its still full of good songs that fit in with the band's overall catalogue better than you'd expect and is worthy of inclusion in any fan's collection.
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on 23 August 2002
This band rock and if you're into the likes of Thursday, Deftones, Finch and Taking Back Sunday you will love this band.The vocals are an acquired taste but personally they rock! Get tracks "Delerium Trigger", "Devil in Jersey City" and "Neverender" and then buy this album.
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on 29 December 2003
This is one of my favourite albums of all time. This is emotional hardcore-style rock music.
The vocals are intersting on this album and i initially thought the singer was female but it becomes obvious that this is from a male point of view. The songs are generally around the 5 minute mark with great breakdowns and interludes. Its refreshing to see a band who really think about their music and provide a song which gives you a journey, rather than a short fix.
The music is not overly heavy but has enough of a kick to keep any rocks fans happy. The sense of melody on this album is amazing. The vocals are interesting and range from melodic singing to harsh screams (courtesy of the bassist).
I listen to a lot of metal and this album is a welcome break for me from all that aggression. There is anger here, but its more refined. This is just quality music!
Who are they like? they have a pretty unique sound but if u want an idea of the genre then i would say: Dead poetic, brand new, funeral for a friend.
Check it out of u get the chance!
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on 27 February 2004
Coheed and Cambria are one of the few bands out there who fall under the catergory of prog-emo. Many emo bands are thought to wirght their songs as or like poetry and coheed and cambria are no exception. With beautifully mastered lyrics and riffs coheed and cambria have done their genre proud. This album is amazing and you find a pattern in many songs where they build up to climaxes through quiet pieces of singing. Slighty better than their recent release though only a touch. A great album definately worth a listen to any emo fans. If you like my chemical romance,a static lullaby,thursday or maybe you may like them if you like the likes of sunny day real estate or mineral aswell. Whatever just listen to this band and you won't be dissapointed.
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on 27 February 2004
This album epitomises everything that has ever been good in music. Coheed and Cambria mix up everything from hardore riffage to proglike interludes in the blink of the eye with claudio sanchez' high pitched voice creating a sci-fi prog landscape. If i could compare this to any other band I would, however coheed are totally unique, a freak in the music world. They take different parts from other genres and music and whip them into a blender on top of layered melodies and harmonies. This album is totally unpredictable and confuses the listener. However with tracks like "the devil in newjersey" Claudio, singer/songwriter, of coheed establishes himself as a modern undisputed genius, creating a book full of unique characters and verses. If you get this album and see the band live you will see what I mean and become encompassed in the magical world of coheed and cambria.
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on 7 February 2012
Coheed and Cambria's first album is based around a post-hardcore/pop-punk sound, which is very different from their later work (don't expect anything like Welcome Home here). I enjoyed it greatly, especially Everything Evil, Devil in Jersey City and Time Consumer.
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on 15 January 2004
This album is a deffinate must have for fans of thursday, glassjaw, the used and funeral for a friend to name but afew.
It really is a peice of unique brilliance. Its one of those albums that you dont stop listening to solidly for the first 6 months you have it and even afther that you list to it atleast once a week.
The lyrics tell the story of 2 characters Coheed and Cambria its a musical novel that is heart renchingly beautiful.
This may sound like its a bit of a weak album but you'd be wrong for thinking this this is a heavy album but with in the genre of emo/ post hardcore there is such varitey within this ablum that it isnt slow or boring for a second
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on 18 December 2008
This is a total masterpeice! A classic album from a great band.
This is the first album from Coheed and Cambria and in my view their best.
Highlight tracks are: Everything Evil, Delirium Trigger and 33, but every track is excellent, unlike later albums which for me always have one or two duff tracks. If your new to the band then this is the place to start.
The sound is hard to pin down but its a got a progressive, rocky, grungy, indy kind of thing going on, sadly the grungy, indy thing disappears on later albums. If your into any form of rock whatsoever from lofty pretentious 70's prog to punk and thrash give this a go you'll love it!
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