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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 August 2016
I bought this product after recently purchasing Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals, as it appears somewhat of a necessity to save time when cooking meals. I was honestly quite skeptical that it was worth spending much money on, so I opted for a lower cost model (this) which had decent reviews and did all the basic things which I needed it to do (mainly just dice and slice vegetables).

Bearing all this in mind, I am blown away by how awesome food processors are. If you're looking to eat healthier, cook more meals at home, or just cook your meals quicker, I would consider a cheap food processor - such as this - to be an ESSENTIAL purchase. I don't say that lightly, but it really has surprised me.

When you buy the FPP225, it comes with the food processing unit, a cutting blade, a grating/slicing blade, an emulsifying disc, and a blender. As you can see in the pictures I've attached to this review, i've played around a little with the cutting blade, grating/slicing blade, and also the blender (although I drank all of the milkshake before I could take a picture...). I sliced carrots, cucumber, and peppers with the slicing blade, which produced the top 3 plates of food. They were all nice and thin (like something you'd expect at a restaurant), which will make them easier for cooking later on. The bottom two were from my experiments with the cutting blade: one which went wrong and the other which went perfectly. Both illustrate what you can accomplish with the blade though: either nicely chopped, or finely mushed together (which may be useful if you're making some type of sauce or paste). In the other picture, you can also see that it grates cheese well and with no issue.

I mentioned that I tested the blender as well. I already have a small low power blender, so I was unsure how much use I would really get out of this. I tried it with some chocolate milk and bananas to see if I ended up with lumps or whatever else. Turned out fantastic: with little textural evidence (with the help of the chocolate milk) of the bananas.

I'm trying to think of any drawbacks to this package right now, but I can't think of anything that has annoyed me. It's a decent price for a basic package that will probably save you lots of time in the kitchen. I cannot recommend this enough. 5/5
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on 9 October 2012
A great inexpensive kitchen gadget. Makes very light work of all that's asked of it. Blitzes any cooked veg to liquid in seconds, ideal for soup or curry making. 4 suction cups on the base keep it solid during use, it doesn't move a jot. Most important of all, it doesn't leak out of the top when liquidizing like many other blenders do.
NB. If you want a spare seal for the jug base (I did, just in case it wears out) you have to buy a blade/seal kit from the Kenwood shop, it's the only place you can get them for this model. The part number is 5041179750283 & costs £2.50 plus £5.24p&p.
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What can you say about a food processor? Well, most food processor blades are symmetrical - that is, where one blade goes on spinning, the other follows. So every so often, you have to shake up the mixture to ensure that the blades have new stuff to cut.
On this one, the cutting blades are different heights and different angles. This forces the stuff in the bowl to mix and makes sure that you put the stuff in, switch it on, and it is evenly treated. A very good replacement for previous food processors
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on 24 February 2013
This is an excellent machine for the price. Have used it to make several batches of soup and also for pastry. It slices and grates in seconds and is easy to clean. would recommend.
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on 18 September 2012
I was amazed how compact this processor was and that it still does everything you could want. It has not got a dough hook but then I didnt want it to make dough. It chops, slices and grates and that was my prime reason for getting it. Well done Kenwood you have come up trumps again
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on 22 December 2013
Bought this to replace a larger model that had stopped working. This one works just as well as the larger, more expensive model.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 January 2016
This is brilliant for the money. Copes really well - I use it a lot for blending nuts and dates, both of which can be quite difficult. Easy to clean, take apart and reassemble. I've used it just about every day since it arrived, sometimes several times to make shakes, sauces, etc. My most used kitchen gadget!
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on 10 July 2012
I bought this a couple of weeks ago - it's been in daily use since, a great, compact food processor which does not use up a large footprint on my limited worktop space. I just wish I could find a mini grinder/mill attachment as I'd really like to be able to prepare fresh herbs etc for freezing as well as grinding coffee beans for my daily 'fix'! Pastry, batter, scones, biscuits, cakes, marinades, minced/ground meat - the list goes on - I have to admit that it's made me more interested in preparing good, fresh, tasty food. The metal blade does a good job on chopping up herbs in quantity, I've not tried it on coffee beans as I'm a bit worried that I might blow the motor; maybe someone can settle my mind on that one. Overall, I'd rate this machine 100% on current usage and 95% on unknown quantity as I'm sure that with time, I'll get to know its limitations.... I bought this from Amazon Direct and it was delivered within 24 hours - just ace.....
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on 15 March 2016
Perfect for a small family, or someone like myself who eats like pig (from a plate, not a trough) because everything i create in the kitchen tastes beautiful.

So far I've used this to make:

- Hazelnut and also Peanut butter (just using the blades and without even crushing first)
- Mayonnaise
- Corn batter
- Crunchy style batter for fried chicken.
- Various cake and muffin mixtures.
- Shortbread mixtures. (normally made by hand, the machine does it so much faster and it's ready for rolling)
- Flapjack mixtures.
- Ice-cream and sorbet.
- Various dips and dressings.
- Pesto.
- Meatloaf/Gyro. (Homemande gyro is awesome, no more greasy kebabs, plus this machine will also easily make the dough for your flat breads, like naan for example)
- Some different soups. (Some throw away the excess water from the veg when making soup, but i turn it into ice cubes to save it for adding to a gravy for Sunday dinner, try it out!)
- 'Mashed' potatoes. (wash the spuds then boil, then drop them into this with the the skin on, and add some butter and sea salt and parsley and/or basil. The potato skins are amazing for your health!) (try blending some sweetcorn in with the potatoes and have bangers n mash!)
- & of course no strongman in training could do without their supply of superfoods power shakes, which this does very well and very easily. I can make a weeks supply in a short amount of time with this and store them in my fridge.

For those with a small family of say 3 children, this size machine should be enough to help you get dinners and desserts (no you can't make a desert with it) served before war breaks out at the dining table.

As for cleaning, all the parts are easily reached so there's no fiddly bits to have to reach into, and I just rinse the parts under scalding hot water without use of detergants.
(I don't use detergents because warm water opens the pores of your skin and the chemicals in detergents seep in and make your system weaker so you get ill and stay ill and of course become more susceptible to becoming ill as a result. I haven't been ill, not even the cold or flu, in well over 15yrs since i stopped using detergents. Use real lemon juice on it's own or mixed with baking soda if you need a little extra help getting oil/grease off things)

While it does look neat enough to leave on your kitchen counter, we all should know by now that direct sunlight will have the plastic colour tinted over time, and also i think that the various rays from the sun makes plastic brittle over time so that's two reasons to not leave it on your counter in the sunlight.

And that's the end of the review, thanks for reading.
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on 20 March 2016
had a cheap processor that was really not doing the job got this one really impressed I use it most days as I have a vegan diet and make lots of cold pressed snak bars ect that require nuts dates and other stuff really breaking down works fantastic its my best kitchen gadget couldn't create without it
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