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on 7 December 2012
I spent a few months casually looking for new headphones. I'm not an audiophile however I do like my music and I wanted a good quality set of headphones that would meet all my needs - something to use at home, when commuting and when travelling.

I wanted over-ear headphones and after trying out most of the headphones ranging from cheap Sony headphones up to the other scale of Bowers and Wilkins P5 and Bose models, I finally chose these Audio Technicas.

They are great - the audio is very bassy however it doesn't lose out on the mid or high tones either. The sound is very rich and really does sound good. Upping the volume doesn't mean loss of quality - they sound great at all volumes.

They aren't noise cancelling but they really are insulated well through the use of aluminium covers and decent cushions. When wearing them I don't need a high volume to enjoy them, which has the double benefit of meaning that they don't leak very much sound.

They are very comfortable - however for me personally, only after leaving them slightly stretched open for a few nights. Before that, I'd feel the pressure on my head after about an hour. That said this is a very personal thing, and others may not get this pressure at all.

They do appear to be built well and it looks like the head band is made using metal which is then wrapped in a cushioned headband. Hopefully this means that it will last! It certainly feels sturdy enough.

Last of all - the remote is good, and does work well with the phone. That said the buttons are a little bit spongy and it does take a slightly harder press to make it register.

Overall - highly recommended - especially for the price!
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on 5 February 2012
I am not a kind of person who usually review products but this time I really felt the urge to share my experience with these brilliant headphones. Believe me it's a testimony in itself, which makes these headphones absolutely brilliant. I already own Grado SR80i, they're the best headphones, only limitation is that they are open-ended and can't be worn outside because they leak so much sound. Therefore I was looking for headphones which I can listen to on-the-go and use it as handsfree for my iPhone 4. I listen to a wide variety of music but main focus is Trance music, which is one the reason I'm writing this review so that people who are looking to buy decent headphones to listen to Trance. If you're one of those reading this review then look no further. These headphones are really balanced as far the bass and treble output is concerned. They are not crazy bassy or too treble noisy but absolutely spot on. I have had them for just over two week's and I've noticed the bass have got better. They are very comfortable to wear and can be worn for prolonged hours. The material on the ear-cups is exceptional. I have slightly bigger head than the average size and these headphones fit perfectly on my head and they are adjustable. It has a remote control/mic and can be used as your handsfree kit. Cable length is just perfect, not too long and not too short. I use it with my iPhone 4, and the remote does everything you'd expect from the apple original headphones remote. Okay for all those out there looking to buy Dr Dre headphones, let me tell you these headphones match every aspect of the Dr Dre in the same headphone category, build quality, sound quality etc. If for lesser price you can get the same quality and comfort than why would you want to pay more in this time of austerity.

There are some video reviews available on YouTube for these headphones, check them out as well.
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on 24 June 2013
For the past week I have been searching for headphones that were great quality, as well as affordable. I bought two pairs of heapdhones (sennheiser 429 and sony mdr v55) before I got these ones, as I couldn't make up my mind. These were the last ones I purchased and upon hearing using them for just a few minutes, my choice was clear. The headphones are EXCELLENT. The have great sound quality in terms of his, mids and lows. The bass that is emphaiszed with this series, is very rich and evident. Build quality is very good, although not on par with the Sony's.The mic and volume controls are a very nice addition, as was the reason why I went for these as opposed to the normal ws55. Another great thing about these headphones is that they offer extremely good sound quality, whilst keeping outside noise to a mimimum. In addition, they are fantastic at isolating sound and hardly leak any,whilst I'm using them in public (which the Sony's are horrible at).Lastly, they are not as uncomfortable as people say. I only needed to strech them out for like 2 secs and they were fine. I was very very close to paying the extra money to get the Audio Technica ATH M50, but I'm glad I saved my money and got these instead. AT is definetly a company I will be dealing with again when it comes to portable audio equipment.

Get these if you still can!!
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on 30 July 2013
4.5/5 . Great pair of headphones for the price, the bass is surprisingly good but not overwhelming (some might want a bit more though). Im not an audiophile but I would say these are one of the best pairs of headphones for under £100 but remember you can probably find better headphones for an extra £50-100 that take the audio to the next level (something I plan to do soon).

Some cons:

- As mentioned by others, they are a bit plastic looking/feeling.
- After one year of moderate-heavy use the iphone control has stopped working.
- It usually starts to hurt when wearing them for over an hour
- the cord isn't interchangable, so if the jack or cord gets busted then the headphones won't work unless you send them away for repair.

- Great sound for price
- Iphone control worked great until it failed after a years use
- You can listen to your music pretty loud without much sound leakage (v.good if you use public transport like me)
- I've worn mine in light rain and had no problems (although i wouldnt recommend it)

If you want a cheaper option get some AKG's or Sony has a good pair endorsed by the DJ Skream (cant remember model) which are about half the price but no iphone control.
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on 21 January 2016
These headphones are the best I've ever owned. I've had them for a couple of years now, and they still sound incredible. Now that they have been reduced in price (I bought these for around £80), they are an utter bargain for a top quality set of headphones.

In the two years I've had them, the plastic headband has snapped (and been repaired) and the cable has broken for the left ear (and been repaired). The material on the earpieces has also perished slightly, but they are still very comfortable to wear. I use these headphones every day and they do a 2 hour commute with me as well.

In terms of sound, these give a beautifully 'neutral' sound, which is hard to find in modern headphones. They are more than powerful enough to blow your ears out with a deep bass, but the bass does not overwhelm the rest of the sound. The thing I like most about these headphones is the treble reproduction, which makes many other (more expensive) headphones sound like they're playing a lower bitrate version of the song!

If you're looking for a daily set of headphones at a total bargain price, I cannot recommend these enough.
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on 21 April 2016
Sound quality was great, for the price. Unfortunately I was disappointed that the functionality is limited when using with my Android based smartphone. There doesn't seem to be a headset of this quality which is compatible with androids. I previously had a fully functional Phillips - much cheaper but not so good sound - that, due to poor quality and design, broke after two weeks (and the physical construction was NOT covered under the guarantee). Maybe I should give the Audio Technica a higher star-rating, but I'm still so disappointed that android users are treated as second class citizens. The headset in question has happily found a new home - my daughter (another macsnob) is pleased with its full functionality on her i-phone!
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on 11 August 2012
The sound quality is amazing. Treble sounds excellent, bass is powerful enough although not incredible. Very good headphones for the price range for a trance fan like me.

A few cons:
The cable is VERY short if you're looking to use these for your PC or laptop.
Uncomfortable on the ears if worn for a long time. I'm hoping they will 'wear in' after a while.

Overall review: good headphones for the price range!
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on 19 June 2014
I received these headphones as a Christmas gift in 2013 and immediately fell in love with them. Some users say they fit snuggly on the head whilst others complain that they are tight. I have a small head so this was no problem and the amount that they can be adjusted means they are comfortable for any one else that wears them too.

I would not consider myself an audio aficionado; however, I do love bass and these headphones delivered far and beyond any set of headphones I've owned before (I've owned Pioneers and Dre Beats before - both with admirable qualities). As you will see from other reviews here they are well cushioned and honestly they need not be noise cancelling, because you can't hear anything else other than your music when these things are on, they are superb! and what's more is they don't leak sound unless you have them at near ear-destroying volumes!

I listen to a plethora of music all with different sounds and feels to the genres and these headphones have not let me down on a single song, they are also EXCELLENT for gaming! The inline microphone and remote control is a very nifty feature and even after 8 months of use I can say that the buttons do not feel worn out (and I am constantly adjusting volumes!)


As my review title denotes, and as a few other reviewers have said, these headphones do have extremely fatal flaws relating to their longevity. As I type I have just had to bin my pair of headphones. I am extremely careful with them as they are my pride and joy, I never play them at loud volumes and for all intents and purposes it is NOTHING to do with the actual speakers which is the problem. The MAJOR issue with these headphones is the durability of the jack and the lead near the jack (input). Over a mere 3 days my headphones went from being fine to deteriorating horrifically and then breaking all together because something near the jack simply disintegrated and rendered one side of the headphones useless. I am extremely suspicious because, as I mentioned before, I am extremely careful with the headphones. All I can think is that the odd shape of the jack (the pictured "L" shape) is the root of the problem: when it is plugged into your phone and in your pocket it clearly forces the jack to bend upwards as the wire trails out of your pocket and then loops down out of your pocket (oh gravity how marvellous you are) I think also the constant resting of the wire on your pocket rim must have some contributing factor to the wear and tear.

So there is my review. If you are looking for perhaps the most snug-fitting, audio delivering, cool looking, nifty headphones that you'll get for this sort of money then you have found what you're looking for HOWEVER - after about 8 months at most, you'll be buying a new pair.
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on 7 April 2012
I have owned these headphones for 5 months and they are amazing. I walked into hmv and listened to beats audio and was told by a member of staff that they are the best, to justify the £175 price tag. Then I unplugged them and plugged these into the same source, they quite literally blew them away. Better bass, mids and highs. I let her hear them and she admitted that you are just giving money to dr dre. The bass can rattle your teeth and there is no leakage. I've had hardly any sleep as im listening to spotify and watching music videos on the ipad. If you want to waste your money go on, follow the sheep and buy beats audio. If you want the best cans for under £200, buy these. If I was to upgrade from these I'd be looking at igrado ps500.
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on 8 December 2015
Initially treble a little harsh & more bass than I was used to. Ran on my system tuner at moderate volume for 24 hours to burn-in.
Now treble is much smoother, & bass is best for me at minus 2 to 4db, but a matter of taste & may be ok on phone or iPod as is.
A bit of bending & adjustment for fit - now comfortable & light weight too.
5 stars at the price I paid.
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