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I get the these HomePlug P501 pass-through mains plug network units rather than the standard Homeplug 501 version, as the loss of a mains socket is a pain and the 500 series is currently the fastest of the HomePlug network devices (avoid the slower 300 series). The pass-through mains socket gives the full 13A. Fitting is easy, literally just plug and go, although the unit is quite large at 15cm x 7cm x 5cm deep for some situations such as behind furniture, particularly if you plug a mains plug into it as well. There's a little utility you load onto your laptop/PC and that looks for all the Powerline units on the mains and gives their network speed. Granted the '500 Mbps' network speed value is fiction, true network speeds will be far lower - but we still find connection speed is three to five times faster than our D-Link pre-n 300 Mbps wireless system and also far more reliable - I checked transfer speeds using the Totusoft's accurate 'Lan Speed Test' app. The claimed Pre-n 300 Mbps wireless value is a lie anyway, with real WiFi speeds rarely going above 35 Mbps with our new DIR-655 WiFi router (although the D-Link '300Mbps' pre-n WiFi is still far better than old Wireless-g). Now using the D-Link P501 PowerLine mains network units we get real file transfer connection speeds that are typically a rock steady 100 Mbps, dropping to 80 Mbps at distance, surpassing even a dedicated 100/10BaseT wired network cable at some locations.

Our TV/media streamers in the front room of our bungalow are at the limit of wireless range and although the units said good connection, drop-outs were always a problem. Using the Powerline adaptor and a Dlink DGS-1005D five Port Gigabit Desktop Switch, I have linked the Powerlink Homeplug to the TV, Blu-ray player, Sky+ unit, and a WD TV live so all the TV units share the single network Homeplug. If one mains socket seems to give a slow connection try another in the room nearer to the router and use a longer network cable. The Homeplug comes with the install DVD for the HomePlug check utility, an instruction leaflet, two DHP-P501AV Homeplug units, and two very blue internet cables (to look neater we bought a few Belkin white & grey Cat6 cables rated for 1Gbps, although our old Cat5e ones worked fine as well).

Setting up was very easy using the Windows 7 PCs or media devices standard wired internet connection menus. You need one Homeplug network cable attached to a port on your main modem/router to pass the network and internet connection on. After that, buying a second set of twin HomePlug 500 AVs gives two more PCs/media devices a connection. The routers Pre-n wireless signal is now free to serve the laptops, netbook, iPod Touches, mobile phones, Airstream 10 Internet radios, and the Wii/Ps3 gaming units more efficiently, with all our media streamers and desktop PCs on the faster more reliable wired HomePlug system. The PC utility allows you to rename HomePlug units (e.g. 'TV Lounge', 'Study PC') and to change the security password. Linking two HomePlug units is a simply matter of pushing the button on both units.

Unfortunately the HomePlug can't pass the internet/network onto our second ring main for the left side of the bungalow (zero signal), so I had to feed a 15m standard wired 1Gbps 1000BaseT cat6 network cable to my son's bedroom through the attic and pass the network connection to the right side of the house, and via another DGS-1005D five Port switch, that splits the wired superfast 1Gbps Cat6 connection feed direct to his PC and on to a HomePlug AV for distribution via the 2nd ring mains. His direct PC 1Gbps wired network connection is now running a massive ten times faster than the old '300Mbps' Pre-n wireless connect he was using, as measured by Totusofts Lan Speed Test app. The nearby HomePlug AV passes on this network connection to all the PCs/media units in rooms on that side of the house that share the same ring main. Now these wired mains PowerLine network connections are all running very reliably and significantly faster at around 80 to 100 bps, so we are very pleased, and 5*. We ordered our Powerlink Starter Kit (two 501AV/B Homeplug adaptors) direct from Kikatek for £71 including delivery, and 18 months on the D-Link units are still working fine.
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on 15 May 2012
This is a wonderful product. Straight out of the box it worked 100%. Great signal and very high speed. Overcame a problem I was having with my Mac losing the wifi signal in my office. Now no more problems and super fast internet. Not a cheap solution but very effective. It is so good I will probably purchase more.
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on 15 November 2012
The box contains two powerline Homeplugs, a comprehensive CD, a paper copy of the quick start guide and two Ethernet cables. All you need to start your own wired ethernet which has the benefit of substantially increasing upload and download speeds versus a wireless network.

The D-Link (DHP-P501AV) performed straight out of the box, and setting it up is fool proof. Data transmission times (over my wireless system) were much quicker and the iPlayer via my Humax PVR works a treat, opening up loads more content I can view on my television. My laptop computer download speeds were also enhanced.

I bought two sets of two, giving me four of the powerline plugs. One of these is used on the Router, two are used on Humax PVRs and the fourth is on a laptop computer. One of the PVRs is on a seperate ring circuit in my house (via a common distribution box), yet it still delivers good internet access.

The product comes with a CD providing the detailed instruction manual (although there is a paper copy of the Quick Start), which talks you through how to set your own password to secure your network - fairly straightforward to do.

I went for the 500 Megabit product as a sort of future proofing, but also to enable good download ability for HD programmes. There are a number of different products on the market, but I am happy with the price and performance of this one.
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on 26 February 2013
This is a classy product. I bought it after reading a review of these gadgets in the Times newspaper in which this brand came top.
It worked straight out of the box with no faffing around that is often the case with electronic gear. Excellent.
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on 2 June 2012
I needed a way of improving the performance of my PC in an upstairs room. The PC is an older Windows XP without wireless and so connected to the (Netgear) wireless router through a usb wireless dongle.

The iMac sitting next to it was getting a consistently higher speed connection.

So I bought this D-Link Homeplug Passthrough starter kit.

All I had to do to get things working was:
(a) Plug one Homeplug into the mains and use an Ethernet cable to connect it to the router.
(b) Plug the other Homeplus into the mains in the upstairs room and use a cable to connect it to a D-Link 8-port switch
(c) Use 2 cables to connect the switch to the PC and to the iMAC.

Total set-up time was about 5 minutes -- and everything worked perfectly first time.

The connection speed of the PC rose instantly from 4.6Mb to 6.1Mb on the nominal 8Mb link; there was also a small increase with the speed of the iMac's connection.

I intend getting some more of these plugs to connect other items in the house, such as my Sky+HD box, to the Internet.
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on 15 November 2012
My BT box gets 80mbps at the wall on infinity. I get 60-70 mbps on wifi on laptop in the room but upstairs my main PC would only get about 30 mbps. Saw good reviews and got this, I now get 55mbps, no quite the full amount it comes in at but I can live with this speed. Connection is also more stable.

Could not be easier set up, stick in wall, ethernet plus to router. Go upstairs, stick in wall, ethernet plug to pc. 2 ethernet cables also supplied but only about 1m long so you might need a longer cable.
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on 13 May 2014
I bought this item 2 years ago online for £89 from the BT Shop, but is now discontinued from all but most retailers and has been replaced with the DHP-P309AV and costs about £45. So buyer beware!!
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on 5 October 2012
D-Link DHP-P501AV/B Powerline 500M Homeplug AV Passthrough Starter Kit
The kit was delivered well packaged and was delivered within three days of my order.
It was very simple to install and allows a signal to pass conveniently from our modem to the PVR.
Two programmes can be recorded simultaneously through the connection while we can watch a programme via our Satellite aerial.
We are very pleased with the D link Kit
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on 16 April 2013
My son was constantly moaning at me that his wireless internet connection in his room kept dropping whilst he was on some amazing kill streak/mission and it was all my fault. It possibly was as I have hardwired the whole house apart from his room and left him with wireless access only, I tried a different brands wireless extender but it did not seem to make any noticeable improvement so I installed this product. The key was the fact that it has the passthrough option as this is an old house and there are only two sockets in his room so losing one was not really an option. I plugged one unit into my switch upstairs with the supplied ethernet cable and the other into the wall socket in my sons room and connected the other ethernet cable into his Xbox. I setup the security which was a doddle and plugged his extension cable for the Xbox and TV etc and everything works great. It is now all quiet upstairs until all of his devices get block when it is time for bed. For a future version it would be good to have additional ports.
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on 23 January 2013
Set up of this product was very easy and there is ample ways to understand what is going on - in terms of speed etc. When it was working at its fastest, I was getting almost 70mbps (I'm on BT Infinity). The problem i found was that the PC is in an extension to the original house and the fact that the electrics are probably on a separate circuit to the original house (where the router is) meant that the speed of connection was very variable indeed. No fault of the Homeplugs though and, although I subsequently 'hard-wired' my PC to the router, I am still using the Homeplugs to connect my work laptop (which doesn't need any great speed). Ultimately they work as intended but others will need to be sure about their own situation to avoid disappointment.
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