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on 16 March 2012
I was a little concerned when purchasing this item as to its quality given the very low price. It seemed to be quite highly rated though so I took the plunge. I have not been disappointed and very gratified to see the price increasing since I bought. This is a no frills machine. It has three attachments and that's it. You can't add juicers, mincers, blenders or the plethora of other add ons that more expensive machines offer. It's simple, it's basic and it works very, very well. It won't work for very small amounts but no other mixer will either. Give it four egg whites though and it will whip up an excellent meringue. I have given all three attachments a good go and all seem to work very effectively. The machine is sturdy and seems well put together. I haven't been able to find any fault with it so far. Fingers crossed it will last a lifetime.
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on 29 March 2013
We decided on an Andrew James mixer as they are so much cheaper than the competitors on the market but have really good reviews. It has a powerful motor with a capacity of 1500W (ignore the title on Amazon, it's wrong!), I wanted something powerful enough to manage all my tasks and this seemed to meet the mark.

I was very excited when this arrived, just 1 day after I ordered it, it arrived so quickly and on my birthday too. I couldn't wait to open the box and explore the contents....

I chose the red model to match our kitchen and kettle and because it's so beautiful. The red is a lovely metallic colour, rich and deep.

The mixer has a large 5.2L bowl made from stainless steel. It feels nice and solid, however, it doesn't have a handle so this makes it slightly trickier to get in and out of the machine. It locks into the machine through a twist and lock system so just twists in and out.

The machine comes with 4 different mixer attachments. The attachments are a dough hook, balloon whisk, Aluminium beater blade and a flexible beater blade. This means that the machine is capable of a variety of task including beating egg whites, cakes and bread. The instructions recommend using the flexible beater for sticky mixes as it pulls it away from the sides, whereas the aluminium blade is for stiffer mixes.

The attachments attach by pushing into the machine and then twisting into place, this is very easy to clip in and out but will mean holding a dirty beater to extract it after mixing so could get messy!! Online there is some criticism that the attachments don't reach down to the bottom or the sides of the bowl, having tried it out I can confirm this is the case.All this needs is a quick mix around with the handily included spatula. I also found that once I'd increased the speed slightly it pulled the mix away from the sides better. I was making pastry and once I'd added the liquid to the mix it pulled together nicely and combined well.

I have now tried the mixer with a the flexi mixer making a cake recipe. I was really impressed with how the machine firstly coped with creaming together the margarine and sugar and then later how it coped with combining the whole mixture. I did scrape it off the sides but only a very small amount wasn't mixed in. The mixture was really light and fluffy, I will certainly be using this attachment more frequently as it really did the job.

The mixer stayed firmly in place on the side, even when at high speed and I didn't find it overly noisy or obtrusive.

The machine comes with a splash guard, which I was pleased about as this would prevent icing sugar scattering the side as it does currently!! The instruction book explained how this came off, however, it was so stiff when it arrived it took the combined effort of me and my husband to get it off. Now that it's come off once it is much loser and more usable now.

The cost, the mixer cost under £100 coming in at £79.99 not including postage. This is an excellent price for a product of this standard and made it much more affordable. Any equivalent products are well over the £100 mark. It isn't an all singing and dancing machine, it does the basics but this is all I wanted and needed it for.

So a quick summary:
Pros: An affordable product
High power capacity (1500W)
4 Attachments covering a variety of tasks
Beautiful colour

Cons: Doesn't mix all the way down to the sides but is much better if you're using the flexi mixer
Bowl doesn't have a handle making it tricky to get in and out of the machine

I would recommend this product to anyone that asked, it does the job and makes tasks much easier. I'm looking forward to many more products in it.
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on 5 March 2014
I purchased this mixer for my wife in November as a Christmas present , The first time we used it it broke down and was returned to Andrew James who repaired it ,when we got it back there was a not inside saying this mixer should only be used for 4 minutes then switched off and left to cool down , this mixer was not fit for our purpose , bur Andrew James said they only have a 7 day returns policy . I will never buy anything from this company again .
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on 13 May 2013
I have this mixer for over a month now and have used it loads of times. I must say that this mixer has continued to impress me the more I used it. It takes the work out of baking. I have been using the rubber mixer a lot which I found great for all my cake mixing needs especially when creaming butter and creams. I am so pleased that I ordered this one over the more expensive ones in the market as I could not ask for anything better than what I would have used it for. Its 1500 watt motor is great. I have used this for over 4 minutes and it didn't even heat up or showed any struggle mixing a big amount of butter and icing sugar. Truly a fantastic machine! Not to mention the red metallic paint is such a beauty in any ones kitchen. I have received compliments about how nice this looks in my kitchen counter. May I also add that Andrew James has delivered this way before it's due date which I thought was a very good service. Really happy with this purchase. Will definitely recommend to anyone looking for a sturdy, reliable and beautiful mixer at a very reasonable price.
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on 18 November 2014
Bought this in December 2012. Less than 2 years later, and VERY light use (say, once a month?), the motor has gone. The current listing offers a 2 year guarantee, which seemed good, until I rang them and it's only applicable to orders since Feb 2014, prior to which it's 1 year. The extremely unhelpful woman at the other end offered me a generous (sic) 10% off a new mixer. Needless to say I declined. Never again - it's worth investing a bit more for quality. Lesson learnt the hard way.
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on 10 December 2013
First one returned, broken gears on first use. This one the plastic cracked on first use. I don't expect it to last more than a few weeks. Won't use Andrew James equipment again. Having said that the return process and resupply by Andrew James was excellent and very quick and easy. Very good service, but then they must have had a lot of practise:-(
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on 26 May 2014
After a great deal of research In stores and online I decided to choose this as my first stand food mixer. I primarily wanted it for home bread making after my bread maker broke and thought this would be more versatile. As it was my first I wanted a mixer that wasn't too expensive but also one that had a powerful motor and this seemed to fit the bill. It arrived a day ahead of estimated delivery which is always a plus on any eagerly awaited purchase. The metallic red finish is excellent and despite being plastic (as are most mixers for domestic use) it has a robust feel and good suckers on the bottom to hold it in place on the worktop.
My first make was a Victoria sponge and despite noticing halfway through that I had forgotten to lock the blade in place (!) it actually mixed surprisingly well and made a perfectly acceptable sponge. The dough hook works well and mixed a 2lb loaf very quickly. The bread had a more even and softer texture than that mixed and proved in a breadmaker. I have had no problems removing the bowl despite there being no handle although the splatter guard can be a bit fiddly when adding ingredients but I think it will just take practice to get a technique. The bowl is a generous size and so far the flexible blade and the dough hook have easily mixed all the ingredients without leaving some stuck to the sides although the ample 'free spatula' easily cleans round the bowl and blade. I have heeded a previous review however and don't submerge the bowl when cleaning it to prevent water from getting into the outer section at the bottom of the bowl. The motor was also far less noisy than I anticipated from other reviews.
All in all I think this is excellent value for money and I will probably have to go on a diet as it makes cake making too easy!!
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on 2 January 2013
My partner bought me this for Christmas as I run a small home baking business and needed to replace my mixer - of course we both knew that I really wanted the KitchenAid (mainly for it's funky look and the red colour) but when we came across this one, saw it looked funky AND came in red (plus the fact it has 4 times the power of the KA and was a quarter of the price), we gave it a go........
I am SO pleased we did as I LOVE it!! Have only used the flexible beater attachment so far which is excellent - no need to scrape down as you go! Makes my large batches of buttercream with ease (even when using butter only out of the fridge for 20 minutes) and literally in seconds!
The bowl is huge!! Even I haven't managed to fill it to the top yet and I make large batches of cakes and the handy splashguard is fantastic at not getting icing sugar everywhere (I just covered the small "adding" hole with a tea-towel for the beginning of mixing. I was watching a Bake-Off Christmas special where they put icing sugar in a KitchenAid and it went everywhere.
The power is fantastic! Speeds that start off nice & slow and the highest setting is really fast! The noise is actually quieter than my old hand mixer and much quieter than my Bosch food processor (which will be getting NO use from now on!!)

Is fantastically easy to clean and looks great on my worktop, I really couldn't ask for more and every time I use it, I am still amazed at how well it works and how much I love it!!

If you are in any doubt about this product at all because of the price - don't be! I would happily pay double for it and still be convinced I'd got a bargain! Love it so much have ordered the hand mixer from the same company to replace the one I had that blew up!

Oh and the service was fab too - ordered on Amazon and received it within 2 days :-)
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on 15 February 2012
I recently purchased this mixer and am more than just pleased. It works beautifully and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a similar product. The delivery was also very prompt. The mixer is well worth the price
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on 13 February 2012
This good looking super mixer,takes my vote, as it is so,easy to use and gets great results , and seems more powerfull than my previous mixer. Very pleased thus far.!!
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