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on 18 November 2014
Bought this in December 2012. Less than 2 years later, and VERY light use (say, once a month?), the motor has gone. The current listing offers a 2 year guarantee, which seemed good, until I rang them and it's only applicable to orders since Feb 2014, prior to which it's 1 year. The extremely unhelpful woman at the other end offered me a generous (sic) 10% off a new mixer. Needless to say I declined. Never again - it's worth investing a bit more for quality. Lesson learnt the hard way.
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on 27 September 2012
I have been after a red food mixer for a while and although everyone raves about the Kitchenaid, it's just far too expensive! Having read the mainly positive reviews for the Andrew James mixer, and the fact that it had been reduced to just under £80, I decided to go for it. I am so glad I did. I have not used the dough hook yet but have made meringues, the first time in years that I have managed to achieve really stiff peaks, and have baked several cakes and made scones using the mixer attachment. Each time it has worked brilliantly and I have had great results. The top speed is incredibly powerful and I have not had to use it at all for baking cakes of making meringues. It is a little noisy if but not unbearingly so and the noise seems less of an issue now that I have used the mixer a few times. Although it is not cast iron like a Kitchen Aid, the mixer and most important the parts such as the lever and speed knob feel sturdy enough. One thing that I love about the mixer is how easy it is to change the attachments and to lock the bowl into position. As I am left handed I always have difficulty when mounting the various components, but this was not a problem with the Andrew James mixer. Design wise the mixer looks very stilish, the bowl feels solid and comes with a splashguard which is very useful. In terms of practicality, because it doesn't move even when used at quite a high speed, it has made baking far less time consuming as I have been able to leave it running for a few minutes without the need for me to hold on to anything to make sure it doesn't fall off the counter. To my surprise it worked particularly well for making scones, and produced a very crumbly mixture of flour and margarine just on setting 4 in just a few minutes, without me having to rub everything by hand which is far more time consuming. The food mixer also comes with a cook book, which, before ordering I was not particularly interested in as it's a fairly basic no frills paperback without illustrations. However, it has proved to be useful particularly as I am still experimenting with the mixer in providing guidance on which settings are most effective for different recipes. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase, it has made baking quicker and easier, it looks good in the kitchen, and at under £90 including very speedy delivery, is excellent value for money.
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on 19 August 2017
I hate this mixer.

After about 4 or 5 uses I noticed the peg which locks the blade in place kept sliding to one side and was slowly grating the plastic from the fitting into the bowl. I contacted Andrew James within the one year warranty period asking to return the machine for a refund as I did not believe the design was fit for purpose as it was contaminating the food it was used to prepare with plastic. They refused and instead offered to replace the blade and head unit that had been damaged by the faulty blade. I was not happy but, as there was no alternative, I accepted the replacement. As suspected the same has happened again. Please view the photos before you buy this machine. Any piece of food preperation equipment that slowly grates itself into said food is not fit for purpose. Andrew James customer service is massively sub par that they are not willing to accept the return and refund the price despite the photographic evidence staring them in the face.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on 2 January 2013
My partner bought me this for Christmas as I run a small home baking business and needed to replace my mixer - of course we both knew that I really wanted the KitchenAid (mainly for it's funky look and the red colour) but when we came across this one, saw it looked funky AND came in red (plus the fact it has 4 times the power of the KA and was a quarter of the price), we gave it a go........
I am SO pleased we did as I LOVE it!! Have only used the flexible beater attachment so far which is excellent - no need to scrape down as you go! Makes my large batches of buttercream with ease (even when using butter only out of the fridge for 20 minutes) and literally in seconds!
The bowl is huge!! Even I haven't managed to fill it to the top yet and I make large batches of cakes and the handy splashguard is fantastic at not getting icing sugar everywhere (I just covered the small "adding" hole with a tea-towel for the beginning of mixing. I was watching a Bake-Off Christmas special where they put icing sugar in a KitchenAid and it went everywhere.
The power is fantastic! Speeds that start off nice & slow and the highest setting is really fast! The noise is actually quieter than my old hand mixer and much quieter than my Bosch food processor (which will be getting NO use from now on!!)

Is fantastically easy to clean and looks great on my worktop, I really couldn't ask for more and every time I use it, I am still amazed at how well it works and how much I love it!!

If you are in any doubt about this product at all because of the price - don't be! I would happily pay double for it and still be convinced I'd got a bargain! Love it so much have ordered the hand mixer from the same company to replace the one I had that blew up!

Oh and the service was fab too - ordered on Amazon and received it within 2 days :-)
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on 2 February 2017
I've had this product for 2 years and I thought my issue was something I could deal with but after so long it is really getting on my nerves. The blades are too small for the bowl or the bowl is too big for the blades. This means it mixes in the centre of the bowl leaving ingredients unmixed around the edges. This then means having to remove the bowl and mixing it by hand 3-4 times before all ingredients are mixed thoroughly. I thought maybe I had been given the wrong size but after calling the manufacturers I was told they are all shipped with standard size blades and bowls. What gives?
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on 7 August 2017
On the second occasion of using this item with a dough hook and an 8 ounce packet bread mix - the paddle snapped off and has jammed in the body of the mixer, rendering it useless. I have reported this and not yet received any response. I wish to return the machine for a full refund as it falls well below the quality standards stipulated in the bullet points on the presenting page. It now seems the returns date has elapsed - but I would appreciate being given assistance in returning this sub standard item.
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on 12 July 2015
This mixer is good value for money but I have to say it's nowhere near the build quality of a Kenwood. Our trusty old Kenwood packed up a couple of years ago and I replaced it with one of these. It looks great and it does the job but there are some niggles with it. As others have commented, some of the beaters do not do the job efficiently, as they don't fit the bowl very well. I mainly use the dough hook for bread making and the 'K' type beater for cakes etc. This has flexible blades on the edges of it so it goes round the bowl efficiently. However, because it's plastic, I managed to break the first one I had, partly because the beaters twist in the opposite direction to the Kenwood. I thought I had secured the beater and started the mixer, which unfortunately broke the beater when it fell out. I have to say that when I contacted Andrew James to ask about purchasing a replacement, they did send me one free of charge - although bizarrely they asked for photos of the damage to be emailed first. Needless to say, I have been obsessively careful about fitting the beaters since then! The metal beater is not much use as it doesn't touch the sides of the bowl. When the mixer is in action it is a bit noisy and does not sound as smooth as a Kenwood. I've also had issues with the release lever, and the spring keeps making an alarming 'twanging' noise. Still working so far though. The other major niggle is the design of the metal bowl. It is dishwasher safe but for some reason the base of the bowl is hollow and has several holes drilled around the perimeter of the base, which means the base fills up with water in the dishwasher, or even if you hand-wash it. I now tend to fill the bowl with hot water and washing-up liquid to wash it out and wipe the outside, to prevent the base filling up with water. Seems like a huge design fault to me. I don't know how long this mixer will last, as the build quality is definitely not equal to a Kenwood. It looks good and does the job but if and when it packs up, I will almost certainly invest in another Kenwood. It's a shame as I want to love this mixer. It's incredibly cheap but has faults which could surely be remedied to make it even better value.
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on 31 December 2015
I bought two of these, one for my partner who is new to baking and one for my sister who has been baking for a while without a mixer. both absolutely loved it.

Having used my partner's I will say that the plastic mixing attachment is much better for cakes as it reaches the sides of the bowl, I found that the metal mixing attachment was a bit too small and doesn't get the batter of the sides very well, this must be for mixes which are a bit thicker than I was making. The whisk attachment is easily the best whisk we have in the house, we've used this to make mixes for ice creams and whipped cream. We haven't used the break hook yet so I am not sure how good this attachment is.

Neither my sister, nor my partner have had any technical problems with the devices, neither have overheated and we've used them for long periods of time without issue. I don't know how loud a mixer should be but even in our small kitchen this doesn't seem excessively noisy.

Opening and closing the device is quite clunky and can take a little getting used to since initially ours didn't seem to want to open, now we've loosened it up a bit we've not had any issues.

The manual leaves a little to be desired though as it doesn't seem to have any information on the plastic mixer attachment at all. The free recipe book with the Red mixer was also pretty bad. we tried a couple of recipes and thought there were much better alternatives on the internet, but it was free so can't complain too much.

Overall I've had no complaints from either of the girls I bought this for and both use regularly. For the price it's worth every penny I paid for it. I have been eating cakes ever since the presents were handed out!
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on 4 January 2013
looking on line at all sorts of mixers an saw this 1 an for the money it looked very good !!! how wrong could i be it arrived an when i opened the box an all was what i was hopeing for that was an till i plugged it in to use as me an my little 1 where going to have a bakeing day .. put the ingrediants in the mixing bowl an turned it on an it went nuts as if i was messing round with the speeds but doing it all by its self if you look on line you will see for your self what i mean just go to you tube an see others that have had this problem next i set about getting them to pick it up an thats just as bad the mixer spent all day waitng in for them to pick it up yep you guessed it they never turned up what away to run a company !!!!!
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on 23 October 2017
As someone that bakes a lot of cakes I’ve had this mixer a few weeks now and i’m very pleased. I wanted a larger bowl mixer and the lid was also important to me. The unit is very sturdy with the suction feet, it’s pretty quiet and the flexible beater attachment scoops the sides as it goes and create a lovely smooth cake mix, especially when mixing the butter and sugar together compared to my last mixer. When using the general mixer attachment the sides of the bowl will need some scraping. I like the metalic red colour. Would recommend. I have also brought the airtight Andrew James bowl lid as well to cover my mixer, like buttercream if wanting to store for a while.
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