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on 23 October 2012
The book kicks off pretty intensely, police searching for a missing girl, who they find tied up by the ankles, completely drained of blood and mutilated badly. The FBI are called in, introducing us to the main players in the book, doctor Jessica Coran and Agent Otto Boutine.

The descriptions were fantastic, the speech realistic and tense and I soon found myself liking the character deveopements throughout the book. Unfortunately I never seemed to connect fully with either Jess or Otto, though I enjoyed their personal romance. I did, however, connect with the killer of this book, a man with many issues, a man with an addiction and a man with a very intelligent mind. I looked forward to his POV and learning how he viewed the world around him, how he planned his murders and every day life. But every villian has his weakness...

The middle of the story was a little slow for me, with huge blocks of description which, honestly, I skipped past to get to the juicy bits then, a little further on the murders came thick and fast and as
the evidence was revealed I was absorbed back in to the book. By then I was gripped until the end...where I reached the part I chose not to give a full 5 stars to Killer Instinct. There was an abrupt end to what could have been fantastic drama/healing period and the death of one of the characters was shocking(though, I guess, intended)and sudden, not giving the reader any time for the loss to sink in. It seemed, though this character had a big part in the book that the death was...overlooked, hurried and it felt a little cold. It didnt feel right, though I think this is my personal opinion and does not take away from the brilliance of the story.

I look forward to reading another of Robert W. Walker's books and have a feeling he has added a stroke of genius to all his works.
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on 26 January 2017
Not a bad storyline but was badly let down by some terrible editing. I think I have the 2nd book to read which I will try and hope the editing is better.
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on 17 April 1998
Killer Instinct introduces us to FBI pathologist and medical examiner Dr. Jessica Coran. The "Vampire-Killer" is fiendishly murdering people across the Midwest, using what the FBI has classified to be the most brutal form of murder, a Tort-9 killing where the victims are completely drained of blood. His latest victim is discovered in the opening pages of the novel and Jessica is called to the scene. So begins this, at times frightening and disturbing tale of perhaps the most horrific kind of literary monster, a human being who kills his own kind because of the power and the fact he revels in the moment of pain and terror.

Walker is able to take the standard plot of a medical examiner that pursues serial killers, but is able to reinvent it through Jessica's character and past. The daughter of a career Navy medical examiner, Jessica learned the value of life and her profession at an early age. Extremely talented and beautiful, she is an outstanding addition to the FBI Psychological Profiling Team. It's her dedication and desire to see justice done that drives the search for this monster.

The book was very enjoyable and quite engrossing at times. In a lot of ways it's similar to the early Scarpetta books by Patricia Cornwell, but not quite as good. Nonetheless, Walker has left a lot open for Jessica's future and I'll be there to see it.
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on 16 April 1998
Warning! Once you open the cover of this book you are in for a "non-stop-able" session! Dr. Jessica Coran, FBI medical examiner, might even give Kate Scarpetta a run for her job! Robert W. Walker is a master at creating unforgettable characters-- weather good or completely evil. His creative instincts keep you turning pages long after you think you'll never be able to sleep again.. even with every lock locked and all the alarms armed! At every twist and turn of the plot, danger, frustration and helplessness lead Jessica closer and closer to the killer. Fatal Instinct, Primal Instinct, Pure Instinct, Darkest Instinct and Killer Instinct-- Guaranteed reading pleasure!
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on 12 September 2012
"Killer Instinct" is the debut novel in a series following Jessica Coran, an ME with the FBI and whose apparently insightful and expert forensic skills help crack numerous serial killing cases.

My high hopes for the novel were quickly dashed after the first few chapters.

The description of characters and settings were too extensive without actually adding to the reader's understanding of what the author was trying to convey. I felt like I had read two pages of explanation of Jessica's character yet was nowhere near closer to understanding or relating to her as a character. The wealth of information written about the protagonists and their various histories, career positions and appearances was vast but strangely shallow.

This in turn contributed to a lack of tension or interest in the unfolding events - I was more interested in ploughing through the book to reach the end than actually being invested in the capture of the perpetrator. Whilst there were attempts from the author to inject some cliffhangers and tension, it consistently fell flat. Perhaps this was due to the lack of atmosphere created; there was no "dark" or "moody" element to the book despite its gruesome killer.

The relationship between Otto and Jessica felt superficial with no explanation as to their feelings towards each other. There was no romantic link perceptible between the two and I was completely un-gripped by any burgeoning romance between the pair. For an apparent "team leader/subordinate" potential relationship, there really felt like none of the hesitancy and unresolved sexual tension that should be present in such an affair.

The plot in itself is an interesting prospect but soon loses credibility. Unfortunately the author tries too hard to turn the plot into a complicated maze that is far more suitable for an different (noir) style of crime thriller. He would have been wiser to keep the storyline simple nor to introduce the killer's narrative which, again, spoils any potential suspense that could have been evoked.

The writing isn't as sophisticated as is needed to bring the novel any drama or mystery. There are attempts at more elegant prose but the author doesn't maintain this for long enough. There are many examples of intelligent, haunting and thrilling crime novels with a sophisticated edge to the writing however this is not one of them.

In summary, "Killer Instinct" is over-drawn with too much breadth, not enough depth and lacking in both realistic plot and character development.
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on 6 June 2012
Robert W. Walker's KILLER INSTINCT is the first in the 11 book INSTINCT series. Although I am a huge fan of Walker's books (especially his superb EDGE series with Detective Lucas Stonecoat, one of the most fascinating crime-fiction characters ever created, in my humble opinion), I am not an avid fan of forensic thrillers, since they tend to get bogged down with scientific details and skimp on characterization and atmosphere. Not here, though.

KILLER INSTINCT is atmospheric, full of fascinating technical details, and, most important, has a cast of characters that are likeable, fleshed-out, and smart.

Although the subject matter (a man who believes himself to be a vampire abducts men, women and children, drinks their blood, then mutilates them) is relentlessly dark, this is a gripping, occasionally fascinating thriller that is not to be missed by fans of Patricia Cornwell, John Sandford, Ridley Pearson, and Tess Gerritsen.
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on 25 June 2012
I bought this book after reading very good reviews, but I was very disappointed. The plot was OK, pacy, interesting and gruesome! However the characters were unbelievable, I really didn't care about them at all. A previous reviewer compared these books to Patricia Cornwell (Kay Scarpetta) but not as good.....I would go further, not in the same league. Part of the problem was the poor grammar and punctuation e.g. lack of speech marks, the use of numbers instead of letters (we'll was written we'11. This may be the fault of whoever transferred this book to the e-book genre. Life is too short to read books which are badly written, so I will not be reading any more from this author.
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on 20 August 2012
This is the first novel by Robert W. Walker I have read and it certainly won't be the last.

An enjoyable gripping tale that keeps the reader hooked all the way along and one that has a good ending to boot.

This would have got a 5 star rating but there are more than a few typo's and little errors in the Kindle edition which is a real shame, if we were able to do some sort of split rating on here the story would get 5 stars and the actual content would get 3.

I will be picking up more of Robert's work in due course.

Very good novel, download it today you won't be disappointed!!!
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on 12 April 2013
I started this and didn't put it down until I was done. It has a bit of everything, gore which I liked (do not eat while reading!) dark humour, techie bits all complete with a bow. The pace is break neck and all the characters are fully developed, each has their own tone. Jess is likeable and feisty, which for me is a plus in a lead. The formatting is dreadful, and there are a ton of spelling errors, which do pull you out of the story. If those get sorted you'll be absorbed for hours between the pages of this of this book. Would of been five stars if the formatting had been sorted. Do not let that put you off though.
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on 30 April 2012
I thought this book was great, I couldn't put it down. I am definitely going to read the rest of the 'instinct' series.

I have only one or two misgivings, and they are the fact that there a lot of typos. There were actually a few words where I could not figure out what the correct word should have been!

Also the grammar wasn't too hot either, when you had two different people saying something in one papragraph, you could not distinguish between the characters. These errors lessened the enjoyment of the book somewhat. However, that said, I definitely recommend this book as a very good read!!!!
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