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This is a great release from Revelation!... Well-packaged, It's simply a case of the company taking the four individual season releases and placing them inside two halves of a strong cardboard outer case, which provides good protection from dust & looks very impressive (while under 5 inches deep). As well as including a 10-page leaflet featuring production notes, each individual series includes a number of special features (see below). The first 32 episodes are in black & white, with the final three seasons switching to colour (78 episodes). The disc menu's feature an episode synopsis. The prints used for this collection are very good, with English subtitles.

This show holds many great childhood memories for me. Originally broadcast from 1964/68, this US sci-fi/adventure/fantasy series follows the exploits of the crew aboard the "Seaview"....a hi-tech, state-of-the-art atomic submarine. Officially titled a research vessel, the sub is in fact a sophisticated weapon against threats of espionage and war. The first season is primarily concerned with the aforementioned threats to national and world security, with further episodes veering increasingly towards more fantasy themed stories, involving the likes of aliens, sea monsters, and even a rampaging gorilla!

The impressive cast put in good performances, the lead characters include Admiral Harriman Nelson (Richard Basehart) and Captain Lee Crane (David Hedison). Series creator and producer, Irwin Allen employed the sets and miniatures from his 1961 movie of the same title, and the special effects are fine (for the time), along with good production values. From the master of 60's family entertainment, the show displays many familiar Irwin Allen ingredients: action, adventure, fantasy & peril. For me, a series that still holds up very well to this day.

*Never Seen Before Pilot Episode - Eleven Days To Zero (Unaired Pilot).
*Home Movie Footage From Irwin Allen (No Audio).
*Promotional Reel.
*David Hedison Interview.
*Blooper Reel.
*Presentation Book.
*Original US Broadcast information.
*Stills Galleries.
*1966 Audio Interviews (Richard Basehart & David Hedison).
*Original Unaired Pilot.
*Eleven Days To Zero (Re-Cut Unaired Pilot).
*Broadcast Pilot With Original TV Commercials.
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on 2 June 2012
I was a young boy during the 1960's, and when shows such as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space and Land of the Giants were the big thing on TV from American Studios.

At school we would recap the latest episodes in the playground.

When I saw this box set for a very reasonable price of £53.99, I just had to buy it......and I can tell you I have not been disappointed. So what that the special effects don't come upto the high demands that this generation of youngsters expect. The storylines can be humerous and inventive, but as with a lot of shows, reflected the political situation and views of the time.

Most importantly this box set is thoroughly enjoyable and nostalgic entertainment for that little boy who never quite grew up!
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on 4 June 2012
An absolutely wonderful series despite the monster-of-the-week 3rd and 4th seasons. And a beautiful set with incredible paintings on the box, a full-color booklet, all 110 episodes + 3 unaired pilots, a long David Hedison interview, and a whole slew of extras. This set is light-years ahead of the U.S. editions that come on funky accident-prone two sided discs and do not have "play-all". This U.K. edition has only one flaw: the episodes are displayed in production rather than airdate order, making the "play-all" feature about useless. I loved this set so much I bought an extra one for a Canadian friend! And it is available at a great price!

Be sure to check out the superb "SEAVIEW: A 50TH ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE TO VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA 504 page book available from Amazon in July. It has full participation of the surviving VOYAGE cast and is partly written by David Hedison!
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on 12 April 2013
Updated version using sets and clothing from the mid 20th century. Tells the story in a very clear and entertaining way using symbolism. The main problem with this production is the character of Siegfried who is cast as a wild adolescent and also who looks like one of the monsters from the film 'Carry on Screaming'.

Picture quality 5
Sound quality 5
Sets 5 - Act 1 is a large kitchen. Act 2 is a prison camp. Act 3 is a sumptuous bedroom.
Music making (orchestra) 5
Direction (camera work) 5
Singing/Acting - Siegfried 4/1 Brunnhilde 4/3, Wotan 4/3, Mime 5/4, Albricht 5/5.
Costumes 5 - modern.

Worth trying if you like the use of symbolism. Especially the 1st and 2nd acts.
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on 31 July 2017
just love this program, maybe a bit cheesy now but still entertains
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on 15 August 2013
Along with The Time Tunnel & Land Of The Giants this is the programme I grew up with.Ok so the special effects aren't up to much what do you expect for the sixties ?
It was great to see Admiral Nelson & Captain Crane after all these years a thouroughly enjoyable piece of nostalgia
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on 3 July 2013
Being a total SCI-FI hardware fan I loved this series to death as a young boy. Just as with Jerry Andersons Thunderbirds crafts I kept drawing my own versions for years. But I do remember that even then I already found the series to be rather repetitive.
Buying the whole set after all these years bears that out. Season 1 and 2 are decent enough, Season 1 seems to be the best written, in spite of some major dated TV clichés. Seasosn 2 adds colour and the wonderful, though aerodinamicaly totally bonkers, flying sub.
Besides some very dodgy effects shots that contrast extremely to the best ones the production values are quite high. The only real letdown is the aforementioned repetitiveness that seems to slump into ever vaguer concepts towards the end (We dunno what is going on but since it threatens our free western way of living we will not take this mysterious shit anyway!”). It seems that all good writers where working on new Irwin Allen projects by that then.

Marc Brassé
As a far as the reissue itself goes there is little do complain about. Very good picture quality (somebody appearnetly stored that stuff well enough) and actually quite a few extra's for a series that is so old (which adds to the proffessional archiving theory). I know, I know, of course it is not an epifamy to see a bunch of effects shots in worse picture quality for 10 times in a row. For real buffs it is however great that the stuff still exists at all and the repetitions somehow fit into the whole picture anyway.
This complete set is recommended, especially when buying series 1 and 2 only is almost as expensive as buying the whole lot at once. Furthermore getting bored by the repetitions can be avoided by taking controlled doses. Why be hasty if you own it in such a durable format anyway?
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on 20 April 2013
Don't get me wrong here. I am NOT slamming Amazon.UK, or this wonderful, wonderful DVD set. More on that later. My complaint is with Amazon.UK's Shipper. I ordered this boxed set TWICE from Amazon. UK in the past 2 months, and neither order was delivered. Of course, Amazon. UK issued me a refund, and I am happy with their service. However, I do have severe issues with one of their shippers. Seems like they tend to lose packages. A LOT. However, this only seems to happen with LARGE items such as this. Every small order ( one or 2 discs at a time) I have ever made with them has always arrived very quickly, and trouble free. You can draw your own conclusions from that.

I was finally able to get a hold of this Boxed Set Via EBAY, and it is nothing short of fantastic. Beautiful packaging, pristine prints, except for some of the special features, which are still very interesting from a historical point of view. However, one of the Special features is unnessicary and repetitive. I refer to the colour version of the pilot film, Eleven Days To Zero. This is repeated exactly in the Series 1 and Series 4 "Special Features" disc, and is a totally unnessicary waste of space. Other than that, I highly recommend this Boxed Set for any VTTBOTS fan.
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This production of 'Siegfried' has everything wrong with it but the music.The singing is generally quite good, the orchestra is spectacular underthe direction of Lothar Zagrosek. But this 2002 production from theStaatsoper Stuttgart is so grotesquely awful that I will admit that I didnot watch every last moment of it. After the shock of the first few scenesI was only able to bear skimming the rest of it, although I did settledown for such things as the Forging Scene, the scene with the Woodbird,the Wanderer's monolog, and much of the Third Act. Still, it was painful.
Where to start? Well, the settings are grotesquely (and obviouslypurposely) inappropriate in the extreme. The opening scene, in Mime'scave, is set in a kind of kitchen/workshop that looks like it came out ofthe 50s, and perhaps the 1950s is when all this is supposed to be takingplace. Why? In the opening scene Mime is peeling potatoes - the anvilstrokes called for in the libretto and score are done by Mime hitting theside of a metal bowl with a potato peeler - you think I'm kidding? - I'mnot. Siegfried, sung (reasonably well) by the more-than-morbidly obese JonFrederic West, is kitted out in jeans, trainers and a grotty whiteteeshirt with the words 'Sieg Fried' written on it. [For some reason, theDragon Fafner also has on a tee shirt with 'Sieg Fried' inmirror-writing.] Siegfried's blond hair is long, ratty, and even from adistance looks like it hasn't been washed in six months. He wears thissame outfit through the whole opera; it is splattered liberally withFafner's blood after he kills him and through the rest of the opera wehave a hero with a gruesomely bloody shirt. Ewwww! Wotan, as The Wanderer,is a motorcycle dude, in cycle boots, jeans, leather jacket, ball cap.This might not be so bad except that Wolfgang Schöne, the excellentbass-baritone who sings the character, looks embarrassed as he swaggersaround; can't say I blame him. Then we are treated to a scene of Mime,erm, pleasuring himself rather vigorously. Right, we needed THAT. TheForest Bird appears to be a blind boy. Don't ask me why. Erda is an oldwoman who the booklet notes say is supposed to be a socialite, but sheactually looks like someone's granny in her nightgown, sitting therewriting in her diary. And finally, Brünnhilde, sung gloriously I must say,is played by Lisa Gasteen in another old nightgown; well, yes, she hasbeen asleep for a long time, thanks to her old man, but still... It mightnot be so bad if she weren't, erm, rather more than zaftig. The scene withher lying on top of Siegfried (a beached whale) on the floor shows rathermore fleshy leg than one could possibly want to see. Her 'Heil dir, Sonne'is sung while Siegfried is hiding in a closet. Hmmmm.
My own take on all this is that the director of this mess, Jossi Wieler,should be given a slow poison, hung from the yard-arm, and shot at dawn,and, if he should survive it (and he probably would - sigh) never nevernever be given another opera to produce.
I had thought that the recent Salzburg 'Fledermaus' was the worstproduction I'd ever seen, but this one trumps it. I can easily see the DVDof this production becoming the 'Plan Nine from Outer Space' for thecynical opera set, with pitchers of martinis to compliment the hoots andhollers. Party on!
Scott Morrison
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on 27 January 2012
It is difficult to imagine how much worse this could have been, perhaps the entire cast could have been clad in nappies or costumed as fairies and sent to the bottom of the garden. As an exercise in fatuity this wins all the prizes. The encounter between Wotan and Erda is grotesque, (just what is he supposed to be doing under the sink?) but that between Sieg Fried (what an inspiration that is!) and Brunnhilde is a contest between the ridiculous and emabarrassment that competent singers should have been directed into such fatuous behaviour. One buys a DVD in order to be able to recreate the pleasure of a first encounter. I cannot imagine how anyone would wish to sit through this travesty a second time.
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