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on 17 August 2013
Canon IXUS 125 HS Digital Camera - Pink + Case and 8GB Memory Card(16.1MP, 5x Optical Zoom) 3.0 inch LCD

This is my fourth digital camera purchased from Amazon UK . Three "Ixus" ( one Ixus . a present) One Panasonic digital, which i have just prior to this purchase.

I amd so , so pleased with this Ixus , ive taken about 10 shots now all on "auto" right out the box in all kinds of light , dusk, inside rooms and outside and i am delighted by the clarity of those shots. Just want to get the comparison to the Panasonic out of the way before i continue , there is no comparison , in short thats it!! . Ok i am not an expert on photography , but who is with a digital , we want clear shots from a pocket size camera , we want easy to operate , we want to be able to take it out your pocket , not stand ther fiddling with buttons and working out distance and light conditions when your in a crowd of people , you havent got the time or the fool to make yourself !! the whole idea about being discreet !! not making a huge spectical of yourself in public fussing with tiny camera , i just want to be able to snap those shots on my own , and be happy in the knowledge that what im going get is something really rather special with next to no playing with buttons , moreover i want to able to understand what i have paid for without going on a pc and scrolling dwon or up reems and reems of complicated headache , just to grasp how to make use of the most basic features !! . NO fear with Canon . How do i list my loves and likes in top order , i wont , in no order . I LOVE the fact you get couple of disks and a *manual* , the manual tells you all you really need to know to get a stunning shot ! . I LOVE the fact everything is in the box its not battery operated ! . I LOVE the lense ( there is no comparison to the Panasonic digital which gave me blurred horrible shots most of the time and even the rest of the time they were only just acceptable ) I love the smooth zoom and i love the ease into taking the picture the button . I LOVE the case , i remember my first Ixus , i dropped it from standing on solid tiles in a living room and i thought goodbye Ixus we only were friends for a week or so !! i was wrong *undamaged * thats the lovely solid case on the silver one i loved that and still do .. I LOVE the fact i have a date stamp on this it matters to me . I LOVE the fact it was easy and a pleasure to set up or just go through that first settings , i enjoyed that . I LOVE the color , as you can see from above i got an amazon case just slots very nicely with my Ixus looks pretty funky and matches my camera i love it handbag size with strap . I LOVE the fact its easy to learn and understand how to take your own photo, reading that and perfomring that task out the box took me 5 seconds and i had an amazing clear shot of me smiling in front of my tv ...really felt on top opf the world with that ..with pananasonic it was a total pain and i didnt know where to start or got though to find out how and i hated the whole thing with that . What stands out is this quality lense and case and the pics you get from this camera . I LOVE the huge LCD screen .

When i was looking for this camera , it was very late in the morning , i meeded the camera for approx a week or so later an event , i was dreading trawling though reading all the reviews , trying to make the right choice , but as SOON as i landed on the IXUS collections i just thought dont look any further , ive had one , i just tried panasonic and i regretted that , so stick with what you know and love ...i missed Canon so within 15 mins id ordered my case , card and camera and very pleased . in fact im delighted . I thought about the red one , lovely and maybe look into another canon as i save up ive got to say for a gorgeous clear shot and you can play around with the "looks " on settings very easy and macro i remember from mny close ups of flowers was breathtaking ..i mean top quality , you could very easily win a photography award with this camera 100 per cent truth here , its got the capability of breathtaking shots ..im no expert but i can see you experts out there saying , that girl is right , you know what im saying ..What i also love is its affordable this camera , you get the best for a reasonable price , if anything happened to your camera , you can afford to replace it , its sleek , slim , big screen filling the whole of the camera LCD at the back and its got hot or muted pastle looks , all in the case ready to go lanyard on camera and case , easy to use cracking shots no blurs , i took some pics of previous Ixus shots in the gallery in my reviews , that was my first camera and i was new to things , see how nice they are out the box .

A huge thank you to Amazon UK for your help getting my gem to my door , i really appreciate that and to the delivery people ..thanks for helping me record my day i wanted to ..your all stars .with love .
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on 19 July 2013
Unleashed technology development may be a pain in the ass and encouraging the vacuous 'must haves' amongst us. However, if you skip a couple of heartbeats and dip into what's available every now and again then this little camera is a lot of fun. May even win you an award or 2. I haven't got around to trying the video yet but by then my 'new' toy will be out of date and I'll be made to fear for public humiliation should I take it out my pocket and brandish it around. All my accusers, pointing and laughing, will have the latest model, which fits into a slot in their foreheads and connects by wi fi to a receiver implanted in the brain. I can't be sure yet but the implant may be a free accessory. Call Canon for more details. Meanwhile have a lot of fun with a great little camera.
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on 30 April 2017
Sadly, I lost this camera on holiday. I was so disappointed with the loss that I tried to buy another one, but the product has been updated. It was light, easy to carry in a pocket, totally accurate in settings etc...
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on 12 July 2013
This is my second Canon IXUS. Fantastic value for money. Easy to use, lightweight and good quality pictures. Mi never go anywhere without it.
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on 24 July 2013
I bought this after I did a "which" search.It was recommended.Nice looking camera and easy to use.Looks particularly good in the red. Takes nice pictures.
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on 12 March 2013
Bought this camera for my wife in June after the previous compact camera (Nikon Coolpix) failed. We wanted a simple point and shoot, without lots of features as I have a DSLR if I'm going to be taking lots of pictures. We were looking for a small, light camera, with a reasonably wide angle lens and a wide aperture for shooting in low light without flash.

After 9 months' use, we are really happy with it - it meets all of our basic criteria and I've found to my amazement that it's sometimes better to use than the DSLR (note better to use, not necessarily better pictures). The size and weight makes it easy to carry in a pocket and the wide aperture bring out the best with low light.

My two gripes with the camera - I'd like to be able to set the aperture (e.g. I want more depth of field) and I can't see why Canon can't add a RAW shooting mode - afterall, the DIGIC processor should be able to handle it easily enough.

In conclusion, it is surprising how much compact digital cameras have improved in the four years since we bought our last one and I'd highly recommend this as something you can always have with you - after all, the biggest part of picture taking is having the camera there at all!
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on 30 January 2013
She is cute, easy to handle and does exactly does what she should :-)
Higly recommended as she is just splendid!
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on 9 May 2013
I bought this Ixus 125 HS to replace an Ixus 60 which has produced excellent photographs over the past eight years. The camera retains all the virtues of the Ixus series including a metal body, good ergonomics and a fantastic lens quality and demonstrates Moore's Law in action as it is smaller, lighter, has a 268% larger CCD sensor, a 20% bigger LCD screen, a 67% longer zoom (equivalent to a 24mm-120mm zoom on a 35mm camera) and is less than half the price of its predecessor. It now has a battery strength indicator and optical image stabilisation and can record movies via a dedicated button in 1080p HD quality. The rear LCD screen is protected by a sheet of glass and there is no optical viewfinder but then non-DSLRs with optical viewfinders are a vanishing breed. If you want a small, tough, high quality camera that you can rely on then buy one of these. Buy a good quality 8Gb memory card (good for over a thousand photographs at maximum resolution or half an hour's HD video filming) and a case (the Lowepro Altus 10 Small Camera Pouch is ideal) to preserve this beautiful piece of engineering. Highly recommended.
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on 15 March 2013
I bought the green version of this camera a few weeks ago from via Amazon. Since then l have been quite amazed at how good it really is compared to other digital cameras that l own. It copes particularly well with focusing near and far in the same indoor shots, and with the flash turned off presents no problem with ensuring enough light is allowed into the lens to produce a great picture.
Due to the weather l have not taken many outdoor shots with it yet but have no reason to believe that l will not be pleased with its end results.
At first l found it tricky to find my way around the various settings as there is no detailed manual with it - only an initial set up one, the rest is left to you to discover or spend hours downloading instructions from the internet.
I am now considering purchasing a 2nd one to replace another of my older cameras as l always take a pair on holiday "just in case" and it saves space if they use the same battery charger.
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on 24 December 2012
Picked this camera up as a Christmas present for my Fiance at the last minute in John Lewis - same price as Amazon but includes a 4 GB high-speed SD Card, Canon black leather case with fabric rainbow ribbon detail and matching rainbow lanyard.

My Fiance expressed a desire to have a new digital camera recently but she is not fond of spending large sums of money on technology products and initially I had been "told" to simply get her the same camera as we had recently bought for her daughter for her birthday (Nikon L26). While the L26 is a perfectly decent little snapper which I would have had no real problems with buying for my Fiance I thought I'd hold out a little while and see what else was around. I've been using digital cameras for about 15 years now and have owned various models from Fujifilms at the very inception of digital cameras, through super compacts like the original Sony T1, and my last purchase for myself, a Canon EOS 350D... I know my way around a digital camera and consider myself something of a pro-enthusiast level user.

In browsing the varied range in John Lewis I was particularly taken with this Canon's compact dimensions, good looks and sturdy build quality (metal body). The included case, strap and memory card were a deal clincher.

Due to work commitments my family is celebrating Christmas Day today (Christmas Eve) so my Fiance has now received and started using the camera, I thought I'd share some observations;
The leather case available in the starter pack I purchased is made specifically for the camera and offers a tailored fit, with a fabric lining to prevent scratches. The lanyard is durable and instills confidence in its use to prevent drops while also keeping the camera ready-to-hand.

Aesthetically, the camera is very pleasing to the eye, with a quality build, fit and finish. The camera is compact enough to fit in a shirt pocket or a tight pair of jeans, My Fiance actually intends to carry the camera around in her handbag so the compact leather case will offer it suitable protection from scuffs and scrapes from keys and suchlike.

The LCD display has a nice clarity and is more than adequate for framing shots in the absence of an optical viewfinder. The button layout is sensible and uncomplicated, with buttons having a positive action and being a sensible size despite the compact nature of the camera.

Images are excellent quality with good colour rendition. we have not tried video recording yet but are confident of the quality, 1080p recording is available with clips limited to 30 mins each (tax laws, grrr). There is a dedicated video record button, avoiding the necessity of mode switches or menu diving.

The package includes a dedicated battery charger, avoiding the need to charge the battery in the camera via USB. charging time is quite nippy, as supplied the battery was at 50% strength and when charged at home for the first time it went to max. capacity in less than an hour.

All in all, we are thoroughly impressed with this camera and feel it offers a balanced package for a compact camera at a more than reasonable price.
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