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on 12 September 2012
For my review the title sums this game up. I bought it on release but did not play it until last week to allow time for the problems that plague nearly all PC games in the beginning to be corrected. Surely I thought by now the developers would have sorted these. Clearly not as after install and several patches applied my experience was one of numerous freezes and crashes back to desktop. I completed the campaign despite these problems. I found the graphics to be very inconsistent from chapter to chapter ranging from poor to mediocre (everything maxed out). In particular the cut scenes are just appalling. The sound I felt was perhaps this games strongest area with weapons, explosions, back ground effects all being very impressive. The story was very lack lustre with little to hold my interest (I haven't got great expectations for a shooter.)The gameplay was pleasing with a good cover system and a variety of ways to approach the scenarios using stealth. Moving onto the multiplayer. For me this is the vast majority of what I buy game like this for. Unfortunately it is plagued with random disconnects at all stages i.e. joining a lobby, progressing from lobby to game and in game. This is to the point where I really can't be bothered to try to play anymore as it just no fun due to the problems. Very few people appear to be playing this game online in any case. I have all the recommended ports forwarded etc, etc. I won't post all my PC specs as that isn't the problem (I keep it well maintained, I5 2500k o/c @4.5ghz, 7970ghz edition etc). To be fair to the developers two thirds of the way through the campaign I upgraded my GPU from a GTX570. From that point on I had no crashes to the desktop which leads me to believe part of the problem is driver related. However it should be for ubisoft to optimise the game for the customer not Nvidia or AMD. I felt the game played well with K+M and I was happy using the default settings. Overall I just feel frustrated with this game as it clearly has so much potential. The problems and in particular those associated with the multiplayer mean that I just cannot recommend anyone to buy this game and hence the one star. This obviously is purely my opinion which is based on my experiences.
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on 8 July 2012
This is a quick warning to those who were going to buy this primarily for the multiplayer component like myself. I've not been able to get it to work. All the required ports are forwarded and I tried everything in Ubisoft's multiplayer troubleshooting guide to no effect. Whenever I try and do anything multiplayer related, it tells me I have to sign in (which I did already), and then dumps me back to the title screen.

Ubisoft technical support is a joke. I've had my ticket open for getting on three weeks, and they're just incapable of helping me. They update my ticket with 'We thank you for your patience while we continue to investigate your issue', and then mark my ticket as solved! There are gaps of five to six days between messages, and frequently the message is either 'be patient' or the suggestion doesn't help. They suggest things I've already tried (sometimes where it says already in the ticket I've tried it). I think I'm going to request a refund.

This is the first time I've bought a Ubisoft game in years, and now I'm regretting it.

Buyer beware!

(Edit: Updated for the technical support saga)
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VINE VOICEon 28 June 2016
I have been a fan of the Ghost Recon series from the beginning. Bizzarely, each version seems to be totally different to its predessors. I put off buying this version because of all the negative reviews. However, now it's a bargain basement price, I decided to give it a try.

I really can't see why people hated it so much. Possibly, the enormous patch that is applied after installation has addressed the problems. I have had no problems with it whatsoever.

The graphics look nice and I suffered no glitches.

I was surprised to find it was a third person game. It works very well, giving you a wider point of view than the tunnel vision of first person view. If you aim down the gun sights, you revert to first person view.

I prefer singleplayer but I gave it a go. It was not the headless chicken speed of Call of Duty. It was more like Battlefield. I had no trouble finding a game but it is fairly obvious that there aren't many players left. I could recognise the same namkes over and over again.


It's a linear campaign but the maps are big enough to give you plenty of choices and gives you a chance to replay slightly diferently. There is a good variety of combat maps around the world.

I expect Ghost Recon to be a tactical shooter. However, there are only a few simple orders to give to your team. Most of the time, they are just fighting alongside you, like Call of Duty.

There are lots of fun gadgets, such as drones. You can use them to give you the edge, marking targets. The missions can be quite tough. An AI team mate may come and heal you when you are down.

Overall, I was impressed. It's the nicest shooter I have played in a while. Now it's a bagain price, it's certainly worth a look. The big patch seems to have sorted out problems. It's probably not worth buying it for multiplayer, simply because there won't be anybody to play with soon! However, single player fans will not be disappointed.
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on 5 July 2012
You know how some games that release are a complete and utter broken mess, well this is one of them.

As gamers we have learned to accept the fact that most games will need a patch or two to iron out bugs.
But this takes it to a whole new level, this game should not have been released in it's current state.

Just visit the Ubisoft Forums to see for yourself what is happening. And we were given this product after
it was delayed by over a month compared to the console versions. It's a disgrace - DO NOT BUY.
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on 2 February 2013
Like all the Ghost Recon series the team play single player campaign is outstanding. Working in a 4 man team with all the gismo's and gadgets is really fun - the graphics and the sound are exceptional - this creates a superb atmosphere with proper believable voice overs and a coherent plot, this is very much a cut above the competitors in the genre like MoH and Battlefield in single player campaign.

Uplay and UI are not up to the same standard however, though are much improved by recent updates/patches and I havent played multiplayer.. However at the current price for Single Player Campaign this is definitely worth a try - highly recommended.
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on 30 June 2012
Like other reviewers I don't know where to start as the list is long. I'm normally one to complain I usually just suck it up and move on but no this time. I've really loved other games in the franchise but this is an unfinished turkey that's best avoided. My PC specs GTX680 i72600k 16GB ram vertex 4 SSD

Bugs and Criticisms
-Game keeps reverting to 720p all the time there's simply no way to fix it.
-The frame rate is locked, on my gtx680 I achieve a world shattering 24fps.
-Using the Options menu sporadicly crashes the game.
-The screen is white and washed out reducing the visibility so much everything is covered in haze to the extent you feel like you're in a 3x3 sauna. This renders play difficult at best and is not a "feature" as the view distance even on console versions is significantly higher.
-The textures are what I would describe as cheese grateresque and wouldn't have been seen on an AAA release of 4 years ago let alone today.
-Overall image quality for gameplay is grainy and pixelated.
-Lots of jagged edges especially on character models even with AA maxed.
-The cut scenes sequences look even worse than the in game graphics if I had to guess I'd say the quality would be around 240 to 360p
-Frequent random crashes when loading
-Unable to skip cutscenes which is a huge pain after it's just crashed... AGAIN.......
-Issues with controls not responding and my mouse not working
-Mouse input lag when I finally got it working.
-Keybinds for mouse buttons apparently map quite randomly to the keys even if specified.
-Co-op mode isn't global and is just reliant on friends lists
-In multiplayer for every 20 clicks It took to connected to a game lobby I'd get 5mins of play before the host vanished. There are no dedicated servers.

On the plus side the core gameplay mechanics look to be quite good. It's just every other single aspect of this game that prevents you getting to them. This game is one of the most diabolical console ports I've ever encountered. I've alpha tested a quite a few titles in the past and most developers wouldn't even consider passing a version of the game in this state into a closed beta let alone as a shippable final product. I'm sure a lot of people will say it'll be patched, well don't expect anything too fast given the absolute lack of care and attention taken in creating the game let alone the sheer number of problems they have to fix.

I would normally say go an buy it on console as I'm sure that experience would be quite good but instead I take this as a massive insult from Ubisoft to the PC gaming community and consumers in general. Instead I would suggest taking the time to construct an effigy of their CEO post pictures of him burning on youtube. I hope you found this helpful.
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on 6 January 2013
I waited a long time before buying this game as there were a lot of bad reviews regarding bugs etc. Patched up to date (#5 I think), it runs perfectly on my modest Dell laptop. However, the game itself is not good; I should have passed.
From the 3rd person view to the checkpoint system, it is obviously a console port and in that respect it has probably been ported quite well but if all video games were on consoles I would not play any at all and it is pointless playing this on a PC. I have played the GRAW games dozens of times but this is not a successor. It is closer to the Vegas games (which I also disliked) but not as much fun.
It reminds me a lot of the later Delta Force games. The first two in that series set a new standard and got me hooked on military shooters. Then with DF Black Hawk Down, it looked amazing but the "feel" of DF was gone. Same here; GRAW 1&2 were full of tension and you had little scope for getting hit as one shot could end you game. You had to really care about your progress and work the stealth and tactics but here I just don't care if I die as I will just reload from the last checkpoint. The fact that this is prettier is irrelevant. Also, with GRAW there was a tactical map and after a couple of playthroughs I began forming 2-man teams and sending them around different angles and using their headcams to follow the action and progress (me leading one but otherwise this was all AI by the way). That gave a huge sense of achievement to plot their routes and flank enemy positions with a cross-fire. That has all gone and been traded for scripted scenes and some lame gadgets. Even the door breaching of Vegas was a plus point in that outing but that has gone too.
I am about a quarter of the way in and just trying to decide if I can be bothered to finish the game. I wonder if Patriots is going to be any good. Any duff reviews and I will pay attention this time...
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on 19 August 2012
I bought this a few days ago, and well, I 'tried' to like it, put up with it's crappy port over from the xbox, but in the end I got so fed up with it I just un-installed it and filed it in my 'drinks coaster' pile.

I've played all of the Ghost Recon games and loved them for the most part, but what completely bugs me about this game is the god awful interface you get on PC. The programmers seem to have either been lazy and not bothered ripping out the console references, or have assumed, incorrectly for probably most PC users, that you'd want to use a console 'joypad' to play a shooter on a PC!

The interface is full of references to which joypad button you should press to acheive a particular action, but with no refernce to what key on a keyboard this is mapped to. This is very frustrating, especially when the game springs a QTE-esque situtaion on you where you have to press and hold a button to perform an action in a given time limit, but doesn't hint which key does this, and you die, and you have to restart, and hope you can randomly hit the correct key next time round, or you die again... and it's another trip down random key lane... It's just bad programming/design... A game interface should be intuative, this is like trying to knit with welders gloves on.

All this is compounded by the fact that the developer did seem to take into account that PC users would have more keys to go at, but this leads me to my second gripe. It's almost like they didn't think the interface was bad enough. You get a hint popup telling you to press and hold a certain joypad button, and having remembered which key this maps to you press it and... ... nothing happens. You press it again and still nothing... Then you discover that the 'usual' key that maps to the joypad button doesn't map to that function on PC version and there's another key somewhere that does that that... WTF?

Oh, and to put the tin hat on it, the not so helpful hints can't be turned off, so they just fill your screen with useless info, a great feature mid-firefight. Also, the subtitle bar which the subs appear in still pops up, even if you turn the subs off, ruining any imersion the cutscene may have had.

I understand why developers do this sort of thing, to cut costs etc, but when the overall result is that game experience is ruined by it, then they've done it wrong! There are so many other games that are ported to PC from console that are excellent, there is simply no excuse for just how bad this one is, apart from Mr. Ubi$oft wanting to wring ever, single, penny from this games development cost on console.

In conclusion, the interface is bad, the graphics are muddy in places and look grainy, even on a high end machine (i7, 580gtx, 12GB RAM) it seems to stutter when just walking through the environment and the story is poor for a Tom Clancy labelled game. I just didn't care about any of the characters or the plot, what little there was... I was really looking forward to playing this next installment in the Ghost Recon story, totally disappointed.

Avoid if you loved the previous games.
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on 7 July 2012
This would be a great game however there are a few things that clearly don't work. The game is absolutely riddled with bugs. I have to install the silly, stupid and not needed Uplay system 5 times just so I could play the game* My game is more than powerful enough to play the game too (specs below). It constantly crashes, and is pretty much unplayable. This is so bad, that many of the purchasers have sent lists of bugs to Ubisoft in order to have them resolved, however at present Ubisoft is no where to be seen - surprised much.. but hey as long as they get their profits right?!

The game was clearly ported directly over from the Xbox version, as there are little hints during the game and loading menus.

This would be a great game, however Ubisoft have a lot of work to do before it can be a good, fun and all round great game like it's predecessor was.

*My system specs:
|Corsair 650D |Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 |Intel Core i7 2600k @ 4.2 |16GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 '1833' |4x Corsair Force 3 240GB |3x 3TB Seagate ST33000650NS |2x MSI Twin Frozr 580GTX |Corsair H100 |OCZ750W |Creative X-Fi Gamer |3x Dell U2410
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on 29 June 2012
This has to be the flakiest game I have ever bought. It consistently crashes within the first few minutes of play on a machine that I have installed dozens of high-powered games. I guess I will just have to wait for the patches but if you want to buy something you can play straight away, look elsewhere!
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