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on 13 June 2012
After many months of considering 3MOS cameras and research I eventually purchased the X900. I looked at a few videos on youtube, and considering the advantages of this model over previous such as the 5 axis OIS, the swivel LCD monitor and enhanced image quality, I decided to buy.

I have to say that I was completely blown away by the quality - especially playing the first films on my 52" Panny Plasma direct from the camera. I knew it would be good but I didn't really expect it to be THIS GOOD - absolutely stunning.

Currently I do a lot of semi pro photography so I have always been very critical about image quality - stills or video - and so I am absolutely delighted with the camera, the exposure, colour balance even on Integlligent Auto, (haven't felt the need to use manual mode much) are excellent. Plus I was also very pleasantly surprised with the sound - true 5.1 surround sound with a good broad seperation and great clarity on all channels.

I have to say this camera really has re-ignited my passion in Video as it delivers such good images it makes you want to go do some more - I am now always mindful of what the next adventure will be to film!

I am now burning 1080/50p AVCHD files to DVD using PowerDirector 10 and playing 1080/24p through the PS3 which is delivering a superb result and means I get true Full HD and I don't need the camera to playback.

Cameras are constantly developing and you could wait forever for the latest and greatest - my advice, buy this camera, get out there and delight yourself by bringing home some great films to share and enjoy in the future!
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on 8 April 2012
I have had this camera since the 27th March 2012 and have found the camera simple to use, and has a lot of useful features, rather than being cluttered up with silly effects and the likes that most people will never use.

I have been using the HC-X900M it with Final Cut Pro X on my I7 iMac, and the software picks up the recorded video with no problems at all, unless of course you record in 1080/50P, then the software cannot see it. If you record using 1080/50i it works like a treat. If you do record in 1080/50P you can convert the file very quickly by using ClipWrap (not free), that will convert the footage to .mov etc, but so far for my needs, the 1080/50i quality is more than enough. If you have a Windows PC, there is a CD supplied with software that will allow you to pull the footage off, convert etc, and it's all pretty simple to use.

Paying this sort of money is something you do not rush into, and I have spent considerable time looking around at other makes etc, but the Panasonic just seemed to hit all the right spots with me.

The only thing I will point out is that it feels as though the battery drains very quickly (2 hours) though you can buy larger batteries that will allow you longer periods of recording.

As it is, I'm happy with the unit, and more than happy to answer any questions about it, or provide samples of the still or video if I can.
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on 16 September 2012
If you have all the reviews your head will be spinning with jargon so you may as well read my two penneth worth because the dilemma about whether to get this camcorder is really really straightforward. I promise I won't plough over old ground! I promise ! I have used this and it's very similar predecessor the sd900. I put my wildlife videos on youtube snd have had over 30,0000 views so you could say I have thoroughly tested this unit :) Firstly they are very very similar...Not enough differences to worry about but hey if the boffins at panasonic make a new version, go for that one.
The truth is if you want to make nice videos, you will be looking at this and possibly considering a dslr that takes video. The dslr will take good video too but it's swings and roundabouts. The DSLR is horrible to use by comparison. Both have great quality. I have made lots of wildlife videos with this camcorder and also a dslr (google Alex Sally if you want to see them) and honestly it's hard to see a difference in quality. This camcorder though is miles and miles nicer to use. Its a treat to use in fact and has very few weakness's. So you want to know what the weak spots are don't you.
1.Well the first one really shouldn't matter, some fan noise from the unit. The reason it shouldn't matter is because if you are trying to get really really good sound then you will be using an external mic anyway... (getting good sound btw is just as hard as getting good video . The fan sound is barely noticeable for most occasions anyway..
2.The long end of the zoom isn't as good as the wide angle. No surprise there but if you are always using the long end of the zoom it won't be as sharp as the wide angle.

Most importantly if you are considering this camcorder then its pretty simple really because this camcorder shoots 50p and has three sensors.. There isn't another one that can do this in this price bracket so just get it and enjoy..Right, before I give you a heads up to a couple of things you will need to make great video with this camcorder, do my a favour a click that find this review helpful, unless you don't, in which case thanks anyway :)
Three things that will make good video better with this camcorder.
Velbon DV-7000 Video Tripod essential to use a tripod even with image stabilization..this is a pretty good one for the money
Make better videos with your dslr or camcorder
oh and lastly Hoya 52mm Circular Polarising Filter or any polariser, it gives great deep blue skies and a good filmic look...check the thread size and no , you don't need an expensive one.
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on 14 May 2012
Good value and excellent results. Picture quality first class (considering the price) and easy to use. In the manual mode it enables you to use it for those situations where the auto settings don't quite give the desired effect. All round I would say a very good buy (I have no desire for the 3D, so haven't gone down that rabbit hole!). Stills function works well and although a little slow it means you don't have to lug 2 cameras around.
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on 21 May 2012
I bought this camera to use in place of a 6 year old Sony HDR-FX1 tape based semi-pro camcorder. At a fraction of the size of the Sony I din't feel a could expect too much!
The camcorder went to Florida and was exposed to bright light outdoors and dark rides at the theme parks.
The first thing I noticed was the excellent anti-shake lens system. I don't normally shoot without a tripod but the X900 is very forgiving if you do use it hand held.
On the dark rides the pictures did appear a little grainy at times but given the lighting levels it did very well. Outside in the sunlight the pictures are superb.
It also handled the firework shows very well. There was only one aspect that my old Sony had a clear advantage. If shooting cinema presentations (eg O Canada) the difference in frame rate creates some flicker. The Sony handled this perfectly.
Outdoors in bright sunlight the LCD screen is hard to see but you can resort to the viewfinder if necessary.
After using the camcorder for about a week tragedy stuck when small boy with a water canon took excellent aim and soaked the camera.The camera stopped working and frankly I never expected it to work again. I dried it down and let the Florida sunshine dry it out but 36 hours later it was still not working. If I connected the battery a bright red light on the front of the camera came on and stayed on. With nothing to lose I left the battery connected and after perhaps half an hour noticed the red light had gone out. The camera then starting working perfectly again!
So I'm very pleased with this heroic little camera and despite the slight problem with the LCD panel and cinema screens I cannot deny it its full 5 Stars, indeed it deserves a few extra!
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on 22 March 2012
Fantastic camera as usual from Panasonic, picture quality is so sharp it is almost too sharp to view! Are you ready? the 50P at 1080 as I have found to my dismay is not compatible with the blu-ray standard as yet. I have software that can cope with editing the footage but when it comes to writing it to blu-ray nothing other than the very basic software that comes with the camera can write at the best quality setting of 50P Having said that it is my fault for not fully researching it beforehand even after several weeks looking at different cameras something always catches you out. The camera can downgrade its filming rate to 50i which of course is compatible with most things. Once again a fantastic camera especially in low light situations where the colour reproduction is incredible.
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on 19 February 2013
I usually use a Canon EOS for video with a tracking focus rig, but sometimes I just need a grab-and-go camera but I didn't want to spend thousands on a pro camera. I decided to take a punt on the Panasonic X900M.


The image quality and optical stabilisation have completely blown me away. Also, I found the low-light recording to be amazing, the sound terrific (although I have added a Rhodes zoom mic for most work) and the general ease of use to be the best I've ever had in a camcorder.

Something I didn't realise is that the camera does come with a shoe for adding microphones and lights, but it can be removed (it clips onto the left side, so is not usually shown in photos), this is a great help and frees up my grip for lighting.

I won't go into depth about the technical abilities of the camera, you can find all that elsewhere. I'll just add this, for the money, there is currently no better camera on the market. It delivers results which are right up there with the pro cameras, but at a fraction of the price.

If your serious about quality, but don't have a big budget then forget the £250 - £350 entry level cameras and get an X900, you will not be disappointed.

Five very easy stars, would give six if I could.
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on 29 August 2012
I bought the HC-X900 product after returning from a month's holiday Indo-China because the sun was so bright there, that a lot of the time, I could not see the screen on my Panasonic HDC-SD9 and this X900 model has a very good built-in viewfinder. The other things I wanted were: manual zoom, external microphone and headphone output. I also did not wish to lug an 'on the shoulder' job around the world. This model, although slightly bigger than my HDC-SD9, is a good compromise between the average camcorder and a semi-professional job which is too big. I also don't want to carry tripods around with me all of the time and the optical stabilsation on this model is fabulous. I have not done too much with it yet, but my first impressions are that it is everything I want and more. The touch screen is very intuitive and the still camera is superb.

Why only 4 stars I hear you cry? Well, this expensive bit of kit does not come with even a 4GB card, so if you haven't got one you can't try out your new toy immediately. The lens hood is probably good optically, but you can easily get your finger in the lens view when using the manual ring, so you will need a petal or similar hood to pevent this happening. You have to charge the battery in the camcorder as there is nowhere to plug it in on top of the charger, therefore you can't be using the camcorder whilst charging the spare battery. However, you can get a charger through Amazon for about £7. The battery provided is almost, I repeat almost, the same as the one in the HDC-SD9 I have, so I needed to purchase a spare very rapidly as the current consumption on the X900 is quite high (especially in 50P mode)and the battery does not last too long. I did not buy the higher capacity battery as the measurements suggested that it would get in the way of the viewfinder.

Finally, and this relates to all HD camcorders (but particularly to this one when you record in 50P), you need the most powerful computer you can afford with a very good graphics card. Ignore the minimum requirements quoted or you'll get very frustrated. I use a quad core gaming machine with Nvidia graphics and even with that power, in Blu-Ray you can go off and have your dinner and watch the tele whilst it is rendering even half an hour of movie.

Having said that, the Panasonic kit I have is excellent and the results in Blu-Ray on a Panasonic plasma are absolutely fabulous.
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on 25 September 2012
I am basically a point and shoot camcorder man. It's the editing that I really enjoy. I bought the X900, after reading the reviews. Also, it was one of the cheaper options, for camcorders with a viewfinder - essential for me. After several years using a standard definition camcorder (a trusty Canon Mv 650i), I thought it was about time to move up to HD. I am very pleased with the Panasonic, even though it is obviously not made with the Mac in mind. I use iMovie for editing and there are issues, which can be overcome, by reading various forums. Even so, the picture quality, compared to standard definition is amazing, and the camcorder performs much better than my old Canon, when shooting indoors. One word of advice. Buy 16 Gb SD cards. The HD format is very memory hungry. The manual suggests 4 Gb will store 19 mins of footage in iFrame mode or 30 mins in HA (1080/50i) mode. Obviously a second battery is a must for serious amateur film makers, but I have not invested in one yet. I haven't found any serious drawbacks yet, although I have only made one short film so far.
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on 9 December 2012
I have waited quite a while for an HD camcorder which has a viewfinder and is affordable. This fits the bill perfectly. Pictures are great and sound quality is fine for me. I have not tried its 3D capability and have no immediate plans to do so.
The camera is somewhat larger than my recent mini-tape Sony but is comfortable to hold and the weight is kept down with the use of SD card memory. Teaming this camera with a SanDisk 32GB Extreme pro 95 Mb/s card is working really well.
Battery life of the supplied unit may be a bit restricting for a day out but I have always carried a spare with my cameras in the past and am happy to continue to do so.
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