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At the end of Inescapable we were left with the immediate problems solved, but with an overall bigger picture mystery to be sorted.
Although I didn't know exactly where Amy A. Bartol was going to lead me in this wonderful sequel, I thought I had a pretty good idea. My pretty good idea, was actually pretty wrong.

Intuition carried on from where we last left our friends and enemies, taking us on a new journey with some new additions. These new additions seriously stirred up the storyline spinning it into a completely new direction I had not expected.

In this great sequel Amy A. Bartol really delved deep into the personalities of her characters, allowing me to get to know them a lot better and with a few surprises.

In Inescapable Reed came to realise that until he had met Evie, he had not really known himself or lived his existence so far.
Well Amy A. Bartol sorted that out straight away. In Intuition Reed came to expose his personality, feelings and thoughts, some of which could be considered to be almost human (although I'm sure he wouldn't agree). I had always perceived him to be a complicated character, with a lot of facets and with a fair few secrets to hide; but it wasn't until now that I actually appreciated to what extent this was true. In some respects he hasn't fully understood himself or what's going on. I found this ever so endearing and can't wait to see how Amy A. Bartol develops him further.

Another character that surprised me was Russell. He plays an increasingly key role in Intuition and we really get the chance to see things from his perspective, in the chapters written from his point of view. Russell had struck me asa not very complicated character, in a rather complicated situation. Russell proved me wrong, and turned out to be ridiculously sharp, cunning and determined. He also had me laughing out loud several times. I confess to being a Reed-Evie fan, but in Intuition a felt a rather strong soft spot for Russell.

With Evie on the other hand, it almost felt like she made several steps forward whilst remaining the same. Let me explain. As a character she learns more about the new world surrounding her, enemies facing and what needs to be done. But as an individual she stays true to herself. She fears to lose her humanity, but this only makes her even more human. I liked her even more and honestly think that Amy A. Bartol did a great job with her. Evie kept me laughing, gasping, blushing and cooing throughout the book, and angels aren't the only ones she confuses sometimes!

Intuition was packed full of moments of murderous suspense that had me tortured and almost shouting at the characters what to do! Despite moments of dread and suspense, Amy A. Bartol still managed to make me laugh through Evie's hilarious personality. I can just picture her now rolling her eyes at me in annoyance but she is a wonderful character; and through her, in moments of despair, Amy dragged a smile out of me reminding me that bad moments will end and that happiness could be just round the corner.

I found that I really struggled to put Intuition down, and with Amy A. Bartol as my witness I had half a mind to not go to work so that I could finish it! There were lovely sequences of action, romance and twists that had me hooked almost from the beginning.
I honestly loved Inescapable but it was almost like Intuition had something more. It was an absolutely great sequel. Amy A. Bartol successfully improved on already great story, I now have even grater expectations for Indebted and I can't wait to delve it!
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on 31 May 2017
Thoroughly enjoyed the whole series, couldn't read them fast enough. Having finished, I will miss Evie and Brenn plus crew. More please Amy us there a 6th?
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on 11 November 2013
5 stars!! (I reviewed this as a series so have cut and pasted the relevant excerpts)

Another author recommended this series to me, at the time, I did not know it was a paranormal. Because I trust this author implicitly, I downloaded all 4 books, agreeing that we would buddy read the 4th book. Anyone who knows me, knows I do not read paranormal. I have never quite been able to get into this genre. A few series have caught my attention and I have read them but not to the degree that Amy Bartol did.

To say I loved this series is a serious understatement because I absolutely adore this series. I was captivated from the start and read all 4 books in 3 days, I seriously could not put them down and as soon as one was finished I opened up the next and just carried on.

Intuition ~ this book carries on from where Inescapable finished, Amy Bartol takes us on an amazing journey in this book. No matter how you thought this story was going to go at the end of Inescapable you would have been wrong, I have learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to Amy Bartol's writing.

It is so refreshing to read about a heroine that isn't frightened to take matters into her own hands. Even though she has a lot of muscle to hide behind, she is one ballsy Angel and takes matters into her own hands, much to Reed and Russell's dismay. But Reed and Russell soon realise that Evie is not one to shy away and no matter what she will do what she feels needs to be done whether they agree or not.

Reed also evolves a lot in this book and it made me fall for him all the more. He realises that although he has had a long long life, he hasn't had a real life. He has never "felt" before and now that he has had a taste, no matter what, he is not willing to let it go. We see a lot more of his personality and he is far more expressive and you cannot help but will him and Evie along.

"I was telling you that I have waited for you to come to me for an eternity. You set me free and I would wait for you forever because there is nothing about you that I would change. You are perfect."

Amy throws in another character in this book called Brennus who is a leader of the Gancanagh an Irish Faerie/Vampire mix tribe, so now we have a type of love square going on...although Evie remains true to Reed, but Brennus uses all of his Faerie magic to try and give Evie other ideas. Brennus has it bad and it seems that Evie has some magnetism that makes any man or beast crumble and fall hopelessly, head over heels in love with her. Brennus talks like an Irish man and Amy has taken to writing as he speaks, this can be a struggle to understand, but it is hilarious as I found myself talking out loud in a rather excruciatingly painful crap Irish accent.

Russell really comes into his own in this book, he takes a more pivotal role in the line up and we are treated to some chapters from his POV. He really is a funny character and his one liners inject some humour into what is otherwise a serious storyline.

Evie really evolves in this book, as she comes to terms with her situation and her powers. She is reluctant to leave the human side of herself behind and really tries to remain true to herself and her beliefs. She is extremely powerful and Amy Bartol has done a fantastic job with her character. Where she could have turned into some whiny woman, Evie takes her "new self" by the scruff of the neck and deals, she really surprises everyone around her.

"Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love...I love thee best, O most best, believe it."

This book is packed to the gills with a seriously amazing plot, full of suspense, that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You cannot see where the story is going until you have gone. The twists and turns will keep you stuck in your seat, kindle firmly in hand, with a growl emanating from you if anyone dares to interrupt. Seriously, it was that good. Now I am off to read book 3.

On that note, I will leave you with a brief summation. In short, this series is brilliant, amazing, fabulous, addictive and totally captivating. A story line that will keep you guessing, you can never assume anything as Amy Bartol will totally sneak up and bit you the bum. The twists and turns and plot curve balls will have you on the edge of seat, gripping the sides wondering where you are going next.

I want to see this series on the big screen, seriously, this series was made for the big screen. I often found myself at times picturing how a scene would play out on film in bright technicolour. The way Amy Bartol describes scenes in this book has your senses on hyper drive and your imagination running wild. In all seriousness, this would seriously kick some ass in the movies. It needs to be done and more importantly deserves to be done.

Amy Bartol, all I can say is you seriously ROCK! I have loved every second reading this series, never thought I would see the day where I love a Paranormal read, but this series did and has a firm place in my heart. I will be re-reading this series for sure.

I cannot highly recommend this series enough, for both paranormal lovers and those who have not tried or think they don't like this genre. Be next in line to be converted, you will hopefully fall in love with this series as much as I have. Totally and utterly adored it!
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on 20 August 2012
I downloaded this becasue it was recommended based on other kindle purchases. When I started reading it, I was a little unsure that it would be any good, but I am so glad I kept going, and I'm currently waiting for the next book to be released! The writing is great, I just hate deflated expectations, and this didn't dissapoint!
It's got a great love triangle betweent Reed, Russle and Evie, but that's not what makes it great. It's an original take on all the fallen angel stuff that's out there. I could NOT put it down, and I can't wait for the next one! This is the part I hate; the wait!
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on 3 November 2012
This book was really good a lot better than the 1st which I enjoyed reading. Book 2 shows more of everybody's powers and personalities. Your introduced to brennus in this book who comes across as evil and having no regard for anyone else. I must say that the first book I fell in love with Reed but during this book I was swayed by brennus. Evie is very strong minded and fiesty and Reed tries to suppress that side of her in his mission to constantly protect her. It's really refreshing to read a book where the main female character has a mind of her own and doesn't hide behind the typical strong and handsome man (boring!!!) overall this book has the bad boy, true love, great friends and a little of the mystical unknown. Fantastic book!!!
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on 12 September 2012
I don't understand this - writing was good, storyline promising but I just could not find myself loving this story. There were plenty of things that really irritated me and I definitely did not like the way the plot was developing in more than one occasion. Author provided us with plenty of new info about angelic life and life of other creaters. The world that Amy Bartol created in this series is incredible and I truly admire her creativity and vivid imagination. But all those actions, drama and new informations were over the top and this mix just did not work for me. There was too much of everything in this book, sometimes it even seemed like everything was forced and story didn't flow for me. Even though Intuition was once again a pageturner, it would be unfair to give it 4 stars when I compare it with other books I rated with 4 stars in past.


First of all, Russell irritated me to no ends. I do not care what his motives were and I do not care that he truly loves Evie. He just should not try so hard to get between Evie and Reed when they were obviously in love and good for each other. It is just plain rude and selfish kind of behavior. Another thing that I did not like was similarity of Intuiton to New Moon. Author may create an original world but still, the development of storyline was way to similar to the one in New Moon.


Only Reed and Zephyr saved this story for me. The parts in which Reed and Zephyr were included, were pleasure to read. My heart ached when I was reading Reed's pain over not being able to be with Evie all the time. They are too many obstacles for him and Evie and I really really hope they will find their happily ever after together sooner than by the end of this series.

Evie. I am very conflicted with her character. She may be a good warrior and able to take care of herself but she isn't strong mentally. She is trying to be too good and with this kind of behavior she is hurting everyone around herself. Her naivety has no boundaries and if she is not going to change this kind of her character soon, she will end up strongly hurt emotionally as well as physically in next books of series.

Even though the story was wrapped up nicely at the end, it left me unsatisfied. I will definitely keep reading the series but now I am afraid that I may be highly disappointed with the development of the plot if author continues in trend she established in this book.
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on 9 August 2013
If this is your type of book then I would definitely recommend this series.

It has everything that you want in a paranormal book; plenty of action, lots of love (in different forms,) uncertainty of who is trustworthy and all at a fast pace to keep you reading till the wee hours.

There are heaps of characters; all of them are fully developed but not all are loveable. The main character is a girl who everyone loves and who's main asset and weakness is that she can't help but find something to love in everyone.
It causes her no end of grief.

My only wish is that I would have waiting to start reading after the series was completed so I didn't have to wait for the conclusion
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on 3 May 2012
I couldn't put this book down its the second book in a series of books (3 only at the moment) don't let the Blub that they give you to hook you in, put you off, its an excellent read with lots of trusts and turns.
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on 28 January 2013
I have to say that whilst the idea behind the book is good and the secondary characters are well fleshed out, the writer has totally failed to create a plausible main character. The main heroine is supposed to be growing powerful and be intelligent with the capability of reasoning through tactical situations in seconds. However the author makes her miss the most obvious clues and be unable to reason out the obvious. Sadly to me this makes her a very irritating heroine and I had a hard time reading the whole book. So I give it 2 Stars as everyhting else in the book was okay. If you like irritating stupid characters then I would rate this as a 4 Stars.
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on 9 November 2013
Enjoyed this second book better than the first. One, because the characters seemed older & more mature. Secondly, there was more action and challenges for them all. Reed seemed more loving & protective . I could definitely feel the connection better. I felt his loss & was sad at Evie's disappearance. I pictured him pacing & going crazy out of his mind.
I am going to have a 'break' for a month or so before I read book 3. There is only so much Angel/paranormal I can take at one time. Looking forward to, & hoping book 3 will be even better than the first two.
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