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on 21 June 2017
Awesome case with great airflow. Front usb and audio and mic jack input.
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on 18 July 2012
Having just bought this case & put together my PC this afternoon, I thought I'd share a few of my thoughts regard it. I did quite a bit of research on low-cost case before order the Antec, & basically came down to this one or the Corsair 300R. The Antec is about £20 cheaper though, which in the budget realm represents a fair bit of cash.

The Antec is solidly built for such a low-cost case; I've bought cheaper Coolermaster cases before, where the steel is so thin (particularly around the expansion slots) that it bends under little pressure. Not so here...it'll take a bit of abuse. The case itself is packaged very well in high-density plastic foam, & arrived in perfect condition. I like the simple, understated look of the case, & have never really liked windowed cases. Luckily there's no window here, which is probably just as well as the inside is painted light grey, not black.

The case is equipped with two fans: a 120mm on the back, & a 140mm one in the top. There is provision for four more 120mm cases, one on the left side panel (blowing onto the graphics card area), and unusually, one on the right side panel to extract air from behind the motherboard. There are a further two spaces for 120mm fans at the front of the case, which is where I installed two artic cooling case fans (bought separately). The drive installation is entirely tool-less, with the 5.25 bays having locking latches, & the 3.5 ones using plastic rails to attach hard drives. There are two positions for 2.5 inch drives, one next to the psu & the other on the reverse on the motherboard try.

Building the PC was fairly straight forward. The case has good provision for running cables around behind the motherboard, with several holes and cable-tie points for the purpose, and at least 2cm gap between the motherboard tray & the case side panel. It's really quite easy to build a 'clean' PC with good airflow, although I did have a few minor problems. Firstly, the hole for the 8 pin motherboard power lead at the top of the case is far too small; luckily on my power-supply the lead can be split into two four-pin plugs, which was the only way I could get the lead through the hole. Secondly, the cable for the rear fan was way too short, even though my motherboard has fan headers right next to it. Luckily I was able to unscrew the fan & rotate it 90 degrees in order to gain a cm or two to plug it in. Finally, the expansion slot system is sadly not tool-less, and really quite badly designed in my opinion. You have to unscrew *all* the expansion slot blanking plates in order to add or remove one card. Whomever came up with that idea was really having an off day.

The case is pleasantly quiet, yet still manages great airflow & cooling potential. The two rear fans can be switched between high & low speed, with the corresponding trade-off between noise & cooling.

The problems I experienced with the case are all relatively small, but blemish an otherwise great product. Despite this though, I still feel the Three Hundred Two represents great value for money. Unfortunately the case is only supplied with a USB 3 internal header cable, but I understand from other reviews that if you e-mail Antec support, they'll send you out a USB 2 adapter. I'll be testing that out.

To sum up:

The Good
Great airflow (especially with added fans)
USB 3 (future proofed)
Mostly tool-free
Many fan options

The Bad
Bad access for 8 pin motherboard power cable
Rear fan cable too short
Not tool-less for expansion cards
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on 28 September 2012
I bought this for a first time self build PC ( Non Gaming) and it is certainly a very impressive piece of kit.
It comes in solid packaging and was delivered in double quick time even with free P + P and an estimated 3 - 5 day wait. Big, black and loaded with little extra bits and pieces and high end details that I have seen on cases that cost twice as much it really does everything to impress.
Features include removable dust filters, larege CPU cut out, grommeted inlets on the top side for water cooling , mounting points for 4 extra cooling fans, cable routing cavities and cut outs with chamfered edges, 2 x USB 3 ports on the front panel, tool less drive bays and the list goes on and on and on.......
I am a complete novice at the whole self build thing but products like this that are well made, sold at sensible prices and offer that little bit extra certainly give me the confidence to go ahead and do it! It's a great thing and I can't wait to get it up and running ASAP!
Highly reccomended!
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on 28 April 2014
I'm used to Antec cases so after a number of years I finally got round to building another computer and decided to go with the Antec Three Hundred Two case compared with the Zalman P11 Plus case (which is even bigger than this!). I can safely say their build quality is still top notch after all this time.

Everything fitted pretty well apart from the Gigabyte Z87-HD3 motherboard I purchased where the right side doesn't quit seem wide enough to fasten it down with an extra screw as many commenter's have said so feels like the board flexes when you attach the RAM or anything on the right side of the board. There is a bit of flex but nothing to worry about but this has nothing to do with the case itself but is a bit of caution for anyone looking to get that board with this case!

Other than that, you get a generous amount of space and can fit at least two full-size graphics cards easily and more hard drive bays than you could shake a stick at so this is definitely a case for future-proofing your system if you ever want to upgrade. The in-built cable tidy system is quite handy that sits between the motherboard and the outer/back panel.

Unfortunately there are flaws already but relatively minor. The one that confused me the most is attaching the HDD light, reset button etc connectors to the motherboard. While the Antec instructions said that '... coloured wires are positive and black or white wires are negative' which sounded great but if you look at the cables you get they are just black and white wiring! With the motherboard above I took an educated guess and attached them with the words on the cables facing upright (assuming the case is upright and you are looking at the motherboard face on) and thankfully got them right.

You get two standard Antec fans with this case; a 140mm top fan and a 120mm rear fan with optional fan spaces at the front (2x) and one on the side. Even cranking the fans up to maximum (they have switches on the back of the case at the top) I could barely hear anything which is always good.

Final summary with positives and negatives:

+ Nice, solidly built case that you expect from Antec. Lots of steel that isn't thin and not much plastic makes it sturdy but also doesn't weigh a tonne.
+ Basic fans are extremely quiet with options to add more in future.
+ Lots of space inside and it could probably even fit longer graphics cards (using a MSI GTX 770 2GB Twin Frozr with plenty more space) and good if you want to add more stuff in future.
+ Good airflow if you buy an extra fan and attach to front.
+ Generous amount of screws that come with it.
+ Lots of space for hard drives that are extremely easy to fit; snap on the rails to the drive and slide it in - job done!

- Power button, reset button, HDD light wires etc were black and white even though the manual says a positive wire is coloured (red, green, blue etc) and negative is white or black.
- The reset button itself is very small and sometimes accidentally press the power button.
- There is space for two 2.5" SSD's but they are in very unusual places; one at the bottom of the case which isn't too bad but one is located behind the motherboard mounts which means if you use it you need to add an SSD first before the motherboard! Easier to get a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter.
- Has two holes in the top near the fan for watercooling but seems quite an unusual place for them.

Overall a very good case and well worth buying if you want something not too flashy, solidly built, decent price and opportunity and space to add more items in future.
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on 14 April 2012
This case is just what I needed. I have had a Xclio Wind Tunnel for around 5 years now and I have just gotten fed up with it, it's bulky, has no room for cable management and weighs a ton.
This case is half the weight and looks great, I have managed to cable tie all of my PSU and other cables to the back of this case as there is plenty of room. This is mainly what I wanted as my airflow was terrible in my old case.
I have also ordered 2 blue LED fans for the front of the case which should make it look great.
There are dust filters for the front 2 fans and one underneath the PSU. A very silent case and I would recommend to anyone looking to build a system but doesn't want to spend a load of cash on a fancy one.
Last note, the size of this case is a Mid tower but is is only just less than a full tower, great size and a great case.
(I will try and add photos of cable management)
review image review image review image
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on 3 June 2012
I was putting together a new desktop PC computer for myself and needed a good quality case. In the past I'd used the Antec 300 (version 1) and knew how good they were so was happy to buy the new version 2 of this well-known case.

Antec have done a great job of improving the original design of the Antec 300... there's loads of space inside which makes it easy to put together the computer parts and with things like 'easy mount' for the drives, you hardly need to use any screws and with one cross head type screwdriver, you can build your new system with ease.

Amongst other things, the Antec 300 v2 now sports two USB3 ports on the front panel (header cable inside the case to go to the motherboard) which is great for the newer USB3 devices like memory sticks and the likes.

I'm really happy with this case from Antec... great price too and very quick delivery from Amazon .... Top Marks!
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on 4 January 2014
This is a great gaming case as there is plenty of room for up to 3 large graphics cards without impacting on disk storage. The intelligent layout means you could have up to 3 graphic cards, 6 hdds and 2 SSDs - you don't have to of course (I don't!) and it is still worthwhile for the extra flexibility you get with this case.

Construction quality is good, access to all areas is easy using simple thumbscrews to remove the side panels, then the front panel can be popped & swung off. The case is part 'tooless' - HDDs can be simply slipped in after attaching screwless side-rails, DVD drives are just pushed in. However you do need a decent small Phillips screwdriver to attach the motherboard, a hex bolt tool or v small spanner is also useful (not vital) to attach the motherboard mounting points. The PCI card rail has a small panel with two screws for extra security, but that is good as you want to make sure those heavy graphics cards stay in place!

Even with 4 fans running the case is quite quiet, but certainly not silent.

Notes from other reviews as the case may have been revised form earlier models:
1. My case came with both USB3 and USB2 header cables - only one can be attached but that is still good news for 'older motherboard' owners.
2. The screws for the optional front fans are exactly the right size for Antec 120mm fans - if your fans are thinner, you may need a hacksaw to avoid the screws fouling the drive cage...
3. The supplied fans have long power cables, reaching to virtually the bottom of the case fully extended, so no need to re-position the fans!

Finally a note about the two SSD mounting points - one is behind the motherboard (innovate!) but will require you to fit the drive before the motherboard if you have a full ATX size board. My micro ATX board left the mount points clear so I will not have a problem should I add one. The other is at the bottom of the case - should be OK anytime. However be aware that you may have issues feeding power cables to these positions, as they are away from other drives, and look like they will need to use the power connector at the end of the power supply cable. If you plan to use them straight away consider if you need to order a molex to sata convertor or extension cable as well.
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on 6 October 2014
This is a very good case that could have been excellent.

For the big important stuff on a new build like fitting the MB, PSU, drives, cableing and cooling, there is very little more you could ask for. It really is very well thought out and put together. What lets the whole thing down is after you have built your new super machine and are now trying to live with it. The bit you deal with most as an end user is the front control panel and it is just not as well thought out or as well finished as the rest of the case. The power button is OK but has a slightly 'cheap' feel to it. It might seem a small thing, but this is the bit of the case that you will end up touching more then anything else so it would have been nice for it to have a 'quality' feel to it. The reset button beside it is nearly useless as it is just not obvious how to use it by touch alone and if I have to get down on hands and knees to find and use the reset button, why bother putting it on the front panel? The two USB 3.0 ports, while perfectly functional, are a tight fit and dont fill me with confidance that they will last.

In summary, this is an excellent case for building mid size systems, let down by an adequate control panel.
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on 20 September 2012
This was the first time I built my own computer and made a good choice with this Antec case.
Only given 4 stars for two reasons. Depending on your motherboard (I used an Asus p8z77-v), you will not be able to route the 4 pin cpu power cable from the back as there is no access for it. You may also need to rotate the back fan as I had to because the cable isn't very long.
Highly recommended!
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on 11 March 2014
I have purchased various makes of computer cases over the years and Antec has been a favourite. The case materials are more substantial than most and better design of the internals makes building the PC an easier task. This particular case is large for a 'Midi' tower which is good if you want space inside the case, but not so good if you want to hide the finished PC in a corner. I needed this case for a media centre PC I was building and cooling was a particular concern due to 2 TV tuners which ran quite hot. Consequently I added a third fan at the front of the case to augment the rear fan and the large top fan. I also replaced the supplied fans with PWM equivalents instead of the manually controlled speed versions. This ensured that the case fans ran slowly and quietly when cooling was not required, but faster when the internals got hotter and extra cooling was necessary.

Altogether a quality product that should last years although pretty plain and boring to look at.
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