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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 14 July 2012
Right, The Big Bang Theory consists of five really good season of Television Comedy. It started out about a set of "geeks and nerds" who struggle to fit in with the conventional way of life, resulting in the group being placed in outstandingly funny social situations and because of this the first 2/3 seasons of this show are extremely good, the characters and the writing for the characters is world class. However where this show really excelled was in the acting ability of its lea,. Jim Parsons' portrayal of Sheldon Cooper is nothing short of outstanding, possibly one of the greatest performances in a Sitcom ever.
Why did I only mention the first 2/3 seasons as being this good? well the truth is the show does decline ever so slightly in the later seasons. This is due to a few different reasons, namely the addition of characters like Amy, Bernadette, Priya and a subsequent shift in focus from Science, Sci Fi and Comic Books to the social development of the main characters. I must maintain that although the show does decline it is still very very VERY good. The show needed the change in direction to keep it fresh and up to date and I think it works, I know some people will inevitably disagree (while I write this no other reviews have been posted)
Through all of the changes the one extraordinary constant is the exceptional acting of Parsons, which ensures that the show is top drawer and well worth buying and watching over and over again.
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on 16 December 2012
100 episodes for 30 quid is an absolute bargain.
I'm over 70 and apparently TBBT is aimed at the 18 - 45 age group. Super cast, super scripts, super all round.
Many Amercan comedy shows usually have a goodly deal of cloying shmaltz in them (Friends...etc. - ugh!) but not TBBT.
It has to be said though that a modicum of geekness my be required to take full enjoyment from this show.
Knock knock knock...Penny? Knock knock knock...Penny? Knock knock knock...Penny? Wonderful.
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on 6 July 2013
What do you get when you take a bunch of wonderfully observed geekily sympathetic characters, a bitingly ascerbic, hilarious and literate script and a bravery 'to go boldly' in the best traditions of Mr Spock? 'The Big Bang Theory' of course. What makes this comedy stand out is the consistently high standard of the scripts, the clever evolution of the characters and the ability to make the audience cringe and smile supportingly at the same time without ever losing affection for Sheldon. Howard, et al. The best comedy relies on acute observation and a relationship with the characters that laughs with them and not at them. We laugh because we care that Howard finally bags his dream girl, that Raj may just learn to speak to a girl without being soaked in alcohol or that Sheldon will indeed one day decide to join the human race and learn to interact with other humans. Add moments of comic genius like the comic book store, Sheldon's inability to knock on a door once and Wolowitz's mother and you have the real deal. Oh, and it has to have the wittiest and most abiding theme tune of any comedy since 'Cheers'. Enough said.
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on 18 November 2012
This won't be a full review, other's more qualified have done an excellent job already. But--as A recent purchaser of the 5 series box set, Amazon have invited me to say what I think. Although I was aware of it ( and the themesong),I was a very latecomer to this series, having discovered it on late night C4 repeats. This is U.S TV comedy at it's very best, consistantly sharp whitty dialogue, beautifully delivered by an excellent and well chosen ensemble of experienced actors. It must be the devil of a job to find an original comedy theme today, that works so well and presents so many facets of human interaction, in such a confined scenario. They have extended this, as all long running series do, ie. adding charactors and using occasional outside filming, to broaden the potential story lines. I cannot finish without mentioning the truly wonderful performance of Jim Parsons, who plays the very original charactor of Sheldon Cooper, because clearly,( all awards totally justified), when the writer's conceived of the idea of a bunch of techno super-nerds, who at the same time have zero social awareness skills, and living in close proximity to each other-they MUST have had 'Sheldon' in mind as the main cornerstone of their creation, and the rest were built around him. In short, I don't think the series could have survived without him, he is too key a charactor, despite the brilliance of the other ingredients. Highly reccomended. P G Croft.
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on 25 January 2013
We love Big Bang, and especially so because there is no other popular and funny programme out there with such a positive image of Autism. Sheldon shows my son how he can appear to others sometimes, but his success in his job and the way his friends make allowances for his foibles is a great example to him. I know that to most it's just a very funny show, and it is to me to, but to my boy it means more, and laughing with him is wonderful!
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on 7 July 2013
I discovered this series very late on. I was so happy to find this boxed set, to catch up with the episodes I missed. I find I can watch this programme repeatedly; there is always something new to discover, or good jokes to re-visit. Just do yourself a favour and buy this - you'll never be stuck for something enjoyable to watch again.
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on 10 November 2012
One of my all time favourite shows!! i was blown away by how cheap this was i could not resist buying it immediately & i suggest any fans of this show snap this up quick it's a bargain. as shown in the pics the discs come in a box to keep them altogether no special case inside or anything like that.

I've just started re-watching it again enjoying the bluray quality & i have forgotten just how damn good this show is especially the early days even though i still absolutely love this show now the earlier seasons are much better which is not a knock on the new seasons though as i say it's still awesome but this lets you relive those original seasons & there's some special features there i'm working my way through from which i learnt some cool little bits of info about the show watching the interview from the 2 creators. i'm part way into the 2nd season now looking forward to the rest of the extra on the other discs.
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on 16 August 2013
I generally prefer UK comedy to US comedy but The Big Bang Theory is a classic. After watching 2 or 3 episodes on TV (almost by accident) I started to get into the series in a big way and wanted to catch up right from the beginning, which is why I bought this box set of series 1-5.

The interplay between the main characters (Leonard, Raj, Howard, Sheldon and Penny) is excellent. Sheldon - the socially dysfunctional theoretical physicist - is the star though and Jim Parsons plays the role brilliantly.

I think this box set is great value for money and of course there are the usual "extras" one tends to get with box sets these days.
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on 3 July 2013
I have to say when this was proposed to me I was reluctant to give it a try but after getting used tot he characters I have to say I am a huge fan now. The writing is brilliant and the laughs come thick and fast. I would recommend this show to anyone with a sense of humor
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on 17 January 2015
I'm a very big fan of Big Bang Theory and was pleased to get this for a fraction of the normal retail price. The only issue I have had with the set was that the 2nd disc was a bit scratched having been a second hand item and it affected one of the episodes but once I ejected the disc and put it back in it played as normal. I have ordered many items from Zoverstocks and they never fail to amaze me as the delivery has always been efficient.
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