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on 29 July 2013
Thank you for this great product, I have always enjoyed their music, it was a relief to finally have a new album from this group.
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on 1 June 2017
Good album
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on 23 January 2012
Lacuna Coil return with album number 6 "Dark Adrenaline" which see's the band return to their heavier root's after their last album the mellower "Shallow Life" which was met with luke warm reviews from both fans and critics. Many long time fans missed the heavier sound the band had developed especially on albums such as "Comalies" and "Unleashed Memories". There is no lack of heavy riffs on "Dark Adrenaline".

The signs were good when the first single "Trip The Darkness" was released as it contains some heavy guitars and great vocal interplay between vocalists Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro. On the track "Kill The Light" which starts out slow before giving away to a heavy riff, it's a song full of hooks. Elsewhere there is "Give Me Something More" which is a song full of melody. Any doubt that Lacuna Coil weren't going to break out heavy riffs are put to bed by the time you reach the 7th song the brilliant "I Don't believe In Tomorrow" which has Lacuna Coil almost sounding like Korn with down-tuned guitars it's both dark and a heavy song, it also features a great breakdown at the 2.40 mark that has Scabbia singing "I Avenge You" over and over.

The songs "Against You", "Upside Down" and "The Army Inside" are all songs that will have Lacuna Coil fan's rejoicing that the band have embraced their heavier side once again, there's even few guitar solos thrown in for good measure. There is also the epic album closer "My Spirit" which at nearly six minutes long closes out the album in style. Not everything works such as the cover version of REM's "Losing My Religion" which just sounds out of place on the album and is a far cry from the cover version of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy The Silence" from "Karmacode".

With "Dark Adrenaline" lacuna Coil have embraced their dark side again with an album full of dark melodies and heavy sounding riffs, the linkup between Scabbia and Ferro hasn't sounded this good in a while, with both vocalists playing to their strengths. Lacuna Coil has hit their stride again with "Dark Adrenaline".
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on 31 May 2017
On Dark Adrenaline, I’d say the band’s sound is kinda what you expect; it’s almost like an amalgamation of their previous two albums: Karmacode and Shallow Life. The commercial styling of Shallow Life combined with the darker sound of Karmacode makes the album fairly accessible whilst firmly planting it in the metal genre. The big negative for me is the band’s insistence on giving Andrea Ferro large vocal parts despite the lack of singing ability, but he is a founding member and vocalist of the band; so it’s unlikely to change. The big plus is that Cristina sounds amazing as always, although she does sound rather weird on “Upsidedown” (but this is probably an intentional, sinister effect). I think the album is really consistent, although to cover REM’s Losing My Religion is a really bizarre choice. This song sounds rather jarring, but I like it anyway.
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on 25 February 2013
I haven't aggressively listened to many bands with a female vocalist, perhaps with the exception of Evanescence whose 'Fallen' album in particular was simply stunning. After looking around for something a bit heavier to listen to, I decided to look for some more bands with a female vocalist and came across Lacuna Coil. I listened to all the previews of the albums they have done and decided that 'Dark Adrenaline' sounded like their strongest - for me it's heaven. It's heavier than Evanescence, obviously, but this is a good thing. Scabbia and Ferro's voices compliment each other perfectly, and the band certainly benefits from having two vocalists. The lyrics are interesting and not at all repetitive or simple, and on my first listen I already found some of them (particularly the fantastic album opener, 'Trip The Darkness') sticking in my head. The instrumentals are heart-poundingly aggressive, intoxicating, and certainly make me feel like I'm on dark adrenaline!

Put simply, it's mind-blowing stuff for someone like me who is starting to experiment and branch out with music. I've always loved rock and some metal, and Lacuna Coil are top of my list for bands to follow in future. 'Dark Adrenaline' itself is beautiful and there is just not a dull moment. I don't want to skip a song because it's all unique and engaging, something that nowadays is rare in music.

5/5 from me. I will be buying some more of their earlier works soon, including Karmacode [Explicit] and Comalies [Explicit]
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on 9 August 2015
An aptly-named album if ever there was one. This isn't music you listen to for a happy, feel-good vibe. Its basically what LC do so well...dark, dramatic, angsty stuff. If you're already a fan, you'll most likely enjoy it. If not...it may be hard to get your head around. Like a lot of their stuff I've found it to be a mixed bag. Roughly half the tracks are good-to-great. Some are merely okay and there are a few bits of filler too. Overall rating 8/10.

1. Trip the Darkness
A corker of an opening track - heavy, dramatic and melodic, with Christina's vocals in full flight on the chorus, while Andrea Ferro handles the verses. 10/10

2. Against You
Heavier riffage on this one, but similar in style to Trip the Darkness. Christina handles most of the vocal duties on this one, with Andrea providing backing vocals on the chorus. Benefits from some nice guitar solos. 10/10

3. Kill the Light
Slightly faster paced and a little more pop-oriented. Vocals shared again with Christina doing the verses and Andrea the chorus. Catchy and very listenable, but lacking a bit of the flair of the first two tracks. 9/10.

4. Give Me Something More
Similar in style to Kill the Light, only slower paced and features some synth flourishes. This one almost has a (gothic metal) disco feel to it. Lyrically not quite on par with the previous tracks. 7/10

5. Upsidedown
I found this one very underwhelming. The style doesn't deviate from the rest of the album, but its stop-start nature and naff lyrics make this one to skip for me. Not saved by some nice guitar touches. 5/10

6. End of Time
We're in metal ballad teritory here. Majestic intro leads into softly-sung verses by Christina. Andrea joins in on the heavier but still melodic chorus. Excellent track...just wish it was longer... 9/10

7. I Don't Believe In Tomorrow
More heavy riffage here - similar in style to Against You. A bit repetitive in places. Good without being particularly great or memorable. 7/10

8. Intoxicated
Continuing the theme of I Don't Believe In Tomorrow...heavy and angsty with Chrstina's vocals a bit more emotionally-wrought than usual. This one didn't really do it for me. Could be another time to hit the "skip" button. 6/10.

9. The Army Inside
LC crank everything up to 11 on this one. Very loud, very angry. Just a bit suspect lyrically. 8/10.

10. Losing My Religion
An absolutely astounding cover of the R.E.M song. Unlike previous covers, notably Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence (from Karmacode) where they remained faithful to the original, they have stamped their own style on this. As a fan of R.E.M I love the original, but have to say this is every bit as good. 11/10 (yes really!)

11. Fire
A bit of a comedown after the previous track. Musically its catchy and up-tempo,but the lyrics are distinctly filler material. 6/10

12. My Spirit
Fantastic album closer. Slow-paced and wistful-sounding with Andrea taking main vocal duties and Christina joining in on a great soaring chorus. Some nice Pink Floyd-style guitar work too. 9/10
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on 10 February 2012
One of the other reviews hit the nail on the head when they said that lc have taken the best aspects of all their previous albums and thrown them all into one on dark adrenalin. Recipe idea; take unleashed memories, add a pinch of shallow life, a large spoonfull of karma, a hint of coma, add EPS, and you have the perfect dish!
Where lacuna are so strong is with their melodies and sheer emotion, the whole album just washes over you, similar to EPS here!
Stand out tracks for me were my spirit, the army inside, intoxicated, and kill the light, ..but that would be to imply some mediocre tracks, there aren't any!! i just think different tracks will mean something to different people. I'm just going to put this out there... i lovvvved losing my religion!! They took what for me was a good but "poppy" sing a long song which i probably would never have bought, into a complete metal anthem!
Dark adrenalin for me is one of the most imaginatively composed metal offerings of recent years, and is totaly addictive!
buy, enjoy!
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on 12 February 2012
Amazingly, I heard one of the tracks of this latest album on Radio 2 this evening.
Yes, I bought this album on that one track, that is how much confidence I had that this album would be outstanding.

I'm not disappointed either, this album is great. Not a single weak link on the album, the cover version of Losing My Religion is just brilliant, there isn't really much else to say on it.

In fact, the only complaint I do have (and I'm really nitpicking now) is that the tracks aren't long enough. The songs are so good, I don't really want them to end.

So, in conclusion, totally sold.
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on 17 March 2012
New to this. New to Lacuna Coil. Most of the reviewers seem to be fans. To be fair I can see (well hear) why. I caught "Trip the Darkness" on Music Television a couple of weeks ago. It was record of the week and so played quite often. If the ploy was to make me buy it worked. The interplay of the lead female and male leads are superb. As are the rock tunes they accompany. Currently the most played music on my iPod. For once the italian influence in my life doesn't stop at Pizza!
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on 24 December 2015
By far, one of the most powerful and beautiful albums of the year. The band have been on world tours for quite some time, and yet they have managed to produce one of the finest pieces of musical art of the last decade.

Can't wait for their next visit to the UK!
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