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on 8 January 2013
I wanted a printer that would print a moderate number of mono documents for university. I did a lot of research before buying and this seemed like the best option at the time as it was reasonably cheap to buy and has wireless, scanning and photocopying capabilities. After using it for the last 6+ months I can say that it has a lot of very good points. It prints quickly and the text quality is excellent. The printer is nice and compact and fits well into my existing workspace. The build quality is generally good and compares very favourably to a lot of the printers that I looked at (i.e the lid doesn't feel like it may snap off in your hand). The included starter toner has a capacity of 700 pages which is reasonable, but the £45 cost of the replacement one (1500 pages) should be a factor in deciding whether this printer is suitable for you. I think it works out about 3p a page at current toner prices, which I think is fine for a decent quality mono print.

Unfortunately there are a few minor niggles which mean that I cannot give this 5 stars. The paper tray is a little on the small side and is a little temperamental when feeding the paper. The design of the tray means that the paper can quite easily be pushed in too far, or not far enough, which results in the paper refusing to feed through. Fortunately this only requires a minor adjustment and opening/closing the lid slightly to reset. Nevertheless, the paper has never jammed within the printer for me. The wireless setup was a bit of a pain for me due to the print software being broken and my router not having WPS. Make sure you get the 77MB file from the UK Samsung website and not the 38MB file that appears at the top of a Google search. The 38MB file mysteriously omits the wireless wizard that you need to enable the wireless without WPS.

On balance, the pros definitely outweigh the cons and considering the lack of alternatives I would not hesitate to recommend this printer.
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on 23 May 2013
The Samsung SCX-3405W is aimed at a particular kind of home user - someone who needs a compact, multifunction printer which will link wirelessly to the rest of the household, and who uses a printer at intervals too infrequently to prevent inkjet heads from drying out (that doesn't matter with a laser, because the toner is dry to begin with).

The installation is pretty straightforward, providing you follow the instructions properly. You will need the enclosed USB lead to link to your main computer whilst the wireless networking is set up, but once this is done then you can remove it entirely. Whilst you will need to install all the CD software onto your main computer, all you need to do for your others which will share the printer is to download and install the Samsung Universal Print Driver.

The printer is compatible with Google Cloud Print, which means that you can send files for your printer to print from anywhere connected to the internet. There are also specialist apps for IOS and Android, which will allow you to do the same thing from your tablet or phone. The Samsung Chromebook, which I also own, just uses Google Cloud Print. However, there is no way from the Samsung documentation to work out how set up Google Cloud Print, and I had to go to Samsung Customer Services (very helpful) to find out what to do. It is a fiddly process, which I won't go into here, though if anyone needs advice I'll be glad to help.

Whilst the printer was setting itself up, it was astonishingly noisy, but once that was done it seems no noisier in operation than any other laser printer. Quality of printing is excellent. Photocopying is quick and accurate. The Easy Print Manager utility which sits in the bottom right hand of the Windows bar provides access to the printer's functions, the manual and other information (including access to the IP address, where you can configure a number of options, including the Cloud Print mentioned above).
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on 27 November 2012
This printer is better than I expected. I've abandoned HP inkjets after silly ink system failures that render everything, including the scanner, non-functional. I am very happy with this Samsung. My package included a UK and Euro lead, and a USB cable for the initial configuration. Instructions are clear, some tonor was included, and software installation was easy. I had no problem setting up wi-fi and scanning by following the instructions, using Windows 7. If you just expect plug and play to deal with this and don't read the simple instructions, you will be unsuccessful. Essentially, connect the USB cable to a computer, startup the CD, connect the printer to your wi-fi, then disconnect the USB lead.

Build quality is better than recent cost-cutting HP models, and footprint is smaller than HP inkjets. I considered Brother and Epson printers, but for a home environment this Samsung seems like a good choice. It has good eco options and prints quickly. It would be nice if manufacturers had some option between these super-budget printers and business models, as I'd pay a bit extra for a longer warranty, etc if it was supported by build quality that allows the printer to last 5-10 years. As it is, you are almost better off replacing the printer when the starter toner runs out.

Note that with most of these printers, the photos don't show the real configuration--with this unit the paper tray opens and sticks out of the bottom front, and a further thing sticks out of the opening you can see to catch printed output.
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on 12 May 2012
I have not had any problems setting up this Samsung printer. I do not have a WPS button on my router so had to set the printer up 'manually'. Initially it is necessary to attach the printer via the USB lead supplied. The CD supplied with the printer guides you through the setup procedure; when the setup program runs it scans for wireless networks and found mine with ease. You will need to enter the WEP (network key) for your network but you should find the setup straightforward. After the set up procedure has completed, the USB lead can be removed and the printer functions wirelessly. Within an hour of unpacking the printer I was able to print and scan wirelessly and have also scanned from the printer to the PC.

The printer is fast and quiet. I have not yet had time to fully assess the print quality but so far it looks good. The retractable input and output trays are a little flimsy but should prove adequate for a home office environment. I am happy with the compact size of the printer and its colour blends in well in a domestic setting.

Overall I would award 4.5 stars.
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on 5 September 2012
I bought this MFP knowing that Samsung devices can be tricky to install -- especially on Macs. I have two Windows-computers and one Mac (Mac Mini) in my home. At first I tried to install the device the Mac. I had read that you shouldn't use the drivers from DVD or from Samsung's site, but let OS X download and install them. I connected the MFP via USB cable and OS X (Mountain Lion) installed the drivers. Everything was working fine. The next step would be to create a wireless connection. My router/modem does have WPS-capabilities but for the life of me I could not get the MFP and the router to communicate (I made sure that WPS was enabled and that I pressed the WPS-button on the MFP first). Finally I gave up and decided to manually install the wireless connection. However, as people here have said, it is tricky so I took a break and installed the MFP on the Windows-computers which was a breeze. I downloaded the latest printer and scanner drivers and installed them. With the first computer I had to be connected via USB-cable to the MFP in order to create a wireless connection, but with the second computer I didn't need the USB-connection -- the driver installation program recognized the MFP wirelessly and installed it.

Finally I returned to the Mac. I downloaded the Wireless Setting driver from the Software section of the Samsung site and opened it. I connected the MFP via USB to the Mac and installed the driver. I then manually inserted my network name, password, wireless connection type (mine was WPA, AES) etc. Once it finished, I went to OS X's printer section. At first I only saw the USB MFP but via the "+" I could see the Bounjour/SEC -version (wireless) of the printer which I then added. I'm not actually a 100% sure how I did this (did I remove the USB cable at this point, did I remove the USB MFP from the list and then try to re-add it). After this I had the USB and the SEC/Bounjour/Wireless -MFPs on the list. Unfortunately there was one problem remaining: with the USB-MFP I could see the scanner section, but with the wireless-MFP I could not. What this meant was that without a USB-connection OS X did not recognize the scanner. This problem was resolved by making sure that in the USB-MFP driver the network sharing of not only printing but also scanning are enabled. After this, I did not get a separate scanner-section (like with the USB-MFP) but OS X did recognize the scanner. I tested printing, scanning and copying, and the Samsung is working perfectly.

So in short (Mac installation) I did the following:

1. connect Samsung via USB cable and let OS X download and install Samsung drivers
2. download Wireless Setting from Samsung's site and run it
3. feed network information manually
4. go to printer section of OS X, choose the USB Samsung and make sure both printing and scanning network sharing is enabled
5. click "+" and try to find the wireless Samsung (Bonjour/SEC*******), you might have to disconnect the USB cable when you do this
6. add the wireless Samsung and, again, make sure FROM THE USB SAMSUNG that printer and scanner sharing is enabled

Of course the fact that I had installed the MFP to the network via the first Windows-computer could have resulted in my success with the Mac-installation.

Otherwise the MFP is great. It's very small as it takes about the same space as our old compact HP-laser printer and weighs much less. It didn't come with a manual (which is available online) so while I could use the basic function without knowing what some buttons do (e.g. I couldn't figure the actual function of the "Scan to" button") I was left a bit puzzled about the advanced features. The MFP can be a bit loud when it "loads" and it does go to sleep a bit too quickly (though you can change this if you open the printer settings via browser and IP and login). On the other hand, the printer is quite fast and its energy consumption is apparently one of the lowest in this device genre. The printing quality was excellent and as for the photo quality... I don't think anyone buys a monochrome printer for photos. The paper tray does leave room for improvement but I had not problems with it. The box included both UK and EU (Schuko) plugs.

I'm giving this printer five stars though Mac-only users should be prepeared to do background research on wireless installation and be patient. While I do agree that the paper tray isn't the best and certainly the wireless installation process can be severely problematic, I think Samsung has cut the right corners: this MFP is cheap, extremely compact and light, produces good prints and scans and has a very low energy consumption. You do have to realize that while achieving wireless connection can be tricky, there aren't many wireless laser MFPs in this price range.

The MFP arrived within a few days of ordering via UPS so excellent work, Amazon!

UPDATE: Rebooting my wireless router made the MFP disappear. The problem is that after the reboot the router assigns a new IP to the MFP which in turn makes it "disappear". The solution is to assign a static IP to the printer. I found a way to do this under the DHCP-settings of my router's settings. You need the name of the device (SEC*********), Mac address (which you will find logging in the MFP-settings via its IP) and IP-address). You may need to first set the IP address of the MFP to something out of the "DHCP-zone" which can be done via Wireless Setting or MFP-settings once you are logged in (username: admin, password: sec00000).

UPDATE II: SOLUTION FOR MAC USERS!!! I finally figured out what the problem was concerning this printer and using it wirelessly with Macs (with Windows computers it has always worked flawlessly). You need to go to your WLAN router's settings and turn off IGMP Snooping/IGMP Filtering. You may also need to make sure, under VLAN, that you assign only one VLAN group (my router had two VLAN groups and I just erased the latter one and made sure all the ports were assigned to the first group my router called 'management'). However, I read in several places that it's really the IGMP Snooping/Filtering turned on that is causing the trouble with Macs. When I did this fix, my Mac has recognized the printer every single time.
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on 8 November 2012
Does printing fine. Doesn't have a document feeder which means you can only copy or scan one sheet at a time.(But really I should have realised before I bought it, so that's not really a criticism)

The big problem is with scanning. The 'scan to' button on the machine, to send scans to your computer, doesn't seem to do anything except for the first time after it's been installed, I've tried re-installing it a couple of times. And when you use the controls on your computer to scan instead, it can't save the scans for some reason. I've had it about 3 weeks now, the only way I seem able to scan anything is by uninstalling and re-installing the whole thing.

There don't seem to be any instructions, and I don't think I'm doing it wrong anyway as I have managed to scan, but only as I say the first time after it's newly installed.

Edit: I wrote this review in frustration, I've been using the machine since and it does now scan well, although I still can't use the 'scan to' button! I do think the lack of any useful instructions, even on the web, is a bit of a problem though. Not a bad machine overall, but not a great buy if you're going to be using it a lot or want something very simple.
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on 20 June 2012
After having a HP printer for years I bought another HP printer when that kicked the bucket (read my other reviews)
and that was a disaster. HP is no longer making them like they used to so I decided to try a laser printer (my first).

I did not want anything to do with HP ever again so I started looking around, although Canon had some very good reviews the prices were kinda crazy, this seemed like the best option so I went for it.

Had to sacrifice a few things:
No fax - but since I never used fax I didnt mind losing this
No color - then again I dont print so much color, but this hurt a bit.

The good:
Sets up easily

wireless works quick and easy, setting that up took just a minute (ages on my old HP)

Wireless does not drop (so far)

Scans and copies are sharp - no complaints here.

Prints REALLY fast (makes my old ink jet printers seem like snails!)
Looks good and is smaller than the HP all in one (model 7500a) that I had before this (that thing was huge!)

The bad:
Loses one star because the manuals are not so good, you have to hunt for info in the manuals. Samsung can learn quite a bit from HP here

When printing its a bit noisy as is startup, standby is quiet.

Its not really explained how to access/print/copy/scan from multiple computers and the drivers/software needed for multiple computers (I wanted to cut another star here but I felt this printer was better than a 3 star)

Images dont look so good :( even small images/logos etc they come out smudgy/pixalated - text is great

I would give this 3.5 stars but since thats not possible I'll leave this at 4.

Will update this in future if I run into any problems.


**** 26 June 2012 Update

When you first setup the wireless you need to attach the printer to your computer via a usb cable. It then sets up the wireless without a problem BUT I have noticed a little quirk, if you put off the printer, and then put it on again after a while, you need to again connect it via the wired USB cable and set it up again :(

In short - It does not remember your settings and needs that USB cable everytime to set it up.
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on 26 August 2012
This is the second Samsung laser multi function mono printer i have bought. I bought the first one 7 years ago and it still works but the problem was that it was not compatible with my iMac.

This is a good printer for those who will never need colour printing. It is quick, quiet, has excellent print quality and is also good at scanning. For the price it is a bargain.
It is also very small compared to most similar printers.

THe downside so far is that, similar to its predecessor, it grabs two or three sheets at the same time from the feeding tray when printing several pages at a stretch, This either jams the system or the print has to be done again. For my previous printer i thought it was a problem with the roller and it needed cleaning, but this is a brand new printer.

Also, i got a European plug with the printer which i note others have too. However, Amazon's customer service was good.. they offered me either a full refund or a £15 discount.. i took the latter and bought a £5 plug adaptor.
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on 8 June 2012
Having had a USB Samsung laser printer a few years ago which served me well, I decided to go for this wireless model.

Setup was a little frustrating as I don't have a button on my wireless router, but by plugging a USB cable in and running the CD which came with it I was able to connect it to my wireless network. I can see how this may be overcomplicated for the non IT literate out there.

So far I have no complaints at all, it's compact, prints fast and the scanner is also very good.

Not sure why it's only shipped with a european style plug, so for thos of you out there who don't have a spare kettle lead, best to get one before you order.

All in all, does exactly what it says on the tin....however due to the lack of UK plug it looses a star.
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on 25 September 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a good all-rounder being able to scan and copy as well as print. The Epson printer I already have was more expensive, isn't wireless, can't scan/copy and the replacement cartridges are cheaper for this Samsung so it's plusses all the way for me.

The actual printing is as good as you'd expect from a mono laser printer and the scanning works just fine as well.

The only thing I haven't tried is replacing the cartridge (something that I've had problems with in the past with printers), but as far as setting this printer up and getting on printing goes, it was all very easy and very good. Recommended.
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