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on 5 May 2012
I got this in the week so have been playing around with it for the first time today(5th may). So here's some initial reactions.

Very compact, fits easily in my hand and pocket. But it does mean that some of the physical buttons/catches are a bit fiddly. I have small hands so I can live with it. Will be interesting to see how robust the catches etc are.

It is complex but the exr mode does seem to be intelligent enough work as good as my judgement in my trials so far. I am quite good at reading manuals but the complexity is a bit overwhelming. So I'm hoping I can stay with the exr mode.
Was initially disappointed that there only 3 f-stops in aperture mode (3.5, 7.1, 10). But then realised that previous cameras I've only really used these on the highest and lowest settings.

The advanced mode looks like it could be fun to play with (especially with the way it combines pictures in low light to remove noise). And there's all the face recognition stuff which I haven't played with yet, however I noticed that it has sometimes thought other objects (eg my foot) were faces!

Loving the GPS, this is going to save me a lot of time organizing and naming the photos. I use windows live gallery and irfanview photo editor and both link the image to mapping websites. It's accurate in my house to about 30m so that's ok.

Picture quality (noise, resolution) is much better than my 5 year old camera (of course).

20x zoom, is what really sold me on this and it works smoothly. However what i didn't realise was that it's starting from a wider angle lens than my old (12xzoom) camera so that the final max focal length is not that much different from my old camera. (There is an intelligent digital zoom, which might be useful but not tested that yet)

There's one other issue which I don't know if it is a returnable thing or not. When I power off one of the lens covers does not always close until I twist the camera and allow gravity to pull it closed.

Overall I'm very happy so far with the camera, will be interested to see if it can last 5 years like my old one.
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on 16 April 2012
I am really impressed with the image quality of this camera. The EXR auto mode does a great job of producing well exposed images. I am particularly impressed with the indoor, low light photos I have taken - this was one of the main reasons I chose this camera was for its claim to produce low light pictures with reduced noise. The day I tried out the zoom capabilities, it was a very windy day - but the image stabilizer worked brilliantly and again I was more than pleased with the results.
There are still a lot of features I haven't had chance to use yet - still haven't got the hang of the GPS, and need more practice finding my way around the different menu settings.

However, after 2 days of use, my camera has developed a fault - a couple of times after zooming the lens would not retract or focus and I had to switch the camera off and back on again. Then the lens stayed out and will not go back in even when switched off and back on. I have used Amazons return service and asked for a replacement camera, as I am hoping this is just a one off.

My last camera was a Fujifilm F70EXR, which has had daily use and proved to be a very robust camera - I am hoping F770EXR will be of the same high standard of robustness. Although I take care of my cameras I do expect them to live up to everyday handling.

*** I would just like to say how impressed I am with Amazon's returns policy. I reported my damaged camera online on Monday evening and printed of the returns labels. Later that evening I had an email to say a replacement had been dispatched, which I received on Weds Morning!

THANK YOU AMAZON for providing such a good service.
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on 12 July 2013
Really disappointed with this camera. It was bought for me as a birthday present, the majority of my daughter's graduation pics are blurry - have rarely felt as disappointed with pictures since the good old days of having to wait for film to be developed. Also I havent found this camera to be particularly intuitive to use compared with previous Fujis - I am normally a Fuji fan. Will be reverting back to my Lumix.
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on 31 May 2012
I love this Fujifilm Finepix - F770EXR Red digital camera, (mine came with a free camera case, soft fabric - not sure if this case is still free for every purchase). F779EXR does exactly what I want it to do. Especially when focusing some thing of interest, a long way off. 20x Optical Zoom brings it so close,results are amazing!
The 3" LCD Screen is a good size to view your pictures.
You do have to purchase - separately - a card to store your pictures on.
(Plus a second battery, I like to always have extra ones -( purchased two batteries plus battery charger - together as a package for just over a £10.00 - on Ebay UK) in case of problems). IE, I went on holiday once, found out later I had forgotten to pack the battery charger, for my one, and only, battery. disastrous. As this camera is still new to me, I have not tried the video mode, yet. If you are a camera boffin then please read this model's specification, first. To make sure it meets with your requirements. I hope this review will help with your own personal selection! Good luck.
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on 14 April 2012
Fujifilm FinePix F770EXR Digital Camera - Black (16MP EXR CMOS Sensor, 20x Optical Zoom) 3 inch LCD Screen

I am very impressed with this camera. I tested the lens at its wide angle setting which corresponds to a 25mm lens on a 35mm film camera and at its extreme x20 optical zoom (= 500mm). The full size unedited samples are on my website and I also added some edited pictures to another page (starting at WestEnd3). (To find me Google Henniker.)

I have always used RAW mode where available on other cameras, converting to DNG (digital negative) from proprietry formats such as PEF and RW2. This camera allows you to save in JPEG (*.jpg) of course, but you can also elect to save in RAW mode or RAW and JPEG simultaneously - which is what I did at first, having had experience of recovering photos with lost shadow detail or bad lighting, photos which would have been discarded if only existing in JPEG format.

The Fuji camera's native RAW format has a .RAF extension and the files are visible in Windows Picture Viewer on my PC only because I have Mystic Thumbs installed. To see the RAW files without this use the supplied My Finepix Studio and the RAW File Converter. You can use this to tweak numerous settings such as exposure (after you've taken the picture). The software is by SILKYPIX and really is rather good. However the camera's EXR mode seems to be smarter than me so far and consequently the JPEG versions seem to be perfectly adequate. I have therefore changed the setup to do only JPEG images meaning I can now get nearly 5000 on a 32Gb SD card at good quality. I still have the option of doing RAW versions too if I think the lighting may require it. I've reprogrammed the Fn button to give me the choice of RAW if I need it.

So, either let the camera convert internally to JPEG or do it yourself with the SILKYPIX RAW File Converter. The My Finepix software seems quite ok. I downloaded and installed it before I got the camera because the 'next day delivery' took more than a week with City Link. Unlike other photo downloader and bridge type software it doesn't seem to fill up your hard disk with cache files, and it does let you choose your own folders rather than just shoving everything into c:\users\yourname\My Pictures. If your C: drive is an SSD (Solid State Drive) chances are you'd prefer to have normal hard disks for storage if you've got thousands of photos.

Should you prefer, you could use drag-and-drop rather than the supplied software to import the photos to your computer but you might have issues with other types of pictures such as panoramas and anaglyph 3D, as well as GPS data. I had hoped the GPS tracking data could be imported into Google Maps like my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 does but you're restricted to its own map viewer. You can access this from My Finepix Studio by selecting thumbnails with the GPS icon. Right-click your selection, click Tools in the context menu, then click on Map Viewer. Sadly, the map's window is quite small and the Maximise button is greyed out. Thumbnails of relevant pictures appear on the map at the GPS coordinates but the tracks between them have big fat lines.

At the time of writing I've only had the camera 2 days. The only negative things so far are the Map Viewer's small window and its coarse tracking between points, and the lack of an interval timer for doing time lapse sequences. To explore all the features you can browse the Amazon or Fujifilm websites, or do as I did and download the user manual and software beforehand.

This camera will be an excellent supplement to my DSLR. It's nice and small and slips easily in and out of pockets, not having any sharp corners. The quality of the lens exceeds my expectations. Naturally it doesn't have a viewfinder like my DSLR or LX5 so I'll need to wear my glasses to compose using the 3 inch LCD screen. With its 20x optical zoom I keep a lookout for things to rest it on to hold it steady or else use a tripod or monopod if necessary. Its image stabilisation seems to work well. It also has a few other tricks to help prevent blur and noise.

I may enlarge this review but it's a pity Amazon want text or videos only, not still pictures - so further info may only be on my own website.

Dave Henniker 14th April 2012

Two days have gone by and I've continued to be well pleased with the performance. The battery life seemed to be ok considering GPS was on all the time (you're warned of battery drain even when the camera is switched off). I had taken a couple of test videos which were fine. Zooming while filming will produce audible clicks though, as with most cameras. For better sound I'd use an external mic with my K7 DSLR. Better to zoom before filming. I switched to the spare battery I'd ordered, a genuine Fuji NP50 and it seems ok. The label shows it's capacity as the same as the 'commercially unavailable' NP50A supplied with the camera.

If the camera is set to a very long zoom it will struggle to focus if you can't keep the camera steady. It copes well with little handheld tremors with its image stabilization, but at 20x zoom it needs a sharp edge to be steady for a second or two. The solution is to zoom back out a bit then in again when it's sharp.

I'll turn the GPS on again when it's useful up the hills, and may even create new landmarks using it. I'll still take my DSLR and lenses and maybe another body for the odd infrared landscape. This is a great always-have-with-you camera. The engineering that went into it is most impressive. It surely can't be especially rugged - but the way that lens cover's diaphragm opens and closes, and the way that it retreats into such a neat body is most impressive. I'd say it's a camera to take care of.

Update 25th April 2012
After a recent enquiry my curiosity encouraged me to make a test video of the autofocus function. The camera was set to continuous auto focus. It was a very dull day with poor light. I set the camera on a tripod just over 2 metres away from the 5cm wide cactus and zoomed in. I panned to the right and the camera focused through the window. Next I lingered on a 'split' scene and the focus corrected when I panned further right to more plants. I'm happy with its performance here but I had to change the focus option from Centre to Continuous in page 3 of the shooting menu (MOVIE AF MODE). I've uploaded the 10-second video to YouTube already but am adding it here under the Video review tab. Ooops! Amazon doesn't support .F4V format but it's on YouTube and my website. Google my surname.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 19 June 2012
I bought this camera as a less expensive replacement for my Canon S90 which was killed when someone spilled a glass of water over it. Shame, as it was a great little camera.

Few camera on the market gave me the various features I wanted - wide angle through to good telephoto zoom, RAW format as well as jpeg, various control options including aperture, speed, exposure compensation and several others. I used the dpreview camera features search tool to narrow down the few that met my requirements.

I had this camera for just a few weeks, and returned it because of what I assume is a fault with the battery. Even when the battery had been fully charged, with the camera switched off, one or two days later, I was unable to turn the camera on - the battery had completely drained to empty. This happened three times, the first two I thought I might have been mistaken about the battery being fully charged, this was definitely not the case the last time. I had already turned off the various GPS locator features as soon as I got the camera, as I don't need these and knew they'd be battery hungry.

Battery issue aside, the camera was OK but somewhat less user-friendly than most new cameras I've purchased, including similarly high-featured point and shoots as well as DSLRs. The menu navigation in particular was quite confusing.

I was also surprised by the high ISO the camera would select in bright light conditions, when left to auto ISO. Often it would choose 1600 or 3200 in such bright light I'd expected 200 or 400 at the most.

The images produced weren't bad, and I particularly liked the panorama function, which I found easy to use and effective.

Lastly, this camera was shipped with European pin charger unit. Amazon customer service were very helpful and applied a refund discount against my order, which way more than covered the cost of an adaptor plug. The user documentation manuals were also European, with no English language versions included. Again, customer service found and sent me a link to download the digital version of the manual from the manufacturer's site, but the tiny printed physical ones are more convenient to carry around when learning.

The returns process seems straightforward, and my score is not based on the battery fault (which I assume is just a one off) but on how I found the camera otherwise.
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on 14 February 2014
I spent absolutely ages researching cameras before I bought this, and I thought I'd got a great one, however, I have to say it falls short.

The zoom on it is without question outstanding. Both in standard and digital zoom, some shots I've got with this I'd never have achieved with other cameras.

What lets it down in my book, is that the flash is not automatic. You have to pop the flash up, and then you can either make it on all the time or automatic. What I would love is this camera to have a fully built-in automatic flash and it would be perfect.

One previous issue I had was the time it takes to take the photo and write it to the SD card - this has a great shutter lag and is very quick.

It's got some great features like the GPS and 360 shots, and is small enough to easily fit in a pocket for a day out.

It's small, compact and packs a punch, but the flash in my opinion, really lets it down.
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on 30 May 2014
Compared to my previous JZ310,which this replaced, this model has the newer CMOS technology than the 660, which was my first choice - for starters it is a bit bulkier that the JZ and does not fit in the pocket as well (if at all), there is a lag in zoom operations and the telephoto lens outer housing is not as robust, it appears loose, though this does not affect the picture or zoom, but manifests itself as a rattle when moving the camera. In terms of picture quality, it has an annoying tendency to over expose on all settings, with a preference to slow shutter speed over aperture or ISO, this causes camera shake, I have yet to find the right settings for the various manual preferences to compensate for this across all light conditions, as the over exposure seems arbitrary, though I have had some great low-light photos/vids from concerts, and when it does get it right the picture quality is great.
Agreed while it can be classed as a 'point and shoot' when used on auto more, the best performance will be with the semi-manual settings, which I have yet to master.
Overall, It's an OK camera, providing you take out/turn off the rubbish - GPS/Location/POI etc (it's a camera for god sake) also the EXP mode is so slow, you miss the shot while it thinks about it....
If this was my first Fugi I would not buy one again based on this model, I think they are cramming too much in and inherent delays in processing make it slow and only usable for snaps, even though it is capable of much more...
Good quality images spoilt by it the laggy technology...
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on 9 August 2012
my friends just bought one of these,and after playing with it at lunch break, I have to say its impressive, I have the pentax rz18 which is similar spec but the fuji beats it hands down!! I tried close ups to full zoom and my favourite ultra close macro,and it behaved impeccably showing good focus and image sharpness,and if you want a really easy life, put it in exr auto mode and it just gets super results without having to wander if you've forgot to set something. my friend also showed me how useful the GPS setting is...take a picture of your hotel when on holiday, then if you've gone wandering and lost your bearings, bring up the picture of your hotel and it gives directions to get back there!! dead handy. Its also a nice sturdy camera compared to my pentax and the controls are simple to find your way about.
I will certainly look at their model range when I purchase my next camera.
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on 21 May 2013
I had previously purchased a FinePix F300EXR Digital Camera which was a fabulous camera. When it came time to replace it the F770EXR seemed like a good replacement. It was more money than I would have liked to spend but I use my camera a lot and felt the expense would be worthwhile. In regards to picture quality it's excellent. The video camera button is in an awkward position as I keep catching this when trying to take a still photo, but otherwise it's easy to use. However, I have had to return it under warranty twice as it keeps developing a 'Lens Control' Error. Which just comes on without warning and then makes the camera unusable. The first time two months after purchase, it was repaired by Fuji but I have just had to send it back for the second time. I must admit I expected better for the cost of the camera. I sense that this is going to be an ongoing problem and that I will be landed with a worthless camera once the warranty expires. It's a real pity as on the surface this should be a really good camera.

Fujifilm FinePix F770EXR Digital Camera - Black (16MP EXR CMOS Sensor, 20x Optical Zoom) 3 inch LCD Screen
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