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on 7 October 2017
Brilliant thanks.
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on 6 August 2017
I only have hardwood and tiled floors, so no huge suction required. I don't know how it would perform on carpeted/rug flooring.

There are issues, though:
1. the battery does not last long enough (15 mins at best)
2. there's no battery indicator to tell you if it's close to running out
3. it doesn't work while it's being charged
4. the trigger switch is faulty, so you have to squeeze it just so, to make it work
5. it doesn't always pick up dirt at the first pass

All these issues stopped me from buying their fan and their air purifier (Blueair Purifiers are excellent)
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on 10 June 2012
I must say, this really is an amazing thing to have!! I've had it for about 2 months now and I still love it!! :-) My house has never been so clean!
I live in a large 2-bed bungalow with a mixture of laminate and carpeted floors. I also have a baby and a dog so this model is great as it comes with the pet hair attachment tool which is fab!

This is great for a quickly clearing up crumbs from under baby's highchair or doing the whole bungalow. I suffer with a bad back and not having to drag around a big vaccum cleaner and plug it in etc is a godsend!

I was initailly dubious about the short time it lasts for, but actually it's longer than you think!I timed myself vaccuming the whole bungalow including the conservatory before I brought it and was surprised at how long it actually takes to vaccum the whole place. I have never ran out of charge even on the MAX setting. It would be great for stairs too!

So if you are thinking of buying this product, then do it! You wont regret it! :-)

I should received commission from Dyson as 3 of my friends have since brought one after seeing mine! :-)
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on 27 September 2012
I've had Dyson vacuums for many years and wouldn't buy any other so when it came to renewing my poorer relation hand held vacuum there was no competition; I was determined to buy the CD35 Animal cordless by Dyson.

However, in hindsight I should have tested it out first (instead of going on past satisfaction).

Good points: As you would expect the suction power is well advanced, the motor technology making it a highly efficient hand held. The extra power boost button means even stubborn areas are easy to clean. The bagless compartment is easy to empty and the tools that come with the vacuum are efficient and easy to attach.

Bad points: Not worth the money. Although this is a relatively lightweight (2.25kg) hand held vacuum the ergonomic design of the handle makes this machine somewhat tricky to manoeuvre and this makes it feel much heavier. You have to keep your finger on the power button and the handle itself is a hard material and without finger grips, so if you have even the slightest of problems or weakness with your hands this could cause your wrist and fingers to ache after a few minutes. I have very slight arthritis in my fingers but after 5 minutes my hand was quite sore.

This is a shame as they have concentrated so strongly on the power factor they didn't fully take into account the older users (and I'm only in my 40's). To resolve this aspect they could have designed it so the power button stays on if you want it to and also improved the hand grip, perhaps use some softer grip material or elongate the design a bit more so that the weight is distributed a little better and does not feel heavy. The current shape means you really do need a very very strong arm and wrist. Which unfortunately, in my opinion, does not make this product worthy of the expensive price tag.
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on 15 July 2012
Where have you been all this time !!!! It's the best of both worlds, it sits between a corded vacuum cleaner and the hand held battery operated one (or dust pan and brush). You don't use the big vacuum cleaner all the time because it's a pain, big, heavy, noisy. That one is more used for a proper clean, not to pick up the breadcrumbs after the children had finished with their meal. But with the hand held one you just can't hoover the hole floor !!! That leave us with the brush and dustpan, like it use to be in the olde times, but I don't like it that much, it gets dusty and mucky, a pain to clean, you end up doing it with your hands, then having to wash them and all that.

That's where the Dyson DC35 comes in, light, powerful, battery operated BUT you can clean the whole of your kitchen/dining floor in minutes, properly done, the motorized brush head leaves nothing behind. It's a pleasure to "drive" it around the furniture, no cables, no mess. Fair enough, the battery don't last long, 15 minutes with no motorized attachments, 13 minutes with any of the 2 motorized attachments and 6 minutes in Turbo mode. But make no mistake this vacuum cleaner is not for cleaning your whole house in one go, although I must admit I did clean the ground floor and the next day cleaned the upper floor. The only cons are price and battery life, but if you have the money and use it properly, this is an excellent tool to help you keep your house clean. Would definitely recommend it
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on 6 March 2012
I did a lot of research before buying this and was aware that the battery takes over 3 hours to charge and only lasts 15 minutes on normal setting. However I have a large open plan home built over 3 floors and am not in the habit of vacuuming the whole house in one session. What I hate is plugging and unplugging a full size vacuum and lugging it up two flights of stairs. I reckoned that the cordless would be light to carry around and fast enough to cover a chunk of my floors. It has worked perfectly in this respect for me. I have mainly tiled floors and lots of granite stairs. These offer little resistance, so a lot can be done in 15 minutes. A fully carpeted house might present more of a problem. I don't have any animals, but the small extra head which comes with the animal model is perfect for my stairs, as it is more rigid than the main head. It is also an excellent size for using in the car. The vacuum is very easy to empty and quick to assemble. It is light enough to lift behind tv sets, sofas etc to reach the bits I was previously sometimes tempted to skip! I have also used it on two large rugs, one short pile and one shag. It coped fine with both, but slightly better on the short pile than the shag. I cannot see me using a mains vacuum cleaner again.

A year on I had the common problem of the vacuum cutting out. This is due to the battery pack no longer making constant contact. I googled this problem and found the solution posted by Taner Riffat. Place a long, tie wrap /cable tie around the battery pack and pull it tight. If you are not sure where to place the tie wrap, google 'taner's blog dyson trigger problem'. He mentions the DC44 but it is the same problem and fix.
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on 18 November 2013
To start the hand held cordless cleaner was great did every thing it said. Alas this did not last long. It came with a 2 year warranty. Ours is less than 2 years old and it keeps cutting out although the battery is fully charged , the filter cleaned and it's emptied regularly. We have complained to Dyson . So far they have sent a new body. That lasted less than 2 days before the same problem recurred . Now Dyson are sending a new battery but I doubt that will rectify the problem.
Dyson know there is a problem with the two small metal contacts which show when separating the body to clean the filter. Yet this model is still on Sale. My advice Don't buy it!,
Their newer model retailing at around £360 does not separate and has a different filter. An expensive hand held cleaner. So has the fault been rectified only time and testing will tell. Do you want to take the gamble or wait and see and let others try it?
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on 28 May 2014
This has been nothing but trouble since the day it was bought. New parts have been sent 3 times and product has been returned for a replacement which came back dirty and in worse working order than before. Dyson WILL NOT refund!!! Unbelievably bad service. A waste of almost £200!
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on 11 February 2013
i bought this dyson as dyson has good reputation. thought it would be great to use on my stairs. to start with, it was great. within 3 months of use, the motor played up. i kept my finger on trigger but it just kept on cutting out. its a very expensive item (handheld are readily available at a much, much lower price) take my advice, dont buy it. im disabled and having to keep your finger on trigger to keep it working i believe is a fault. why not have a simple on/ off switch ? it picked up dust and dirt brilliantly well, but whats the point in spending so much money on a product that works fab for 2-3 months ? ! and then motor blows after such a short time! Amazon were BRILLIANT. i didnt know what to expect but they collected item and gave me full refund within 24 hours of collecting it. Well done Amazon. you are amazing and i will continue to buy from you. this is a fault with dyson not AMAZON!
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on 17 June 2012
Initially, it was the best thing since sliced bread. My wife loved it to bits. It was light-weight, powerful, and it had enough charge to go round the house. It is easy to use without tiring your wrist. Seeing the amount of dirt and everything else that it picked was indeed satisfying. We never knew the carpet was so dirty. We found the best way to clean the cylinder was to use our old 'Henry' to suck it clean; no more clouds of dust as you try to empty this baby.
However, only after two and a half weeks, the dodgy trigger problem similar to other users start occuring. So it was juttering like an old car on a frosty morning.
In the end, we decided this could be a long term problem that even if we replace the parts, it could easily happen again. We promptly sent it back for a refund. It is such a shame because the first two weeks were a joy and it thoroughly deserves a five star rating. Now until if Mr Dyson can resolve these annoying niggles, I would not have the confidence in buying another Dyson product.
Maybe, this problem does not happen to everyone; but there is always a risk!!
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