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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Frustration-Free Packaging|Change
Price:£208.54 - £599.00
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on 1 March 2012
Having had two DC03 Dysons and a D16 hand vac I bought a Vax (from Amazon). It reminded me of all the other vacuums I had bought before my first DC03. Amazon kindly let me return the Vax and I bought the Dyson DC40. Dyson may be expensive and not 100% perfect in every respect, after all, you cant please everybody all of the time. But, you can get near to pleasing everybody with a quality product and a great 5 year guarantee.
I was sceptical about how good the Dyson Ball function was but when I tried it the first time I could easily manouver the cleaner head to run along a carpet edge, get it into areas under dressing tables. BTW, I am in a wheelchair and that is why I notice any ease in moving it about. Talking about ease .. I love the way the handle pulls down without have to press a button on the cleaner base. The dust container can be detatched/attached easily and unlike the DC03 dust cant get out unless you want it to. Two filters which are easily removed and are washable (best done monthly). Do that and this cleaner will last for many years and perform well.
OK, you know I like it ... so here is a negative (see, you cant please everbody!)To change the cleaning head from carpet to hard floor setting you press a button next to the on/off button. If you turn the cleaner off for any reason it also presses the head height button so when it is turned on again the brushes rotate again. Kinda irritating that it cant be left at a previous setting.
Thats it then, great cleaner and worth the money. Oh yeah .... I still have the DC16 and the DC03 will now go outside for car cleaning etc.
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on 10 June 2012
Bought this more expensive Dyson as it had more suction and dust capacity than the DC24. Also it didn't have an annoying kick plate that you had to use to get it from the upright position and kick again to get it back to upright. It just pulls back when you put your foot on the front like normal. Although heavier, the DC40 steers more easily than the DC24 because the handle is fixed so doesn't wobble and the weight gives a bit more momentum when you are pushing it back and forth. The ball really does make a difference and at last I have a 'hoover' that will fill under the overhang of kitchen cupboards and radiators. The flexible hose is much longer than the DC24 too and the extending pole doesn't have to be taken out and turned around.

If you can afford the extra £100 then I'd say buy the DC40. My last Dyson was still going at 12 years old so you get value for money. I did think my carpets were clean because I used a Dyson but the new one has picked up dirt I didn't know was there. I also bought the larger dusting brush which is brilliant. Dyson - why don't you supply this instead of the silly little tools which seem cheap and nasty in comparison?! Four stars because of the tacky tools otherwise five stars for the 'hoover'.
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on 23 May 2012
It looks amazing and sucks pretty well. It's quite lightweight and powerful. The ball arrangement sort of helps with vacuuming, but I confidently predict will not change the world.

However we returned the first one after a few weeks because the elaborate but rather cheap looking plastic mechanical cylinder release mechanism (which reminded me of a game I had when I was a child; "Mousetrap") ceased functioning after only a few uses. The cylinder release mechanism is used to open the flap that allows all the dust to be emptied out. We are on our second unit now and the same mechanism has ceased functioning too, under perfectly reasonable use. Whilst it's perfectly possible to override the mechanism by opening the cylinder with your fingers, this is a slightly grubby operation and hardly the point; for the price I expect perfection.

James, what were you thinking when you approved the design of this feature?
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on 2 December 2015
I wanted to love this machine, but sadly it wasnt meant to be. this is my third Dyson vaccum and could quite possibly be my last, maybe it was my own fault for putting so much faith in the company and not doing enough research before i bought this model.

Dont get me wrong it does a great job of sucking up dust from really deep in the carpet , but dust really is about all its good for,and if that is what you are looking for then this is the Dyson model for you,but anything larger than say a pea, is going to cause problems, i have a small child and we tend to use our vacuum to also collect up food crumbs, bits of paper,dried up play dough, basically anything small that might fall on the floor, after all we dont want her putting this stuff in her mouth, but due to the small size of the pipe work on this vac, i have to unclog the damn thing after almost every use, this was never and issue with the previous 2 Dysons, they would happily guzzle up anything upto the size of a 10p coin without an issue. on the plus side i suppose Dyson have made it very easy to access the pipe work on this model so its easy enough to unclog when you need to, sadly i find i need to alot, i have had to become a bit of an "expert" with the workings of the vacuum much quicker than i really wanted to.

Also its very unstable, falls over very easily , has a very small capacity and struggles with long hair(gets stuck in the pipes causing more clogs)
the build quality also feels less than my previous two Machines, it just doesn't feel very solid.

I feel quite let down with this product after enjoying many years of dare i say excellence with previous models this model just feels like dyson have started to cheapen its products either to reach a greater market share or save money. it kinda feels like it was made by a competitor if that makes sense?, someone trying to copy Dyson without understanding what makes the cleaners so good?

needless to say the next time i buy a vacuum i wont be buying it on Dysons reputation alone
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on 24 August 2015
This has a tiny dust capacity, it needs emptying every time you clean, and that's a messy procedure. It's very flimsy, the whole thing bends when you use it, and it's also very heavy to push as it doesn't have wheels, it drags across the carpet. It's design is ferociously complicated, I've never seen so many fiddly clips and buttons to remove bits or attach accessories. This is NOT good engineering Mr Dyson!
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VINE VOICEon 19 February 2012
Style Name: Frustration-Free Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a slimline upright vacuum cleaner with some great features. Dyson have upgraded their multi-cyclone system to trap even smaller particles of dirt and dust. That's not all, the new smaller brush head allows you to get further underneath furniture and into harder to reach places. The swivel ball movement system is excellent, it really makes maneuvering the vacuum a doddle and puts less strain on the wrist. The mains lead is long enough for doing a full flight of stairs and the brush attachment is combined with the crevice tool, the brush part slides down and locks in place which makes intricate cleaning simple. The dust canister empties at the push of a button and their is a five year parts and labour guarantee. All in all a fantastic vacuum cleaner which I recommend unreservedly!
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VINE VOICEon 18 February 2012
Style Name: Frustration-Free Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've used Dyson Vacuum cleaners for years, in fact my DC07 is just coming to the end of it's life. It's been great but I've been looking at the Ball cleaners for a while now. The rooms in my abode are somewhat awkwardly shaped and using the regular vacuum can be more of a chore than is strictly necessary.

Well, this has worked a treat, so much more maneuverable and in this new form very lightweight and easy to manage as well. I have to give credit to the people at Dyson who seem never to be content and are constantly offering new and innovative tweaks to their product!
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on 20 August 2012
I have never owned a Dyson but my friends all raved about it so after studying the different models, I bought the new DC40 Multi floor as we have a lot of marble floors and I wanted a lightweight easy moving ball model with the latest suction technology. It arrived quickly and well packed and within a few minutes it was gliding across my floors with the easiest of movement and sucking up every little bit of dust on the way. It is very easy to empty, one click to unlock it from the machine and 1 click to open the door to empty and 1 click and its back ready to go again. I wish I had bought one years ago !!
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on 26 February 2013
I bought a Dyson DC40 about six months ago and was slightly concerned at how quickly the dust bucket seems to magically fill up. On emptying the bucket it appears to be a combination of around 10-20 % dust grit etc but an 80% of very fine pieces of fibre / carpet material, the rate depending on wether the brush is turned on or off. Is it cleaning the carpet its striping it to an inch of its life! Its also not particularly light weight and because of the tiny bucket size fills very quickly so requires constant emptying.

Recently it has made a series of damaging marks around the top of the stairs landing, on closer inspection there are also other more minor areas of suspected damage spread over a larger area where there is more working space. Looking at the dust bucket its clear to see a large quantity of red carpet weave removed from the damaged carpet.

Now the problems begin with Dyson customer services, there procedure is to send out a "rude" engineer and "argumentative" manager who test the machine and say its fault free so not the cause while effectively calling you a liar! This also conveniently clears them from all liability.

However the facts are while the machine may be functioning as it is designed to it is clearly not fit for purpose and has fundamental design floors as by using it is capable of causing significant carpet damage!

DO NOT BUY the DYSON DC40 as sooner or later it will damage carpets and DYSON will then wash there hands of responsibility leaving you with a machine you don't want to use that is also none refundable and damaged carpets they will not replace.

I will never buy anything from Dyson again.
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on 22 February 2012
The Dyson Multi Floor DC40 is part of the new range of Dysons for 2012 and looks like it replaces the Multi Floor DC25 which is no longer available.

Having tried the DC40, it lives up to the Dyson name and despite the fact that this is a light weight version and so lower suction than the full version, it still picks up more dust than any other vacuum I've had. This is also the ball version and if you've read other reviews of how the ball technology works then you'll already know that most people think these machines are much easier to maneuver than the standard fixed wheel variety. Dyson has built on this for the DC40 by making it much lighter than the DC25; at 6.7Kg rather than 7.4Kg this machine really is easy to use and move around.

Dyson have also addressed one of the more major complaints on the DC25 - the small bin capacity (1.3 litres). This is now a servicable 1.6 litres, which really does make a difference when the Dyson suction is so good that it's picking up every bit of dust.

Overall, this model improves on the previous version and goes to show that Dyson really do pay attention to customers when developing their products. Add to that the 5 year warranty that comes as standard and you've not only got a great vacuum cleaner, but one that you won't be replacing any time soon. The Dysons are pricier but I'd definitely recommend this vacuum cleaner for anyone looking for a quality vacuum cleaner that will last.
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