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on 23 July 2017
Regret buying this. Bought to replace a Dyson that we have had for years. It works well cleaning but ..... The design is poor. Difficult to slot pipe into holder. Takes up so much space because of angle of holder. Difficult to empty. Stair tool is so small it's a waste of time and because it swivels just doesn't work. It easily topples over. Cable is too short. Do not buy.
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on 20 July 2017
What a lovely machine and a real improvement on the DC5 which was also good in its time.
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on 13 June 2017
Easy to use ... once you adjust the handle settings to match your height
Cleans all surfaces with an immediate difference once finished
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on 5 April 2017
Very good thanks
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on 3 June 2017
This is our second DC39, one for us, one for a family member. Could go on buying them.
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on 27 December 2016
Ok but difficult to move around the house. Designed for strong men!
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on 9 December 2013
I purchased this product in December of last year and overall the vacuum works well. We have had a small issue, where the handle attaches (clicks together) the latch broke. We have used duct tape for the moments, but a little disappointing given how expensive this product was.
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on 1 March 2017
Great vacuum
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on 1 May 2017
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VINE VOICEon 14 March 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using this Dyson for several weeks, and find it's a great vacuum cleaner. :)

I've compared its performance with my 18 month old Dyson DC22, which is a smaller more compact model, and with a 10 year old non Dyson vac which uses bags.

The cleaner is advertised as more manoeuvrable than previous models, and I have found it more stable than the DC22. The Dyson web site states that this is down to ball technology with the motor being within the ball, this must apply to their previous models as there is no where else in this style of cleaner for the motor to go. The wheels on the ball are fixed, but rounded to produce the ball shape. The increased manoeuvrability cf other Dyson models is due to the mechanism under the ball, where the hose/shaft joins the device. The handle can also rotate on the shaft, and with a low profile head I found it much easier to vacuum in tight corners.

The machine is quite light, 7.5kg and made almost entirely in plastic, which appears strong enough for light to medium domestic use. I don't expect to see my local builder using one to vac up lumps of plaster as he does with his current machine, not least of all as the Dyson has a cut out mechanism to prevent unsuitable rubbish from going through the machine. (Browsing the Dyson web site there is also a smaller lighter version of this product the DC38.)

The chord is 6.5m I bit longer than the DC22, and makes a difference in our house, as it does not need to be unplugged so often when moving from room to room.

There is a a HEPA filter useful for allergy suffers, ( however the DC39 animal is specifically recommended by Dyson for pet owners.)

Vacuum cleaners are noisy, this model is no noisier than my other cleaners, and subjectively it seems quieter than the non Dyson machine. I've vacuumed down stairs without waking family members sleeping upstairs (cats excepted as they run for the cat flat almost before the device goes on).

The product has a good suck, you can feel the power as you push the head accross the floor. It clings to the carpet more than the DC22 which would be expected as the motor is more powerful. I had one of the early Dysons and the suction was not great, I could do almost as well with a drinking straw, so this is a real improvement. Although the DC39 is not the model specifically recommended for pets, I found it did remove clinging long cat fur from the carpet with several sweeps using the large head. The instructions show the cleaner being used in the centre of rugs, and not over the edge. It works fine on carpet off cuts with reasonable weight. A rubber backed mat needed to be stood on to stop it lifting (If you're good at Twister this will help! ) Light mats were just lifted, and as the power cannot be adjusted there is no way round this. The instructions suggest to vacuum upholstery holding the cleaning head away from the curtains/sofa. Personally I prefer the lower powered cleaner or one with a variable suction for this activity.

The head tool is very low profile, and there is a long connection between the head and the shaft allowing one to get a good reach under the furniture. It does work just as they show on the current TV advert with a small switch underneath changing the head elevation on solid floors vs carpet automatically.

It comes with a large head, small stair cleaning head and long narrow attachment with bristles on the end useful for vacuuming around ceilings. The tools can clip on to the shaft. This connection is a bit light weight, and I don't find it helpful to have it on when cleaning but does keep every thing together in the cupboard. There is quite a selection of additions tools available such as car cleaning brushes, and a pet brush for those who don't mind the vaccuum. I additionally purchased the dusting brush which has soft bristles and can be used like a feather duster, but is better as it collects the dust rather than just putting it back into the air.

Dust collection and emptying
The Dyson range is bag less, over a period of years this is a considerable saving not having to buy bags. The plastic dust collector detaches from the cleaner and the bottom of the collector is then released allowing the contents to be disposed of. The larger size of the DC39 cf DC22 means that dust does not get so easily trapped between the side of the cylinder and the outside of the dust collector, however the handle on the DC39 is much smaller than the DC22. Whilst this gives the product a sleak look overall it's not so easy to hold the cleaner over the dustbin and press the release mechanism. Free climbers with strong gripping fingers will have not problem with this, however the rest of us may find it easier to place the dust collector in an empty plastic bag on the floor and then release the bottom.

The dust collector should be washed once a month in plain water. Detergent is not recommended although I don't know why. The machine is not an aquavac, you can't use it for liquids. After washing I like to leave it in a warm place over night to be sure it is thoroughly dry before use.

And finally........
There are some nice little touches. For example the plug has Dyson printed on it (no more unplugging the fridge by mistake) The customer services number is on a sticker on the shaft of the cleaner, so it's easy to access when the box and instructions have long since been discarded.

The instruction manual is largely pictures, most of which were easy to follow. As a fan of written instruction manuals I'd have liked a brief text comment as well just to be sure I under stood.

Unlike electronics manufactures who like to change their connectors every other month to force you into buying new spares Dyson keep their connectors the same, and many accessories can be used with several models. The connectors are also the same on all parts of the cleaner so you can connect the large head or stair head to the handle with or without the shaft.

Dyson caution using the machine on the stairs above you, I guess in case it falls. They also don't recommend the use of extension leads which could be a problem if you don't have a power socket close to the bottom of the stairs or a garage with a plug socket when cleaning the car.

Over all a good product, what a shame its not manufactured as well as designed in the UK.

5th May 2013
Dyson working well after a years hard labour am still very happy with it :)
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