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on 11 June 2012
I was supplied with this book free to read and review. Please note this is a review of the complete trilogy as Amazon has the habit of posting reviews against the wrong versions. Although the author calls this a series it is more a serial as the parts do not stand alone and you need to read all three parts in the correct order.
Rarely have I come across a science fiction book that so vividly describes the authors new world with all of the characters and creatures that inhabit it although the styles are different it made me think of the works of "Anne McCaffrey". As this is a trilogy there is sufficient time to develop even the minor characters and the changing relationships between them. I found that I could visualise all of the characters and locations and wanted to know more about them. The main plot is written from the perspective of a race that has been divided on a planet by a permanent storm that prevents anyone crossing it one side of which is permanently light because of three Suns in the sky one of which is stationary, and the other side day and night, an interesting concept. Without giving the plot away there is a mix of 3 races numerous other creatures and a plot that tests loyalties and beliefs. The plot also manages to move quickly and held my attention through all three books. In the end although everything is tidied up nicely there is an indication of more to come and if there are future books I will certainly buy them.
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on 17 August 2012
The Lodestone Trilogy by Mark Whiteway is another science fiction book that is hard to put down. It took incredible talent to put the three books into one and gain great success. Once I started the book I had to keep reading to the very end leaving me wondering if there is going to be another book that will follow.

I just loved the characters, Boxx, Keris, Alondo, Shann, and Lyall. I almost wish they would come out with action figures, just so I could have each one on my shelf while I reread the book. I don't know which one I like best, because they all had different personalities and they were all loveable characters in my book. You see how the author has been able to keep each character separate but whole. The book wouldn't be the same if he didn't incorporate these characters as he did.

As we travel through these three books we are taken on an emotional rollercoaster. I was saddened when Kal wanted to tell his father something, but he thought he wouldn't believe him. No matter what it is, I would never want one of my children thinking that, I could feel the emotion Kal was feeling at that time. Then we have Shann who's own actions confused her, "she came to the aid of the man whose life and motives she did not know". As we read this trilogy, we can relate to the emotions that are taking place. It brings a deeper meaning to the readings, at least for me it did.

The intensity I felt while I was reading this trilogy was so real. When one get's so into the book, they feel like the story is revolving around them. Later in the book we see , "Shann felt a flush of exhilaration. It was as if she had complete mastery of the air". When I was reading, I was so into the book, it was like I was there feeling the same feeling the characters were. When one can get so into the book that they can feel the emotions and events you know the author has done an excellent job.

One has to appreciate the time and talent that was put into this book.

This is one book that will be placed on my book shelf for my children and grandchildren to read.
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on 28 August 2012
The first book of the Lodestone Trilogy, The Sea of Storms, written by Mark Whiteway, is the start of an epic journey of the four main characters in this Science Fiction novel. In this first novel you learn about a new world with different people of the Kelanni who live under the rule of the Prophet, which seems to have more sinister intentions than what most perceive. The young girl Shann who comes to the aid of Lyall who at the time is posing as a Keltar, the enforcers of the prophet, is forced to leave her home on the run from the Keltar. Shann is later reunited with Lyall, where we meet the third character Alondo. Their mission for the first half of the book is to free the Tributes who are taken by Keltar to mine lodestones for the Prophet. That is where they meet Keris a former Keltar who is shown a new perspective of thinking about what the Prophet is actually doing by the race of Chandara. Shann, Lyall and Alondo are told of another mission by Keris and, her Chandara companion Boxx, which is to help free the Kelanni people from under the Prophet's thumb. When they meet up and join forces this is where their journey truly begins and the tasks that they face become greater and more dangerous.

Mark Whiteway's novel from the very beginning throws you into this new world of Kelanni with his detailed descriptions. When first reading it takes a little used to the different terminologies for the suns and different aspects of the Kelanni people, but once you get immersed in the book the terminologies become second nature. The character development is very detailed you get a great sense of the friendship that Lyall and Alondo have for each other and Shann's willingness to embrace the unknown after they take her under their wing. In the book Shann is very suspicious of Keris the author does a very good job of portraying that suspicion to the reader, while reading detailed parts I was able to picture the different facial expressions that Shann would have taken when looking at Keris. This books is gripping from beginning to end, when I picked it up I read it all in one sitting, especially towards the second half of the novel I had to continue to find out what was going to happen to the five main characters. This book is going to appeal to anyone that likes to read about a hero's journey and the trials that are faced along the way. This is my first time reading a Science fiction novel of this idea, I have always stuck more into a fantasy genre or just regular fiction, but I did find it very enthralling and will be continuing onto the second book very soon.
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on 11 August 2012
After reading Mark Whiteway's Lodestone trilogy, I can only wonder why I hadn't heard of it before! I love a good scifi/fantasy, and this is some of the best scifi that I've come across in quite some time. Out of 5 stars, this one gets all 5, hands down.

I loved the rich character development, the magnetic technology and unique physics, and the excellent plot development and progression throughout the read. I was somewhat reminded of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series as I learned more about this special world and the characters interacting in it, but the Lodestone trilogy certainly maintains a world in its own right, without seeming like rewritten copy of any particular scifi that I have encountered.

Whiteway's descriptions throughout the series give just the right amount of detail without boring the reader with too many "background props" and not enough action, as many other scifi novels tend to do. The action scenes were intense, and truly make the reader feel connected to the struggling characters as they fight for their lives and struggle with the inevitable corruption that goes hand-in-hand with any group's rise to - or retention of - power.

Criticisms? I don't really have much to complain about with this work, but I could have used a bit more detail in the maps, and the sheer number of characters introduced in the beginning made it somewhat difficult to keep track of who is who at first. That being said, each character's unique personality, speech, and thought processes still ease the reader's transition into Whiteway's delightful world, and I found the new information to be fairly easy to become familiar with.

I will be looking for more from Mark Whiteway, to be sure.
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on 5 September 2012
I am usually not a big fan of Sci-Fi material - more of a romantic comedy,
and romance type of person. The only knowledge of Sci-Fi I have is through
movies and TV shows and only recently have I started to gain interest in
the universe, the different stars and galaxies around us imagining what it
would be like to be of different planet. I was given this book by chance
and I must admit that I didn't expect thoroughly enjoy it from start to
finish. I was not able to put the book down. The story was well written
with lots of detail and explanation to things and even though at times I
did find myself wondering what some things meant or what some things were I
realized that this was fantasy and I was able to then absorb this and let
the story flow with my imagination. Each character was well written and
character development was very in depth - I felt and cared for their
struggles, their pain and their pursuit and connected most to Keris, a
former Keltar and her struggle against what she what she knew and what she
had to oppose. What drew me in the most was how everything was described
vividly and I could imagine every sight and sound and when I closed my eyes
I could immerse myself in Kelanni. I enjoyed it so much that I even started
reading it out lout to my husband and got him into the story too. I would
recommend this to anyone - those interested in the negative matter in
Einstein's Theory of General Relativity which the author said it is built
around and those interested to lose themselves in an amazing fantasy world.
What is also impressive is that this trilogy is the author's first series
of novels and I hope that he will continue to expand his story telling.
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This book was a winner in The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards 2011. It was judged to be excellent by our panel of readers in regard to:

EDITING Is there a flow to the text or is it a scratched record? Is it full of tiny/gigantic errors?
THEME Is the book current/interesting/original/exciting?
STYLE Is it a page-turner? The beginning grips you and the ending knocks you for six.
COVER AND ILLUSTRATIONS Eye-catching? Age appropriate? Do they add to the book?

The staff and our panel of readers at The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards have no hesitation in recommending this book.
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on 13 September 2012
In this book you have four people who come together to save the planet Kelanni from the Prophet. The Prophet has followers called Keltars who have stones called lodestones, these magical stones gives them immense energy and power so they can be the ears and eyes for the Prophet.

Lyall who is described as a genius and his friend Alondo whose only power appears to be musical, purely by accident are joined up with a Inn keepers adopted daughter Shann, who has reasons of her own why she would like to join up with them to free the people of the planet who have been captured by the Keltars and are made to work as slaves. These people are known as the "tributes".

The fourth to join this group is Keris, she was once a Keltar, but was recently given a special message by a creature called a Chandara. Keris has to convince this group of three that this information that was given to her is vital to them all if they want to achieve freedom they all so desire, but first she must gain their trust, after all she was once the enemy.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Once Lyall, Alondo, Shann and Keris get together this fantasy book quickly takes off to strange lands with aliens, magical characters and flying cloaks. This book is a series of three books, where you will travel to many places and meet some very odd aliens. It has action, magic, romance, humor and of course danger. Later in the series this small group will be joined by two more colorful characters, which I feel gives the book a new added interest.

This is fantasy and science fiction at its best. You will find yourself entangled in a world you have never known before and once there you will want to stay to see if they can free the planet. Each character will grow on you as you read all the books in this new series. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good action packed science fiction/fantasy book.
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on 9 August 2012
Mark Whiteway has an incredible talent of putting together three books in one allowing the reader to be engaged right from the start. The science fiction trilogy is well-written, with an action-packed plot throughout.
True to its genre, Whiteway takes the reader into a whole new world of mystery and imaginary scenes and technology. The characters take a shape of their own and are full of intrigue and unique features. At the same time, they show a warmth that can only be appreciated on a human level. Keris is riddled with struggling encounters, Shann's leadership skills eventually shine through, Lyall is the brave one, Alondo has heart and Boxx leaves the reader guessing. These strong characters play a large role in the plot as it is very character-driven, more so in Book 2.
In an unknown world, there is adventure and mystery among an odd view of the laws of physics, which the characters must take on. Rocks that can remain in mid-air, a planet with three suns, time travel and alien creatures make it a true fantasy. Whiteway has an talent of painting a picture through words to describe the environment that the reader can visualize while reading. Battles of evil together and on their own bring the characters through a maze of events, ocean voyage and spaceships. It is the conflict and mystery that keeps the reader engaged.
I would recommend the trilogy for anyone wanting to explore an unusual world. It is written for both youth and adult readers.
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on 22 February 2017
Looks like most reviews are from 2012 so here is one from 2017. I gave this trilogy three stars for effort and the new ideas the author introduced but have to say I found it a real struggle to keep going to the end. There is a shorter story in here but it is drowning in the author's enthusiasm to write. By the last half of the third book I was reading one random sentence per page just to get to the finish line and can honestly say I don't think I missed anything.

The author asks for feedback in his note at the end so in response I would suggest trying to cut down on the dialogue about who thought what, and why, and don't confuse length with quality. I suspect this tale could have been told much more succinctly (a new word for the author to perhaps throw into the mix!) but understand the pleasure of actually writing stuff and the difficulty of then editing down your own work.

Good luck to Mr Whiteway, he may have written better stuff since but I am not prepared to invest the time finding out as his style is obviously not for me. On a more positive note, the Kindle price, £2.99 was excellent value for the three books and I see the next three are currently for sale at the same price.
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on 28 August 2012
Mark Whiteway is a genius !! If you thought the days of great story telling were over then you'd be wrong. Mark takes the reader on an epic adventure that you cant put down once you start. If you like descriptive writing that transports you to another world then you wont be disappointed with this amazing Trilogy. a huge thumbs up Mark on an outstanding piece of work.
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