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on 23 June 2013
I have always believed in the use of a map and a good wife sat next to me to guide me to where I want to go. Now I am a lot older and the wife's eyesight is fading I decided to move into the 21st Century and get a sat nav. I decided on the Garmin Nuvi 2445lmt as it had lifetime maps, and also the reviews about it where all good.
I have used it now for the past month and all I can say why didn't they invent these things in my youth. The screen is clear and large enough to view at a glance and the volume is just great. You can understand everything clearly and the directions on screen are clear. It tells you your the name of the road you need to turn into next and gives constant warnings re speed cameras. ( I have a heavy right foot). I have even ventured into Bham city centre using this something I would never have done in the past. The wife and I are already planning more trips farther afield now.
This is a great bit of kit and I am so glad I purchased it.
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on 3 October 2013
I read various reviews about sat navs and debated between this and a TomTom. My friend at work had one of these which I borrowed and I liked the way it worked, and many people online had said they had turned to this one after being let down by others so I opted for this model.
I haven't ever really driven anywhere of any distance before so knew I would need a Sat Nav I could trust. Over the last month I have done two fairly big journeys and this sat nav has been perfect.
When it arrived it was very easy to set up with limited amount of fuss or hassle, 1,2,3 and good to go. It is easy to use and finds your route quite quickly too.
One of my journeys had a major road closure and this worked well to find me another route and got me back.
I would definitely recommend this sat nav, the only annoyance is a slight mispronunciation of some street names but that is forgivable for how well everything else works.
You can also search for places to eat, petrol stations etc and save locations and Home. Works a charm. Won't look back now, Garmin is my top choice.
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on 31 October 2013
This has proved to be far and away my most disappointing electronics purchase of the year. Based on the lifetime free updates availability and the fact that this unit is five years more up to date than the solid and reliable TomTom GO 920 it replaced, I expected a major improvement in all areas. In return, I got a whole set of colourful new maps, but irrational and at times extremely dangerous route suggestions, inexplicable loss of selected journeys planned well in advance and a not very assuring voice that consistently fails to pronounce the names of roads and towns correctly. Unfortunately, none of these shortcomings can be remedied with changes to any of the settings. Believe me, I've tried.

The good part is that the screen display is clear and attractive. The biggest downside of this is that it's tempting to look at the screen too often whilst driving, rather than rely on the voice that accompanies it. Fans of TomTom's very own Jane will miss her calming tones very much, as I do. Every available alternative speaker sounds like a computer generated voice, whether it is or not. As I say, the place names invariably sound wrong, but perhaps that is forgivable because I do live in Portugal and speak only English myself. The trouble is, a simple "turn left" isn't an available option, which is plainly ridiculous to my way of thinking.

Far and away the worst fault with the device is that it typically sends me on narrow, winding roads rather than down dual carriageways and other main roads when these are readily available. My very first excursion in a brand new motor vehicle resulted in the car leaving the tarmaced surface altogether because of the lack of width on the occupied carriageway. On another occasion, I specifically asked to avoid toll roads altogether and yet after a promising start, was repeatedly urged to take slip-roads onto one in particular. It seems that the most notorious and expensive toll road in the whole of Portugal isn't known to Garmin as such. This despite the huge number of French visitors to the south of the country during the summer months. I also believe that Garmin has very little idea about the hierarchy of road number prefixes in Portugal. Perhaps the UK system won't present a similar problem, I really don't know.

Worryingly, I've also begun journeys with a preset destination only to find the unit struggle to obtain sufficient satellite signal strength and then finally send me towards a place I chose a week earlier. On one occasion, I got extremely frustrated after re-inputting the desired outcome to find this destination had been tagged onto a previous journey, which apparently my Garmin assumed hadn't been completed yet.

All in all, this item is clearly not a piece of rubbish, but its behaviour is so hard to predict that the only way I can tell if it is probably going to point me in the right direction is by comparing results with Google Maps. I'm not exaggerating, by the way.
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on 16 May 2013
I bought this to replace my lost Via Michelin satnav. I managed to do the updates with no problem; it took about 3 hours but all went well. Though the instruction book is brief I found this easy to work out and quickly entered my favourite addresses and saved them. I also ordered a memory card because of comments in other reviews but haven't needed to use it yet. I like the way you can look up restaurants and coffee shops really easily without having to know the address.

I tested on a couple of familiar journeys to begin with then did a longer, unfamiliar journey. It gives instructions in plenty of time and is very clear and easy to understand. The traffic alerts worked and offered an alternative route and further information on the length etc. of the traffic problem. The roads were very congested on my journey and the satnav did show information relating to this. I like the fact that it tells you road names rather than just when to turn, it makes the instructions very clear.

I love this little unit and the 4.3 inch screen is perfectly handbag sized. I did consider the larger screen but decided it would be a bit big to carry around for me. I find this screen perfectly clear to see and large enough for my needs. It mounts easily on my windscreen and the lead is plenty long enough.

I haven't seen the photo view yet but assume this will just be at large and complicated junctions. All in all I thoroughly recommend this as very efficient and simple to use.

I love the fact that there are lifetime traffic and map updates with this unit, I think it is great value for money.
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on 13 August 2013
Bought this satnav to replace my previous Garmin Nuvi which I'd had for a few years and the maps needed updating. Just as cheap to buy a new unit as to get new maps for the old one - plus I could take advantage of the latest technology.
Just come back from 2 weeks in the Netherlands, and although the satnav worked well there were times when it gave strange directions. For example, on one particular journey it wanted to put me on a motorway, but if I took the ordinary roads it showed a time saving of 4 minutes in a total time of 15 minutes - a high % saving! Also, on some motorways with a speed limit of 130kpm it gave a speed camera alert of 120 kpm (the satnav itself said 130 limit) - this is illogical.
Also, despite updating the maps just before leaving for the holiday there were still 1 or 2 instances where the satnav said I was in a field - the new roads were not showing, & sometimes it showed a crossroads which in fact was a roundabout, and sometimes the speed limits were wrong.
Despite the above, I'm happy with the unit. The traffic feature saved me over an hour on the return journey to my overnight stay in Ghent. At first I wondered why it was not sending me on the obvious route, but on a motorway going south rather than south-west. The reason became apparent when my son-in-law (who came with us, but in his own car (with a Tom-Tom satnav albeit a few years old)) arrived at the hotel. He said he had been held up in massive traffic jam on the motorway we'd avoided. Only criticism is that the Garmin didn't flash a message that it was diverting me due to traffic problems. When I realised it was sending me a different route I nearly ignored it to get back to the "logical" route. That would have been a big mistake! Room for improvement here I think.The junction images are useful for anticipating which lane to get in to.
To sum-up, a good unit but not perfect. Having said that, I wouldn't want to be without it, and from what I can gather, no satnav is perfect (certainly not the makes I've tried). I've had 2 Garmins and I've found them to have the least number of deficiencies.
I'm glad I bought it.
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on 26 December 2013
This sat-nav is my first purchase of a Garmin after 10 years of dedicated Nav-man purchases.

Overall there seems little difference between sat-navs now and few will send you on the wrong road.

However, all have mapping which seems stuck on the road system as it used to be not as it is. Updates seem to take forever to be delivered and should be delivered on a rolling basis not once in a blue moon. You could probably win the lottery before the next full update is released...

The presentation of photo-real motorway junctions is a nice feature. The limitation of take it or leave it map colours to one choice is a bit limiting.

Nav-man could be set up to give OS colours to roads so that Motorways were blue, trunk roads red etc useful if you are just using the sat nav to track rather than guide.

Nav-man also 'snail trailed' your route when tracking which was useful when I was teaching new routes to bus drivers, part of my job.

So Garmin have some way to go to match the usability of Nav-man and Tom-Tom.

I bought this model in preference to the many CE7 based units coming out of China.

But it has a way to go to justify the price difference between the Chinese £30 offerings...
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on 12 November 2013
...the unit I had a fault that became progressively worse. The unit would randomly turn off with no prior warning, whilst fully charged and plugged into the charger.
We brought the unit because of it's free updates, and the other positive reviews. In use the sat nav plots a route quickly and is clear to hear and read.

The traffic updates were very useful, especially as they worked for us when in France on a family holiday. Despite warning from friends to avoid Paris at all costs, the sat nav directed us through central Paris and much to our surprise it was a delight, the Sat Nav had it's work cut out as it re-routed us 4 times to avoid severe traffic jams, in total it saved us about an hour travelling. On Motorways, in France we received warnings of broken down vehicles ahead of us, which on stretches when the vehicle is in lane one was useful to know.
Back to the fault, it has become so that every journey the unit will turn off, which can be a bit of a problem if you're on a busy road and can't stop easily. A quick Google and a look at the 1 / 2 star Amazon reviews showed this was a common problem. Also I found a service menu from the volume screen you hold down the top right or bottom right and in the service menu it has a sub-menu which shows a list of dates and times of unexpected shutdowns, which could be useful to photograph as evidence if needed, it didn't show all of the shutdowns, but they were there.

Amazon tried to divert me to Garmin for support, but having not found one positive thing to say about their customer service. I persevered with Amazon, and as always when pressed they were great, paid for return postage and a full refund.

When it worked it was great, and the garmin express for updates was a breeze for ease of use. Though I think I just got a bad unit, it put me off getting a direct replacement for fear of the same problem.
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on 15 July 2014
I will start with the only problem that I have had with this unit. When you hit a bump or uneven road the unit can be jarred off the wind screen. The instructions that come with the unit tell me this is because my windscreen needs to be cleaner!

That aside this is a great piece of kit and it has successfully taken me round many delays. You can choose how detailed you want the roads on the main screen to be. I prefer less detail as I find this easier to use when driving. I also like the feature where you can choose whether to switch to a supposedly faster route (which also estimates how much faster the faster route will be).

-The on screen display is easy to follow.
-You can enter an address or a post code.
-It is much cheaper than getting a built in sat nav with a new car (you can also take it with you when you leave the car- removing the temptation for thieving paws to break into your car to steal it).
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on 21 October 2013
It sort of does the job. Navigation, on first try wanted to send me down a track and through a deep ford, then the wrong way down a One Way Street. The speed warning is annoying set it to say 69/70mph on cruise control and the excess speed alarm goes off quite often after going under a bridge - I guess algorithm is trying to adjust for loss of signal.

With it set for shortest or quickest route across country to Uppingtham either way it wanted to send me on a route longer and slower than the route Google Maps suggests. I ignored the satnav but it kept trying to re-route to its original route until I had almost reached the destination. On checking the old satnav it chooses the google map route in either case - short or slow.

Garmin's web site is a joke - I have never managed to update the maps - web site either reports a technical problem or if it does connect to update it appears to do nothing - immediately reports less than one minute remaining and the status remains like that for hours until you just have to disconnect.
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on 20 September 2013
My old Nuvi 205 having finally refused to load, I decided it was time to update with this Garmin 2445. It was a very good choice.

There are a lot of improvements when comparing the 2445 with the 205. The screen contains much more detail and there are more street names and numbers. It is also much easier to enter postcodes as the screen automatically offers you letters or numbers so you don't need to toggle between each. Similarly, sound can be muted without having to leave the main screen. The split screen on approach to junctions is useful but not essential. More information is spoken and the timing is generally better than the 205. For example, you will be told not only to come off a dual carriageway but also which exit to take on the roundabout at the end of the exit slip road well in advance. The old 205 waited too long with the result that you might be in the wrong lane on the approach.

So far the only thing that seems to be missing is the Recently Found section where previous postcodes are stored. However, if you ask it to take you to a public place, that will be remembered.

Whilst it does not take too long to register the device via your PC, updating the maps was a much longer process. You'll want to go away and do something else whilst it is taking place.

This device would certainly rate five stars if the sound quality was better than it is. Although perfectly acceptable it is not as good as the sound on the old 205 which was always loud and clear even at just 50%. With the 2445 the settings need to be higher leading to just a hint of distortion at times. They come preset on 80% master volume and 100% for both media (you could listen to an audio book on this) and navigation. I sent for a replacement in order to check that it wasn't just my original unit and found that the replacement was just the same. In comparison with the 205, the 2445 has much more to say for itself (eg. street names and place names, not always pronounced correctly) so you'd think the sound quality would have warranted more attention. I should add that I have good hearing!

Overall, though, I would certainly recommend this device.
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