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on 23 June 2013
I have always believed in the use of a map and a good wife sat next to me to guide me to where I want to go. Now I am a lot older and the wife's eyesight is fading I decided to move into the 21st Century and get a sat nav. I decided on the Garmin Nuvi 2445lmt as it had lifetime maps, and also the reviews about it where all good.
I have used it now for the past month and all I can say why didn't they invent these things in my youth. The screen is clear and large enough to view at a glance and the volume is just great. You can understand everything clearly and the directions on screen are clear. It tells you your the name of the road you need to turn into next and gives constant warnings re speed cameras. ( I have a heavy right foot). I have even ventured into Bham city centre using this something I would never have done in the past. The wife and I are already planning more trips farther afield now.
This is a great bit of kit and I am so glad I purchased it.
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on 2 April 2013
I bought this sat nav two weeks ago and have used it on half a dozen occasions in and out of my home in London. My sense of direction and map reading is terrible so purchased this middle spec sat nav at a nice discount to help me find my way around. The unit comes with basic instructions, usb, power cable and an easy to fit clip and suction cup. Full instructions and free map update can be downloaded, but to be honest i havent yet as i like tech but cant operate a pc to save myself and the satnav works well straight from the box.

The screen is agood size easy to see, but doesnt obscure too much of the windscreen. I use mine on battery power so the cable doesnt get in the way and find having it on the right side keeps blind spots to a minmum. The battery lasts about 3hours and i charge mine using an ipad charger head and a usb to mini usb cable as the supplied cable is either in car or connect to your pc, not the most convienient when you first buy the unit.

When your on the motorway and coming to a junction the screen will split in two and give you a detailed look at the junction on the right and a broader view on the left, its really well thought out. It will also tell you which lane is best to be in well in advance of any lane changes.

Negatives? Driving from Kent to NW London the satnav sent me straight through the middle of London on a scenic trip through the Blackwall tunnel and past St Pauls. A lovely trip but definately not the easiest or quickest, luckily outside of the congestion charge time! I know you shouldnt follow these things blindly but as a novice driver in London i didnt know any better way. You can choose a different route when starting the journey so my fault there and most journeys have been the shortest.

All in all a good satnav and recomended, hope this helps.
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on 21 October 2013
It sort of does the job. Navigation, on first try wanted to send me down a track and through a deep ford, then the wrong way down a One Way Street. The speed warning is annoying set it to say 69/70mph on cruise control and the excess speed alarm goes off quite often after going under a bridge - I guess algorithm is trying to adjust for loss of signal.

With it set for shortest or quickest route across country to Uppingtham either way it wanted to send me on a route longer and slower than the route Google Maps suggests. I ignored the satnav but it kept trying to re-route to its original route until I had almost reached the destination. On checking the old satnav it chooses the google map route in either case - short or slow.

Garmin's web site is a joke - I have never managed to update the maps - web site either reports a technical problem or if it does connect to update it appears to do nothing - immediately reports less than one minute remaining and the status remains like that for hours until you just have to disconnect.
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on 22 September 2013
I purchased the Nuvi 2445LMT in March 2013. Had it 2 weeks and whilst in the middle of a busy city the screen just went blank and would not come back on. I sent it back and received a replacement one - same thing happened again only this time screen went blank then came back on, went blank again and wouldn't come back on. I checked it was fully charged when I got home - even though I was using the cigarette lighter socket in the car. Again I contacted Garmin - I complained more strongly this time and was sent another refurbished one, the 3rd one! Exactly the same problem happened again. I am still trying to get one that works as Garmin will not refund me or send a different model as they only give like for like and I bought it originally from Amazon. Has anyone else had this problem?. I am getting extremely fed up with it and would certainly think twice about getting another Garmin product.
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on 13 August 2013
Bought this satnav to replace my previous Garmin Nuvi which I'd had for a few years and the maps needed updating. Just as cheap to buy a new unit as to get new maps for the old one - plus I could take advantage of the latest technology.
Just come back from 2 weeks in the Netherlands, and although the satnav worked well there were times when it gave strange directions. For example, on one particular journey it wanted to put me on a motorway, but if I took the ordinary roads it showed a time saving of 4 minutes in a total time of 15 minutes - a high % saving! Also, on some motorways with a speed limit of 130kpm it gave a speed camera alert of 120 kpm (the satnav itself said 130 limit) - this is illogical.
Also, despite updating the maps just before leaving for the holiday there were still 1 or 2 instances where the satnav said I was in a field - the new roads were not showing, & sometimes it showed a crossroads which in fact was a roundabout, and sometimes the speed limits were wrong.
Despite the above, I'm happy with the unit. The traffic feature saved me over an hour on the return journey to my overnight stay in Ghent. At first I wondered why it was not sending me on the obvious route, but on a motorway going south rather than south-west. The reason became apparent when my son-in-law (who came with us, but in his own car (with a Tom-Tom satnav albeit a few years old)) arrived at the hotel. He said he had been held up in massive traffic jam on the motorway we'd avoided. Only criticism is that the Garmin didn't flash a message that it was diverting me due to traffic problems. When I realised it was sending me a different route I nearly ignored it to get back to the "logical" route. That would have been a big mistake! Room for improvement here I think.The junction images are useful for anticipating which lane to get in to.
To sum-up, a good unit but not perfect. Having said that, I wouldn't want to be without it, and from what I can gather, no satnav is perfect (certainly not the makes I've tried). I've had 2 Garmins and I've found them to have the least number of deficiencies.
I'm glad I bought it.
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on 3 October 2013
I read various reviews about sat navs and debated between this and a TomTom. My friend at work had one of these which I borrowed and I liked the way it worked, and many people online had said they had turned to this one after being let down by others so I opted for this model.
I haven't ever really driven anywhere of any distance before so knew I would need a Sat Nav I could trust. Over the last month I have done two fairly big journeys and this sat nav has been perfect.
When it arrived it was very easy to set up with limited amount of fuss or hassle, 1,2,3 and good to go. It is easy to use and finds your route quite quickly too.
One of my journeys had a major road closure and this worked well to find me another route and got me back.
I would definitely recommend this sat nav, the only annoyance is a slight mispronunciation of some street names but that is forgivable for how well everything else works.
You can also search for places to eat, petrol stations etc and save locations and Home. Works a charm. Won't look back now, Garmin is my top choice.
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on 27 February 2013
I bought a Garmin 2445 4.3 in Aug 2012 for a driving trip from SW UK to Verona, Italy thru France, Belgium, Germany & Austria with overnite stops in France, Germany and Austria. Pre-programmed all the stops before starting out with pin point accuracy using European postcodes which were all dead easy to find in the pre-loaded W European maps. The journey was a breeze with this device even taking me direct to my hotel in the historic centre of Verona thru a maze of narrow madieval streets. Couple of small critisms 1) Occassionally when navigating the maps disappear and I have to reboot the device. 2) Occassionally takes you down some very narrow lanes. On one occassion taking me off an A class road along what I can only describe as a rough farm track only to rejoin the A road about half a mile further on. 3) The traffic data is a bit rubbish but I suppose thats the limitation of the FM data. 4) Get the SDHC card as on one update all the maps wouldn't fit. 5) The lifetime map updates are excellent but watch out, you have to pay for safety camera updates. All in all though a definite must have.
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on 28 September 2012
although this is my first satnav i am very impressed it has only once tried to send me down a dead end road and some of the extras are really useful,like the eco button which helps to improve your driving and reducing your fuel costs also the free updates for life and on top of all that cash back!
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on 18 October 2013
Other than the SatNav's maps needing updating already as this morning it didn't recognise a road that has existed for at least 6 years, so far it has found me to the NEC and the Gatwick Airport Airparks carpark which are easier to find with this! I love that it guesses the arrival time. Bought this as it is similar to the one I bought my Mum last year and like her one too!
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on 11 May 2013
I bought this as a replacement for an old TomTom One as the cost of updating the TomTom maps was outrageous. I was seriously disappointed within minutes as the spoken directions were much less clear and generally badly timed.
However what really makes this device completely unuseable is its inability to recalculate routes. If you deviate from its original plan for whatever reason (road blocked, stop off at services etc) it will stop at nothing to get you back to the original route even if it takes you miles out of the way. On a recent trip from Derby to Suffolk we decided to deviate from the original route and instead of just accepting this and working out the quickest route from where we were, it kept trying to send us up the most ludicrous byways to get back to its preferred route. By the time we got to Melton Mowbray we stopped, reset the route manually and the new route was a whole hour quicker than the route it had been trying to send us on. Later it got into a further tangle when we dared to deviate to stop at some services, and then as we were driving along the main road to our destination it kept trying to get us to turn down side roads. Eventually we got there ten minutes sooner that its route would have done.
We decided then that we could not trust this device any further, thankfully managed to get a refund. It is useless - don't even think of buying it!
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