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on 5 August 2012
Update Jan 2013: I no longer recommend either this laptop nor from HP. I've downgraded my rating a second time to just 2*.

This is due to the extremely poor support I've had from them.
Firstly the issue with the webcam, then the issue over the warranty period (set at six months instead of twelve) and finally because the second drive bay has no mounting bracket or cable provided and HP think that it's fine to keep you hanging on a costly support number whilst fobbing you off saying that of course you shouldn't be able to put anything in the second bay without spending even more money with them. They even had the gall to suggest that the missing parts were because otherwise they couldn't otherwise know if you'd installed an incompatible drive!!! I've not been treated so badly by a customer support department for years!

Another issue is the keyboard. Even after months of heavy use, I constantly hit the wrong keys, I've never had that problem consistently on a keyboard before. I'm not sure what the issue is but some combination of the shape and the layout just doesn't work properly.

Poor show HP - these issues are clearly not unique to me, plenty of others have said similar things so I really cannot recommend this laptop and I cannot recommend HP, certainly not for consumer equipment.


It is worth noting the following:
- This version of the D7 supports up to 16GB of RAM (2x8GB) not 8 as often stated (that is the limit on the AMD CPU version)
- It supports a second hard drive internally! Which could be an SSD => BUT THERE ARE NO MOUNTINGS FOR IT!
- It has 2xUSB 3.0 and 2xUSB 2.0 connectors
- It has both WiFi and Bluetooth
- It only has a 5400 rpm drive so even a small SSD would speed things up a lot. (Except that you will have to purchase a mounting kit as well)

4* is my preliminary rating based on the specs alone, I've not added a proper rating as yet - it hasn't arrived! I will update after I've used it for a bit.

Now that I've used it for a while, I'm downgrading my rating to 3* for the following reasons:
- As with many other people, I've found that the camera is not working on the supplied unit. There is a fix but it requires prising apart the screen casing
- The keyboard is not brilliant - not bad just not that good either
- The machine came with the wrong warranty - it tells me it runs from Jan 2012 - Jan 2013 even though I purchased it in August 2012
So I'm not that impressed by HP just now.
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on 24 September 2012
i bought this laptop due to its supposed capabilities, however im not sure if its faulty, but when using the internet it is extremely slow, its not my internet connection as checked it with other laptops so its definetaly the laptop itself, could you help and inform me if this is a known issue with this type of laptop???? also when playing music it keeps stoppping and starting not very happy with this purchase at all if im honest, would also just like to add that it just cost me £24!!!!!!!!!!!! to send this damaged and poor performing machine back!!!!! absolutely ridiculous!!!!!! i better be getting a refund of that also!!!!
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on 29 March 2014
I purchased this item from Amazon directly, and I am happy with their service and prompt delivery. The product, however, was a complete waste of money. Let me explain:

For the specs of this laptop, performance was a little disappointing. Multi-tasking is possible, but copying/moving files whilst performing other functions leads to occasional stutters and freezes. In this respect, this fairly expensive HP laptop performs no better than my 7 year old, cheap, low-spec Fujitsu laptop.

Battery life is good, with 3 - 5 hours on the go. The screen is overly saturated with colour, and it was not possible to calibrate it correctly for use in photography. It is satisfactory for general use, and watching movies, but I would not recommend this screen to fellow amateur photographers, or professionals.

This laptop was treated well, with no intensive use or gaming, but 3 months outside of the warranty, it died suddenly. I noticed that the power light was flashing rapidly, so contacted HP Support for advice. The frequency and number of flashes signifies what the problem is, for example; power supply failure, GPU/CPU failure, memory fault etc. HP Support could not offer advice about the error codes, nor did their website list the specific code I was seeing. I was politely informed that my laptop was out of warranty, and they would gladly transfer my call to their sales department, so that I could purchase a new laptop from them. Seriously.....

After hours spent trawling internet tech forums, I discovered the following useful (and disturbing) information: HP do not offer support. IT professionals have informed me that they do not bother to contact HP for support or repairs - they simply purchase new equipment, and decommission the faulty product. Repair specialists suggest that about 15% of HP laptops fail, due to faults with the motherboard - most commonly it is the video chip, but power/voltage regulators are also a problem. The Pavilion DV4/6/7/9xxx range of laptops are well known for their problems, and resulted in a class action lawsuit against HP a few years ago.

I have noted also, that HP appear to have started my warranty period from when the laptop was wholesaled to Amazon, not 3 months later when I actually purchased it from Amazon. This seems a rather dirty tactic on the part of HP, but given their attitude towards their customers, does not surprise me in the least.

I briefly considered purchasing a replacement motherboard, but they are hideously expensive, and there is still a 15% chance the new mobo will fail. Based on my hours of research, life expectancy for an HP is anywhere from 2 weeks - 2 years. If you get more than this, you are doing well.

My honest advice is to thoroughly research any laptop you want to buy. Do a Google and Youtube search for common problems. Look on the manufacturer's website or support forum to gauge how they respond to customer issues and faulty products. Find out which brands and models are plagued with problems, and avoid them! For what it's worth, my next purchase will be another Fujitsu Siemens (current lappy has suffered 7 years of constant use, travel, occasional drink spills, and has never missed a beat) or a Lenovo. Let me express that as a ratio of purchase price and repair costs versus the working life of the laptop, or simply cost:life. My first Dell cost me £300 a year. The HP cost me £500 a year. My Fujitsu (including upgrades to memory and harddrive) has so far cost me £58 a year.
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on 3 September 2012
Big problems with delivery - first one never arrived and was on next day delivery - even worse tracking said it had been delivered. To be fair Amazon customer services were very good and sent another one. The delivery company was Yodel, was trading as HDNL, to quote Guardian of 24 Aug 2012 "More than 5,000 customers call for Amazon to join John Lewis, Matalan and Mothercare in ditching parcel carrier Yodel".The second one arrived next day with CityLink, but was in the original HP box with address label on it - if this is how Amazon sends it out it is not surprising that that the first one went walkabouts! I will not order anything of high value again from Amazon, too much stress, until they sort out their delivery system. See Amazon customer forums for the latest on this.

As for the computer - early days yet- but all seems fine. Easy to set up, great feel to the key board, which was one of the factors that lead me to this computer. Nice to have the full size key board with the number pad. Like the larger screen too and it is good value for i5 processor. Good to have 4 USB ports. The touch pad is very easy to use and smooth - many reviews of other models are critical of key board and pad - but this model is really good. Was a bit concerned that HP have a poor reliability record and overheating problem - but they seem to have overcome this with this model and it has a specific overheating control, even so it is not recommended to use on knees and do gaming or other heavy demands. (This is so for all laptops!!). All in all I am happy with the computer but not at all with the delivery.

Update - 11th October 2012 - Very happy with the computer itself have now loaded all my software and data, videos and pictures. The usual issues on doing an upgrade - some software our of date and had to download updated versions, buy new in some cases - but that's not the fault of the computer! It does seem a good solid machine at a reasonable price. Like the way the drive comes already partitioned with a recovery section to be able to set back to factory condition. Due to some software problems i need to use this about 10days after delivery and it worked great - everything was reset and i started again this time with no problems. So in conclusion after using for some 6 weeks i would recommend this computer - but do be careful with the delivery - hopefully Amazon will resolve this soon.
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on 28 August 2015
awful laptop. have owned it 3 years. There is a line accross the middle of the screen where the pixels have gone off. After 2 years the internal webcam no longer working (unable to identify its own webcam)
Office comes as standard.. unfortunately they dont give you the product key so I cannot use it,
I have returned it twice whilst in its guarantee period. once because part of the casing came off in my hand, and once because it refused to start up. When I got it back the second time the pixels had gone and the webcam gone too. It also crashes when playing FB games, and when watching youtube/iplayer etc.
I have very little stored items so not a memory problem.
I bought this because I wanted a top of the range computer. Next time I will buy a cheap one.. Shameful performance
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on 6 August 2013
There is a basic design fault with this laptop. The top sits inside the the case, leaving a gap around the edge. Anyone with a smidgen of hair on their arms will get hem trapped at some point. On top of that there are two thin strips of the plastic case that sit over a pair of speakers, one on each side, at the front of the machine. They just happen to align with the area my wrists sit on the top of the chassis. Well, they both broke. Initially super glue worked for a while. I have now resorted to Araldite and have put that in the gap in the hope that it will prevent my wrists from catching the thin plastic edge. I only have a short time on the guarantee now, so if this doesn't work then I may well request a replacement.

I like to dual boot with Linux (generally my preferred OS) but it was a real pain trying to get another OS on there. I had to completely delete the partitions, install Windows from a retail DVD and then Linux installed as it should. However, even though I had made the recovery disks, they failed to restore the system to it's native Windows 7 Home Premium. If I do have to return it, there lies the rub! In order to get the system back to factory settings I would have to purchase a set of discs that would cost me another £25. What a rip off. I miss the days that a Windows disk was supplied with a disc with the necessary drivers. One reason I always build my own PCs, but that's not an option with a laptop.

Other than those gripes it works well. Two graphics cards are a bonus and it works well at video editing and anything else I have used it for. However, build quality has pretty much put me off HP laptops. I'm not a fan of track-pads either and in spite of shutting off the option to auto-click when it isn't wanted, it still manages to do it now and then.
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on 19 December 2016
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on 10 July 2015
After handling many laptops in a store, I found the HPs had the best build quality; a robust chassis and keyboards that did not spring back and forth when typing. Having handled it quite roughly for the past 9 months it is still going strong. It is fast and I can open multiple tabs; run a CAQDAS programme with ease and transcribe from audio at the same time.

Even the Toshibas are flimsy nowadays and I think HP are one of the few brands that match their high calibre internal specs with a superior build quality. A laptop is a mobile machine and I wish other OEMs Acer, Asus, Lenovo would invest in the durability of their machines. We've had laptops for over 2 decades now, they should all be like Panasonic toughbooks by now, yet somehow they are getting flimsier than ever.
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on 28 December 2012
Was a little apprehensive when buying this, especially as it was refurbished, but can say I am really happy I did. The details said there was a minor cosmetic imperfection, but 2 months later I still haven't found it, was in very good condition.

As for the laptop itself, I chose it due to the price, which was cheaper than anywhere else I looked for a laptop with this spec, and due to having a HP laptop before. I am definitely not disappointed with it, it's really good value for money.

I haven't really experienced any of the overheating or freezing issues that other buyers have, the only thing I have experienced is that it wouldn't turn off at one point so had to hold the power in to force shut down, but after that I have never had any other problems. I do find it a little on the heavy side, but I personally don't find it a problem as it is a great laptop and the aluminium casing is really beautiful and also gives it a more sturdy feel.

I always have a lot of programs open and at once (ie Photoshop, Illustrator, Word Office, Google chrome, Windows Media Player) which any other computer/laptop I've worked on can't handle, but this laptop hasn't had any problems with this, it doesn't even pause for a few seconds. The sound and colour quality is great, it goes really quite loud for laptop and the colours are bright and vivid. I also find the fingerprint scanner really useful, I didn't even know it had one before I purchased it so was really impressed when I got it!

I've also not had any problems with the wifi connections like other reviews have mentioned. I always have 4 or 5 bars when I'm usually always at the far opposite end of the house from the router, also it picks up neighbours' connections too so no problems here.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this laptop, it's a great machine, runs smoothly, looks beautiful and never had any problems.
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on 15 April 2012
Arrived the day after I ordered it. Awesome machine. I had a DVD and BBC iPlayer running an HD programme simultaneously with Firefox running with ten open tabs while working on a 30,000 word Open Office document and editing a photograph with Elements and it didn't pause for breath. It's a beautiful looking machine also. I was quite surprised that Windows Media Player is the default program for playing DVDs as it didn't have the required codecs to do this on my last laptop although that was a Vista machine. Sound is impressive, clear and quite loud for a laptop, with plenty of base while playing BBC iPlayer in HD is amazing, with no buffering nor drop out. I hate scroll pads and always use a mouse with laptops but this one is a joy to use. It is in fact a Touch Pad and you can scroll by just drawing two fingers down the pad, (or across to scroll horizontally). You can also pinch the pad to zoom in or out, particularly useful when editing photographs and the pad is backlit by a white accent light which my 17 year old grandson was taken with. It is let down slightly by the graphics card, which isn't the most powerful giving the machine a Windows Experience score of 5.4 while the processor and RAM score an impressive 7.3 and 7.2. The 1TB Hard Drive is also running at 5400 rpm when 7200 rpm drives have been available for years at low cost, speeding up access times, but I still love this machine! Only had it for a day but to quote, "You'll have to prise it from my cold dead hand".
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