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on 6 August 2014
Used it with a slider and works very well and feels decent enough quality for the price. Happy.
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on 21 September 2012
Bought this for several reasons. 1. to fix a second head onto my Hahnel lite 40 tripod under the main column (matching ball head) enabling me to switch camera positions for different shots. 2. in an attempt to improve a CAMLINK tripod that I already owned that had a QR pan & tilt head. 3. Price, I thought this was good value and came in with other Hahnel items purchased from Amazon at one postage cost. 4. Never having had a ball head before but was willing to give it a go and I'm glad I did.
On all counts I feel that I have achieved everything that I wanted with this purchase, well packaged, fantasticly quick delivery and have set it up on the CAMLINK tripod for starters, has transformed this into a very stable, secure stand for my dslr (D3000 + 70-300mm lens +battery grip) so quite a weight and it locks easily with no droop from the camera when set. Double lock on QR plate is great and I feel confident that my equipment is well held when repositioning the tripod, works equally well on the Hahnel 40 lite which also has this head fitted as standard ( another great buy). I am sure that there are other customers out there that will want to pay a lot more for a premium brand item and I respect that, however, when starting out on photography like this, you need to gather accessories to improve your enjoyment and this can be quite an additional expense, so for all the right reasons I feel that this head offers great value. Thanks Amazon!
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on 17 December 2012
This is one great piece of kit, i was gobsmacked when i took it out of the box. It is solidly built from aluminium, all the knobs feel solid and the panning action is stiff and smooth which i feel it should be, you don't want a slack panning action. I was looking at buying a whole new tripod due to my old head breaking. It is only a middle of the range tripod but adding this has boosted it to above middle of the range. Unless you are a brand freak you won't be dissapointed. Definately worth the money and more. Would i reccomend it? Yes!
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on 8 May 2014
This ball head is fantastic value for money (I paid £22.28 from Amazon S.A.R.L). The maximum load capacity of 5KG which is enough for the majority of people on a tight budget. If you need a higher loading capacity, be prepared to pay over 100 approaching 200 GBP for such a head. For this price and loading capacity it is adequate.

The ball head comes with three (3) major controls, a ball head locking clamp knob, an arca swiss dovetail plate clamp knob (and associated press safety release button) and panoramic release knob.

So major features are ball head free orientation and portrait slot (but I would recommend you use an Arca compatible L-plate as to keep the camera body balanced on the center of the tripod rather than move weight to the side for portraits, however, this ballhead is NOT arca compatible, it is wider than arca compatible L-plates), panoramic rotation and camera body/lens plate with safety feature.

I searched the internet for a good ball head on a tight budget, after many reviews including watching reviews on YouTube, I decided on this one. I am very happy with this, it has a good decent weight to it.

You may need a thread adapter if your tripod legs head is not 3/8", some are 1/4" (for example, the Horizon 8115 that I mount 25x100 binoculars on is 1/4" thread) but most photographic tripods should be 3/8" attachment.

Check out Ex-Pro 1/4'' to 3/8'' Threaded Nuts for Tripod, Light Stands and Digital SLR [5 Pack] for appropriate adapters, these are made from STEEL and not Aluminum as others are so should reasonably strong.

NOTE: This ball head is not arca compatible, it is too wide to hold an arca compatible L-plate, which is unfortunate as it is a great little ball head.

This ballhead has a steeper bevel, arca swiss should be about 45 degree angle, this ball head is a steeper angle, also the dovetail on this ball head is 43.4mm wide, an arca swiss is generally 38mm. This ball head has not enough adjustment to tighten to a 38mm arca swiss plate.

If Hahnel make this Arca-Swiss compatible, they have a killer budget product on their hands. It only takes a few angles correct and a few millimeters of tightening. Not much to ask really.

If you need Arca compatiblity (which is something we should all have to get access to a greater range of accessories), Kaavie Full Metal Ball Head with Quick Release Plate and has a similar loading capacity and price.

So why low rating, well, because

1) Not Arca Swiss compatible, to have a head or accessory that is not compatible with todays and future products, screams lock in and ignoring the after market or bad design.
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on 7 March 2012
Although cheap in price, it's definitely not a cheap product. It's solidly built and virtually no creep providing the ball-locking screw is tightened sufficiently. The quick release plate works well and the safety locking mechanism gives additional peace of mind. The plate also attaches tightly to the base of the camera with just enough rubber grip to prevent the camera moving.

My one criticism (at the cost of a star) is that the panning action is very stiff. This might work off in time but it does mean that I currently have to apply quite a bit of pressure to the camera to get the head to rotate. So it's fine for panorama's, for panning slow-moving objects, or for objects that are some distance away. However, until it slackens off a bit, it's not much use if you're contemplating panning anything speedy like cars, bikes, birds, etc.
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on 15 October 2014
This is a very solid and well constructed item. It appears to be built to last and certainly gives you confidence in attaching an expensive camera and lens to it. I use the head with a Cullmann mini tripod for close up shots, which aids the production of great photos with the flexibility the adjustments on the head facilitates. I also use it in conjunction with a Manfrotto monopod which again works really well - i.e. a combination of a Nikon D7100 camera and a 18-300mm lens. Consequently, I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending the ball head.
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on 7 October 2015
I've had my Jessop tripod for a good few years, and whilst using it to take a photo of the recent Lunar eclipse, the clamp decided to break.
After comparing several replacements, I decided on this Hahnel and I'm glad I did, as It feels quite substantial and is very well made. I had to buy a threaded reducer to mount it on the tripod, but after everything was set up it operates very smoothly and is solid as a rock when locked.
I would recommend it without hesititation
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on 22 June 2014
This item was bought to allow flexibility on a monopod. It`s very well made [for the price] and does exactly what was wanted. I use a heavy camera & lens combination, sometimes. It coped well with them.

I`ve more expensive heads on the tripod but wish I`d saved some cash if I`d known this was available. A steal at the price.
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on 19 November 2013
While the reviews of this ball head made me hopeful it would be a good piece of kit, I was prepared to be disappointed because it is relatively cheap, and there is lot of rubbish around. I needn't have worried - it is very good.

I wanted a ball head to put on a Cam Link CMP2 monopod Camlink CMP2 Monopod Camera Camcorder Single Leg Stand - not a very expensive piece of kit, so I didn't want to spend too much. I wanted to be able to have the camera (Pentax K-x) level regardless of how I held the monopod, and also have the ability to turn the camera 90 degrees into vertical mode. The ball head will allow me to do all that.

The first thing you notice when you receive the package is the weight - this is clearly not a lightweight piece of tat. When you take it out of the box it feels very nice - no rough workmanship, everything looks and feels as it should.

To fit it to the monopod an adaptor is needed. The socket under the camera is 1/4", and so is the screw on top of the monopd, but the socket in the base of the ball head is 3/8" - these are all standard sizes. So you need to put an adaptor into the head, to reduce the size of the hole down to 1/4" - easy enough, you just need one of these - TRIPOD BUSH THREAD ADAPTOR 1/4 TO 3/8.

With the head fitted, it is obvious the construction of the head is very good - everything moves smoothly and relatively easily. Obviously on a monopod I'm not too concerned about the lateral movement at the base, I just turn the monopod, but if on a tripod you'd find that movement is about right, it will turn under a little pressure, but it is not so loose as to be frustrating. The ball itself moves easily, but once clamped it holds well.

The quick release plate is good, and the safety mechanism gives peace of mind (although when using the monopod I tend to leave the camera strap round my neck anyway).

All in all this does exactly what I wanted, at what I think is an exceptionally good price, and I believe it will last me many years, probably outlasting me actually.

If you're sure you need a ball head, and this is your price bracket, then buy this with confidence, I don't think you will regret it.
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on 15 August 2012
Having long needed a tripod for my dslr I decided to take the plunge. Having done a substantial amount of research, as I always do with most of my purchases, I seemed quite often to fall upon tripods with fairly hefty price tags. Now, I'm a strong believer in buying the best I can afford as oppose to buying the cheapest...I think that is just simply a false economy...However in such turbulent financial times...every penny counts. So having found a headless Hahnel Triad tripod on eBay for £7.99... I brought myself this BH-40 head. As far as the product goes, I can say that it feels well made, it looks well made and holds my camera very well. In comparing it to other products on the market I can't really say anything...other than you get what you pay for. That said, sometimes you don't always need all of the features that a lot of higher end brands offer. So in summery, for what I need it does the job: It holds my dslr in place to take pictures of my products I sell online. I have no doubt that this is very good value for money and perfect for most amateur photographers! It was also delivered quickly. No complaints at all.
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