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on 19 September 2014
I work from home and have a dedicated office phone line and phone. Previously this was a BT Decor phone, which did its job but was beginning to show signs of wear and tear. At the same time my (separate) answer machine (BT R75) was definitely showing its age after many years of service (at least 10 years and probably closer to 20 - my memory is also fading!). So I needed to find replacements. I was going to go for the same, especially as I found (very surprisingly) that you can still buy the R75 answer machine. However a new phone + the R75 would have cost around £60-£70, whereas this phone has an inbuilt answer machine and only cost £24.50. I didn't have to think for very long!

It is very easy to use and set up. Please don't believe some of the other reviews - the set up is very easy and is NOT confusing. You simply press the menu and scroll through until you find the option that you want. You then select that option (press ok) and then scroll again changing the settings within that particular option to suit your tastes.

There are other melodies available, non of which I liked, but the default ring tone is a phone ringing ringtone - do you need anything else?

All usual functions are available; mute, handsfree, volume +/-, personal phone directory (although you need to input names and numbers, of course) and on top of this an answer machine as well!

It is very easy to record your own answer message and easy to play and listen to the messages (which are clear). The answer machine will beep if you have messages, but if you don't like this (I don't, it's annoying) you simply press Menu, go to Answer Machine options (press ok) and then scroll down to message alert and change it to 'off'.

I also have a separate fax machine and this works fine with the new phone. If I am out, the answer machine kicks in after 4 rings (I have set it to that), the fax tone is recognized and it's then diverted to the fax. If I'm in the office and pick up the phone to hear a fax tone, I again leave it for 4 rings and the fax kicks in. Easy.

The only thing I can't comment on is how robust the phone will be, as I have only just bought it, but I have been very pleased with my previous BT products and hopefully this one will be the same. If it only lasts 2 years, it is still pretty good value for money, and if it lasts 5 or 10 years it will be a bargain!

Incidentally, if you were looking at this phone because of the built in answer machine, but still decide to go for a separate answer machine - look no further than the BT R75!
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on 17 April 2012
Good phone, large directory but the buttons are a bit hit and miss. For instance to display the phone list of missed calls you constantly press the calls button to review the list but this phone seems to have a dodgy button and doesnt scroll every time. It is no real issue and works fine apart from that. I would certainly buy another as cordless phones go missing and it is hard to get a good corded phone these days.
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on 14 April 2014
I bought this phone for my Dad - he LOVES it - the answer phone is very good - the phone is very clear as are the instructions - I downloaded the detailed instructions (it does come with a shortened version) the downloaded instructions are very clear and easy to follow - it was all set up with phone numbers entered within half an hour! My Dad particularly likes the hands free as he has a hearing aid and finds it easier to use hands free - he's had the phone for 4 days now and he was raving about it last night - I think I might get one for myself! I would definately recommend this phone to everyone - it's good looking and well made.
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on 5 March 2014
Good telephone/answerphone combination which performs well. One annoying absence is a backlighted display which means ambient lighting has to be quite bright to read it. I would have thought that a 'phone which is mains powered would have had a more readable display.
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on 23 October 2016
My friend has this phone so I was well infomred before buying it. What I really like is the fact that you can store lots of numbers in it, WITH names. My old phone didn't store names, it was too hard to recognise numbers, so this isa gem in that respect. I like the loud handsfree. It has good volume, my old way was very poor in volume on the handsfree, so happy with this feature. It's easy to use, its easy to set up and it has a good screen size, good size numbers and it flashes as well as having a good selection of decent ring tones. very happy. Also I rang BT call centre for some help re voice mail and they sorted it straight away, it was a question and they explained it to me. There was not a problem, just me not understanding as I don't have BT landline, notjing to complain about this phone, very happy.
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on 9 January 2016
Product arrived within the timeframe previously advised, in good condition, with the external packaging intact.
Instructions good, easy to assemble and set-up. Comes with separate mains adapter.

In operation,

Pros :- Compact, lightweight base, with a good sized, weighted and balanced handset, with a good keypad, well-sized and easily read keys with a good "Positive return" action, and a compact and easy-to-read LCD panel which has good contrast at the standard setting. Intuitive and easy to program telephone and answerphone functions (Hierachicial Menu system) using the keypad and menu options and the results of changes displayed on the screen. Incoming and outgoing audio is OK, using either the handset or hands-free operation.

Cons: No battery-back-up.
Handset cord too short.
LCD Display not tiltable or backlit (Although LCD display is much more readable than the battery powered, non-answerphone Décor models).
Limited built-in ringtones. skewed towards Asiatic tastes (Built in China) and no gentle, UK type, warble or ability to install ringtones.
Possible design fault with power adapter (Supplies 500ma @ 6v) - Change in "White Noise" tone in handset earpiece when dial key
Dialling fault, whereby, with the handset raised, on first key depression, the telephone does not seize the outgoing line and dialling-tone continues to sound whilst other keys are pressed - only resolved by "Clearing down" the line several times in succession using the handset switch - this may be a problem with my domestic telephone providers equipment (Twisted pair copper shared with broadband).
To date, poor quality on incoming recorded messages - poorer than I would have expected. Outgoing recorded message was clear as a bell on my mobile.
Possible fault with the Answerphone, date of message reported on message playback are randomly wrong - power adapter problem ?

I think the Décor models being sold here are end-of-line and perhaps not originally destined for the UK market ?
If I'm unable to resolve these problems the unit is going to be returned.
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on 10 July 2016
It's hard to fine a corded phone these days - but I had no need for a cordless and it was cheap.

I'm glad I brought it - it does everything I want it to very competently. Functional answer phone, reasonably long cord - clearly labelled buttons. It would probably be suitable for someone elderly with poor eyesight. Though screen is a little small and the menu system a bit counter-intuitive - so I wouldn't expect them to be able to make much use of the answer phone features.

The mute, hold and volumes button are all large, responsive and clearly labelled. The ring is loud and distinctive. The build quality is solid.

The phone can power itself off the line, but it needs the included 12v wall wart to power the answer phone. The included cables (phone cable and wall wart) are both very long - so positioning is no problem. However the bottom is not flat - so wall mounting is not much of an option.

A highly functional and very well built product.
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on 11 June 2014
I was nervous about buying this because of the review which says it looses messages if there is a power cut. I live in an old cottage and power cuts are not uncommon. However there is no such problem. I called it from another phone, left a message then disconnected the power cord for ten seconds and when I plugged the cord back in the message counter still said 1 message and the message was there along with the directory listings. Better still is that the phone will still work if there is a power cut, not the message service obviously, just the basic phone, again this was a concern as all the other phones in my home are cordless and you need a corded phone for emergencies. The only minor hiccup I had setting it up is recording my own outgoing message, the instructions are not that clear. The choice of ring tones isn't great either, but what the hell...I can hear it ring...!!!
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on 6 March 2015
We haven't have this long and my previous experience with BT phones, is that they can be a bit flimsy - we only bought the last one just over a year ago and it died a death last month, so I'm hoping this one will live a bit longer as they're a too pricey to be replacing every year or so.

I like this one as it has an answering machine that is self explanatory and easy to use, the buttons are nice and big and the display clear - essential if you're short-sighted like me. The volume is easy to adjust and this feature is most useful, especially if the person on the other end is a bit quiet. The handset isn't quite as accommodating as the old one we had and I don't find the ear piece as comfortable if I'm on the phone too long - but this gives me an excuse to cut my conversations short!

It plugs into the mains, so you don't need batteries, which I think is a vast improvement on the last one, but both cords - for the electric and the phone socket - are far too short - stupidly so. Unless you can house this phone right next to two sockets, which isn't always possible, you're going to need extensions.

Overall, an OK phone - not particularly robust, but not so expensive, so you get what you pay for I suppose.
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on 10 September 2015
Fairly easy to set up. The only confusing part for me personally, was recording and trying to save the personal answer machine message. It kept defaulting back to automated response. I went on-line to get the full instructions but I couldn't find how to save it. I eventually tried a few things and it did save but I have no idea how I did it! It was probably straight forward but I just made it complicated! As I said I found setting the rest of it up straight forward. I gave the phone 4* because of the answer machine info on instructions. Just also watch out for the handset, you can't get away with putting it back absentmindedly as I found it slips about a bit until it gets into the slot(its maybe because I use at work and tend to be distracted when i'm hanging up).
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