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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 2 February 2012
Not the greatest or the most frightening of horror thrillers, and it probably won't appeal to today's teenage market, but for the rest of us this one is a real nostalgic gem, featuring as it does the three greats of horror cinema: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Vincent Price. Renowned horror director Pete Walker directs with his tongue firmly in his cheek, and peppers his tale with frights and laughs in equal measure.

The fact that this is a widescreen edition makes it all the more fantastic, as this is the first official widescreen DVD release of this lost treasure EVER! Not only that, but the extras are superb, with a very detailed and nostalgic making of documentary which is almost as long as the film, and a very interesting director's commentary from Pete Walker.

If only all British horrors of the past were treated with this much care!

Three cheers!
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on 9 October 2012
What a delight it is to see this classic film released at long last on Dvd - without doubt one of my all time favourites, bringing together all four classic actors for the first and last time. With great support from Sheila Keith, Julie Peasgood and the rest of the cast, it's a film to relish on many levels, not least because it doesn't take itself too seriously and is all-round enjoyable fun!
There have been a few poor reviews on Amazon but I would suggest that those reviewers didn't really appreciate the charm of the film and the good time that all concerned were having in putting together this classic of the genre. The film and sound quality is excellent so lighten up and enjoy it for what it is!

A special mention must also be made of the "making of" documentary which accompanies the film, where actor and author Derek Pykett has put together a marvellous film reunion with Director Pete Walker, Julie Peasgood and others. As with his other work [ Michael Ripper Unmasked,British Horror Film Locations,The Danzigger Collector's Edition [DVD]] Mr Pykett has spent a considerable amount of time and effort getting together those involved in the film for their memories and anecdotes - all of which proves highly entertaining.
Without his sterling efforts then we fans would have missed out on this - so credit where it's due!!

There is also an audio commentary by Pete Walker and Mr Pykett which is likewise thoroughly enjoyable. In conclusion then, just grab the film on Dvd while you can, enjoy the performances of these great actors, see and listen to how much fun everyone had whilst putting it together and treasure this collection for what it is.
Because you will never see it's like again.
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on 6 March 2012
as spoken by the greatest master of horror of them all, the late, and always missed, Vincent Price. This movie is simply great. It's possible that I find it so because I watched it at the time of its release, and for me, it had it all. A great plot, an eerie atmosphere, a cool ending and of course, four of the greatest horror legends of them all. And I mean horror, not the scatological bloodbath that the genre became nowadays. This movie is not horror though, but instead a suspense thriller that has no intention of changing the way you see the universe, or to challenge your religious beliefs. No, all it intends to do is to entertain, and entertain it does. So if you want a roller-coaster ride with explosions and shots filled with endless gore, go somewhere else. But if you want honest, smart fun, this might be it.
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on 10 January 2014
It has been a long time coming but finally there is a decent digital version of this 1983 "last hurrah" for four of classic horror's greatest stars. A few years ago MGM released a DVD-R version in the States that was taken from a print that had serious contrast issues (ie. way too dark). Not even adjusting your TV controls at home made much of a difference. The film was deliberately lit to be dark but not that dark. Thank goodness someone finally decided to issue it in a decent print with a full length documentary on the making of the film and other extras. This isn't a full restoration by any means but it sure looks much better than the previous Region 1 release.

Director Pete Walker and scriptwriter Michael Armstrong, both known during the 1970s for such hardcore horror fare as HOUSE OF WHIPCORD and MARK OF THE DEVIL, decided to make an "old dark house" picture to end all "old dark house" pictures. This is a particular genre that began back in the 1920s with such films as THE BAT and THE CAT & THE CANARY where protagonists are stuck inside a spooky old mansion and the supporting players get eliminated one by one. The gold standard for this type of film is James Whale's THE OLD DARK HOUSE from 1932. In fact this film started out to be a remake of that film but the producers couldn't get the rights. They wound up using SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATE, a mystery thriller written by Earl Derr Biggers (of Charlie Chan fame) that had been made at least 3 times before.

The story concerns a writer (Desi Arnaz Jr.) who stays the night in a spooky old house in order to win a bet. He not only has to stay the night but he has to produce a finished manuscript ready for publication the next day. Once there the "deserted" house is quickly populated by members of the eccentric Grisbane family (John Carradine, Sheila Keith, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and Vincent Price) along with a young woman (Judy Peasgood) who may not be what she seems. Every conceivable "old dark house" cliche' is utilized and the quartet of horror icons are all given their scenes where they get to show off. Of course there is a twist ending which is meant to be "over the top". Fans of the film and its stars will be pleased with this new transfer and those seeing it for the first time should note that the tongue is firmly in the cheek.
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on 19 August 2013
Not a masterpiece like Frightmare but a great film from Pete Walker which sadly became his swansong movie. The strengths of the film is to see the four horror veterans: Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing & John Carridine. Not forgetting Pete Walker regular Sheila Keith. It's great old fashioned ghost with a touch of comedy with a great script from Michael Armstrong and great score by Richard Hartley and cinematography atmospherically shot by Norman Langley.

If you expecting a slasher or expecting you be disappointed as this film is for passionate film fan. Watch this film with a open mind
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on 30 September 2012
I watched this DVD and saw this film for the very first time last night. For the film, not quite the usual Pete Walker type of horror; rather slow in comparison to his other films but nevertheless, entertaining. More significant for the appearance of Cushing, Lee & Price, three all-time great masters of horror in a final film together. The atmosphere is creepy enough and altogether good fun. The transfer is very good and an interesting 'making of' feature which is nearly as long as the film! Go for it.
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on 19 November 2015
This is a great classic horror spoof, I only ever saw it on television once, when I was growing up in the 1980's, it had become obscure, rare and it was long overdue for a release, even better for a DVD release, this film 'House Of The Long Shadows' is a memorable classic for me, it has it all, the great's-Vincent Price-'The Abominable Dr Phibes', 'Madhouse', 'The Oblong Box', 'Theatre Of Blood', 'Bloodbath At The House Of Death' (Kenny Everett), Amicus's Milton Subotsky's 1981 Horror anthology classic,' The Monster Club', Christopher Lee-Hammer's 'Dracula', 'I' Monster' (Amicus), 'The Devil Ride's Out', 'To The Devil A Daughter', 'Theatre Of Death', 'Scream And Scream Again', Peter Cushing-Hammer's 'Frankenstein', Amicus-'Tale's From The Crypt', 'From Beyond The Grave', 'The Beast Must Die', 'Asylum', the anthology film's,
John Carradine-'The Howling' and Sheila Keith-'Frightmare', the icon's of classic Horror, great film with great quality, wonderful bonus features,
never seen before, previously for a very reasonable price.
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on 27 May 2013
Not one of the best films but the teaming of Cushing, Lee, Caradine and Price makes this great. This particular pressing is very watchable because I can now see what is going on in a supposedly darkened room. The MGM pressing has the entire screen in almost total blackness during those scenesand it had me scratching my head, wondering what was going on. The people at MGM should be shot, revived and shot again for releasing a really bad copy. It was worth the extra money for the UK pressing. I would stronly suggest buying an all region player so you can enjoy a good quality DVD.
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on 7 September 2015
I loved this film so much, i ended up watching it 3 times in a row haha!! This film has a super storyline with a twist and a half towards the end. It has a brilliant eery, gothic kind of setting. The cash? who couldnt live the cast line-up? Some real legendary stars have some great parts and roles and not just cameo roles. Christopher Lee is just as menecing as ussual, Peter Cushing has a fun role and Vincent Price's Voice is still as haunting as ever :D Best film ive seen in years, a must have for any Hammer/Horror Fan. Great price and sooo worth it, 5 Stars!!!
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on 13 April 2015
Firstly every fan of classic horror and Christopher Lee,Peter Cushing,Vincent Price or John carradine has to have this film in their collection!.House of the long shadows is a suspenseful,witty,creepy and we'll acted film that you just get taken along for the ride!;-)..buy it...you won't regret it!..a good solid four stars!!
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