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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 1 March 2012
Man alive this guy doesn't fit into any genre - listening to the MP3 clips via the download album, he IS a genre!

There are smatterings of reggae, early 80's style Jon and Vangelis (in a good way), Sting, Peter Gabriel and a whole lot of completely original... well... original!

It's unique, immediately enthralling, quiet and yet something you can equally belt out at massive volume. Perfect quiet driving music or windows down "check me out" summer music.

And yet, there is something mildly disturbing too. The lyrics are sometimes angry and hurt - how much pain has this guy seen?

It's a damn good album and one that can only grow as you listen to it, but if you're ready for a session of something "samey" this album will make you dizzy!

Eclectic is probably the way to best describe this album. Odd would work too... I like it, regardless of how confused this review sounds.
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on 17 February 2012
I have to admit to being a late comer, only purchasing this album after falling in love with 'Somebody That I Used To Know', along with the rest of the world! It's fair to say, and in agreement with the other reviewers, that this album is HUGELY eclectic so if you buy it expecting all similar songs to the single, then you will be in for a shock!
I was really unsure of the album to begin with and I have to say, I almost felt a sense of false advertising, particularly when encountering Mo-Town styles, Phil Collins influence and some Barry White-esque voice modulation! There is a tendancy for it to vere into being a bit too happy-clappy on occasion, but this is well balanced by the slower numbers. I've listened to the whole album about four times now and I love it more each time, warming to each track more and more! Having listened to the previous album, Like Drawing Blood, on Spotify, I'm now going to buy that!
Be open minded and you will be rewarded! It might be a bit unexpected to have so many styles on the same album, but, personally, when I think of some other artists who I like, like RJD2, AIM, and Uncle, there is just as much variety on their records. I am also a BIG fan of The Shins and I think there is a lot of similarity there too.
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on 30 November 2011
For the all reasons one of the reviewers dislikes this CD, I love it. It does mix a huge number of elements from the last 30 years, but adds it's own touch to all of them, and blends them into a coherent piece. I've had this on almost continuous rotation for the last month, and am still far from being tired with it. You can analyse this CD all you want, but sometimes, it's simply better to sit back and enjoy it.
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on 4 May 2012
After a decade and a half of "Lady Gaga" I had lost interest in music, maybe due to laziness, who knows but then suddenly I hear this guy "Gotye" on VH1 and I am immediatetly transferred back to the 80:s and early 90:s when you could still discover new *music* on the charts. Bought his two last albums and I am almost blown away, maybe I have now found a new generation replacement to old heroes like Peter Gabriel, I mean... I would have been glad to pay 2-3 times the album cost for the song "Save me" alone, this guy is a genius with harmonies and arrangements! I have still to tune in to the rest of the tracks but this is already a must-buy.
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Making Mirrors came out whilst I was working in Mumbai for 8 weeks; and out there working like a crazy person it didn't click. Gotyes previous album Like Drawing Blood has 5 tracks on my most recently played playlist. I admit I like quirky alternative pop music as well as the more folky alternative music; and having had this for almost a month he has a lock on it with Making Mirrors. It has a lot of natural sounding instruments

Strangely though Making Mirrors languished on my iPod and I even skipped over tracks; I just didn't gel with it. The opening 1 minute track threw me; as did the widely varying styles. Then it clicked and gelled - its not a story telling album - each song is telling its own story in its own stile. These quickly changing song styles might lend itself to home on shuffle rather than listening in a single sitting but there are a few outstanding tracks on this album - Somebody that I used to know - is one of the best songs I have heard with Gotye duelling with Kimbra over a breakup. The music painting a picture and but with the excellent vocals carrying a strangely different tone mirroring the two sides of the debate.

Its a defiantly alternative album; it doesn't feel over produced and jumbles up sounds and emotions as you go - and that is what threw me at first. Back the UK the mix of emotions and styles with upbeat happy songs to breakups as well as the smiles from the crazy; state of the art - a 5 minute tribute to a cotillion d575 organ. Its going to end up on my most played playlist in short order. Its well worth a listen; and Gotye publishes "Film Clips" of his songs onto youtube - with the Somebody i used to know and State of the Art ones being particularly great.
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on 6 May 2012
Trust me , this is a grower. At first it seems an oddly disjointed blend ... considering the hugely catchy Somebody.. and Eyes Wide Open. For example, it starts with thew tiny, quiet Making Mirrors opener, then the brilliant but oddly truncated Track 2. But.. and such a huge but .... it will grow on you so much in its entirety and you will find yourself playing it , for sure, to keep hearing these tow track at first, but you will find yourself listening through and looking forward to each track as it follows on. It is such a great daily car journey album. The production quality is second to none. The lyrics are varied in tone, mood and subject matter and make their point with a stiletto-like sharpness and surgical lack of clutter. To repeat, trust me , this is such a delight and,l contrary to what some people conclude from it's variety, it hangs together so well as a whole. Easily a candidate for album of the year - and I am one person who has a very, very varied collection of music. 5 out of 5 without hesitation ... but please remember, give the whole album time to breath and you will keep coming back to it.
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on 14 February 2012
This is an amazing album. It combines many styles and sounds with an effortless skill that leads to enjoyable listening time. First album I have bought for a while where I don't feel that compulsion to skip a track or two. It's one of those that should be listened to whole as well to really appreciate the different sounds blending from one track to another.
Starts slow and steady....little exciteble party in the middle and then winds back down again.

Love this! Have actually listened to the album five times or more since yesterday morning. Very rare that I want to do that.
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on 10 November 2011
This is currently my favourite album. It just gets better as you listen to it more, like all the best albums do. "Someone I used to Know" is a brilliant song. "I feel better" and "in your light" are my next favourites. Well worth purchasing
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on 19 February 2012
As a fan of 'alternative music' such as Eluvium I came by Gotye via his hit 'Somebody that I used to know'. That is a fantastic song that leads you from child-memory intro to the height of love, to sadness, to anger and bitterness and finally to a slanging match. Beautifully crafted. Other tracks on the album are catchy, some a bit twee (Getting better), and the final track, Bronte, is haunting. As said by others, many 'sound like' other artists but after 60 years of pop music it is hardly surprising to hear influences of those that have gone before. I've added 'Like Drawing Blood' to my collection too and am loving it. I'm hoping to get Gotye's first album soon too. I will be playing Making Mirrors on a regular basis - love it.
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on 13 February 2012
This album takes you on a journey song by song... downloaded when I got home from work and already listened to twice. The vocals are haunting yet perfectly suited to the differing tracks as you move through the album... certainly do not get bored!! I do not think this album fits into one Genre... going into my Fav's list already... have a feeling I will be listening to this for a very long time :)
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