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on 23 March 2017
This kitchen scale is wonderful, it is so accurate !! The additional functions which are not apparent in the sales brief are well thought out and extremely useful. NOT expensive at all BUT the quality is amazing ; yes I would thoroughly reccomend these scales
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on 16 May 2017
LED backlight packed up after six months. The design seems to impose any little, ordinary-use knock gets transmitted to the insides. Returned for refund. Also, does take standard batteries, which is a shame as we're switching over to rechargeables. Plenty of scales available with AAA.
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on 27 January 2014
This is a fabulous looking scale with a huge range of measurements. Everything I will need in one unit, delighted with this product!
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on 26 August 2012
It's early days yet as to usage but so far I'm very pleased with this scale.

It is a striking piece of kit with its gloss black surface but keep in mind that it will show fingermarks. These are easily wiped off the glass though and scales are meant to be used anyway not just to look beautiful.

One swipe of your finger and it turns on, a quick touch and the units of measurement dance from one type to another. Press and hold for a few seconds and the unit goes back off.

Whilst it is on, the LED display lights up white on a bright blue background and is so clear and easy to read. No squinting trying to make out a measurement as a quick glance will show you exactly what you have on the scale.

It has a tare feature so you can easily add in a measurement, touch the tare and have it re-set to zero ready to add in the next weight of ingredient.

Despite being able to weigh up to 8000 grams the unit is low profile and slim and doesn't take up much room either when in use or when stored.

Another plus was that this scale actually came with batteries; others that I had looked at didn't. It was great to be able to use it straight from the box without having to cast about for batteries.

Speaking of batteries the battery door is quite easy to open and just slides across easily but it holds securely once it is closed.
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on 10 August 2013
The display is clear and easy to read from most angles and the backlight is very bright. From certain angles the contrast is low, which makes it harder to keep the scales sideways (for example to save desk space.) Thanks to the flush top, these are easy to keep clean. This is great; my previous unit was full of hard-to-clean crevices. As far as I can tell, they are well calibrated and accurate.

The output update frequency is a little slow. You'll have to add your items quite slowly or you'll overshoot. Zeroing the scales is a bit too slow as well, taking a second or so from pressing the button to the scales reacting. Unlike a few poorly designed units, this one shows negative readings as well.

It's a little too easy to touch the buttons by accident. If you touch the unit button, you'll have to scroll all the way around the units to get back to your preferred unit. Also -- who needs both millillitres and grams? From the scales' point of view, they are the same thing!

A little annoyingly, the rubber feet are very small. If you happen to get some small particle under the scales, like a breadcrumb, that may touch the bottom of the scales and throw the accuracy right out. So make sure to keep these on a clean table.

Perhaps the biggest problem is the battery consumption. The scales take two CR2032 batteries, which is understandable given the slim design. However, the bright backlight combined with a slow auto-off function (and the inconvenience of turning it off manually) means that the batteries wear out rather quickly. When buying replacements, be sure to get genuine batteries as there are plenty of fake branded ones around with a fraction of the capacity of real ones. Even then, expect to change batteries every few months.

Even with these shortcomings, these are probably the best of the 4-5 sets of kitchen scales I've owned and I would buy them again.
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on 6 September 2013
Hello good looking:
I was drawn to this scale because of how nice it looked. I was worried when I got the delivery as it looked too small and light to be any good BUT I am glad to say I was wrong. It's true size doesn't matter.
It does show every finger print and every dust of flour while you are using it - but it wipes down very easily so once you're finished it looks new and shiny again.
Because of how small it is, it fits on it' side in my pantry, taking up no room and very handy to pull out.

What are you looking at:
I also loved how the screen displays is a generous size. It makes reading the screen so easy, even without my glasses.

Let's weigh in:
I have cookbooks from across the globe, so for me the absolute BEST feature has to be that you can measure in both grams and ounces. I no longer need a calculator when I cook. PLUS when you turn it on, it remembers your last setting so you do not need to keep resetting it.
We cook a lot, so we weigh things of all shapes and sizes, and I have not yet had any problems with getting a good measurement.

These were included and the scale turns of if you do not use it for a little while. That did not bother me, but if you're chef that may be annoying.

Its value for money, and best of all it works a treat
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on 5 June 2017
This is a very sensitive scale and precise in the right conditions.
I use it for mailing purposes to know the weight of the packages beforehand.
Any electromagnetic appliance near it can interfere with the weight, so it is better to not have cellphones around when using it. Also it is best to remove the batteries if not in use to help with the duration of their charge.
I got a little frustrated at first, but after getting to know the setting and right way to use, it became my favorite.
Love the stylish look.
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on 12 November 2012
I love the look of this scale and the ability to change between units of measurement. Unfortunately it broke after two months, the sensors just stopped working. It also got greasy quite easily and tare button could be frustrating and unresponsive.

After asking European customer service whether there was a known fix and not really expecting a response, I got a prompt e-mail asking what address I wanted a replacement sent to! Mind you, I didn't even have my warranty papers on hand.

The customer service rep I spoke to sent a link for me to review the product here, so this is my honest opinion: sleek design, excellent service, but some kinks to iron out in terms of usability and durability. I'd wait until they launch the next version of this scale - I'd probably buy it again if I knew they'd addressed the issues.
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on 17 July 2013
I bought these scales because they were the "heaviest weighers" They are a very elegant set of scales, very slim line and the display is very easy to read. The buttons require the lightest of touch. All together excellent. BUT, I assume designed by a man. The only thing missing is the ability to hang them on the wall. A small indent in the back would solve this. I've had to buy a self adhesive plate hanger to solve this
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on 13 August 2013
Very accurate scale. I've been using it as a postal scale, mostly, and it never failed me. The fact that it supports up to 8KG (a bit more, actually) is a big plus. The display is very easy to read, although the viewing angles may not be the best.

It has a tare function, which basically resets the weight to zero. That allows you to measure only what's inside the package or bowl (like sugar, flour, etc). It also comes with two batteries that will last, for sure.

This scale is beautiful, however, it's surface scratches quite easily. If it gets dirty, you can simply use any microfiber cloth to clean it and it will be as good as new. Scratches on the other hand, won't come out. It's not a big problem, you just have to be careful. You can use some transparent cling film to protect the surface if you're going to measure something heavy or hard like metal. That way it will retain it's appearence for years.
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