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on 27 March 2012
In Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life Wayne dyer took a year to read and translate hundreds of translations of the Tao Te Ching , the works of Lao Tzu to bring to us a unique perspective of this classic book in a modern day world. In a way, Wayne dyer has continued with this process in his new book Wishes fulfilled - Mastering The Art of Manifesting .Dr Dyer focuses on the works of Uell S Andersons " 3 magic words","The Saint Germain I am discourses" and Neville Goddards " Power of Awareness ."For me, three of the greatest works I have ever read on creation.

Wayne dyer brings these works to a modern day audience blending their core teachings with his own personal philosophy. Its a mighty challenge to bring the core works of these authors to a modern day audience without losing any of their classic message but Wayner dyer has succeeded. These authors works are almost over 50 years old and how ever magnificent they are to read, some readers might find them time consuming and quite hard to digest in their tone. Reading wishes fulfilled - Mastering The Art Of Manifesting you will get the core of these transcendent teachings.

Its also interesting as a long time reader of this author to read about how he has dealt with his diagnosis with leukaemia and how his philosophy has only been strengthened by these works. He truly practices what he preaches. I was also interested to read Dr dyers take on the disease as he talks honestly about forgiving and clearing energy that has been stuck with relationships and child hood in his own life. In fact taking from the I am discourses maybe the only affirmation we truly need is " I am divine love". Most of what we want to create sometimes is to get love or to gain love through things that are really manifesting from the ego. If we are that love we can get on in manifesting our souls purpose and our truth with ease. Dr Dyer talks about that if we are creating from divine love everything we need will effortlessly be created from that state. It is from that state that we are gods.

There are a couple of chapters in the book that have not been written about or glossed over in other books on the subject of manifestation. Such as, we can only create effortlessly in our lives in what feels natural to us. Which is at odds at with some teachings where where we just have to "feel it and its ours" or if its not manifested yet "you are not feeling it enough", you have failed. In conversation with an interviewer who asked Dr Dyer in the book "if i can create anything i want then why can't I be a basketball star or an astronaut"? Wayne Dyer replied" Does it feel natural to you"? The interviewer says no it does not. " The time it takes your assumption to become reality is proportion to the naturalness of being it. " To make the point even more, Wayne Dyer talks about a 5 foot 7 basketball player who dunks and scores regularly in the NBA who said " people said I would never be able to play in the NBA and dunk like I do but it feels natural to me". It is our imagination and subconscious mind that has to be filled with images and I am's until it does feel natural.Again with very little effort. The more effort required would suggest that you are trying to create something that comes from ego rather than your higher self. That asking ourselves why we haven't received what we have created yet it is a great question to ask ourselves: Does it feel natural?

The second chapter that I found quite unique was " Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" where Wayne dyer talks about the five minutes before we sleep and how its is such an important part of our manifestation process. Something that I hadn't really considered before as like most, my mind sometimes wanders about the day I have had or fears of the future might creep in also. He talks about even if you have had a terrible day it is the last five minutes which is the most important part of your day. To bring are I Ams to fill our consciousness before we sleep. We are handing over to the universal mind our images that we want to create . These last five minutes Before we temporarily join the ethereal world where are i ams become manifestation is an important part of process of creation and the mind.

I feel buying this book you will find out about the core teachings of three classic authors Neville, Anderson and the Saint Germain I am Discourses. Wayne dyer has brilliantly written his own perspective of these giants and a must for Wayne Dyers fans.
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on 10 August 2017
This is my first Wayne Dyer book and I have to admit, it did not live up to expectations at all considering he was recommended as one of the greatest in this genre.

The only bits of the book that were good or of use was the parts he had lifted word for word from Neville's book 'The power of awareness'. Nearly every page would say 'as in Neville's books' and then go on to quote sections of it or other authors works. For this reason and others, it was very rambling, like someone had published their notes and musings, not a real book. you would do better to read Neville himself.

There was also a lot of tangents that had not a lot to do with the subject matter, such as those blurry light spots on photographs and that whole previous life manuscript, what was that?! Seriously, I have no idea what that was even supposed to be about! And that's not even to mention the photograph surgery, that's right, surgery performed in different countries through a photo of Wayne dressed in white. That last part of the book really had nothing to do with the subject matter and seemed more like a vanity project thrown in at the end.

I didn't care for that whole John of God part, and felt it had no merit for the topic at hand. I'm not convinced the man isn't unethical, so felt he shouldn't have been brought up.

Another thing that annoyed me was he would continue to push his previous books throughout this book, or his friends books about her near death experience. It felt as if the book were produced to drive up sales of these other books.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 October 2012
Many years ago I tried to read a couple of Wayne Dyer's books but found them hard to get through. More recently I've tried others of his and found them more approachable, and in fact inspiring. Now at last I feel that Wayne's work is about as good as it can get. He has really worked on himself and developed tremendously through the years - I feel now on the same wave-length as him - not to imply in any way that I've reached his stage of development but this is my objective.

This is an amazing book and I aim to emulate Wayne in his daily processes - though he may prove hard to live up to.

Apparently Wayne has immersed himself in the teachings of both Saint Francis and Lao-Tzu in recent years and felt their presence.

He refers us to the book "Dying to be me" by Anita Moorjani, a book he encouraged her to write. It describes Moorjani's healing journey after a "certain death prognosis".

In this book Wayne is wonderfully open about his own experiences and synchronicities. He meets significant people owing to these synchronicities and is instrumental in helping people to heal themselves.

Throughout the book Wayne refers to the metaphysician/writer/speaker Neville (Goddard) whose main theme was how to fulfil your wishes by feeling that they had already been fulfilled. Neville is one of my absolute favourites - he was one of the great ones. The main theme of the present book obviously mirrors that of Neville.

We are also referred to Uell S. Andersen and his book "Three Magic Words" and to St. Germain's channeled "I am discourses".

Wayne reads widely and continually refers to and quotes from the work of past inspiring teachers/writers.

We are introduced to the concept of our highest self (=God). In fact one of his main theses is that we are God. We are not just a part of God, we are "altogether God" (to quote Uell S. Andersen).

The power of God's name, "I am" (which I have previously encountered through Harrison Klein) is absolutely a man theme of this book. Wayne reminds us to avoid following the words "I am" with a negative adjective such as "weak, poor, depressed" and so on, as most of us continually do in everyday speech. "By observing and teaching the I am awareness, you will become more aligned with your highest self" - (God).

The book includes photos of Wayne while teaching, etc. and these photos portray many orbs. Orbs contain angels (see the works of Diana Cooper).

We must ensure that we avoid negative thoughts immediately before sleep, as these will programme our subconscious mind negatively for several hours. Instead we should say positive I am-statements just before sleep - I am healthy, I am abundant, I am love, etc.

Wayne was recently given a leukemia diagnosis, but received remote healing from John of God, which healing he describes in the book. I trust he is now fully healed.

In the book's final chapter we are given a transcript of a "past" (parallel) life regression where Wayne describes his life as a man who had learnt that love solves all of life's problems, though no-one else in that life understood what "he was on about". The details of that life of his did not surprise me - he was/is a great man in that life and a great man in this one.

This book is absolutely one of the most inspiring and well-written books I have read for a long time, though I have read many inspiring books. It is definitely the best of Wayne's that I have encountered. I strongly recommend that you read it.
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on 29 July 2014
A couple of years ago I read a couple of Dyer's books, and found them to be "not me", both in terms of content and of written style. At that point my spiritual development was focused in a particular and rather "tight" way. As I continue to grow spiritually, I am much more open and receptive, and this Wayne Dyer book was exactly what I wanted and needed it to be. It was a very informative, stimulating and relevant read, which I undeertook solely because I had just read "Dying to be me" by Anita Moorjani, which had also pressed a good many positive buttons.

The only problem, with regard to Wayne Dyer's book is that, just before finishing it, my Kindle device broke down, with hundreds of pounds worth of books which I cannot read or re-read. Any advice on how best to proceed with regard to this problem?
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on 8 March 2012
While change is healthy, I am disappointed about the direction Wayne Dyer's writing has taken. He appears to totally disassociate himself with his earlier works, "Your Erroneous Zones" being one of them, and which was my self help bible during an underconfident youth.

I realise that life events change people, but it appears to me that following life-threatening illness or an escape from near death, some people become obsessed with death and dedicate the remainder of their life to manifesting the idea of an eternal life, in order to counteract their fear of dying. Consequently I too found this book an incoherent set of ramblings which were not a joy to read.

I respect that individuals adopt their own religious beliefs and that is fine. I bought this book however on the basis of the author's earlier writings and was shocked to find I was reading a religious sermon.

Not for me.
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on 26 September 2013
When I first came across this book in a book store, i nearly bought it but I didn't have much money on me at the time, while walking out of the store and just a few metres away, I found a ten pound note on the floor - virtually the exact cost of the book in this store (9.99), and this note was there for all to see, in a very busy shopping centre / mall, but nobody else saw it. So I got the distinct impression that I needed to read this book - and I really did, I can't describe just how brilliant it is.
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on 14 November 2016
Loving how this book is helping me to feel emotionally stronger thereby increasing my sense of self and positively impacting on my mental health. Changing 40 years of conditioning is going to be difficult to break but I know it will be worth it. I was meant to read this book and so are you!
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on 3 March 2012
I felt this book was somewhat all over the place...like a long ramble. It was OK, really, just added very little, if anything, to what's out there regarding law of attraction/manifesting. And that's the problem with the book: it promises to be a book about manifesting but the author tends to go in all directions, usually with episodes about his life that drag a little too long and don't seem to lead to any kind of satisfactory conclusion i.e. did John of God heal him? (Dyer claims he did not take any more blood tests after the "healing"). For Wayne Dyer fans that listen to him on Hay House radio or have attended his lectures, this book presents nothing new.

Saying that, what else can be added to the law of attraction kind of themes? The "I am" requirement to manifest failed to convince me. Any affirmation can work and Louise Hay puts it so simply and to the point. I'm left feeling that the "I am" theory had to be thrown in because something new had to be added to justify writing yet another book on this subject.

"The Power of Intention" also by Wayne Dyer remains, in my opinion, one of the best works ever written on manifesting, not "Wishes fulfilled"
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on 9 April 2012
This is a book that demands to be practised continually as well as read continually.

It would be very easy to casually read Wishes Fulfilled from cover to cover, because Dr Dyer's style of writing is incredibly easy to follow however, and this is a big HOWEVER ... I personally feel that to get maximum benefit from these teachings every chapter, every page must be contemplated on, reflected on and then most importantly ACTED upon.

We are living in a time where we are able to get 'stuff' NOW, whether it be information over the internet or material possessions ... but this is the kind of 'stuff' that is superficial and offers only temporary fulfilment. Surely the meaning of life is to obtain true understanding and wisdom of yourself and others, and that can take a lifetime (maybe even many lifetimes to achieve.)

There are many lifetimes of understanding and wisdom in this book ... and not all of it is revealed to the reader immediately. This is a book that will change as the reader changes.

A good analogy of how this book works on many levels is to think of a child and an adult watching an episode of 'The Simpsons.' Do you think the child will understand the same amount of storylines/jokes as the adult?

No because depth of understanding comes from depth of life experience.

I AM going to read and re-read this book and I AM going to action the suggestions within it ... I AM not going to underestimate the power of this book at every level.

Austin Wyse, Author of 'Without the Woo Woo'
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on 15 September 2015
Dr. Wayne Dyers life was dedicated to being a teacher. From his humble beginnings at birth to his death in August 2015, Wayne progressed through life to become a legend in his field. This book is another example of how to look at life and how to transform your thinking to become the person you want to become. He makes you think and through his books, you can explore your way forward. They do say, that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I was obviously ready to learn the teachings of Wayne Dyer, which isn't something new, it is just a different perspective of how he sees it and it is that which resonates with me. For those ready, this book will deliver. For those that buy and read this book and find it is not for you, then you are not ready to learn from Dr. Dyer.
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