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on 6 March 2014
This works really well. Have hooked it up to an iPad mini and a nexus 7 whilst at sea and beyond other signals. The gps signal on the navigation charts were excellent. Don't forget to turn off the Bluetooth from a previously used tablet. I wore it like a watch under my jacket and was very pleased with the connectivity and the signal strength.
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on 3 May 2017
Works perfectly.
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on 1 May 2017
Worked flawlessly
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on 12 May 2013
We used to use our phones as GPS units, as we both have smart phones with inbuilt GPS devices. They work quite well, and we had few problems with using them in this way - however the accuracy was not always particularly good, especially when in a city or driving on tree-lined roads. This also made our hobby difficult, as we are avid geocachers. A lot of the time, this requires a good GPS signal, even under tree cover. With our phones consistently getting lost under tree-cover, this made finding the caches much more difficult. When we decided to start placing our own caches, having a VERY accurate device was a must - but I didn't want to splash out on a hand-held GPS device that would be little to no use in the car.

This bluetooth GPS has completely revolutionised our geocaching and driving! Not only does it increase the battery life on our phones by about 4x (as the GPS on phones absorb battery!) but when it's on and connected, it generally can locate us to less than a meter, even under tree cover, and in built-up areas!

If you are trying to connect to anything which isn't an iPhone (we use our Android phones) - there is a little switch on the side which enables you to set it into the non-Apple mode. I recommend the 'Bluetooth GPS' app on the Play Store - but you will have to set the "Use Insecure Connection" to on. Once this is done, click connect and you'll be running!

The unit also comes with a plethora of useful additions, including a rubber dashboard mount, an elasticated wrist strap, a USB charger and a very sturdy car charger.

Very highly recommended.
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on 19 February 2013
Just to say that this great little Bluetooth remote GPS antenna works perfectly with my 16Gb iPad Mini (with WiFi and 3G chip) in an aviation environment using SkyDemon. Flew from EBCI to LFAT and back yesterday in a C172 after having tested the setup locally last week. Total confidence, simple setup and works 110%. It is a neat, modern-looking unit; the "sticky pad" accessory works great on the top of the aircraft glare shield and never moves at all. Connection to iPad was utterly simple and quick. If there is anything that the design engineers could look at again, I think it would have to be the armband/straps which do not appear to be to the same high design/manufacturing standards as the rest of the kit - more of an afterthought given to the apprentice to bash out! All in all, I am delighted with the unit, and with the Amazon "system". PG
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on 18 August 2012
Great little device. Received it three days after ordering. Comes in a neat little box.
The Setup went smooth and easy as described in the manual.
Connected to my iPad in a matter of minutes, and it just works.
Now that they are paired, i just turn it on, and I have GPS data.
5 stars for sure.
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on 29 September 2012
Much to my dismay, my iPad 3 came without GPS. Even if the salesperson didn't know, the Apple hotline didn't, I was supposed to know that without mobile broadband no GPS. Well, I didn't. Then it's great to get a product like this: it just works. You switch on the XGPS150A, immediately the iPad downloads an app, and everything is in order. I use it on my boat with Navionics app, it's great!
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on 22 September 2013
Got this yesterday to use with my iPad mini 16GB wifi only. It took just 2 minutes to set it up. Read the manual it is very straight forward and download their GPS utility to test it. I have tested it with CoPilot Live, native maps, MotionX gps software, they all worked fine. Just don't forget to change the switch to Apple compatibility.

The device is very small and well built. Small and unobtrusive. Some software may not work straight away such as MotionX gps software : here is the answer I got from them and it works for most problems:

Open the device's settings.
Tap on Privacy.
Tap on Location Services.
Toggle the top row to Off (this will turn off location services for all of your apps).

Reboot your device (press-and-hold the top button for 5 seconds, slide the red slider to power off, wait 5 seconds, then press the top button to turn your device back on).

Go back to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services and turn location services to On for your device. Also make sure that location services are set to On for Apps you want to use with your external GPS chipset module.
We believe location services will continue to work with all applications after performing these steps until another/new application requests permission. When a new application is first granted permission to use location services, the external GPS module will stop working with the device until the steps above are performed again (this is still speculative). We have forwarded the issue to Apple and hope they correct it in a subsequent update.

I am not sure about the strap they provided and still don't know how to use it. This is probably just me -:)

You might encounter another device called dual xgps150e. When I asked dual's support about it they assured me there is no technical differences to the xgps150a. 'A" for stands America and 'e' for Europe and that is all.

Overall I am very happy. 5 stars because there is no competition (except the Elf device).
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on 5 December 2013
I ordered this because of all the positive reviews, to pair it with an iPhone in the car for improved GPS reception and tracking. (The iPhone sucks at this out of the box.) However from day 1 in the car it wasn't good at holding a satellite lock, and often took a while to get a lock. I was using it with the TomTom maps (E. and W. Europe) and it wouldn't play well with that app, either. If it was taking a while to get a lock, the TomTom app would simply use the internal GPS, and then wouldn't switch to the external one once it came online with a lock. At other times the TomTom app just seemed to stop using the external GPS, switching back to the internal one. To be fair, this product is better than using the internal GPS receiver of the iPhone in the car, but it isn't massively better. I ended up returning it and ordering a Garmin GLO instead, which is immeasurably better, for about the same price. It is faster to get a lock, holds the lock almost always, is more accurate (the fact that it uses GLONASS as well as GPS, which this product doesn't, helps I'm sure), and updates 10 times a second instead of once a second. I wasn't sure if this would make a difference with the TomTom app (if the app is insensitive to a faster GPS because it only looks for an updated position once a second, a faster frequency GPS isn't going to help) but the TomTom app is now much smoother as well. The map updates more frequently, so scrolling is smoother, and the speed is more accurate and updates faster, too. With the above GPS, the car and be stopped and the speed will still say 30 - 25 - 20 - 14 - 9 - 3 - 0, taking several seconds to catch up. Not so with the Garmin GLO, it updates almost immediately. This is better at turns, too. Often I was frustrated when taking a turn because there would be a delay with the map not turning in orientation as well, so I wouldn't see what the next turn was, which if it is coming up fast, you need to know fast. If the map is 2-3 seconds behind in updating your position and doesn't swivel to show you the next turn, it is very frustrating - sometimes you almost feel like pulling the car over to wait to find your next turn. Once I got the Garmin GLO, there were no more such problems (which I had erroneously put down to the TomTom app).

In short, don't get this product, get the Garmin GLO instead, it's better in every way. There is one niggle, which is that you have to order the non-stick mounting pad (a must in a car) separately. It really should be included in the package (ESPECIALLY in the car version of the package, which comes with a car charger) and it is really unacceptable Garmin doesn't just include it and you have to order it for an extra £14 or so.
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on 7 March 2013
My wifi-only iPad Mini does not include GPS, which is standard on the 3G version. Dual’s XGPS150A remedies this shortcoming, albeit at a price. (I paid about £69).

Once you have paid though it’s pretty much all good news. The device is sensitive and pairs easily with my iPad. Even indoors (tested upstairs) it quickly acquires a full set of satellites. Dual’s free app (available from iTunes store) works fine, showing the satellite signal strength along with position, position confidence, altitude, speed and battery condition. The battery lasts for about 8 hours and takes about 3 hours to recharge via the USB connector provided.

This GPS receiver works with all the maps I have tested it with but beware that some (such as Google maps) need to stream data via internet. A wifi-only iPad cannot do this. However – usually for more money! - there are plenty of downloadable maps available (eg TomTom and nautical charts), which mostly come with an app to provide other navigational information.

My XGPS150A came with a 12V car charger, non-slip rubber dashboard holder and some carrying straps. It is well-made and does what I wanted.
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