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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Price:£19.97+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 11 March 2012
Pretty average game IMO, not very exciting. The career mode is very short (this is the only mode I have really used).

Loading times are awful; quite embarrassing given it's on a memory card.

Worth picking up for £15-20 I'd say; any higher and it's one to avoid.
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on 1 August 2012
I am a real veteran to all types of racing games e.g. mario kart, forza (2,3,4), PGR (1,2,3,4), TOGA (old), GT5 and i was expecting an awful copy of mario kart but with better dynamics and graphics but without that fun hour after hour gaming. I was amazed at how fun this was. Now I haven't played the latest mario kart and i am unaware if it has the same things as Mod Nation (track building, through car/person customising) but MN is amazing basically a mario kart for possibly 1/3 the price.


Time wasting
Good on battery life
Best ps vita game
MK competitor

Frame rate slows now and again (not often)
Tricky customization with the beautiful touch screen
Slow loading times (due to the hardware not software)
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on 11 November 2012
This is a good foundation racing game that I would not pay full price for. If you like previous ModNation Racers games then you will love this it is great fun to play. However it feels unfinished as though it isn't going to be the only ModNation Racers game on the PS Vita. It has all the features you'd expect from the PS3 and PSP version except you cannot play competitively online you can only download creations etc (I downloaded a kart I made on the PS3 version to the Vita version). The lack of competitive online play knocks its lasting appeal apart from downloading new track and completing time trials there's not much to do once you've completed the games career mode.
The fact that its called ModNation Racers: Road Trip and not just ModNation Racers makes it sound like its more of a spin off game. Having said that gameplay wise its a lot of fun and you get engrossed in the game its easy to mistake it for the PS3 version, visually and the fact you have most of the buttons from a DualShock 3. It's fantastic if you want a good vita game for cheap.

Gameplay 9/10
Visuals 9/10
Lasting appeal 7/10
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on 20 November 2012
the Modnation racers we all know from the PS3 and it actually plays and feels exactly the same i would say its a must buy for the Vita if the wasn't just the one vital flaw

NO ONLINE - what was they thinking a game like this needs online and if it wasn't for this it would get a perfect score from me, it even improves the level creation by using the rear touch pads you can literally create a map in seconds. the developers did say they might update online into the game but that was several months ago so its unlikely it will happen now.

if you can find this game for £15 or less i would defiantly get it but the new Sonic racer is out soon so you might want to save your money for that one
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on 10 March 2012
Of all of Sonys exclusives the Modnation series is pretty high up on the" who cares" list. That's not to say the series is bad in anyway, it's just so unimaginative and plain in many regards that it's almost difficult not to dislike it. The completely underwhelming response I received from my fellow gamers when I first showed off the PS3 version of the game speaks volumes. "Soulless" was one of many phrases tossed about to describe what I was showing.

Thankfully the PS3 version redeemed itself with a fantastic track editor which even my peers, whom turned their noses up at the games campaign, became enthralled with. Top it all off with the ability to go head to head with friends online and the game wasn't half bad.

Unfortunately (and inexplicably) the Playstation Vita "ModMation Racers Road trip" is some what a disaster of a game. Not only is the creation system broken in many ways, the developers have seen fit to excluded online multiplayer altogether. When you consider both the PS3 and PSP versions supported online multiplayer the lack of it here is inexcusable.

The track creator works fine if your looking to create very basic (and I mean VERY basic) tracks. Tracing the layout along the touch screen works well and the "drive to create track" returns too making the whole process fun and simple. Auto populating the track with objects is the best way to get the track filled with weapon pickups, traps and boost pads. Placing them accurately yourself demands use of touch controls and is, to put bluntly, totally broken.

No word of a lie tapping to place a jump ramp had the game at one point placing it somewhere metres off the track despite me having zoomed the camera right into the exact spot I wanted the ramp to be. Attempting to rotate this ramp once finally positioned somewhere close to where I originally wanted it was just impossible. The ramp flew half way up the track, fell through the terrain, hell it did everything but rotate a few degrees left.

Now if none of the above has put you off you may be happy to know the actual gameplay isn't too bad. Yes the steering is ultra sensitive, but if you have played ModNation on PS3 you're used to this. Furthermore the game, for the most part, runs smoothly. There is slowdown on occasion, particularly when the screen is cluttered with karts, but its never game breaking.

New weapons have been introduced as well as favourites from the previous games kept. Weapon pickups are few and far between on the track, a change made presumably in response to the criticism of the PS3 version that races were too chaotic. It's nice to not be constantly hit with rockets the moment first place is claimed however find yourself in last and be prepared to use boost to catch up not weapons as the AI are very good at collecting them before you can.

The main focus of the single player is a career mode consisting of five sets of five races plus a bonus stage. Difficulty ramps up pretty quick but thankfully any race can be restarted, you don't have to restart the entire set of races if you screw up. Doing well enough in the tournament will unlock the next set (all of which will be new tracks). I think this is mode most players will choose to play. It can be beaten in an afternoon though there are challenges to complete on each track such as earn a certain amount of draft points or take out a certain number of opponents.

The game looks good on occasion and rather plain on another. It looks a lot more washed out than the PS3 version and the track design isn't as good. There are no memorable characters in the game and the story element seen in previous game is nowhere to be seen. The menus require touch controls to swipe through which is bad enough but when you consider that there is no way to go directly to the mode you want without swiping through all the ones you don't the problem is made worse. Add to this a small pause to load each new mode menu and you have an infuriatingly incompetent system here. On top off all this the loading screed are long... really long which, when you consider the game is cartridge based, is inexcusable.

Final comments

San Diego Studio has utterly filed at bringing a decent kart racer to the VITA which may explain why the series is (I assume) being dropped in favour of the recently leaked "LittleBigPlanet Karting". The £35 price tag may be an insult but the same thing can be said for so are many of the VITAs launch titles. It's hard to have any positive comments to sign off on when it's easier to recommend the PSPs version of this franchise over the VITAs.
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on 12 August 2012
I loved the PS3 version of Modnation racers but this version just didn't have the same feel. Still a fun game nevertheless but i found the creation mode a bit of a pain and was buggy. It is a smaller version of the PS3 one and therefore if you have that version then do not bother buying this one. It is essentially the same game with less im afraid and i am disappointed. I was hoping that there would be the "Modspot" or whatever it was called where you could drive around freely and drive to the garages of the different modes but there is none of that on this game. Apart from the races there is nothing new in this game and they have more taken things out than brought new things in. And where are the commentators?!! I loved them on the Ps3 version and it brought that more of that fun feel to the game but now there is a hole left with there exclusion from this game. Fun= yes-ish, New= no. Is it worth your time= Depends if you had the PS3 version or not. Overall= 6/10 (Maybe slightly generous).
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on 3 March 2012
First of all, this game is good fun to play. The tracks are pretty good, graphics not bad, speed is also good. There are a lot of customisation options (slowly unlocked as you progress), which is needed, as the provided characters and tracks are quite limited! Making your own karts, characters and tracks give it some lasting appeal and satisfaction. The track creation however is quite fiddly on the touch screen.
Personally, I can't be bothered most of the time, so the fact that you can download other people's creations (for free) is a great feature...
The gameplay however, needs refining, there's too much emphasis on weapons and boosters, instead of pure racing. Sometimes the frame rate judders a bit, but doesn't really effect it too badly.
It's not mario kart, hasn't got the charm or the balance, but is a decent clone, and worth getting if you just want fun a pick up and play racer that doesn't take itself too seriously. Room for improvement...
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on 23 October 2012
ModNation Racers on the Vita is a pretty fun game, the races can be quite nice to play through and offer some what of a challenge - though it is quite a short game.

The real problem however, is the menu system, the buttons are incredibly hard to press and don't seem to register that I've pushed them half the time, the menu scenes itself lag quite badly and it can be pretty tricky to navigate your way through the menus to select a race - yet alone trying to build a Mod or a Kart (not tried a track yet).

The menu problem might seem like nothing, since the game is mostly about the races - and fair play, however when loading up a race you get to stare at a lovely red screen for far to long. Most of the time, you will be looking at your watch whilst waiting for the ModNation race to load.

Overall a real disappointment, ModNation has a really nice premise and the PS3 version was really fun to play with, but on the Vita it seems to be a very bad port. The races itself might be fun, but with the menu system running so slow, and needing to wait a while to load a race it can be a very painful game to play. If your looking for a kart racer on the Vita, you might want to wait for Sonic & All Stars (or hope LBP Karts is eventually brought across).
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on 31 August 2013
This is a really great game for the vita, amazing graphics, and lots of replay value, I had been looking at buying this game for a while now, and just wish I had bought it sooner! DO NOT HESITATE IN BUYING IT TODAY. The modification of tracks, people, cars, are awesome in this game, great for kids 5 to 10 year olds to get lost in for hours, some of the races can be challenging, that's where the adults have to step in, to complete the races to unlock items that can be used in track building mode.
Very good value for money, I'm now looking to buy another copy so the kids can play together by adhoc, the is no online play in this game, but you can challenge other people to beat your time.

Overall one of the best racing/modification games for the vita A+++
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on 28 July 2016
I can say this game is pretty mediocre there's no storyline the characters are way harder to control in comparison to the psp version I actually think this is a downgrade from the psp version. Menu's are sluggish and load times are ridiculous waiting for about 30secs for a track to load. Despite all these this game does have potential you use the touch screen to place tracks, place buildings, obstacles and manipulating the terrain this game has a lot of good features the thing is they can't outweigh the bad features of the game!
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