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on 20 June 2016
Technomate TM-5402 HD PVR ready satellite receiver

Purchased this box to replace sky , I was aware I would only get free to air channels so no problem with that side of things, the box was a dream to set up with the option to scan just free to air.
My only problem is with the EPG the description states 7 day EPG . Now the box itself has the ability to produce a 7 day EPG but lots of broadcasters dont transmit a full EPG, just a now and next program, some dont transmit anything at all, making it difficult to record future programs unless you set the time and channel manually.
Other problem again not the boxes fault, it says will record two programs while viewing a third on the same transponder, to those who are not satellite techy this means you can only record for example bbc1 while watching bbc2 it you try to watch itv instead it wont play ball at all, it seems you need the twin tuner version with a double lnb for that sort of functionality.
As mentioned these are not faults with the box itself, but perhaps they could be made a bit clearer for those who just want a straight forward set up to mirror a sky type scenario
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on 30 March 2016
This is an excellent box and is very versatile. However, I have found an anomaly has manifested after the change to BST on the 27th of March. It is no longer possible to record part of a programme by means of the manual timer. It registers that the action has been entered on the timer, but does not perform it. I have tried to overcome this by over riding the summer time change and making the change by using winter time of the rest of Europe and setting the clock by changing the location from London to Berlin, this has partially resolved the problem as it works for the current day only.

I am using it to record the 6 minutes of local news in BBC Breakfast time and it is set to 'Daily'. It merely switches on and does not perform any recording and shunts the the next timeslot to the following day, only to do the same thing. A neighbour of mine has found this problem too.
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on 30 October 2015
- Packed with loads of features
- Comes with a decent HDMI lead
- Menus are easy to use
- The tuner is strong and picture quality is good

- It does need to be updated with the latest firmware for it work perfectly
- The graphics of the user interfaces are outdated and low quality
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on 21 January 2018
Bought this to replace a TM5400 which stopped working after 5 years (other reviews do indicate the units don't last long). This is certainly an upgrade from the last version I had and I am pleased with the results so far. The installation guide could be better written though but if you bother to read it carefully you will eventfully get it set up properly. Key points was ensuring you allocate the key satellites to the "DiSEqC" switches. If you have no idea what this is then its a must to read page 4 of the instruction manual ;-). Also, it took me a while to get the internet functionality to work (I had to reset my router for starters and I had to update the software to make youtube work), but once done it all works a treat!!
As long as this works another 5 years, I am very pleased.
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on 28 April 2016
Bought this to replace an older version (Technomate 1500) that served me well for over 10 years and is still working fine, however, this has HD. It works fine and more responsive when changing channels. I trust the make and hopefully Technomate has managed to maintain their good quality over the years, but early days and still remains to be seen.
The installed firmware version is newer than the version on the support website, so no need for update so far. Loses one star for less than average website and poor user guide, although if I remember correctly, this is much better than their manuals in the past.
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on 18 December 2015
Possibly my favourite purchase on Amazon.

This is a great device. It may not be the best or the most well known, but there's a reason why it's liked by many.
I've had this for just a little over a year now and it's served me very well. Still is in fact.
It's very reliable, and being new to the world of satellite recorders I did a little research and decided to go for this one. It was a reasonable price last year, and it's an even lower price right now. I'm very happy with how it functions.

The HD picture is very good, it records as it should, and playback is good too.
It's also a nice solid build, not like a piece of plastic.

Okay, one or two critcisms. The EPG isn't great. It definitely needs an improvement in that department. It has also crashed on occasion. But only very occasionally.

In the long term it has been a very reliable machine which has served me well.
I'd definitely recommend this to anyone interested in purchasing an open satellite recorder. There are online forums with lots of friendly people to help you out if you don't know how to scan for channels or something. But I managed to get things up and running in a relatively short time without too much headache.

A very nice device which does what it should, and produces a very good picture in HD, and the quality of the recording is just as good as watching the live programme.
I would advise anybody wanting to record TV programmes with this to get a memory stick or hard drive with a fast write speed though. Because you can record more than one channel at a time if on the same transponder, so naturally you will need a drive or stick with a fast write speed.
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on 30 March 2018
Good to have if you do not want to be tied to Sky box but still want to have sat tv. System is easy to set up if you know what you are doing as a slight technical head is needed. My BIG moan is that you do not have the option to record one channel whilst watching another. The box itself has no internal HD though I have been told that the inners have got that capability. At the back of the box there is a USB port for a external drive or data stick for your programs to record to which is good if you want keep a recorded program as you can now transfer the stick/HD to you computer. My moan number two is that the two guys at the end of the helpline phone, from my experience, are not very customer friendly, be warned.
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VINE VOICEon 2 January 2018
Used for three months now. The standard remote is not so good, however the replacement ones are fare better. Adding channels was initially a little fiddly and took a few hours to get it how I wanted it. Once set up works very well. Can set up individual groups, so I have a group for my mother in law with all the Indian channels and another with all the English channels for the rest of the family.

Only down side for me, was I wish the main unit had volume buttons (Only buttons for standby and channel up and down on the main unit).
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on 15 May 2018
I bought this receiver because ive had Freesat for ages now, Freesat have dropped almost all the music channels at the moment off the Freesat EPG including Channel 4 HD with this Technomate Box you can get all the FTA stations from Astra 2, One thing to bear in mind is at the very start when you scan on the Astra 2 satellite's is to do a blind search that way you get all the channels then go back in the menu to delete all the scrambled channels like Sky etc then again move the channels to numbers you want not like where Sky or Freesat put them on so what's not to like? I'm very happy with this Technomate Box I'm not that bothered about recording from it anyway so if you are you can but you have to use a USB stick for recording programmes & that be a drawback for some people.
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on 17 July 2015
I have been a fan of Technomate for years. Bought one for mum in law, sister and myself. We use them to watch Polish TV. Just buy it. I have never had one fail and it is brilliantly designed and very user friendly.
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