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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Package Quantity: 1|Style Name: Moth Killer Hanging Unit|Change
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A while ago I unwittingly embarked on the Eco-Trip From Hell by installing natural wool insulation between the floor joists in my house. I did ask about moths at the time but my query was disdainfully brushed off with assertions that the stuff was borax treated and no moth would ever go near it. Fatal error on my part, and I only wish I could locate the salesman again so I could explain what really happens to him!

In The Real World my house is now plagued in Biblical proportions with moths. I'm talking several hundred of them in most rooms at any one time. I know this because I've hoovered them up and counted as I went. My main worry has been the bedroom wardrobes that contain a collection of clothes and suits that I most definitely do not want peppered with holes. In desperation I fitted a pair of these inside each wardrobe, hung from the rail. Despite the doors being ill fitting and easy prey for moths, I've been astounded to find that they've totally avoided going inside. The blighters are secreting themselves literally everywhere else but just not inside the wardrobes - I've not found a single one. As tests go, mine is an extreme one, and I'm most impressed because the moths certainly appear to avoid going near them. Fit a couple of these moth killers inside your wardrobe and it too will very likely be moth free! Gold stars all round and highly recommended.

One or two tips, gleaned from my experiences:

* NEVER fit woolen house insulation(!!!)
* Hang clothes outside in the sun and any moth larvae will wriggle out and drop off to avoid the light
* You can kill moth eggs by freezing your pullies
* Fly papers are a good way to catch extra moths
* Hoovering them up twice a day can help decrease population numbers before they breed.
* Placing a moth paper in every drawer is a sensible precaution.
* Moths are naturally absent from around November to March - just because you can't see them doesn't mean you have no infestation!


I see someone has asked whether this product can be used in a food cupboard. The answer to that is no, because they contain an active poison. Whether or not your food is packaged and sealed it's never a good idea to place any poison in the same storage area as your food!
Also, the species of moth that attacks food is different to the one that goes after your fabrics. But worry not, all is not lost!

If you have a problem with moths in your kitchen you simply need to buy a pheromone trap. Basically it's a sticky pad with a pheromone (a non toxic sex hormone) tab in the centre. Male moths are highly attracted by the scent, go to it and become stuck. They are thus killed before being able to mate with female moths. It isn't an instant end to all moths in your kitchen, but it does stop longer term infestations.

I also recommend you empty out cupboards in which you see moths and look carefully at any bagged or powder items, especially old bags of flour. If you see a lot of tiny dark dots on or around them it's likely they're moth eggs. Throw the affected items away, wash the cupboard and store replacement food stuffs inside sealed plastic containers.

I hope that helps :-)
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on 18 February 2013
Moved to a house with a serious problem of carpet moths. Have been using this one (plus Zero in spray) and i haven't seen one moth since september.
Just bought a few more so i can renew them.
Also, this is the best price!
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on 20 August 2014
This product came in different packaging than usual, the sliding plastic button to indicate when the unit should be replaced was soft/ melted and there was an unusual odour (different from previous units I've used). I don't feel that this is safe to use given the toxic nature of the contents.
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on 14 October 2014
When I unpacked the units (I bought 5 packs) the purple slider which you are supposed to use to remind you when it needs replacing was a soft blob as though it had melted. I couldn't put it next to clothes unless I scraped it off. I contacted Amazon and they were very good, sending replacements. Unfortunately they had the same problem. I scraped the purple off so I could use them. but don't know if the unit effectiveness has been affected. I haven't had any more little holes but I did freeze my clothes and use the blitz all in one kit spray. I think the verdict is out on this but the manufacturers need to sort out the issue with the purple slider.
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on 2 August 2013
I placed these hanging packs in all of my wardrobes. Initially I found a couple of dead moths in the wardrobes and near proximity and as far as I am concerned my moth problem has now been resolved. I would recommend this product as it is simple to use and extremely effective. No more moths! I will certainly use this product again.
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on 2 December 2014
What is it with the melted purple slider!? All 10 of mine came with the sticky 'blob' that is a nightmare to get off. That aside, I found the plastic to be flimsy compared to what I previously used, and the hanger hook was too small to get around my rather average wardrobe rail.
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on 28 April 2014
I like this product to be odourless and good size. It would last 6 months, which is not too bad as some of the similar products would last 3 months. The delivery was prompt - only 2 days! I am happy with this.
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on 18 August 2013
I did find 3 dead moths in my airing cupboard a short while after placing one of these inside, so perhaps it does work. But I would prefer to keep them away in the first place, so am now trying cedarwood essential oil liberally and frequently placed around the edges. Smells nice and so far no more moths.
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on 14 August 2013
I had a few moths appear every now and again. I have not had any since I installed the moth killer, but have not found any dead moths. So not sure whether it works or it is keeping them away instead of killing them.
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on 6 January 2015
I have used this product successfully for several years. However, each of the 4 double packs I purchased in December 2014 has the same fault: instead of a purple slide marker for indicating when the unit requires changing, there was a purple sticky blob. They were not out of date as each pack had an expiry date of June 2017. Until opened this morning they remained in the packing in a cool cupboard. That the change markers have dissolved is of little concern. What concerns me is the damage the blob might do to clothing.
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