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on 8 January 2014
I bought this to split the signal from my PS4 to my monitor and a capture card and it worked perfect. I have bought other similar splitter to this one from other sellers but the splitter's weren't able to bypass HDCP, this one does.

I have recorded games from the PS4 with 2 capture cards, a Avermedia game broadcaster HD and a Blackmagic Intensity pro.
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on 16 August 2014
I bought this HDMI splitter to transmit the signal from my Sky HD box to my television and my Hauppauge HD Rocket. Usually when you try and send an HDMI signal out to the Rocket there is a message that says the content is protected. This little beauty of a splitter helps to avoid that problem. Also, sometimes a television just won't let the signal in if the box reports a problem. Again, no issues here with this splitter.

I'm using it to record from my box to my computer so that I can watch the content at double the speed. I would not recommend using this product for copying content to sell, but for private use I'm sure it's fine. Many people use this to record their gameplay and upload it to youtube. It's perfect for that, also.

This box is approximately 2 inches square, and has an input for the device you wish to output, and 2 output sockets to send the signal to the two devices you'd like to output to, in my case my television and my Rocket. Some people use these splitters to send an HD signal to 2 televisions, for example one in the living room and one in the bedroom.

I haven't had any issues with this device since I got it a few weeks ago, and I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to output one HD source to two different inputs.
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on 5 March 2016
I bought this to use with my PS4 and AVerMedia Game Capture HD II. I also intend to try it out on my PS3 soon. As both devices have HDCP - although it can be turned off on PS4, this prevents the use of certain applications - I was looking for an inexpensive way to remove the HDCP while maintaining no loss in quality. There are many devices around which have mixed reviews on whether or not they can perform said function, including this product itself, but I gave it a shot anyway. It was ordered from a seller fulfilled by Amazon, so it wouldn't be difficult to return if there were any problems.

The packaging is a little different to that which is currently pictured. The unbranded box in the product listing instead has "iSolem" written on it, with a few other changes, so I assume this product is either a derivative of the pictured image or a copy. That immediately raised alarms, and it only got worse when I opened up the box to hear the device rattling. It was sitting fairly securely in a card frame, and pulling it out proved that there was indeed something small rattling inside. That said, the box is very light and the frame is a nice (metallic?) strong material. It is small and identical in appearance to the current listing's image, with the addition of the "iSolem" logo at the top left.

Bundled with the device is a tiny manual that less capable eyes will probably require a magnifying glass for, along with a USB power cable. There is no plug, so I assume you'll either have to provide one yourself or do what I did and plug it into a USB port. The manual... Isn't particularly reassuring. There are grammatical and spelling mistakes aplenty, with random capitalisation and non-capitalisation of various words. For example, "less loss of quality", "Before power on, pls check the connection line carefully. And make sure that all interfaces are normally connected" and "Non-Power-Connected - Check if the power adaptor head is truly and correctly inserted in the power socket." I did a little research into their provided website, [...], and discovered that it does not feature this product. I have no idea how such companies operate so I'm not sure if that's normal or not.

Anyway, after all that I was really hesitant to plug the blasted thing in. I envisioned scenarios of my PS4 bursting into flames, or the dreaded first-world problem of having to request a return from Amazon. Alas, I gritted my teeth and plugged the USB cable into my PS4. I fed my HDMI cable from the PS4 to the "INPUT" port of the device, then from the "OUTPUT2" port (I'm not sure why I chose 2, clearly in the panicking and stress my cognitive abilities were reduced) to my AVerMedia Game Capture HD II. From there it was connected to my TV. I booted my PS4 (note that the HDCP setting was enabled from before), at which point multiple green lights flared around the little device to show that it indeed had life. Still, something had rattled around inside when I handled it and I was exceedingly sceptical. Next I booted my capture device. Lo and behold, it worked! The plucky little blighter did indeed remove the HDCP protection, it was operating on power from one of the PS4's USB ports, and I noticed no loss in quality. In fact I took screenshots through the capture box (with HDCP turned off on the PS4 before plugging in my splitter for the first shot, and HDCP turned on with the cables going through the splitter for the second) and after much flicking between the two I could see no difference besides the time on the PS4's clock. I booted Rocket League to test if there was any latency, and from what I could tell there was none, even though it was passing through two devices on its way to the TV. I have not tested it with two active outputs so I cannot verify if there is any loss of quality or latency in such a situation, however.

I can only comment on this device from this one test, so I cannot yet say how long it will last. If it does break I will try and remember to update this review (you can do that, right?). For now though, thank you iSolem for giving me a device that seems to do the job I was looking for. In spite of the beads of sweat that rushed down my palm as I tested the device out, with more concern for whether or not it would explode than simply if it would work, I am relatively satisfied with the product.

That said, I highly recommend that you buy this through a seller that makes returns easy, just in case yours does turn out to be a mini bomb.
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on 20 September 2013
Works perfectly and for half the price of similar (if not identical) alternatives. Feels solid and well made too. Using one to split the output of an AV amp between a TV and projector and another to split the signal from a Sky box between the AV amp and TV (don't ask!).

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on 15 August 2014
I am very happy with my purchase and it arrived quicker than promised.
Fantastic little box. It splits the HD video and audio from my Virgin cable box between the big TV in the living room and the little TV in the kitchen. No loss of picture or sound quality.

Before you order then complain, make sure this is what you want. This duplicates the sound and picture from one source (Virgin/Sky box or bluray player etc) to two screens. It is not intended to join multiple inputs to one screen!
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on 25 February 2014
Great service received in a couple of days, and works perfectly with my Elgato.
I have tried a few splitters on the PS4 and this is the only one that worked
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on 23 September 2013
I decided to buy this after considering several different makes at different prices. I have a Sony Home Cinema Amp which only had 1 HDMI output. I have a setup which has a LCD TV for normal viewing and 3D projector setup. Before purchasing this I had to change the HDMI cable over depending on what I was watching.Now I just put on the screen I want to watch without any hassle or worrying about potential damage to the HDMI port having to continually change the output cable over.

The unit will display the highest setting depending on what is switched on. My TV is an older TV and is capable of displaying 1080i and my projector is full HD 1080p. i.e If both are on the maximum display output is 1080i. This is not really an issue for me as I bought to save on wear & damage to the HDMI connections so only ever have 1 on at any time. My projector is 3D and I can confirm this unit also allows 3D throughput.

The actual unit itself is metal construction and has a very solid feel to it. The box it comes in has no maker or supplier marked on it but I am sure these are mass manufactured and only have different markings on the metal box depending on who it is being supplied to as they all look the same other than that.

I have only had it installed for a few weeks but to date I have had no problems in it switching to which ever display I am using. All in all a fantastic little box & does what it says it should. Why pay over the odds when this does the trick.
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on 23 March 2016
This is going to be a fairly lengthy review (apologies in advance), as I'd like to help others who may be having similar issues to what I had before using this splitter.

I recently built a new media PC in order to downsize from my previous gaming rig to use in my living room, to be plugged into my Panasonic Viera TV (approximately 3 years old). After getting everything hooked up and switched on, I was greeted with a variety of coloured lines being displayed on my TV, which had never occurred when using my previous PC using the same display, cables and connectors. Unfortunately my TV only has HDMI inputs, so troubleshooting with a VGA cable was not possible. After trying out different DVI adapters and HDMI cables I was still having the same issue. Many hours of research and a lot of cursing later, I came across some sites which pointed towards something which is built into HDMI cables called HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection). HDCP can apparently cause issues with content not being allowed to display or for content to appear with artefacts and distortions. Armed with this new information, I researched further into ways to get round the HDCP issue, nearly all suggestions pointed to the use of a HDMI splitter. Some of these devices are supposed inadvertently to strip the HDCP from the HDMI connection to the display device, therefore I began the task of finding a splitter which reviewers said could carry out this job, which led me to the device which I am currently reviewing. Once I was satisfied by the amount of positive reviews stating that this device could strip the HDCP, I took the plunge. After speedy delivery via Amazon Prime, I got this splitter plugged in and hooked up between my PC and TV, excited to see if it would work. After a tentative push of the PC power button, I was greeted with the glorious sight of the PC's splash screen :D So with all of the above, I can safely say that the issue I was having was an issue with the HDCP, which this device successfully stripped.

A bit of an overview about the device itself:
This splitter is very well built, with a nice weight which makes it feel more robust than a lot of cheaper electronics that I've bought previously. All the connections feel robust enough to withstand plenty of switching cables etc (just in case you need to move your devices round etc on a regular basis). Mine came with the required power supply/plug, so no issues with powering on. The splitter was well packaged in the standard Amazon cardboard envelope and was delivered next day via Prime delivery, which was an added bonus.

Overall I'm a very happy chappy, and have hopefully been able to advise/help others who may be in a similar situation. Apologies again for the lengthy review :D
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 March 2016
Wow, this seemed to good to be true but absolutely delighted that it works as detailed here. I basically wanted to transfer some years old TV recordings from a 'box' that I didn't want to lose as I have a new 'box' coming soon and learned that this little box of tricks can help. It does! In my case I also obtained the Elgato Game Capture HD60 and hooked them all up. The dual HDMI output worked really well and the HDMI lead to my Mac enabled capture. This dual output HDMI box was key in making it all work.

I will review the Elgato later but for now this little gem is highly recommended. I may well grab another 'in case' as this is one to have a backup for. For the price it is highly recommended.
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on 27 February 2014
Firstly bonus points it arrived earlier than expected. Now what you have to do is plug the power source, then you have to plug the PS4's HDMI cable to the splitter's input, then plug another HDMI cable to output of the box into the capture's card input. Last but not least have the capture card output plugged into the tv's and there you go. Simple, no need to buy other accesories where you have to buy optical cables etc. This bypasses the HDCP and allows to record PS4 footage.
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