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on 11 June 2014
Packed full of tips and techniques not only is the Kindle version excellent value but you can take full advantage of the links to online video tutorials and more. Tony Northrup has quite an engaging style as does his wife Chelsea whose video tutorial on posing for portraits is excellent. Thee are nice touches of humour and I like the way the authors say they they are still learning too. There are quizzes to check your learning and practice exercises. There is something for most levels of photographer and this is a resource that I can see me returning to time and time again. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 27 March 2015
Wow I cannot recommend Tony Northrup's books highly enough. I have this one plus his one on adobe lightroom 5. Not only are they excellent they allow you to join his facebook page as well as his private stunning digital photography community. Apart from all the knowledge and learning in the books you can get advice and help on gear, your own photos (you can choose how gentle it is) and help others as well as chat. For example I posted a question about lenses and in 30mins I had 20 helpful suggestions from other photographers. The books come with QR links (or web address links) to a host of videos that back up the tutorials in the book which are very helpful and Tony and his wife Chelsea are just so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Honestly you buy a book (or a few) and you become part of a community - I think it is fantastic and am so pleased I bought them. You get discount if you want to buy webspace to show off your photos and Tony even shows you how to set one up. I am positive if you buy these books you wont be disappointed. Chelsea makes a massive contibution too so you get 2 experts opinions for the price of one!
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on 9 November 2017
It is a really decent book, but it's seriously shallow. Barely scratches the surface and really skips over a couple of fundamental areas. It should be really listed as a beginners book.

Can't fault it too much though, it does what it sets out to do, in most cases. Couple of chapters are a bit lacking.

This is a book for people who've just picked up a camera and have no idea how to use it and want to have just a basic understanding to take some nice holiday or family pictures. If you want to work in Photography maybe give it a quick read but quickly graduate onto other books.

It's a training wheels approach to photography. Which is my issue lays, it doesn't go above and beyond the call. It sits comfortably within the confines of only telling you the absolute basics. It has that jack of all trades, master of none feel to it.
Everything's going to be explained a little bit, but nowhere near to the point where you're going to have an actual comprehensive understanding of anything.

If you're a beginner, you should absolutely read this..
If you've been about photography for a while you should really avoid this, unless you want to learn something you may have missed.
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on 5 May 2017
I love this book. I had a sudden urge to study photography and out of blue bought a very expensive camera. upon looking up how to use it I came across Tony Northup and his presentation style has captivated me so much I bought this book. What a bargain! It explains everything so well, teaches how to make a picture (and not just take one) but not over the top details. I find this book very informative, engaging style, just the right amount of information delivered perfectly. it opened my eyes and fell in love with this subject. I can see this book giving still a lot of information to more advanced people as well. I love how there is a consistency in the style of videos, by watching them you grow to know Tony and Chelsea. They are passionate about the subject and it really show. well impressed
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on 8 October 2017
Had the Kindle version of this book, and I think it's worth every penny and more. Not only does one get a real good learning experience from the book but there are many links to videos made by the authors, and they are so good, not the most polished videos but that is where they win for me, they feel like they are friends and really want to help. I am trying to relearn photography after illnesses have affected my memory and I am like a newbie, this has been the only way I've been able to take the information onboard. I highly recommend this book.
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on 5 November 2017
I have watched a few of Tony's You Tube videos he is a very natural presenter and gets into a lot of good detail in an easy to access way.
I just returned Gordon Laings book because for me the type is too small....( I'm sure the book is good)...........This book however I have in kindle /computer and tablet/telephone
So I can watch/read it at a type size that suits me. ( a great benefit of kindle)
I can also carry all the wisdom around with me .....so its there as a reference should I need it.
Lots of great useful videos too
great value........................
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on 24 December 2017
Excellent book with links to instructional videos, really impressed with this book

In the 80's I was a freelance photographer with 'wet' film, forgot all my skills and the techniques for digital photography are different so really interesting to find this guy online (youtube) he doesn't tease you with snippets of info but takes you through all the procedures, Great approach so I bought the paperback book, and will get a couple more from him.

This would also make an excellent present for a beginner or semi-pro.
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on 10 February 2016
I have been taking photos for many years using point and shoot, and bridge cameras, having recently upgraded to my very first DSLR I thought it was worth the time and effort to learn how to control my new camera. So having seen may of Tony's videos on YouTube and the many attached adverts for his book (and having learnt a lot but in a very disjointed way) I decided to take the leap and buy the book.

The first thing to say is that I was not at all disapointed with my purchase. I have taken my time and read this book from front to back. The book is well layed out and leads you through the many topicks in a natural and inteligent way. At the end of each chapter there is a quiz, don't worry its just for fun,but at the same time challenges you to put what you have just learned into practice, then after that there are a list of practicle tasks which help you to reinforce what you have learned and take it to the next level, developing your skills as you go.

Whilst I know this is only the begining of the journey I have chosen I know that thanks to Tony & Chelsea my Photos will improve through practical knowlege and the use of the lessons learned, and not so much through luck. I would happily recomend that anyone who is starting out, or is looking for help improving their photography, should try this book.
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on 18 July 2017
I came across Tony and Chelsea's YouTube channel only recently. I was blow away by his technical expertise and his understanding, at a scientific level, of the various technical areas within photography. I am by no means new to photography - having been involved in wedding/portrait photography for more years than I care to remember before my retirement.

I am now simply a 'hobbyist', but soak up the YouTube Channel like a sponge. This book, at this price, was too good a deal to miss out. I was not disappointed, and even to my jaded eye, I still picked up some new and useful ideas.

If you are a photography geek, or someone just wanting to improve their photography THIS IS A NO BRAINER.

Thanks Tony & Chelsea for a fabulous read. I gave it 5-star only because there wasn't 10! It's that good.
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on 14 October 2017
I have just started out in DSLR photography, having decided that, although my phone is convenient for quick "snaps", I needed to go further in producing photographs that I would be proud to look back on in years to come; and this book is a " must have". Tony Northrup has an inimitable way of explaining different aspects of photography in a simple and concise way without being condescending to the beginner. Every situation you are likely to find yourself in is covered and is accompanied by links to hours of free, downloadable video. There is a very comprehensive list of content, enabling you to quickly find expert guidance and tips on day and night time photography, from weddings and sunsets to photographing fireworks and the night sky. If you are more advanced in your photography, it covers advice on how to use computer software to enhance your images and produce professional results. All this for such an extremely low price, I don't think I will ever need to buy another digital photography guide! Brilliant!
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