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on 1 April 2015
Just purchased this drive, received it very quickly it came in a sealed anti-static bag which in turn was inside a bubble wrap bag all packed in a small cardboard box. On receiving the drive I partitioned it to GPT and formatted it to NTFS copied over all my files from a 500gb drive all went well and the drive is working fine but it took some time to do. Now this is the point that I discover the problem. When I go to swap the drives over I noticed the label on the NEW dive that I received and it read.


Nowhere in the description does it say it is a faulty HDD that has been repaired and there is no way of knowing how reliable or how long the drive was used BEFORE it was repaired. If I had known it was a repaired drive I would not have purchased it.

*UPDATE* Just checked the date code 13181 This equates to 02-11-2012 (Over 2 years old), Just requested a refund.
*UPDATE 2* Please note the supplier of this disk was "InvisibleMedia".
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on 27 October 2013
I use an SSD as my main drive, and this one for storage. It is a single platter, giving it less potential points for mechanical failure, and is thinner than most multi-platter drives.

So far it has been working fine, and I have but one complaint: Seagate have made the baffling decision to include an energy saving head-parking feature in the firmware, similar to that found in WD Greens. This means that if the drive is inactive for more than about 30 seconds, the heads park, making an annoying clicking noise and taking a second to move back again when you next access the disk. While the jury seems to be out on whether excessive head parking actually damages the drive, it's certainly damn annoying, and I was forced to download software which turns this feature off every time the computer boots (as you can't save the modified settings).

This isn't a deal-breaker, and if you use this as your OS drive it may be kept busy enough that the head never parks at all, but it is certainly something to bear in mind when considering this drive.

As Philip comments, a firmware update is available which purports to fix the issue. However, when I tried to apply it I received an error message, so your mileage may vary there.
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on 21 February 2014
I got this drive, installed it in my case & made sure I didn't have static electricity (wristband), I then installed it very carefully and booted up my computer. The drive was recognized and everything was fine. After a week of usage, I then watched a movie that was stored on it. It then started to skip frames, lag out, cut out etc. I did a S.M.A.R.T test & to my surprise there was A LOT of bad sectors. I asked people on Tomshardware & SpeedFan said that I needed to replace the drive immediately.

I asked for a refund and Amazon was very helpful. I know have bought a WDC 3TB one instead, waiting for it to arrive.
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on 17 March 2017
Seagate ST1000DM003 3.5 inch 1TB Barracuda Hard Drive
Seagate Barracuda 1TB
This item I returned straight away for the following reasons:
1. The item label on the {HDD} the name BARRACUDA is not written- just say
Seagate 1TB HDD.
2. There was no document/leaflet enclosed by the manufacturer to say what it is or
To assure quality of the product.
3. Nothing about the Guarantee because Seagate products usually register on line with them.
4. I have included 2 photos of a Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD below [which I want to replace]
5. There is a Seagate HDD -BARRACUDA with a Green label anewer version. Had I seen that I would have purchased it
6. Attached below is the Seagate’s official response after I kept on inquiring about these anomalies:
The first two photos are the HDD that I want to replace and 3rd is the the one advertised and returned
review imagereview imagereview image
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on 18 October 2017
Worked great at first. now at almost 2 years (luckily just within the 2 year warranty period) it has failed. drive showing its running at 100% with simple small file transfer / reads / writes. This is causing a very slow boot as well. I tried a different drive on the same sata port / cable and this works fine. I tried the drive in a caddy on a different computer and got the same issue so definitely the drive at fault (it only had about 500 GB of data on it). I am trying to copy important data across before it breaks completely but it is very very slow going. hopefully i can get the important stuff before it goes completely. Thankfully due to amazons amazing customer service i am not going to end up out of pocket on this occasion as they have arranged for a refund so i can send this one back and purchase a new one. I guess although unlucky it broke i was lucky it did so just within the 2 year warranty and that amazon have such great customer service. If you have one i would recommend using seagates drive tools to scan it periodically to check for errors especially if you are approaching the end of your warranty period. Although to be honest they couldn't do anything to fix mine.
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on 24 June 2017
Ordered @ March 2017, Installed my OS onto it and throughout the first two weeks of use i started noticing minor problems such as small freezes and forced HDD fault scanning provided by Windows 10 OS. By the middle of April i started getting "beeping" sounds from my hard drive followed by 3-5 second OS freezes. Luckily i always back-up important data to my external drive on a daily basis, but if i didn't I would've lost 20-30% of my data permanently. The useless "SeaTools" provided by seagate website implies that all the faults are fixed after a long "Fix All" session and doesn't even say there are any problems in the first place. Right now I can barely use the drive at all, anything that i write to it gets corrupted 50% of time, going straight to a shredder. I've had hitachi HDD 500GB and some other drives for past 5 years and not even once i've come across similar problems, hence my only assumption in addition to all the similar negative feedback this drive is getting that it's simply faulty piece of hardware being openly sold. Would accept different brand SSHD/HDD replacement.
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on 17 June 2014
I've purchased 2 of these in the last week, both fulfilled by Amazon.

The first one was great, hard disk worked well, very quiet and speed fine for storage. It arrived packed in a box inside a box, with the hard drive suspended in the normal foam/polystyrene packaging frequently used.

The second was a completely different story. Packaged loosely with a small amount of plain brown paper (not even the corrugated paper you sometimes see), it was unsurprisingly DOA.

To add to this, on this item Amazon do not offer a replacement, you have to return the disk, wait for a refund and then repurchase.

The Good:
Great drive
Very quiet

The Bad:
Amazon's packaging on some occasions will lead to unit being DOA - poor show on an expensive bit of kit!
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on 28 December 2015
I recently bought this for my PC. I make YouTube video's and using screen capture programs , video editing software and even compression software , that mean's multiple copies of a video , and having it uploading to a website there can always be a chance of corruption so I always need to keep the video file on my PC for a while to make sure it's okay. This can be from 10GB to 100GB per video and having a 500GB HDD that my PC had before was horrible for video editing. This new 2TB HDD is perfect for me. It's one of the fastest HDD's on the market and with the 64MB Cache it's also very helpful for recording. The screen capture writes 20MB per second this can be very stressful on a HDD. I bought this as my HDD was filling up and It wasn't helping having all my PC's programs such as the game and every thing else on it using up some of the HDD's resources. I bought this just for recording and other games when not being used for recording. Luckily mine arrived as a Thai version as I read up about some of these HDD's coming from china and being faulty. It's large capacity is amazing and the fact it's very cheap is also what intrigued me into buying this specific Hard drive.I have owned this HDD for about 20 day's now and if there was a fault it would have probably shown up by now.
If you are looking for a HDD that is cheap and reliable then go for this one , Just make sure you get a Thai version.
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on 18 February 2016
I bought this for my sisters PC. It was one of the cheapest at the time, which influenced my decision.

The drive is very typical of most other drives you'd find from any other company.
Many people claim that Seagate drives have low reliability, however, for every story you hear about this company, there is another very similar story for every other manufacturer out there, so I wouldn't let the bad reviews put you off too much. If you're wanting reliability, you should probably look into a backup solution like a NAS, a cloud service or RAID.
I have actually had a Seagate drive fail on me, however, it was being abused for eight years, so you can expect it to die at some point.
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on 14 December 2017
Bought 4 of these just over 3 years ago, 2 from Amazon, 2 from elsewhere, for a desktop PC RAID-5 array. (HP Z--series) used for maybe 3-4 hours most weekdays.

3 have been replaced (under warranty) since then, the fourth has just failed but is now out of warranty. The main boot drive (also a Seagate but a 1Tb drive) has performed flawlessly throughout but now all 4 x 3Tb drives have failed - luckily no data loss due to the RAID array, just glad two didn't fail at the same time !

Wouldn't buy another Seagate drive even if it were half the price of the competition
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