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on 21 August 2015
Steel vacuum flasks/tumblers review.
Rather than review individually, reckon it more informative to provide comparison of all the ones purchased on Amazon website and are being used. These are :-
Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler 470ml
Primus Commuter Mug, 300ml,
Contigo Aria - Travel Mug with Lock, 600 ml,
Bodum Travel Press Set Coffee Maker, Purple, Lime Green + Off White, 350ml,
similarly, Bodum Vacuum Travel Mug, Stainless Steel with Black Lid and Band, Small, 0.35 l, 12 oz
Which keeps the hottest for longest ? Best one at number 1 below :-
1. Contigo Aria - Travel Mug with Lock, 600 ml (obvious really as it has largest volume of hot water to begin with in its container.
2. Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler 470ml
3. Primus Commuter Mug, 300ml
4. All the Bodum's are the same and ranked 4th. The lids are not sealed (there is a tiny vent).
They each claim so many hours of keeping hot and so many for cold. I beg to differ and reckon it all depends on ambient temperatures. On average on a winter's night in Southern England 3 hours is maximum of what you could possibly stretch to, to say kept hot in the 470ml Contigo.
Although the Contio 470ml juts out the side elasticated pockets of a PacSafe Shoulderbag VentureSafe 300
(http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005N0NBSU?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00), it stays in while the bag is worn while walking around and shopping. However, its size got in the way when inserted into the cup holder of one of our cars. (The holder was in front of the gear stick and it was difficult enough trying to insert the tumbler into the holder while the car was stationary - it was too tall and the console below the dash board prevent it from fulling sitting into the holder.
This prompted the purchase of the Primus Commuter 300ml insulated tumbler. The short height and the narrow base allowed it to go inside any of the bup holders in any of our cars and could be access with ease while driving. However, the design of the seal in the lid was a problem. It wasn't quite as easy to use as the Contigo but worse, after a zip of a drink, the design of the seal meant a bit of liquid always present in the mechanism (due to water's surface tension etc.). Upon closing the seal, this inevitable liquid shoots out of the hole for drinking. After coffee dropplets spray out of the hole onto steering wheel and dashboard, I gave up using the Primus inside any of the cars. It is relegated for walking trips where it is held in external side pockets of backpacs.
The 600ml capacity Contigo was bought for longer car journeys. It has advantages and disadvantages over the 470ml design. The seal is improved with a lock. The button to open the seals now also slides to lock (should you want to) after the seal is shut. The base of the flask has a good silicon rubber ring such that if you accidentally slam it onto a table top too hard, there won't be damage to either. The rubber also makes it less likely to slide of a table on a rolling ship where I often work. But, this rubber and the wider diameter of the flask base (compared to the 470ml Contigo) makes it less easy to slide in and out of the main cup holder (behind the gear stick) although it goes in ok at the big cup holder at the door in another of our cars.
The difference between the Bodum Travel Press and their mug is the inclusion of additional lid which has a press - great for coffee drinkers. Works for tea leaves also. In fact, we bought more travel press than mug because they were discounted to lower price than the mug. These Bodums are mainly for indoor use as they are not leak proof. Bought these because they are insulated but also to replace ceramic mugs which kept leaking and cracking. The Bodums all have rubber base. Need a long tea spoon to fish tea bags from the bottom of these mugs. I would say these Bodums are good for about two hours for hot tea. The wider, rubber base makes these lease easy to slide into the main cup holder as compared to the 470ml Contigo
If I had to choose one model, then I would choose the Contigo 470ml (with the narrowing base (because noticed there is a newer 470ml design with base diameter about the same size as the waist)) because the size and design is suited to most situations /cup holders.
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on 9 November 2014
This is a fabulous product. For the price it is, in my experience, unparalleled for its ability to maintain a drink's temperature for over five hours. I drive long distances sometimes and am always astounded to find, three or four hours after I made a hot drink in the Primus, that it is the same temperature as when I made it. At that time, it will be the same or only slightly cooler than when freshly poured and certainly too hot to do anything more than sip. Similarly, putting in squash made with water chilled in the fridge and leaving ti for several hours still yields a very cold drink.
It is easy to clean because it its simple screw fit construction. My Primus was starting to smell strongly of coffee such that I was wondering if it would taint any other beverage I put into it. However, putting a slice of lemon or lime into the cup, filling it with water and putting the lid on for a couple of hours removes all odour.
I strongly recommend this product. It is value for money.
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on 8 July 2015
I've now owned this mug for 18 months. It's very good for keeping your drinks hit. I've started drinking from it two hours after making my coffee and it's still reasonably hot. There's no metallic flavour and the sealing mechanism is great - I've had no trouble with it in a bag or accidentally knocking it over in the car.

I do take issue with the painted finish. After 18 months of use (probably twice a week) the coating is flaking off in chunks. Not great turning up to work with white flakes all over your suit. Bearing in mind that this is at the pricier end for a travel mug, this shouldn't happen.
review imagereview image
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on 3 November 2016
Firstly I have to admit to being a massive fan of these mugs (everyone in the family has one and they all love them) and here’s why:
1. The drinking lid is perfect for commuting travelling, no more carefully pour out, just drink straight from the flask.
2. The button on the lid is genius and easier to use even when using gloves
3. As long are the top is done up tight and the button is off then these mugs never leak
4. They keep your drink hot for up to 3 hours and nicely warm for up to 5 hours
5. WARNING – They keep drinks too hot for a short commute so need to add cold water for immediate drinking!
6. The Stainless steel body is very robust, nothing to break even if dropped (My kids take them to school every day in winter and if they can survive their school bags they can survive anywhere!)
7. Easy disassembly for cleaning and dishwater safe.
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on 11 March 2013
I have been through a selection of flask mugs in the past, but this is far superior to any of them, the reason being the hole in the top through which you drink.

On all the other mugs I have seen, this is generally a simple flap which slides across, consequently if the mug is anything other than upright, its contents slowly seap out all over the place.

On the Primus mug the seal is actually a spring loaded push button with proper seals, you can actually leave it on its side or upside down and the contents stay in the mug, I would be quite confident to keep this mug full in my pocket.

Performance was not an issue for me as all the mugs I have had keep liquids hot for long enough, but it certainly does seem to keep liquids hot for longer, to me this is a bit of a downside (someones got to moan!!) as that hot mug of tea I made earlier for my drive to work is still too hot to drink an hour or two later!

So to conclude its wasted in the car for my drive to work, but would be absolutely perfect in my rucksack whilst I am walking, or even to put in my pocket for a train or coach journey!!
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on 15 March 2013
I have been using this mug for about a week now and it does everything the manufacturer promise you. It keeps your beverage hot for hours and definitely doesn't leak. All good and fine but (big but), it has a very unpleasant smell! It is a strong rubber/plastic smell that doesn't matter how much I have washed it just doesn't go away. The worse part is my coffee taste and smell plastic and and as you can imagine, completely ruins it! I am hoping the smell will go away with use but I am not holding my breath. Very bad design, they should have used a in-odorous and tasteless material,surely.

Updating my review...after a few weeks the smell has disappeared. Actually, it did disappear after I left it full of coffee for a few days...Hooray! I am now using the mug everyday without any problem so it is not a lost case. I still think the smell shouldn't be there in the first place, though...
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on 23 January 2017
i love this mug. i use one everday. several times a day. for years..
its waterproof... meaning you can put it in youre pocket with no spillige.
how ever i must say it needs cleaning offcouse. and rubber seal sometimes get loose.
but again i have used it for years.. so it migh thave gotten loose..
and that i have "melted" stripes in th etop platic part. for better grip if wet hands..

totaly recomended. get the steel one..
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on 15 January 2015
First version of this comment at : 15 Jan 2015
Last Edit of this comment at : 15 Jan 2015 [Edited : 0 times]
I have just got my black Commuter Mug, I filled it with boiled water and wait to check how it works.
I'll update this review regularly to be a reference for anyone who looks for a good coffee mug, this review contains every thing about this mug and how to ensure that it will not leak.

Let's talk about the delivery and packaging, I ordered this mug at 7 pm 12th January and it arrived to amazon locker at 15 Jan 11:41 am. Knowing that it's been dispatched from German, so it came in a short time. The mug came in a normal box and normal packaging.

The bottom of the mug made of rubber to prevent reasonable sliding,well, it doesn't mean to put it in a sloped surface, good idea. The with the red button with the top, it's made of red rubber, well, if you look closely it will look dusty a little bit because the rubber catches the dust, didn't like it.
Even if it's filled with hot water, you will not feel anything when you hold it. A warm feeling between the top of the mug and the bottom of the lid (the area between them, maybe because of the air leak), well, it is nothing but I've written it to be a full guide.

I've tested the leaking many times, and I can clearly say that it leaks and it doesn't leak at the same time. Well, if you filled it with a water and close it tightly then flip it, it will leak about 25ml of the liquid but not anymore. So the idea here, when you fill it with water of coffee flip it and remove the excessive water on the lid, and you can put it safely in your bag. Well, I think it will be a good idea if you cover it in a small plastic bag for extra safety.

Another important thing to mention, there is like a lock on the button, the idea here that after you fill it with water and flip it to remove the extra water, then the button will be a little bit hard to click, which means it's locked. A little bit pressure will remove the lock and you can enjoy your beverage.
Important Note: If you click the button on the top, the lock will be removed, which mean there will be excessive water on the lid, so be sure to remove the extra water if you are going to put it on the bag. Every time you drink from it, extra water will be on the lid, be sure to remove it if you don't want it to leak.

I'll update this review regularly and I'll post soon how many hours it saves the beverage hot.
It should me mentioned that I bought this mug after I have returned another mug from alfi called [alfi 5607 205 ecoMug Insulated Drinking Mug Frosted Stainless Steel 0.3 L].
review image
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on 9 August 2013
This is the best Mug I have ever had, in fact I was so pleased with it I ended up ordering a second one.
Perfect shape and you can just throw it in a bag without any worry of anything spilling out.
Keeps tea or coffee hot for hours and hours and is the ideal Travel Mug.
So simple to use by just pressing the button on the top to open and close it.
The mouth part is perfect for sipping your drinks and the top comes apart for easy cleaning just by turning it from the inside.
The inside Stainless steel is easy to clean and is a good shape to get right to the bottom.
Fits into any cup or mug holder, I have one on my wheelchair and is a perfect fit leaving your hands free to wheel about.
The finish of this Mug is also very nice and has shown no wear or scratches. It also has a rubber bottom to stop it from slipping.
I have also had some remarks when using it. People ask where I got it from, also cafeteria staff at Costa in the hospital I go for checks and ask them to fill it up for me with their great coffee have said several times that it is a really nice Mug. :-)
I just Love this Mug and would recommend it to anyone.
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This cup does a good job of keeping drinks hot, I've scolded my lips a few times hours after making a drink.

However, the sealing mechanism just isnt good enough, I never overfilled it but resorted to wrapping it in a plastic bag before commuting to aviloid spillage in my bag.

Also, after a couple of months of use the lid became crossthreaded and became inoperable (no idea how this happened, I didn't screw it on particularly tight). Wouldn't budge even using a vice and wrench so ended up throwing the flask away.
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