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on 28 January 2012
As an aficionado of Gothic European/Italian cinema, this came as a complete shock. Its a patience testing potboiler with a bored performance from Christopher Lee and next to nothing in the way of atmosphere nor story. The only element of interest is the lovely cover artwork by Graham Humphreys.
I'm basing my comments on the French bilingual Artus 2011 dvd release, which I assume this UK edition is utilising the same print. PQ wise it looks great, correctly framed 1:66:1 16x9 w/s and the mono sound was problem free.

I hope someone manages to restore and release the far far superior 5 Graves For A Medium aka Terror Creatures From The Grave aka Cemetery of the Living Dead with Barbara Steele.

Hope this was of help to potential buyers.
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on 17 July 2012
CASTLE OF THE LIVING DEAD is another one of several Euro-Gothic horrors that I first encountered at my local drive-in theater in Greenville, South Carolina. I don't remember what I saw it with (this was over 40 years ago) but I remember it standing out because it was in black & white. I had recently seen Cocteau's BEAUTY & THE BEAST and was struck by some of the visual similarities as well as a general sense of unease about the whole film. The stone monsters on the castle grounds (a real place in Bomarzo, Italy) and Christopher Lee's collection of instantly embalmed creatures made quite an impression. So did Donald Sutherland's grotesque witch even though I didn't know who Sutherland was at the time. I later saw it a couple of times on TV but the print was terrible (16mm) and the framing was wrong but I still enjoyed it anyway.

A few years back I purchased a DVD-R version of the film but it was the same substandard American International TV print but it was all there was. Until now. Having read about this version being taken from a 35mm print was enough for me to order a copy. Even though I live in the States, I have a region free DVD player so that I can watch movies from all over the world. As soon as it arrived I popped it in and was blown away by the quality of the print. Not only is it in the proper ratio but it looks and sounds as if it were shot yesterday. This apparently is the original Tigon U.K. release and it couldn't be better. Now more than ever it resembles Cocteau's BEAUTY & THE BEAST with a little of THE SEVENTH SEAL thrown in for good measure. This time I noticed that the menacing servant walks like Max Schreck in NOSFERATU.

This film will not appeal to today's hardcore horror fans. It is creepy and disturbing in an old fashioned way without a lot of violence and no sex (this was shot in 1964). Many will find it slow and boring after the opening scene but stick with it. It has the real but unreal quality of a nightmare and you may be surprised by the number of images that stay with you. Much has been made of Michael Reeves' connection with the film (his name is listed on the cover) but just how much he actually contributed is uncertain. He can be briefly glimpsed standing by his girlfriend in the Count's embalmed menagerie. In addition to the outstanding visual quality of the print, an inside booklet gives the history of the film and its participants. Not a great movie but a strangely memorable one in a remarkable release.
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on 11 February 2012
Just after the Napoleonic wars, a troupe of travelling players accept an invitation to perform at the castle of Count Drago - a sinister nobleman who has allowed his embalming hobby to get somewhat out of hand...
Another recent release from Odeon Entertainment, this turns out to be surprisingly good in many ways and should be a real treat for vintage horror fans. The black-and-white photography, art direction, locations and musical score are all splendidly atmospheric. Donald Sutherland makes an intriguing film debut in two roles - he plays both a police sergeant and an old witch straight out of Macbeth who even speaks in rhyming couplets! Christopher Lee as Drago (with goatee and dark circles around his eyes) is his usual imposing presence. The script has some nice touches but misses an obvious opportunity to make Drago a more complex, interesting character. The film was shot in Italy with all of the dialogue dubbed on later; it has to be said that the dubbing is not terribly well done and also features a peculiar mixture of accents. The good news is that the film has been digitally remastered for this release and presented in its original aspect ratio. The cover has Michael Reeves (of Witchfinder General fame) prominently credited as Second Unit Director, which seems a little desperate. The only extra is the original trailer.
All in all, I found this film to be much better than I had expected and I would urge anyone interested not to let the previous review put you off.
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on 20 June 2015
HMMM! Not sure how to describe this one, like another reviewer said (Keith Naylor) the plot is a bit hard to explain, the film never really explains why what's going on IS going on. Other than its a Nobleman who's hobby is Taxidermy and takes it to the extreme and uses people (living ones at that) instead of animals.
However the picture quality is excellent when you consider this is a very obscure Euro Horror 'B' flick from the 60's some of the over voice dubbing leaves a little bit to be desired but overall doesn't ruin the film.
Its not the worst film I've ever seen NOT by a long chalk but as a stand alone DVD unless your a Christopher Lee completest you may want to give it a miss this, Surprised its not been released by someone as part of a film compilation set which is really where it deserves to be.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 June 2013
Yes, I am afraid sarcasm is intended. Reeves name features above the DVD title and 3 times on the reverse. (Lee is mentioned twice). What was it really and truly that seems to excite so many serious writers to scribe lengthy tomes about him? Sorry...but even the informative booklet goes on and on...Which leads me on to ask why ODEON goes to such trouble to a) Issue a digitally remastered Picture enhanced copy, and b) produce an interesting 7 page booklet for this particular film?? This always was an obscure "Italian" genre horror, and whilst I did enjoy a lot of it, does it really merit such attention? The DVD itself is fine picture wise, but the dubbing, except for Lee, is poor. The actress who dubbed heroine Gaia Germani is almost unintellagable and even Sutherland's witch suffers. I think Lee saves this rather dull film from complete failure. Even tho I must sound terribly negative (and apologies to Reeves' supporters), I did think this film worth seeing, and for Lee completists and lovers of the genre I recomend it (with the above reservations).
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on 4 April 2016
I'm American, and this dvd is not available here. Yes, there are versions out there that are less than perfect....blurry, off center, and just not that great. Odeon has lovingly restored an old film and made it look brand new!

I was a bit hesitant, because it was being ordered overseas. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered at the beginning of March and got it less than 3 weeks later.

Not only is this a great film but, zoverstocks by musicMagpie, surpassed my expectations! I hope to do business with them again. They were wonderful sellers. Thank you!!
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on 5 March 2015
CASTLE OF THE UNEVENTFUL - three times I persevered with this movie trying to find something of interest, some storyline. On the third time I managed to avoid falling asleep and see the movie through to the end, and I would find it impossible to explain the story, if there is one, to any other person. I can usually get some enjoyment from all kinds of movies, including b&w early dubbed horrors, but this with regret, was a complete waste of nearly 90 mins of my life.
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on 28 April 2012
I am no expert on Euro Horror so I can not comment on the completeness on this version. As I understand these films often have various run times and are often edited. I can comment on the visual quality and the sound, which were very good. No problems there. The actual film is pretty good, although no masterpiece. Lee is strong as always, Sutherland is good in dual roles and there are some genuinely creepy moments. Some of the outdoor scene provoke a sense of dread. I was happy with the purchase.
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on 24 December 2012
very clever introduction-circus hanging pity it was black white.

christopher lee trying to escape his dracula roles in some films very successful.
a tale of two cities,the devil rides out,to the devil a daughter,man with the golden gun. i would like to see how he performed as karswell in night/curse of the demon and brams stokers the judges house.

donald sutherland also appears.
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on 16 October 2016
All good
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