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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 19 October 2012
I think iPad cases really are an individual thing and you have to think carefully about what you want it for. I spent hours looking for just the right one that would give me a protective case, an adjustable stand (landscape and portrait)and a detachable bluetooth keyboard (with English layout). This one fits the bill exactly and works brilliantly. The iPad can be supported at any angle, especially if you remove the keyboard from its magnetic holding place, giving great flexibility to suit all positions. My son uses it for games on the sofa; I can adjust it to use at a desk. If you remove the keyboard completely you can fold the bottom flap back and under and it looks just like one of the more minimal case/stands (you can even do this with the keyboard still in place). The keyboard is solid and I find it really responsive. Touch typists complain about the small keyboard size, but for a two finger typist like me I found it actually made me quicker! When it's closed it feels very secure - it may be a little bulky for some people but I actually like the reassurance of a more solid case. If you want a versatile case with a quality keyboard I really recommend this one. Oh, and after cross referencing with the Kensington website I found out this will suit the new iPad as well (which is what I'm using it with), not just the iPad 2.
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on 17 September 2012
The Good:
Good keyboard with appropriate shortcuts
You can adjust the angle of the screen easily
Magnetic keyboard
Holds the original Motorola Xoom well

The Bad
The materials used to coat the outside of the case are beginning to wear away.
The rubber corners to hold the tablet in are not glued to their Velcro coating well.
The keyboard can take a while to turn on.

The Conclusion
This keyboard case is probably the best generic keyboard case for tablets, however the build quality is not up to scratch for the price (£60 at time of purchase).

UPDATE: The rubber corners used to hold the tablet are falling apart and the outside of the case is peeling away.
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on 11 April 2017
Read all the reviews and sounded good. Upon arriving, the Velcro holding the ipad upright is only half stuck on. But worse than that, the keys don't match what shows on screen! Can't find a dash anywhere despite what the keys say and there are two A keys. The ipad doesn't go to sleep when the case is closed either. Rubbish product so have asked for a refund.
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on 14 December 2012
I got this iPad case to replace the smart cover that I've been using with my iPad 2. First impressions when taking this out of the packaging is that this really stinks - like that new car smell to the max. Thankfully after 24 hours of airing it was a lot better and a week later it's fine.

The iPad slots into the side of the case easily, it's a snug fit and is held in place with a flap that's wrapped around the outer edge then tucked in. The front, back and sides of the iPad are then covered, though it seems like the outer (right) two corners are still slightly prone. Holes are provided for the home button, front and back cameras, headphone jack, dock connector, and volume keys so the iPad never needs to be removed once it's in place. However, the internal iPad speaker is slightly muffled.

The style of the case is more business than leisure, but it has a good quality feel. The iPad can be propped up (in landscape mode) at an angle using a Velcro strip and the keyboard can be removed from the case easily and positioned more comfortably. This works well on a flat surface but can be a bit unbalanced when used on your knee, for example. The case is quite weighty with the keyboard and iPad in place; this can be slightly mitigated by removing the keyboard if you know you're not going to need it - it's attached with 4 magnets and is easy to remove - and the case still works quite well without it.

The keyboard battery was flat when it arrived; after a couple of hours plugged into a USB port it was fully charged (using the lead from my HTC phone, which means fewer cables to carry around). A slide switch on the right edge turns the keyboard on and off - it's not immediately clear looking from the top which position is on and which off, and this could do with better labelling. Pairing the keyboard with the iPad for the first time was quick and painless and once done it connects instantly as soon as the keyboards turned on. There are LEDs for power, Bluetooth, and Caps Lock. It has a surprising amount of key travel for such a small keyboard, allowing fast typing, and is an enormous improvement over the on screen keyboard. There's no key lag or dropped characters as can sometimes be the case with cheaper Bluetooth keyboards.

The keyboard has keys for Home, Photos, Lock, Search, On-screen Keyboard, and basic music and volume controls. I guess these are useful for some things, but they could be better - the photo key oddly uses the origami slideshow, not sure why you need to activate the onscreen keyboard from a physical one sitting right in front of you, and what's really weird is there's no key to actually switch to the music app, only to play/pause and skip.

This case and keyboard is expensive but is of very high quality, provides excellent protection for the iPad, and represents good value.
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on 9 April 2017
Nice to have a better quality product
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on 16 April 2017
Ideal for purpose.
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on 8 November 2012
It's a great case. Battery life is just perfect. Initially I didn't charge it and it still works after a month of use. The keys are perfect in size. Big enough for any fingers and small enough to fit anything inside the keyboard. The quality is in high level. Also the fact that the keyboard can be detached from the case and used from every ware in a room is really useful.
The only thing that the case could be improved is the vertical placement of the iPad. It can be placed only in landscape mode. Not vertically.
Anyway, it's a case that really deserves its money which, by the way, are quite honest
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Style: Apple iOS - iPad Air|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Kensington KeyFolio Pro iPad Air (i.e. the iPad Air) is a handy and quite smart looking case and keyboard for use with your iPad Air. The case is designed specifically to be used with the iPad Air and as such will not fit other models well or at all.

In a similar way to the majority of Kindle hard-backed/soft-covered cases, your iPad Air slips into the case which is then secured down with a dangling magnet clasp (the magnet securing to the body of the case and not your iPad). When in place, the iPad can be positioned upright (at multiple angles due to its clever magnetic design) to allow ease of use whilst in conjunction with the keyboard (basically in the end the overall layout is similar to flip-open laptop).

The keyboard itself is connected to the iPad Air via Bluetooth which connects within seconds once you have first established and allowed the link (which is a doddle). The keyboard also has its own inbuilt battery unit which lasts for up to 960 hours of ‘working time’ (very impressive) or 180 days on just standby (although we’ve only had the case for around a month now so I can’t say that we can confirm this claim!).

Upon getting the case out for the first time I have to admit that I was very surprised with how light it felt. Even with the keyboard included, the case doesn’t really add that much more weight onto the tablet, and because of its ultra-thin design, it doesn’t make your iPad really any less portable.

The keyboard itself has reasonable-sized keys, all in the standard Qwerty layout. And to be honest, upon using the keyboard with the iPad for the first time, I was surprised with how much I’d missed the ease of having the keys instead of the usual ‘virtual keypad’.

The overall feel and look of the case and keyboard is of a luxurious high-quality. Admittedly the actual case doesn’t feel like it would offer a huge amount of protection against particularly hard knocks and the like, but it’s certainly better than nothing at all. However, because of its thin and lightweight design, for general day-to-day commuting and the like, this really is pretty darn perfect.
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on 26 January 2014
Style: Apple iOS - iPad Air|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Immediately upon picking up this case it oozes quality! With a professional leather "briefcase" appearance, this case securely holds your iPad in place and adds the luxury of a keyboard as well. It feels like you are holding a giant Filofax. The keyboard part is only held in place by strong magnets and is easily removed for those occasions where you just need the cover to protect your iPad but not the actual keyboard. Not everyone is a fan of the iPads virtual keyboard which feels like typing on a glass coffee table, so the satisfying addition of a "proper" keyboard is very welcome. It is very responsive and gives a satisfying "click" which each key press. ( It also leads to fewer typo's and mis-spellings). I am slightly disappointed that there is no "auto-lock" feature however which sends your iPad into sleep mode upon closing. Another niggle is the flip over magnetic clasp which is designed to keep the thing shut but can all too easily flip over upon opening and end up scratching aginst the screen! When the iPad is in use the cover easily slips into a choice of 3 "slots" or grooves to hold the iPad in landscape mode, however the difference in viewing angles between each of these 3 positions is only minimal. When you have selected your viewing position it is supposed to be held in place by magnets but these are not particularly strong so it does fall over occasionally. The bluetooth connection is very reliable. There is no problem using other bluetooth peripherals at the same time as the keyboard ( speakers, headphones etc) and the keyboard has it's own built in battery which only requires minimal charging with the supplied cable. As soon as you pick up the keyboard it is immediately apparent that this is a quality keyboard and it feels weighty without being too heavy.

This is however one MAJOR flaw that I have discovered; the main on/off button is set back in a recess (presumably if it protruded too much then it would stick out and scratch against the screen when the case was closed?) Now I have found that you have to press quite firmly (especially when you have fat fingers like me!) and on more than one occasion the button has "slid away" under the casing! I have had to tease it back out with a pin or needle several times. My fear is that it will slide away so far that I cannot get it back again! Ridiculous!

I would say that if you do a lot of typing then this is a worthy addition, but if like me, you just dabble with the odd game here & there, checking in on facebook and bidding on eBay then think long & hard before parting with the best part of £100 to add on an accessory that you may only use on occasion, and whatever you do keep that receipt as the unreliable on/off button may prove to be a costly fault!
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on 1 March 2014
In my quest for a suitable ipad air keyboard I decided to try this one out. It turned out to be the worst of the lot I have had so far. It feels and oozes quality when you take it out the wrapper I must say but that is where the good ends! Pairing was a doddle so cant fault it there. However when typing the keys skip some commands sometimes meaning having to repunch keys to get the correct spelling.

Another bug is it simply does not offer optimum viewing angles at all and at the first angle it tends to tip over backwards. I absolutely hated it and repackaged it and began the process for a return and refund.

I might just get the ZaggKeys again or wait for them to launch an upgrade on the current one.
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