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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 11 June 2014
I scoured the reviews to find "people like me" and how they got on with this treadmill. I was a bit worried about the negative reviews, but I threw caution to the wind - I'm glad I did.

When I say "people like me", I mean early 30s, mum, office job, student, avid gamer, likes to drink too much wine/beer/cider... I'm sure you know where this is going.... I sat on my backside for far too long and now my waistline is paying for it. I decided it's now the time to get fit and needed something that was going to start me off easy and eventually be able keep up with the pace.

I wanted a treadmill because I'm not comfortable enough to run outside yet. I have tried, but because I wasn't sure of my limits I didn't want to walk/jog/run then end up miles from home and no puff left in me. Similarly, being outside and making my way home to find I've still got some steam left in me when I reach my front door. I want to be able to stop when I'm ready to stop.

I am following the c25k plan, then planning to go on to 10k, so on and so forth.

When it was delivered, it took about 20/30 minutes to put up. Very straight forward. No complaints.

It's worth noting that if you've got a carpeted floor, it's wise to buy Anti-Fatigue Floor Tiles. Like those interlocking tiles they have on the floor at the gym? Yeah, you'll need those for a firm surface.

The machine is surprisingly quiet (combined with the floor tiles which I later realised are good shock absorbers!). I keep the machine in the hall and I'm quite confident that I'll be able to use it when my son is sleeping upstairs. I store it upright, so when I'm finished I just need to unscrew the bed, lift it up and secure it in place with the pokey bit (clip but not quite a clip?). This means I can wheel our bikes back in to place (I leave the tiles down which means my cream carpet stays clean, hurrah!).

I was worried that the machine would be flimsy, and that the bed would buckle under my pounding away on it... I'm not massive, at least I don't think so. I'm 5'7'' and fairly heavy anyway without the extra pounds. It's also worth noting that I'm quite heavy footed. This machine takes it, and takes it well! The bed is strong and the surface appears to be very durable. I have no doubt in my mind that I'll have this machine for a long time.

I haven't used it set at a gradient yet, but I have familiarised myself with how to do it, and it's a piece of cake. If you're setting it up, you just lift the back of the bed up and and select one of the three settings, then pin the legs into place. Inclines are 3.5% and 7%.

There are pulse sensors on each of the handles. I don't know how accurate they are, but they at least give a good idea of where in the zone you are if you're into tracking it.

On the left handle there are start and stop buttons. On the right handle there's speed +/- buttons.

The panel/display itself is very user friendly.

Start and stop button. Once you press start it gives you a 3 second count down and starts you under 1 km/h.

Speed up and speed down.

The display shows how fast you are going, how long you've been going for, and how far you've gone. You can alternate one of the wee displays between calories burned and pulse.

There are three pre-set speed buttons at 3km/h, 5km/h and 7 km/h to save you faffing about with the speed +/- buttons.

And the programmes. There's 12 pre-set each at 30 minutes long, they each vary speed at intervals of 1.5 minutes, however this can be changed and increased so your maximum work-out is 60 minutes. So for example, you'll start at 3km/h for 1.5 mins, then it'll move you up to 4 km/h for 2x1.5 mins, then shift you up to 5 km/h for 1.5 mins, then down to 4 km/h for 2x1.5 mins. I just pulled this off the top of my head to give you the jist of it. There is a slower option if you're just starting out. You can adjust the speed at any time during a programme if you feel you're struggling. The programmes are listed in a handy table in the instruction manual which show the speed you'll be going at at which interval.

To be honest, I haven't made much use of the programmes yet. I just get on it and run and increase/decrease speed as I want.

Also a wee safety wire which is attached to the control panel by a magnet - you clip it to your t-shirt, if you come off the machine, magnet comes off, machine stops.

So like I mentioned before, I'm starting out on my journey and so far I am over the moon with this treadmill. If you're worried that this treadmill is cheap and can't do the same job as a £500+ effort, don't be. It certainly exceeded my expectations. Delighted with this purchase. 10/10. Would take home to my mum.
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on 25 February 2012
I had been looking at every size shape and price of treadmills that the Internet has to offer but went with this model simply based on its weight (very lightweight in comparison to most, just 28kg) I live in a 3 storey house with only the kitchen/dining room and garage being on the ground floor, therefore it was likely that the treadmill would have to go on the middle or top floor and I was conscious of the noise levels that it may produce, I know my 2 and 4 year old girls sound like The Great Migration in the Seregeti from downstairs when they are playing! Well the machine itself is very quiet in my opinion, but you will get the 'thudding' of pounding feet emanating though the house.

Size was a big selling point also, I wanted a machine that didn't take over half the room and one that folded up to a decent size and shape for storage, I am happy to say this ticks the boxes here, it folds up just about as compactly as it could. Some others still have their running surface at 45degrees or so but not this one, it's as near to vertical as it gets. The low weight of the treadmill helps with moving it around and I can easily manage it on my own.

The running surface dimensions quoted seemed quite narrow but having used the machine I can safely say there is plenty of room width wise. My husband also says he feels perfectly comfortable with the width and being 6 foot 5" and 16 stone, his stride is not compromised by the length either. Another selling point was the max load weight being higher than many others at 19 stone.

The controls are simple, 3 pre-set buttons offering 3, 5 and 7 k/ph, Increase and Decrease buttons on the console AND on the handle bars, AND Start and Stop buttons on the console and handle bars too. There are 12 pre-set programs which are set at 30 mins and have 20, 1.5 minute segments of varying speed. Duration can be changed from 5-60 mins even on pre set programs. You can also set a program based on the distance you wish to run and it will count down from your setting whilst you run.

The machine always starts at 0.8k/ph unless you choose the pre-set speeds and you always get a 3,2,1 countdown before the belt starts. The heart rate monitor fluctuates a great deal and I am not sure if it is all that accurate but this doesn't bother me at all. All measurements are in k/ph which again I don't have an issue with. The only thing I wish the machine did differently would be to not lose all of your data every time you press stop, it always resets time/distance etc back to zero, but again a very minor irritation. There are also 3 levels of incline, altered manually, it is easy to remove the pin and place in another hole to choose between flat/horizontal, 3.5%, and 7% incline

The machine is very sturdy and seems well built......especially for the price, even though the reviews were good, I still expected some sort of flimsy feeling machine...not at all. The set up was unbelievably simple, seriously my husband was running on it within 15 minutes of carrying the box up the stairs (alone may I add!) all necessary tools are included.

Finally the service and delivery....I seriously do not know how they managed to get this machine to me in the time frame they achieved! I ordered it about 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon and at 11am the VERY NEXT DAY the courier was carrying it through my front door, excellent, need I say more!

I cannot say enough about this machine, if you simply want the convenience of running without the need to hit the streets at a reasonable price, then buy this machine. Yes it's a budget machine compared to some of those you will have run on in the gym but for £199 quid you simply can't go wrong. It does more than I will ever need, not sure I'll even use the presets as speed adjustment is so easy.
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on 3 February 2015
I am 67, have been suffering from M.E. for over 30 years and now have diabetes. The former means I have been unable to walk very far without suffering pain and becoming dreadfully tired, the latter requires me to exercise more! What a dilemma! Realising I should attempt some sort of exercise it was suggested to me that I should get a treadmill. That way I could walk as often or as little as I wanted/was able AND I could do it indoors which is a bonus in the winter. I didn't want to pay too much for a treamill and after reading the customer revues of this one I decided to take the plunge and buy it. It was, in my case, only the equivalent of two weeks' pension.

Amazingly, it arrived within three days of ordering it (how efficient!) and my husband and son soon set it up in my bedroom on a carpeted floor. As I didn't hear any swearing I guess it couldn't have been that difficult to put together!

When you step onto the machine and switch it on (the switch is at the front of the treadmill, down near floor level) you will see on the console a sort of 'dashboard' upon which is a space which will show you (once the belt starts moving) a) the speed you are walking at in Km/hr, b) the length of time you will have been walking for, c) how far you will have been walking and d) your pulse rate. Below that are four buttons, three of which you can push for instantly setting the speed in Kilometres (3km, 5km and 7km/hr) The fourth you can set to either pulse or calories burned. I prefer to keep an eye on my heartbeat so left it on that. Below these buttons are four more - PROG., one for raising the speed of the belt and one for lowering the speed + a MODE button. You would be best to consult the paper manual that comes with it (or download it as a .pdf file) to find out how to use PROG or MODE. I have never used these buttons myself.

Below them is a green Start button on the left and a red Stop on the right. In between them is a metallic circle onto which you must place a magnetic red 'button' (with a string attached to it) before the machine will start moving. The clip at the other end of the string should be clipped to your clothes in some way. This is a safety feature so that if you were to fall off the machine the magnet would be pulled off the console and the treadmill would instantly stop moving. Good idea, I thought.

On the left arm of the treadmill are two buttons - a start and stop button which I find easier to use than reaching out to the console to use similar buttons there. On the right arm are also two buttons, one for increasing the speed in increments of .1km an hour and one for decreasing the speed at the same rate ( the treadmill will start at .8km/hr, a gentle speed to begin with). I usually start it using the button on the left arm and after the 'countdown' of three seconds (you will hear it bleep 3 times), when it begins to move, I immediately press the 3km an hour button on the console rather than having to pressing the + button many, many times on the right arm.

To get the treadmill to register how fast your pulse is going, you have to hold onto the handles with your palms on top of the two metal bits on each handle/arm, otherwise you will just see 000 on the console. I've no idea if it is accurate or not but I do find it a bit alarming as my pulse seems to be rather high a lot of the time! Unfit?

The treadmill is very quiet and doesn't seem to have a problem with resting on the carpet. I have it more or less flat but I know you can set it on a slope if you want. To begin with, I only walked on it for 10 minutes at a time but now I am up to ½ hr at one session twice a day at 3km/hr. That is, I walk 3km a day altogether.

I am so pleased I bought this treadmill as I feel it has helped me to regain some strength and fitness and, since using it, I have actually lost half a stone in weight, an unexpected bonus!

Yes, I would definitely recommend this treadmill as it is still going strong after nearly 3 months of reasonably constant use. So much nicer for me to walk inside so that I don't have to brave the elements! So, come on your 'oldies' like me! Get fit the easy way in the comfort of your own home. 😁
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on 21 January 2012
Being used to long walks in the mornings, I find it frustrating at this time of year when it's too darn cold to go for 5 mile hikes. I'm not as young as I used to be! This was the answer to my problem and though it doesn't give the scenery I'm used to seeing in the country, it allows me to keep the fitness levels up. It is a value for money buy. It was simple to put together and is fabulous to use. Better than I bargained for to be honest. I would very much recommend.
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on 1 January 2014
Despite reading several poor reviews I decided to go for this as I needed something compact, with an incline and my main use would be walking (5kph). I am 90Kgm and 1.8m tall so was slightly concerned about the size but I need not have been.
Overall I am glad I did, it is one of the most compact machines, is at a reasonable price, build quality ok and offers a good compromise.
Firstly construction was very straightforward - 15 minutes or so (including double checking parts etc). Instructions were included but I had already downloaded and read through a set. A slight adjustment to the belt tension was required. And on first start there was a loud rythmic grating noise - simply the belt had a slight 'hump' in one part that was just able to touch the plastic shielding where it enters the motorised section. Once the treadmill was used this hump disappeared along with the noise. Another point to note is that the motorised section is cooled from underneath. This must not be impaired - a consideration if you have for example carpets. Mine was for use in a small home gym with wood floor so no problem.
For walking (even at a fast-ish pace) this treadmill was fine for me but it will shake under stress so for running it would not be ideal for me. I have tried running and it was ok (possibly could be improved by slipping some rubber or hard foam under front?). The rest of the family use it occasionally so it has so far had around 30 minutes use every day for 6 weeks. So far so good.
It folds up/down easily and is light enough (plus has small castors) so it can be moved around with ease on a hard floor. One point to note is that although the actual treadmill part folds up straight the handles and console remain in the horizontal position. This does limit the compactness of the folded item. It will still project 58cm or so from wall.
I have not tested out the programs - as noted I simply use it for walking whilst inclined. Others have and they seem adequate. The incline is of course changed manually so this limits this aspect. It is also only 7% at maximum.
The kph and distance travelled I assumed were correct though I confess that 5kph seems faster than I expect and a rough check (belt rotations per minute) does suggest it could be wrong; I will update this post if I find an accurate measurement to use. The heart rate monitor is no better or worse than others - you need to work up a sweat for it to really register and occasionaly it gives very odd readings. The calorie counter is simply wrong! To calculate your net burn requires your weight, age, the incline as well as duration and distance. There are calculators on the web but in rough terms for me the counter is out by a factor of 4 (ie 50 on the meter is really just over 200).
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on 5 February 2012
You get what you pay for with this one.

The first delivery arrived damaged, although sportsdirecthq were quick to replace it (note that you have to contact them through their own website - the email through amazon doesn't work). The replacement isn't as damaged but still quite poorly made - there were knobs and ends that weren't properly fixed and needed a whack with a hammer to put them in place. I also received an email a month after receiving the treadmill from the seller saying there was a misprint in the instructions.

The display is easy to use and the range of speed I found was good enough for a beginner. However it is noisy and it isn't exactly sturdy; running on it does shake the whole unit regardless of how light you are, and the fold up system isn't as simple as other treadmills I've seen (you have to unscrew something at the bottom, fold it, then screw it again with a different screw).

It's cheaper than other treadmills and I'm keeping and using mine in the garage, so noise and vibration doesn't annoy anyone I live with. I'm only a beginner and I can get a decent workout on it despite how shaky it is. However if I could invest more money into a treadmill, I'd probably go with a more sturdy machine.
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on 21 February 2015
a great piece of kit for the money, highly recommended for anyone who is looking to loose a bit of weight or just cant get out for a walk. I am eighteen stone and thought I might pound this thing to bits, wrong, it is sturdy and perfect for a 'gentle' jog, even for someone my size.
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on 8 January 2012
Bought this treamill this week set it up in minutes i have used it every day so far this was a good buy never used treamill before.
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on 14 August 2014
This is an inexpensive treadmill, good for walking, and someone who's not too heavy. It's lightweight (36kg), and folds up out of the way nicely. However, you do get what you pay for, and while this is probably the best cheap, lightweight treadmill you're going to find, if you're looking for something to run on, this isn't it. The deck is small (ideal for walking, not running), and the construction isn't going to stand up to a constant pounding. If you're looking for a good walking treadmill, and don't need the heavy duty construction of more expensive models, then this is perfect. If you want something you can pound through the miles at top speed though, invest in something sturdier.
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on 23 May 2012
I bought this product a few months ago and have been very happy with it. The delivery was earlier than expected, and my husband and a friend put it together quite easily. It is heavy, so once in place it will have to stay there, but it is a sturdy piece of equipment. Sadly it hasn't got as much use as it should have, but I like the fact that I can use set programs or just speed up and slow down at will. I bought it because I wanted to use it for walking exercise (it will 'never' be used for jogging I said), however I decided to give it a go one day and I now incorporate a little jogging into my time on the treadmill.

I am glad I bought the one with the handles as they are quite useful when I start to get tired, and it's handy to be able to see how long you have been on for and how far you have walked/run. The pulse monitor is good, but I don't look at the calorie counter any more as I find it depressing that I have burned so little calories.

Overall this is a product which I would definitely recommend.
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