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on 22 March 2009
Excellent 2 disc CD - nicely packaged, with the CD's both embossed with scenes from the movie, Luke & Leia on Disc 1 & Emperor Palpatine on Disc 2.
Sound quality is first class, the music is complete, nothing absent, and the score is presented in the same sequence as in the movie (It even starts with the 20th Century Fox fanfare). I reckon you could play this alongside the movie and it would synchronise perfectly.
It's a big score, with a big, symphonic feel with all the familiar leitmotifs that you expect.
My favs are the darker pieces; from Disc 1, The Emperor Arrives which includes both the Imperial March at it's most bombastic and Palpatine's ominous motif itself.
Disc 2 has the similiar Emperor's Throne Room with the Emperor Theme even stronger, deeper & darker. Then I also enjoyed Battle Of Endor II which includes the famous scenes of Luke & Vader's final duel and Vader's final reckoning with his Master. There's some absoluteley stunning choral work here at this emotional peak of the movie.
These pieces are of course only a few of many in this epic composition from a master craftsman. It's superb music whatever you think of the films themselves with themes that should resonate even with non viewers.
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on 12 December 2012
Been after this for a while, as I already had the Episode IV and V scores which I bought a good while ago. The other two were released with a glossy book with text about the making of the music, and also some nice stills from the film too. These were'nt on the shelves long obviously, as trying to get my hands on the Jedi score has proven impossible unless you want to spend a small fortune. Anyways, they were re-released just in a jewel case. The discs have different artwork on them, and the pics and nice book isnt included, but the music is just as good. Arguably the best score of the three from the original trilogy.

A must for film fans.
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on 21 August 2013
John Williams almost tops himself with this third score.Both he and the L.S.O go into overdrive with one.If there is a gripe then its the originnal LAPTI NEK AND FINALE have been removed.Sadly we are left with Jedi rocksThis is when Lucas doctored all three of his sci-fi classics.Anyway back to the soundtrck....the stand out cues are without question when Luke confronts the Emperor and the battle with his father with the lightsabres.Here Williams used an even darker and sinster music than Empire.Superb anyway.Dont miss it.
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on 27 June 2013
First of all, I find Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi extremely underrated and the score is one of the movies high points. A lot of people complain Episode VI is just Episode IV on steroids but trust me it isn't.
Williams does bring back some of the spectacle and adventure heard on A New Hopes soundtrack but also gives it it's own identity by giving it a lighter more uplifting a triumphant feel to it.

Occasionally there are few darker moments such as The Emperor Arrives/The Death of Yoda/Obi-Wan's Revelation and The Emperor's Throne Room which feature some fantastic choral work and Williams greatly expands The Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back and from The Battle of Endor I to The Battle of Endor III your in for a real treat as Williams realy goes all out with bringing out the epic final battle feel of the film.
Another high point of the film is the soundtracks more personal moments such Luke and Leia and Brother and Sister/Father and Son/The Fleet Enters Hyperspace/Heroic Ewok which really do bring out the family theme of the film.

As a whole, this is a great score to a highly underrated movie.
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on 20 April 2013
This is a great soundtrack and a must for Star Wars fans and music fans. I like to listen to this as it evokes memories of the movie, which is one of my all time favourite movies.
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on 14 April 2014
star wars is old hat to me .... However my son has rediscoverd it as brand new and loves it, so consequently is feeling the force and was very happy with this movie as a gift.
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on 20 December 2004
Star Wars Episodes IV, V, and VI: The original Trilogy.
When the Star Wars movies first hit the Theaters in 1977, John Williams made a very large splash in the film music genre with his unparalleled "Main Title" which has become Iconic of Star Wars for the last 27 years ! Every body in the World knows the music from Star Wars, and thus they are all familiar with the typical John Williams style. In following John Williams throughout his career, and listening to all of the music that he has come out with, his "signature style" is apparent in all of his scores, especially in Star Wars. The most memorable pieces of the Original series undoubtably the "Main Title " and the "Imperial March or Darth Vaders Theme". I would like to draw attention to several others though that I think are certainly worthy of notation and listening. I would like to begin with "Tales of the Jedi, Learn about the Force" which appears as Track number 8 on the first CD of Episode 4. Here the wonderful and timeless "Jedi Theme" is layed out to accent the curious ways of the Jedi, and to lay into memory the good and wonderful morals of the movie. The next is on the second CD of Episode 5. You can find it by the name of "The Clash of the Lightsabers" or Track number 10. It is the first time that Williams really uses alot of Choir in the back ground to give great effect and spotlight the large battle between Good and Evil that the movie portrays. The Third and final comes of course on the second CD of Episode 6. It is the best of all the music that John wrote for the three movies, and is found on Track number 7 entitled " The Battle of Endor II". Here the famous final Duel between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker begins. The music used to accent this piece is very powerful, foreboding, and wonderfully satisfying. This piece caps the struggle between Good and Evil that is the Story of Anakin Skywalker and his turn back to the Ligh side. John Williams accomplishments with these three movies have set the precedence and the standard for all other films that will come forth in the future. This is an opportunity to hear a master at work!
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on 11 May 2016
2CDs of quality work by John Williams. As a soundtrack maybe not as iconic as the other two for previous films. Received in prime condition.
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on 15 January 2016
My favourite of all the Star Wars scores. Some excellent tracks on both CD's and a superb price for the amount of music you are getting.
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on 27 November 2016
Classic soundtrack with the LSO full of iconic players of the time. If you love the Star Wars soundtrack this is a great CD to buy
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