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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 22 April 2013
Firstly obviously the pattern and colours drew me to this car seat, and when i took it out of the box i was even more impressed! The colours are rich and the fabric is excellent quality and really thick and padded. The size amazed me a little as i wasnt expecting it to be as big. It is around 68cm high BEFORE raising the headrest, and the seat is around 46cm at the widest point. It is on the heavy side and prob one of the heaviest car seats we have had. I picked it up from the back and had no problems with the booster seat falling, like some other reviews mentioned, maybe they have changed the fit since then.

I had to adjust the straps to a higher position and this was super easy to do, i didnt even need the instructions - a lot easier than others on the market. The straps themselves adjust when my son is in completley fine, they could prob do with being a little longer but so far not posed any problem. The padded covers are reversable and as said above lovely thick fabric and nice and comfy.

FITTING: I have a 2003 Picasso and my seat belts are more than long enough. Fitting this was quite tricky and took me around 15 minutes to get it in and nice and tight so i was happy with it. Actually getting the seatblet through the correct areas isnt the problem however the belt has to go around the back which means turning the seat and then putting it back into position to pull tight. There are definatly easy car seats to fit, but also harder ones. Now the seat is in it is very sturdy and doesnt move which ultamatly is what you want. If you plan to take this seat out the car on a regular basis then i wouldn't reccomend it. I will only remove it a few times a year so not an issue. I would say that longer seatbelts are required to fit this properly and most bigger cars have them.

My son is 2 years old, and above average weight and height and he looked quite little in it, it will definatly last for a while. I can safely say my 4 year old would prob fit nicely in it too and he is also above average size. I dont think i would put a young child (9mths) in this as it is quite an upright chair.

Overall i am extremely happy with this chair, i spent a while looking at different ones and always came back to this one becasue it is so funky. I read the reviews and was put off by some of them but in the end we decided we would order it and if it didn't meet what we wanted then we could always return it having not lost anything. I can honestly say i am glad i bought this and my little man will be the envy of his friends!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 August 2012
I spent hours upon hours looking for the right seat for my granddaughter. Who woundn't? this is about safety, but for many its also about budget. I would and im sure most wouldn't skimp just for budget you want the best safety for the cheapest price.
Some manufacturers put amazingly high value on products and its not always a good product.
When i saw this one i was a skeptic on the price to quality but its amazon so i thought send it back if its rubbish.
The reviews were looking good as i ordered.

The Seat is Good quality, great colours for a little girl, very versatile and i fitted it in minuets. I could find no flaw at all. I will say there is an ability to fit it wrongly but you have to try hard to do that. Also you MUST make sure the straps are the correct legth or the child can pull their arms out. But if set up right they are excellent , so much so i bought a second for the other car.
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on 9 October 2013
We bought this for our 9 month old son as hes outgrown his first stage car seat, its great! the design is funky, the material is soft and spongy, he looks so comfortable in this. Would highly recommend!
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on 10 January 2014
We bought this when our son was 15 months old (he's now 21 months old). It's easy to put together and put in the car. Also easy to strip & wash (we've had a few vomit incidents with our travel sick son).
Our son looks comfortable in it, it's as easy to get him in as any other car seat we've had.
It's only issue is if on a long journey he dozes off there isn't a cosy place for him to rest his head, even with the head support in his head lolls to one side a lot & I find the only thing that helps is to pop a blanket between the seat and his head.
So I'd say it's a fab seat, very cute design & nice to have a cheerful car seat instead of a boring plain grey/black one, but if you want your child to be able to nap in it it's not the best.
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on 16 May 2012
I've had this seat for two weeks with my 12month son. He's average size for his age according to the charts.

I did a lot of research feeling my way around car seats before settling on this one. I would also recommend the moovi but it didn't fit in my car (alfa 156). Without spending over £200 this is easily the most padded manufacturer I got hold of. We use the seat daily around town and so far he's been on one long trip (3 hours each way) and four mid trips (1 hour each way).

I was concerned about his head lolling forward but he normally sits it on the comfortable strap when sleeping. He finds it much more comfortable than his group 0 and really enjoys looking forward. It's not as high as a group 1 but the improvement over his group 0 keeps him happy.

I'm impressed with the quality and I can confirm it washes clean after a poo incident. My only gripe is the fiddly buckle; I'm now used to it but my wife still has trouble. I noticed an annoying squeak when he wasn't in the seat but that stopped after a week.

Plus a 4 year guarantee, a great buy.
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on 27 May 2014
I bought this car seat as it had good reviews and funky colours. After 3 years though holes have appeared in the fabric and it is supposed to last right through, being a stage 1 2 and 3. Also I wish it had a slide out drinks holder like other chairs.
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on 26 February 2012
Been using this for a couple of months, the little lady seems very happy in it. It's missing all the bells and whistles like cup holders, trays and alarm if the buckle is opened but for comfort, price and looks it scores top marks. Could have done with a recline if baby goes to sleep though.
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on 18 April 2012
My daughter loves this seat. Which is the only reason I'm sticking with it.

The seat itself is very nice to look at and fits in the car relatively easily.

The padding on the straps tears if you so much as breathe on it. Very flimsy and not hard wearing at all. Not good for an item that is used regularly.

The webbing used for the safety harness is also guite thin and flimsy compared to other car seats I've had in the past. I'm not saying there's any danger of it breaking. No, the problem is that because its so thin the harness has a habit of unhooking itself from the metal bracket at the back of the seat when you loosen and tighten the straps during use. It's not much fun having to get into all sorts of contortions in order to fasten it back on while you have a struggling child sat in the seat! Nor is it much fun doing it the other way and completely removing the seat from the car in order to re-attach the harness while trying to keep an eye on your child at the same time.... In a busy car park!

On one occasion i've gotten home after a car journey only to find that one side of the harness has unhooked itself and I haven't noticed when I've strapped my girl into the seat (It's not always obvious when it heppens because it unhooks at the back of the seat and the harness can look like nothings amiss). My child was therefore not strapped into the seat for the whole journey!

I've resorted to using electrical tape to seal the rear metal bracket to prevent this happening and make the seat safe.

Either use better webbing or re-design the metal bracket Cosatto! Either way the designers/testers of this seat want a 'bit of a talking to'.

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on 6 November 2013
The Zoomi is a group 123 car seat, suitable from 9 months to 11 years, meaning that for £100 you get a seat that can last your child for years. It is forward facing and is compatible with standard 3-point seat belts for installation. It uses a 5 point safety harness to hold your child in and once your child is old enough this can be removed to convert it into a booster seat.

The Zoomi comes in 4 designs and we went for the Little Monster pattern as, for starters, I loved it! I don't tend to go for blue or pink when it comes to larger purchases as they get swapped and changed so much it's better if they are neutral, so the green, black and white design of this one suited us well.

When it arrived I was keen to get it installed in the car and put to the test. My husband was set the challenge of putting it together and looking at the instructions it seemed pretty straight forward. For some reason, though, he couldn't quite figure out how the seat attached to the booster part. I managed to do it straight away though, so I think it just needed a women's perspective!

The seat looks lovely and conformable. It is well padded and has little arms, which I really like. The head rest fits around the head and is adjustable and it comes with a seat liner and tummy and chest pads to make sure nothing rubs.

There are few little parts for me that were on the negative side. The seat belts are the more flimsy side, and so get easily twisted in the buckle and under the protective pads. This can make it a bit of nuisance as sometimes they need untwisting before you can fasten it, so if you are in a rush it's a pain. Also for some reason in this seat more than others, my daughter's head flops forward at an uncomfortable angle when she falls asleep. Her head doesn't seem to lean against the headrest as you would expect, so I don't know if these need to be slightly larger or maybe closer to the head. I know fellow another reviewer purchased a neck pillow for their little one, which resoled this problem.

Those are my only bug bears though. Other than that my daughter seems very happy in the seat, she loves the design and now her brother is not allowed to sit in it, as it is firmly hers. It is lightweight so easy to transfer to my husband's car when required, and it clips in and out of the seat belt with no fuss. One thing that we'd found in her previous seat was that it was very low down and she couldn't see out of the window. This has been rectified with the Zoomi and we can now play I-spy and include things outside the car!

For £100 you really can't go wrong with this car seat. Other comparable seats usually start at £150 so I think it's a fantastic buy, plus you get something that's well thought out, fun and bright that your children will want to use.
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on 21 July 2012
I ordered this car seat after checking prices on other sites and in shops, amazon had the cheapest that I could find. It arrived after only 3 days (free super saver delivery).
It comes in 2 pieces but is easy enough to put together. The seat is well padded and looks comfy enough. I had read another review which suggested that the pads on the shoulder straps where quite thin and flimsy but so far we have had no problems. They seem quite well padded to me. My daughter is quite small for her age but the straps are adjustable and do go quite small.
It is a little fiddly to get in and out of the car at first. The car seat belt had got jammed into one of the metal clips holding the straps behind the seat and took a while to work it free.
The only downside that I can see is the there is not much support for baby's head. When she falls asleep her head tends to nod forwards in what cant be a very comfy position. At a guess this is not a problem with this particular seat and is a general thing with this stage of seat (cant compare as this is the only car seat for this stage I have bought).
Over all it does the job, looks good, seems comfy and will last until my daughter is 11 and for the same price or less than seats that don't last half as long!
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