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on 30 March 2012
These 3 albums represent a commercial peak for Utopia, Adventures being their biggest seller,and its easy to see why, the music being a throw back to Todds own 1972 album Something Anything .As for the sound, well it always was on the bright and shiny side and apart from some slight distortion on Last Of The New Wave Riders it aint that bad. Deface The Music is an unadulterated Beatles Pastiche covering the various musical styles of their entire career and is an enjoyable listen, and if you enjoy The Rutles or XTCs alter egos The Dukes of Stratosphere or maybe Andrew Golds Fraternal Order Of The All album then you will get a buzz from this, and Swing To The Right is Todd and Utopias swipe at Ronald Reagans right wing nut jobs, it could be subtitled Swing At The Right, most of the tracks are also dressed up in Todds more melodic pop leanings, i always thought last track One World could have come from Jefferson Airplane circa Volunteers with its gang vocal.
Anyway if you take the whole package including a 'B' Side and some live tracks on the Adventures disc the extensive sleeve notes and photos plus the price, in these stringent economic times this warrents 5 stars.
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on 19 April 2013
The content gets 5 stars just for the sheer value. This is a replacement CD for me (Adventures) and I took advantage of the additional 2 CD's which I had never heard in their entirity. All the classic Todd Rundgren and Utopia tricks are in there, the depth of songwriting is evident and the era represented well.

'Adventures In Utopia' is just as I remembered it, for me it was groundbreaking - but nearly isn't every TR/Utopia release?

'Deface The Music' had me in stitches a couple of times (do people really see the English like this?) but comes accross both as a Beatles tribute and fun outing for the band, it's timing of release a couple of months before the Murder of John Lennon was one of musics unfortunate coincidences, I'm sure that the on going dispute between TR and JL would have been resolved and who knows they may have even worked together as Todd often does with Ringo Starr.

'Swing to the Right' was semi known to me already thanks to a certain website where you can see and hear music - sometimes it is geat stuff and other times it's people playing their guitar in their underpants, you know the site. I did not know what I had been missing with this album and it's political relevance is still with us today.

As usual you have to listen to Todd Rundgren and Utopia several times before it hits you in the face, but when it does you are hooked. That is the end of the good bits . . .

Todd Rundgren is noted for his engineering skills in the studio so he must be pulling his hair out knowing that this has been released, the EQ is abysmal to say the least and can not be as Todd Rungren intended. If you have the ability to alter the EQ then it sounds become acceptable but not great. These are in dire need of remastering by a competent sound engineer and not dumped onto CD to make a few quid for the record company. I sincerely hope the band get something out of these releases I have no way of knowing if they do or not.(As a point of note Bill Nelson makes nothing from repackaged Be-Bop Delux CD's, certain record companies should hang their heads in shame).

As a fan the band could sing 'happy birthday to you' for the whole three CD's for all I care, they can do no wrong. I would say look elsewhere for your initial taste of TR/Utopia then get these if you become a fan. Either way Todd is a genius who never fails to surprise us with his diversity, so just where you jump in is up to you but whatever you do listen to the tracks several times - this is not the era of the four minute career. When the music hits you it changes your life. I would say buy this if you like Carol King or anyone else in that ballpark.
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on 9 March 2013
Had these albums on vinyl 20 odd years ago, loved them then - blimey love them now as well! The Toddster and band provide perfect, touching, funny, and rocking stuff throughout! So happy I took a bit of a gamble for old times, well happy - lights up my Brennan jb7 no end! Quality ! Try it, you might like it......
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on 14 February 2013
I've just got into Utopia, so I bought this to listen to album material apart from the singles I'd heard. The sound production is a bit thin and needs a remaster, but there are standout tracks which have stood teh test of time and others which haven't. But for the money a great buy.
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on 27 August 2015
Whilst I don't think that this is the best of Todd, Roger, Kasim and the other one they are essential albums of my younger days.
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on 3 February 2016
First album is a progrock classic , second one is a tribute to the music of The Beatles.
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on 16 December 2013
These three albums on two CD's where released on Vinyl back in the early eighties
I still have all the original LP's in mint condition the said transfers onto CD no doubt M.P.3 plus quality sound really does enhance the sound quality of said music
out of the three Utopia albums on one double CD my personal favorite album is Adventures In Utopia next would be Swing To The Right & as for Deface The Music well that album is really a tongue in cheek Beatles music sounding type album with original lyrics thrown in for good measure Deface is not a bad album it's just a bit of Beatles sounding type of a LP/Album but over the piece for under a tenner nowadays which is not a lot of money and that includes P&P it certainly is very good value for money which also goes to show that prog-rock band Utopia where also an unique sounding prog-rock band with their own style of sound & music they also produce music which one could easley listen to nowadays which does not sound out-dated or out of place as Todd-R said in an interview he prefers to make music which stands the test of time rather than be associated with a certain decades like sounds of the 70's/80's/90's & so on nowadays Todd-R is still making music and CD's and is either doing solo tours or touring with Ringo Starr he is also starting up a Spirit of Music Foundation which is to raise money in starting up a Music School which helps to teach the less unfortunate people of this World who would like to have the opportunity of becoming a Musician but don't necessary have the money or know how to pursue such career the disadvantage people of our Planet to be given a fair chance also Todd said they would also learn the pro's and cons of becoming a professional musician in other words how to avoid the pitfalls and obviously with Todd's experience of making nearly thirty solo albums (excluding the Utopia albums) which would take the total to nearly fifty albums plus 1000's of gigs/concerts check out TR Connection.Com and you will see what I'm referring too this latest Todd-R Project goes to show that Todd-R's heart is in the right place and he really is a sound Man who's nature/soul,and personality, is really also down to Earth.
Anyway, as regards to this old Utopia three LP's/Albums in on double CD for less than a tenner (£10) price tag it certainly is true value for money which one would not be disappointed in buying. Here is to Utopia cheers (1976-1991) a fifteen year colorful (American spelling) and unique prog-rock project who's music really is unique and original and not tied down by the time factor go ahead and purchase said double three albums in one double CD trust me, you will not be disappointed with
your purchase enjoy sincerely Jim. :-) :-)
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on 4 March 2016
good triple album set thanks
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on 4 March 2012
I've always loved Adventures in Utopia since the vinyl days. I was glad to see this release as some of the early CDs were fetching silly money. Having received a copy I can report that the dynamics are good but it is let down by a very trebly EQ. For me it is too painful to listen to loud. I've returned my copy and bit the bullet for a second hand 1990 Rhino CD that sounds better (I've heard this on my system and it sounds good).

4 stars for the music, 2 stars for the mastering.
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on 8 April 2012
It's nice that "Umbrella Man" (the non-LP B side of "Set Me Free") is included among the bonus tracks, but why not another hard-to-find B side, "Special Interest" ("One World"'s B side)?
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