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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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I brought this on kindle and this is a great price at the moment so head over and click to get your copy. This has to be the best Summery cover released so far this year and I am pleased to say the story inside is just as delightful.

The story follows three actresses Rose, Calypso and Sapphira who have all been signed to shoot a new film in Italy. We soon get to know each of the actresses, and each of them have their own personal problems. Youngest of the three is Calypso who has been pushed from film roll to film roll by her manager who also happened to be her mum, but is this really Calypso's dream or is her mum living her dreams through Calypso. I loved how real Calypso's character felt and how although she has done previous film work she didn't come across as a diva.

Rose is leading the single life after coming out from an unhappy marriage but she will not let anyone close again, and as much as she wants children she feels as though her time is up. I actually found that Rose was my favourite character at times I forgot that she was an actress as she felt very down to earth.

Sapphira has a big secret which she has been carrying with her for years but it looks as though her secret has finally been found out. Out of the three characters I found it took me longer for Sapphira to grow on me. She was exactly what I expected an actress who had been in the industry for years to be like and I really didn't think I was going to like her but half way through the book my opinion of her changed and it was great to see the change in her character too.

The story got off to a great, quick start and had my attention gripped from the first few pages. As we go along in the book the chapters alternate between each of the characters so we really get to know each of the characters individually.

I loved how each of the additional characters were developed well as I usually find with books who have a large amount of characters like this the characters seem to be skimmed over so you struggle to remember who was who and who was doing what but this wasn't the case with The Perfect Location.

The story covers a number of issues such as drugs and abuse but the author manages to bring these issues into the storyline without it becoming to deep and depressing. There was so much going on between the pages it made it impossible to put down.

The way the author tied the ending of the book up was perfect as we know how each of the characters end up so we are not left guessing.

This is well worth picking up and a definite book to take away on your holidays this year. I can not wait to read more work from this author
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The book is the story of 3 actresses, Sapphira, Calypso and Rose. The women had auditioned for a part in a new Hollywood movie, and had each won a part. Now though, they were in Italy and dealing with their own issues as well as trying to short a brand new movie. Sapphira is battling her own personal demons whilst trying to hide her secret from her co-stars, and the world. But behind the trouble lies a broken heart she doesn't quite know how to fix. Calypso is a relatively new actress compared to her co-stars, and has been encouraged/forced into roles all her life by her mother who also happens to be her manager. She really wants to break free but doesn't know how, and just wants a sense of normality. Finally, there's Rose who always seems to be running away from something. She's running away from her failed marriage, but also from any kind of affection as well. Will the movie being shot in the perfect location help the women who seem to have it all find happiness at last?

This book got straight in with the story, and I loved that. It introduced the characters one by one, which is how the book continues, with a narrative that changes throughout the book but manages to keep you completely involved. Each of the female characters are well written, and I really enjoyed getting to know each of them as the stories of them progress. My favourite was probably Calypso, the youngest and most naive of the group but after a shocking twist in her storyline, I really liked how she evolved and found her to be very realistic. Sapphira was probably the character I took a while to warm to, but again, as things are revealed about her, you begin to understand her. Overall though, the female characters are so well written, and although they are each very different, they blend so well and make up such a good cast.

The male characters in this book too are very important, but I don't want to say too much about them because they are involved in the evolving storylines with the female characters Sapphira, Calypson and Rose. However, my favourite was certainly the director TG, a guy with a big heart who just wants to help and make everyone happy, but lovely Jack, a co-star on the film was fantastic too! Some things in the book did surprise me I have to confess - there are some graphic scenes of drug use, a couple of sex scenes that were a bit surprising to read in there due to the nature of the, and I found a few scenarios surrounding Sapphira a little bit uncomfortable as well. I really hadn't expected that within this book, but nonetheless, I didn't let it spoil my enjoyment of the book because the rest of it was fantastic.

The setting of Italy is perfect for the book, and I loved Forster's beautiful writing about the area, from the scenic descriptions to the glorious food she mentions throughout the book - she certainly makes it sound like somewhere I want to visit! Overall, this is a fantastic book that I loved, and would highly recommend to anyone who likes a bit of a gritty read. It's extremely well written, and I really enjoyed how the narrative chopped and changed between the characters, it allowed the story to keep flowing, but the film manages to keep it altogether as well. It was touching, it was emotional, it was a read full of love and hope, and was a joy to read. It's a fantastic novel, and it certainly makes me look forward to future releases from Kate Forster, she's a bright star in the world of chick lit, and this book is a fantastic summer read!
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on 12 July 2012
This was exactly what it said on the box, a good easy to read holiday book. It had a good story and even better no loose ends at the end of the book. I understand that this is Kate Forsters first book and I am looking forward to reading more.
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on 23 August 2012
Really liked this book from the start. The book follows three women: Rose, Calypso and Sapphire. All three women have been signed up to shoot a new film set in Italy.

Calypso is the youngest and has taken on this film role by herself as her mum normally picks which film she is going to do.

Rose is the oldest and a very big name in the business.

Sapphire does a lot of action films and carries a very big secret around with her.

The book starts very quick and gets you hooked and there are other characters on the book and they work brillant with these three main characters. This book is a perfect holiday read - highly recommended.
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on 19 April 2013
Kate Forster has become my new favourite author, her books are so compelling, the story of three actresses filming on location in Italy is quite a simple one but my goodness, the background, the detail, the other characters. This book will keep you up at night until you finish it and will keep you thinking about it long after it's finished. This is one I'll be reading time and time again.
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on 24 June 2012
I agree with the other low score reviewers, predictable Hollywood characters.
But the thing that completely ruined it for me, was the constant, and I mean CONSTANT references to designer labels, she didn't 'put her tights on'- she put on her Chanel tights! She didnt just spray her perfume, she sprayed her Bla Bla Bla perfume, wine wasn't just a glass of wine, it was a glass of vintage bla bla bla!! He didnt just wear a suit, it was an Armani suit, and ALL the clothes that the women wore, took off, put on, etc etc, had to be named in great boring designer detail. What a lot of tosh, it completely monopolized the characters, and the story. What a stupid way to describe a storyline, makes me wonder did she get endorsements for the amount of "designer labels" she included in this 'story'. Dont waste your money.
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on 2 August 2012
I enjoyed this book, bought as part of a selection downloaded for holiday. This was one of the better ones I got. It's funny and has quite a lot going on with the different characters. not your typical girlie read as there was lots of storylines. I Would recommend :D
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on 18 July 2013
Having read The Perfect Retreat, I then downloaded The Perfect Audition, which was the precursor to this book. I loved them both and so was really looking forward to reading this one - and it didn't disappoint. I love a story where there is more than one main character. Rose, Sapphira and Calypso are the main protagonists in this story and they each have whole chapters dedicated to them and their own lives. Its a great book, with loads of twists and turns along the way. Sure, the endings for the characters are predictable and sure, its all a bit corny from time to time, but its a brilliant read and I found myself absolutely engrossed. A perfect summer read - with strong, believable, female characters.
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on 12 December 2014
Will review when I have had chance to read this book, I got it with a gift card for my kindle, so give me a chance I do have to do other things, not just sit and read.

Perhaps I need to work for a publishing house????
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on 29 August 2015
I loved this book. I've never read any books by this author and I really enjoyed it. I felt that I knew the women in this book and I wanted to be friends with them. Would recommend and read more from this author.
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