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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 September 2011
1990's Harmony Corruption was Napalm Death's third full length studio album and was a record that herladed a lot of changes for the band. It was their first album to feature two guitarists rather than one, in the form of Mitch Harris and Jesse Pintado (allegedly originator of the term "grindcore," although so are many people) as well as the first album to feature Vocals from Mark `Barney' Greenway.

In addition to the change in line-up that, with the exception of drummer Mick Harris leaving (and Jesse Pintado tragically dying) remained constant on every Napalm Death album ever since, the band also saw a significant shift in musical direction, allowing more slow tempo grooves into the mix and relying less constantly on Blast Beats.

When compared to the band's first two albums, the lyrics are a lot more developed and intelligent, the song lengths are markedly longer and the music within had taken on a large influence from the Death Metal scene at the time. The production is also a lot better as Napalm Death recorded the album in Florida at Morrisound Studios with Scott Burns, who as many listeners will know is associated with many important and genre defining records all with a connected production style.

If anyone was still in doubt of the band's Death Metal leanings, John Tardy of Obituary and Glen Benton of Deicide even provide guest vocals on the record, further associating Harmony Corruption with the American Death Metal scene of the era.

Ignoring the direction of the music however, Harmony Corruption is just a rock solid album of well crafted material, with excellent performances from all involved and great songwriting; Barney's vocals especially are incredibly strong here, there are some great double-kick patterns on display and importantly there are a lot of exciting and memorable riffs all throughout the album's duration.

Album highlights include the catchy and thrashy `Circle Of Hypocrisy,' the fast and heavy `Extremity Retained,'& `Mind Snare,' as well as the famous single `Suffer The Children.'

It is instantly noticeable just how good the songs are on Harmony Corruption. This is not just a good album from Napalm Death but an all round good album for metal in general. Harmony Corruption is a very strong and enjoyable album full of classic material that the band will still play live to this day, material that no greatest hits collection or live album would go without.

Overall; If you like the band but haven't tried Harmony Corruption yet, you are in for a real treat. It is an undeniable Napalm Death classic that no serious fan should overlook, and even that any fan of Morrisound Death Metal should consider having a listen to.
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VINE VOICEon 5 June 2005
Napalm Death's 3rd album Harmony Corruption remains a controversial album amongst the bands fans, as it represents a huge change in musical styles from the bands previous two albums. For the second time in their relatively short career this album marks an almost complete change in band personnel, with only drummer Mick Harris (now the only remaining member who actually played on Napalm's first album Scum) and bassist Shane Embury remaining, while out go vocalist Lee Dorian (who would go on to form Cathedral) and guitarist Bill Steer (who would go on to further success with Carcass) and in come new vocalist Barney Greenway and guitarists Jesse Pintado and Mitch Harris.
While the first huge line-up change in Napalm Death ranks saw the band continuing on the same grindcore path for 2nd album From Enslavement To Obliteration, here the group change in musical direction from grindcore to death metal, at times sounding like a completely different band. Where previous Napalm Death songs were dominated by Mick Harris blastbeats, here they make room for metallic riffs and slower groove sections, and where once Napalm's songs tended to last for barely one minute, now they tend to last for five. This was of course just a natural progression for the band, with more complex and intricate musical ideas starting to take the place of their early primitive grindcore sound, but coupled with the Scott Burns production at the death metal Mecca of Morrisound, the band were accused of selling out and jumping on the then highly trendy death metal bandwagon.
All such arguments about bandwagon-jumping are irrelevant however, when compared to the sheer quality of Harmony Corruption, which must rank as one of the best death metal albums ever recorded. The album is crammed with twisted riffing (even if some of it is rather shamelessly lifted from Repulsions 'Horrified' album) and great drumming, and despite a certain narrow sonic range Scott Burns production gives Napalm Death probably the thickest guitar sound they would ever have. Gone are the noise-for-noise-sake speedmerchant Napalm Death of old, and in comes a polished and slick death metal outfit. Both incarnations of the band sound wildly different - but both are absolute leaders in their genres. The only album from this short-lived line-up remains one of Napalm's best. Essential, for all but the grindcore purists.
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on 29 December 2011
This is one of my favourite ND albums. This marks as the first record featuring Barney Greenway on vocals who has become one of the main members of the band to this day, and thus began the legacy from ND. This is where I feel ND picked up although their previous was also brilliant.

My favourite songs are Unfit Earth, Circle of Hypocrisy, Suffer the Children and If the Truth be Known. These songs I feel really stand out.

The only thing I wished was better about the CD is the quality. Although the sound quality kind of adds to the rough feel it could have done with a re-master and its volume louder but combating that it gives it that gruff edge that older grindcore is all about. Their lyrics are political and dealing with the system and problems of the world, an always meaningful theme from the band.

This album is a staple in grindcore and the extremely heavy riffs and vocals will make fans of the awful pop music of today crumble in dismay and terror. Napalm Death are one of the best metal bands in history and this album is a must have. Raw and brutal and a fist to the problems the earth faces. Just the music we need in today's world.
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on 7 February 2012
For me, there are three Napalm Death eras - the punk gring of Scum and FETO, the death metal period and then the return to fast grind on Enemy Of The Music Business.
The middle one is my least favourite. Hence, until receiving this recently, I didn't own any of the CDs from this period.
But I was curious as to how this album would sound. And, to be honest, it is a pure death metal album.
The first Napalm album to feature Barney on vocals, the lyrics are as strong as ever, and Mitch Harris excels on his last recording with the band, but I miss the grind.
The vocals, the guitar sound, even the band photo all point to death metal -and, to be fair, it is a great death metal album - but I prefer the speed (which only comes from the drums here) of Enemy and FETO.
It does feature Suffer The children - still part of the band's live set today and Deicide and Obituary's vocalist both guest on here - and, I have to say, the sound is very Obituary in general really.
Napalm have always attracted a wide range of fans - punks, metallers and indie kids - this one is definately for the metallers.
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on 28 November 2003
This was the first Napalm album I bought when I was a teenager so maybe I see it through rose tinted glasses, but I reckon it's excellent! Ok, maybe some of the tracks can seem a bit samey at times but that doesn't really matter. The whole album just kind of purrs along with a warm grinding rumble. Also, if it's still issued as it was in my day, you get 6 extra hidden bonus tracks on the CD taken from the Death by Manipulation album! Buy it!!!
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on 7 February 2009
I have finally found Harmony Corruption by Napalm Death on CD after searching for ages and having to listen to on boring vinyl.
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on 31 May 2015
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on 7 January 2014
What a lot of horse dung, never heard anything like it in my life.

Hope never to hear anything as bad again

Try better next time lads
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